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Robert E. Lee High School  List of 2000-13 Registered

2000  Matthew Thomas
Email:  mgthomas
Address:   6173 Deer Ridge Trail
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22150
Telephone:  (315) 443-6012

Wed Sep 20 4:40 2000 PDT

2000  Matt Reed
Email:  mreed
Address:   3845 Corvallis Drive
City:   Reno
State:   NV  89511

Wed Sep 20 4:40 2000 PDT

2000  Jennifer Chadwick
Email:  obanmegami
Address:   6461 Franconia Court
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22150

Telephone: (703) 719-6791

Mon Oct 2 4:10 2000 PDT

2000  Jonathan E. Rushin
Email:  RushinJE
Address:   Virginia Military Institute
City:   Lexington
State:   VA  22153

Mon Oct 2 4:15 2000 PDT

2000  Stephanie Wise
Email:  heavens_angel_81
Address:   7398 Spring Summit Drive
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22150

Mon Oct 9 18:06 2000 PDT

2000  Cyndi Blais
Email:  cyndiblaze
Address:   371 Malone House
City:   Charlottesville
State:   VA 22904

Telephone:  804-982-6419

Mon Sep 3 16:55 2001 PDT

2000  Ali Hassani
Address:   Caltech MSC 843
State:   CA  91125

Telephone:  626-818-3353

Thu Mar 21 14:45 2002 PDT

2000  Edward Coles
Address:   6804 Mallow Court
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22152

Telephone:  703-644-9758

Wed Jul 3 10:55 2002 PDT

2000  Marcus Carter
Address:   3601 Allen Parkway Apt 1003
City:   Houston
State:   Texas  77019

Telephone:  850-284-6817

Comments or Bio:

Been a long time since I really heard from any fellow lancers.  I'm in my first year of law school at South Texas College of Law just trying to make it.  If you want to give me a call.

Sun Jul 6 5:20 2003 PDT

2000  Michelle Imperio
City:   Springfield
State:   VA

Tue  Sep 9  13:55 2003 PDT

2000  Hans R. Schultz
Address:   1618 S. Taylor Street
City:   Arlington
State:   VA  22204

Telephone:  703-582-9152

Comments or Bio:

I graduated JMU with a BS in Psychology in 2004 and now I am living with some kids from HS and working as a restaurant manager.

Fri   Jul  22 7:05 2005 PDT

2000  James Marsh
75 Perry Street   Apt 201
  Redwood City
State:   CA  94063
Website: www.myspace.com/againconfused

Comments or Bio:

Since Leaving Lee High School...

I graduated from Radford University with a Bachelors of Business Administration. I moved back to Northern VA for a short bit. Then I moved to Tampa, FL for 3 weeks. I didn't like Florida... So I headed back to Springfield, shortly after that, I joined the US Navy as an Operations Specialist. I went on deployment and went to 15 different countries, after I successfully did my term, I moved to San Francisco, CA. I have been here since May 07... I love San Francisco! Its just amazing. I hope everyone else is doing as well as I am. SOON I WILL BE GETTING MARRIED now that gay marriage is legal here in California! :)

 Fri  Aug 22 12:26 2008 PDT

2000  Brian Ward
City:   Royal Oak
State:   MI

 Tue  Oct 20  16:25 2009 PDT

2000  Jennifer Hammond
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Chadwick
Address:  107 Pony Circle
City:  Pikeville
State:   NC  27863

Telephone:  919-580-0386
Website: www.geocities.com/silverphoenixdesigns/index.html

Comments or Bio:

Finally settled, well, sort of. Married in 2003 to a close friend of 6 years. Moved to NC. Now on my own business. Link listed above. Uh....what else? Not much else, except, you all know who you are- I love you and miss you. Mrs. De- thanks for your help and wisdom, and for the occasional push in the right direction :) Kind of surprised I ever made it this far. Snoogans!

 Thu  Oct 21 15:30 2004 PDT

2000  Melissa Lewis
Maiden Name:  Melissa Gilfether
Address:  1036 Brixton Court
City:  Sterling
State:   VA  20164

Comments or Bio:

I am currently working for Loudon County government and was married to Timothy Lewis on October 16, 2004.

 Thu  Oct 21 15:30 2004 PDT

2000  Omar Aziz
Address:  7301 Calamo Street
City:  Springfield
State:   VA  22150
Telephone: 708 369 5764

Comments or Bio:

Hey guys! Back in VA now (I know). Was in Glasgow, Scotland for a year and then switched to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.. contact me so we can reminisce sometime! Most likely will be going for Grad school in NY or LA ;)~

 Tue  Feb 15 14:50 2005 PDT

2000  Lindsey Powers
Address:  2040 Calle Lorca
City:  Santa Fe
State:   NM  87505

Comments or Bio:

I attended Radford University for three years after graduation but transferred to The College of Santa Fe in New Mexico to further develop my photography education. I will finally graduate in May 2005 with a BFA in Photography and a Minor in Art History. Would love to hear from any fellow Lancers - please email anytime! Hope everyone is pursuing their dreams!

 Sat  Feb 19 7:05 2005 PDT

2000  Jennifer Chappell
Address:  2501 Doverhill Court
City:  Woodbridge
State:   VA  22192
Telephone:  703-586-8453

Comments or Bio:

Hey guys, since leaving lee I moved to Camp Lejeune North Carolina where I supported Lionel as a Marine. I am going to school via on-line classes and working at M. C. Dean Inc. in chantilly. I recently moved back to the Woodbridge area as Lionel is serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Please pray for his safe return and it would be nice to hear from fellow lancers.

 Wed  Mar 2 6:55 2005 PDT

2000  Michelle Moore
Address:  506 N. Howard Street  #302
City:  Alexandria
State:   VA  22304

Comments or Bio:

Well, the short and sweet version is: I went to Radford for a year, came back started working and never stopped. I am now at an advertising company in Springfield, but looking to change jobs because I will be moving in with my boyfriend of 3 yrs. Possibly, to a new location. Congrats! to everyone who got married or had a baby. Obviously, since our information is posted you can email me if you feel like it. :0) Can't wait to from y'all!!!

 Sat  Mar 12 7:55 2005 PDT

2000  Patrick  Borja

Comments or Bio:

Did my 4 in the Corps after HS, been around the world, now working at Department of State in DC..anybody that wants to get in touch, email me..

 Fri  Mar 24 9:05 2005 PDT

2000  Marie Grimm
Address:  1022 North Kentucky Street
City:  Arlington
State:   VA  22205
Telephone:  703-864-8735

Comments or Bio:

What's up ya'll...yeah I am back...so hit me up...if you wanna!

 Tue  Mar 29 17:05 2005 PDT

2000  Brandy L. McGinnis
Maiden Name:  Brandy Bishop
Email:     mcginnisb24(at)yahoo.com

Address: 4449 Adobe Road Unit A
City:  Twenty-Nine Palms
State:  CA  92277
Telephone:  703-582-1630

Comments or Bio: 

After leaving Lee, I went to NOVA for a few semesters and became a Restaurant Manager. I was married last November, my Husband is a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. We are currently living in Twenty-nine Palms, CA...it's in the middle of the Mojave Desert for those of you who don't have a map handy. Don't ever move here if you don't have too!

Anyway in July Frank will be going to Falleujah, Iraq for seven months and I will be returning to Virginia to finish school and go back to Uno's. After his deployment, he will be out of the Marine Corps and we will be moving back to our home in Miami. That is about it.

Best wishes to everyone, I hope that you are all doing well and feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have a moment. Good luck and I hope to catch up with some people. Support our troops!

Fri  Mar 24  8:50  2005 PDT

2000  Son Nguyen

Fri  Jun 20  12:55  2005 PDT

2000  Cassie Vadnais
Address:  6001 Grayson Street
City:  Springfield
State: VA  22150
Telephone:  703-623-5496

Comments or Bio: 

What's cookin all you good lookin's? Not much new here. Still at home just working and living life. I haven't kept in touch with many people from school but would love to hear from anyone.

Mon   Jun 27  14:55  2005 PDT

2000  Michelle Christiansen
Maiden Name:  Michelle Le

City:  Windermere
State: Florida

Comments or Bio: 

Hi everyone! After Lee, went to VCU, then switched to GMU, where I graduated in '03 with a BS in Decision Science and Management Info. Systems. Met my husband and now we have a beautiful baby girl. Just moved to Orlando, FL where I am working for SAIC as a Quality Assurance Manager. Email me if you want to talk or catch up. Take care.

Fri  May 5  13:57  2006 PDT

2000  Mahsa Salavand
Email:    mahsa.salarvand(at)gmail.com
City:  Arlington
State: Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

Graduated from Virginia Tech in 2004...living and working as a consultant in Arlington, VA.

Mon  Apr 30  16:45  2007 PDT

2000  Amanda Schmitgen
Maiden Name:  Amanda Roadcap
Email:    justbeaditjewelry(at)yahoo.com
City:  Pierre
State: South Dakota

Comments or Bio: 

No longer in Virginia ;) Moved to Dallas for a while and now am living in Pierre, SD of all places. My mom is from SD though, so not too much of a stretch. Married now with one son. Slowly getting credits for a Bachelors in Business and working for the Government. I started my own business a few years ago making jewelry! So much fun! I've been slow in getting a web site up, but it is coming. I have a MySPace page that I hardly ever check... But still has pics on it. Looking forward to making it back East one of these days to say hey to people.

Sun  Feb 3  12:20  2008 PDT

2000  Ian Donner
Email:  iandonner(at)gmail.com
Address:  1727 Massachusetts Avenue NW  Apt 611
City:  Washington 
State: DC  20036-2106
Telephone:  540-421-2171

Comments or Bio: 

Since leaving Lee High School..........

I have completed my undergraduate degree at James Madison University and received a graduate degree at Johns Hopkins. I have bounced between DC and Boston, but currently reside in Washington DC. I have been in the consulting field for over the past 4 years and specialize in Strategy Consulting.

Wed  Jun 25  16:30  2008 PDT

2000  Ian Richmond
Email:  dspawn0077(at)yahoo.com
Address:  PCS Box 430705
City:  Camp Pendelton 
State: CA  92055
Telephone:  760-889-8749

Sat  Jun 28  15:41  2008 PDT

2000  Stacy Stratton
Email:  ichiban(at)stacysspace.com
Address:  6 Four Seasons Parkway #12
City:  Newark 
State: DE  19702

Comments or Bio: 

Since leaving Lee High School..........

Since High School I spent four years at Christopher Newport University and graduated with a BA degree in Studio Arts and a minor in Anthropology. I've met many people, moved almost every year since 2004, had lots of very exciting and mind-expanding experiences across North East corridor, the West Coast, as well as some highlights in Europe and Africa. These days I busy myself starting my first project in comics. I am currently aspiring to live and work in New York City with other artisans, musicians, and computer geeks in the hopes of making a community that can support itself and allow its members to have an outlet for their creative drives.

Wed   Mar 25  14:13  2009 PDT

2000  Miriam Eqab
Email:  miriam.eqab(at)gmail.com
Address:  4439 Starling Court
City:  Woodbridge 
State: VA  22193

Comments or Bio: 

Since graduation...I went to Mason undergrad, graduated with a B.S. in Math. Then went on to Mason Law. Graduated in 2007. Barred in the state of New York. Currently working for the U.S. Department of Commerce and getting married in Sept. 2009.

Sat  May 23  4:17  2009 PDT

2000  Takiyah "T" Lewis
Email:  tnt3109(at)hotmail.com
City:  Stafford 
State: Virginia
Telephone:  202-250-1809

Comments or Bio: 

What is up everybody? Man, how time flies!! Life has been so wonderful and quite the adventure!! I recently graduated from Park University with a BS in Social Psychology w/a concentration in Human Development!! Making plans on getting my Master's in Social Work and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker!! Since graduating from LHS, I have played D1 college basketball, softball, and ran cross country; after leaving school (college) I returned back home and continued playing sports for the military and various women leagues throughout the area (for those of you who know me-IT WAS/IS MY 1ST TRUE LOVE!!), and coaching various sports from young people thru the high school levels. I have so much more to say but definitely look forward to hearing from some of you in the near future! CONGRATS to all who have gotten married, had children, and been blessed with just seeing a new day!! I can be reached by phone, email, and/or Facebook!! Live and Love each day b/c 2moro is not promised!!

Tue  Oct 6  7:47  2009 PDT

2000  James Marsh
Email:  jmarsh1981(at)gmail.com
Address:  1321 Oak Avenue

City:  Redwood City 
State: CA  94061
Telephone:  650-720-1436

Comments or Bio: 

I graduated from Radford University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. I joined the United States Navy as an Operations Specialist 3rd Class Petty Officer. I have been all around the world, such places as India, Bahrain, Jebel Ali, and Singapore. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in May of 2007. I hope everyone is doing well and living their dreams.

Mon  Mar 22  1:47  2010 PDT

2000  Kesha Irving
Email:  kesha.irving(at)gmail.com
City:  Reston 
State: Virginia
Telephone:  703-589-4079

Comments or Bio: 

Wow.!. I cant believe its time for our 10 yr reunion. Im hoping to see alot of old familiar faces. Since graduating from Lee, I got my BS in Computer Information Systems at Hampton University and have two little girls, Kniya & Kimora.

Fri   Apr 23  9:31  2010 PDT

2001  Nicole Glose
Email:  leegirl83
Address:   6611 Fargo Street
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22150

Telephone:  703-719-5822

Mon Aug 13  22:30 2001 PDT

2001  Suraya Mohammad
Email:  LilRya005
Address:   7020 Rhoden CT  APT#101
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22151

Telephone:  703-914-0467

Wed Aug 15  18:10 2001 PDT

2001  Katie Matthews
Email:  camatthe
Address:   7203 Essex Avenue
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22150

Telephone:  (703) 569 - 0585

Thu Aug 16  5:40 2001 PDT

2001  Jessica (Jess) Weiss
Email:  Socca2001
Address: 8425 Golden Aspen Court
City:   Springfield
State:   VA 

Telephone: 703-966-1602

Sat Aug 18  7:30 2001 PDT

2001  Tim Willging
Email:  twillging
Address:   7309 Scarborough St.
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22153

Telephone:   540-831-2547

Thu Aug 23  4:45 2001 PDT

2001  Sean Padua
Email: Padua17(at)cox.net

Address: 5955 Kedron Street
City:   Springfield
State:   Virginia 22150
Telephone:   571-235-5034

Sun Jul 25 8:15 2004 PDT

2001  Jaclyn Cerva
Maiden Name: Jackie Bonner
City:   Disputanta
State:   Virginia 

Telephone: 703-304-1813

Comments or Bio:   

Graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor's in Biology. Living in the Petersburg area now with my husband (2003 LHS graduate John Cerva) and our 2 year old daughter, and we are currently expecting our second child in a few months

Sun Mar 7  18:45 2010 PDT

2001  Jennifer Horwat
Email: jenah13
Address: 8104 Saint David Court
City:   Springfield
State:   Virginia 22153

Telephone: (703) 440-0903

Thu Aug 30  14:35 2001 PDT

2001  Alison Meade
Email:  sassyhrs97
Address: 7802 New London Drive
City:   Springfield
State:   Virginia 22153

Telephone: (703) 455-0504

Thu Sep 6  16:45 2001 PDT

2001  Charlie Johnson
Address:   6828 Dyer Court
City:   Springfield
State:   Virginia 22150

Telephone: 703-971-3549

Comments or Bio:    

I graduated this past May from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science. I'm living in Springfield and working as a software developer for Overwatch Systems in Sterling.

Wed Sep 12  4:15 2001 PDT

2001  Janie Nham

Wed  Sept 29 7:54 2010 PDT

2001  Dave Sweetser (Thornburg)
  4210 Mozart Brigade Lane

City:   Fairfax
State:  VA  22033

Telephone:  703-272-8579

Comments or Bio: 

Hey I hope everyone is doing well. I'll be leaving GMU shortly with my graduate degree in Psychology. I had a change of heart early on during undergrad, and decided that I wanted to be a Psychologist. I just bought my first home in Fairlakes. I'm doing extremely well and hope that everyone else is doing well too. Is there a reunion sometime soon?

Sat  Jan 12 18:22 2008 PDT

2001  Raabia Shafi
Email:  raabacop
(at)aol.com or rs9sg(at)virginia.edu
Address:   8042 Felecity Court
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22153-2939

Telephone: (703) 455-3083

Comments or Bio:   First year at UVA. 

Mon Sep 24 14:25 2001 PDT

2001  Elizabeth Dooley
Address:   7209 Sterling Grove Drive
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22150
Telephone: (703) 644-4850
Favorite Website:

Comments or Bio:    

I'm attending The University of Virginia's College at Wise, where I'm majoring in psychology and playing softball.  7 hours away from home is definitely not too far.  ;)  Go Highland Cavaliers, class of 2005!

Sun Jun 9 7:20 2002 PDT

2001  Sarah D. Shaver
Email:  sshaver2
Address:   Box 1522, 4450 Rivanna Lane
City:   Fairfax
State:   VA  22030-4441

Comments or Bio: 

I'm a Nursing major at George Mason University.  Also on the all-girl cheerleading squad - Go Patriots!!!

Wed Oct 11 18:45 2001 PDT

2001  Ashley Flanders
Email:  flandeam
City:   Harrisonburg
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

Well, I still have about a semester left at JMU! I am studying Geology. If anyone knows someone in the field who can give me connections to internships or jobs shoot me an email! That would be great! Hope everyone is enjoying life after high school! Take care!

Thu  Apr 21 7:45 2005 PDT

2001  Geoffrey Whipple
Address:   P.O. Box 5108
City:   Tuskegee
State:   AL  36088

Telephone:  (334) 724-3020

Comments or Bio: 

Gone South forever!!!!
I'm at the historic Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama.  Love it down here....except teh heat is sometimes choking.

Peace and Love to all of my high school alumni buddies, and to the future 2005 or 06 or 07 (depending on major) graduates.

Thu Nov 1 16:15 2001 PDT

2001  Christina Schnoor
Address:   7943 Lobelia Lane
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22152

Telephone:  703-644-7161

Comments or Bio: 

Graduated from Virginia Tech in 2005 with a BA in Studio Art. Currently in grad school at George Mason pursuing a Masters in Arts Management. I'll graduate May 2007 and will then finally enter the real world to work for an arts organization, run a store that sells cool art, maybe even sell my own art, start an after school art education program, or even advocate art all in some fun city. I haven't decided, yet, but I'm sure I'll find something exciting. :)

Fri  Apr 21 13:39 2006 PDT

2001  Hank Taylor
Address:   8177 Ships Curve Lane
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22153

Telephone:  703-455-2255

Comments or Bio: 

Hello to all my old classmates.  I'm down here in North Miami enjoying my new life. This is so much better than springfield.I've made the deans list at Johnson & Wales. I hope that everyone I know is doing as well as I am.

Sat Nov 17 14:10 2001 PDT

2001  Sara Millis
Address:  Box 2948 Rivanna Lane
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22030

Comments or Bio: 

I'm am a physical education major at George Mason University. I'm on the All Girl Cheerleading Squad and having a great time.  Go Patriots!!! ALPHA PHI #1 AOE.

Thu Nov 22 14:45 2001 PDT

2001  Stefanie Casey
Maiden Name: Stefanie Sayko

City:  Fredericksburg
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

In May 2005 I graduated from Mary Washington (now UMW formerly MWC) with a degree in Historic Preservation and a short week later got married. Scott is a radar engineer at Dahlgren, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, having gotten his Bachelor and Master's degrees from North Carolina State University. I currently work at Kenmore, a historic plantation house, in downtown Fredericksburg, where I have been working since May 2003. I do architectural restoration, a bit of archaeology, research, and well, anything that needs to be done. Email me if you want to chat or keep in touch!

Wed Dec 22 3:05 2005 PDT

2001  Stephanie (Steff) Linden
Address:  1717 Nimitz Drive
City:  Annapolis
State:  Maryland
Website: http://www.wam.umd.edu/~slinden

Comments or Bio:         

Wow, a lot has changed since I originally submitted my agenda. After my sister graduated from Lee, my mom got remarried and my family moved to Annapolis, where I soon followed after finishing two years at CNU. I am now at the University of Maryland (GO TERPS) where I am majoring in Elementary Education. I also work as a physical therapy tech as well as substituting for both PG and Anne Arundel counties. I continue to sing for several local groups and am very active in working with at-risk children through a school organization called the CARing project. Best of luck to the class of 2001!

Mon  Feb 7 7:23 2005 PDT

2001  Kelsey Wright
Address:  500 West Big Springs Road  Box 938
City:  Riverside
State:  CA  92507

Comments or Bio:         

Hey, there. For those of you that remember me I was (at) Lee for freshman & sophomore year and then moved to California. I was the shy redhead who played softball, track, and cross country. Anyways, I'm currently attending the University of California, Riverside on a cross country/track scholarship. I'm loving college as most of you are and it would be great to hear from some fellow Lancers.

Sun Jan 13 14:10 2002 PDT

2001  Mario Alfaro
Address:  Box 1204   1301 College Avenue
City:  Fredericksburg
State:  VA  22401
Telephone:  (540)654-3342

Sun Jan 13 14:10 2002 PDT

2001  Julie Basham
City:  Fredericksburg

Thu Mar 16  16:35 2006 PDT

2001  Paul Janker
Address:  P.O. Box 1645
City:  West Point
State:  NY  10997

Tue Nov 19 7:15 2002 PDT

2001  Anjila Merchant
Maiden Name:  Anjila Noorani
Address:  76-44  47th Avenue
City:  Elmhurst
State:  NY  11373

Comments or Bio: 

Hey Everyone! Most of you probably heard I got married,
and yes.. the rumor is true, I got married and am living in NY right now :-) I'm luvin it, and am a psychology major going on to Physical Therapy. I would love to hear from fellow lancers so email me! =

Mon Dec 9 8:15 2002 PDT

2001  Sean Hashemi
City:  Rockville
State:  MD

Comments or Bio: 

Moved up out of Springfield after being recruited to play College Baseball in MD. My roommate is my long time baseball pal Matt Stratton and we are both playing here in Rockville, occupying the first 2 spots in the batting order. I'm playing Third Base. Don't be shy to contact me.

Wed Jan 15 8:40 2003 PDT

2001  Einar C. Vinet aka Bear
Address:  6709 Forsythia Street
City:  Springfield
State:  VA 22150
Telephone:  703-409-1194

Comments or Bio: 

Hey yall im back from the die, well I graduated from
Nova dame in 2 1/2 years, now I have my own Mechanic Shop n' Old town Alexandria called "Asian Auto Service, INC." don't be shy to halla back (at) me....I'm out piece

Thu May 1 8:30 2003 PDT

2001  James (Jim) Clifford
Address:  105 Sherwood Court
City:  Blacksburg
State:  VA 24060
Telephone:  540-998-0846
Website: http://www.filebox.vt.edu/users/jacliffo

Comments or Bio: 

Hey, almost a junior at VT in Psychology. Looking to Auburn for Grad school in Psychological Sciences or social psych.

It's gonna be fun...hit me back!

Tue  Aug  5 5:20 2003 PDT

2001  Christine Frece
Address:  8450  Great Lake Lane
City:  Springfield
State:  VA 
Telephone:  571-216-9662

Comments or Bio: 

Hey Lancers!!! Well I went to Radford for a year... but I hated it down in the sticks... so now I'm back, livin on my own, goin to the good old NOVA DAME.... I'll be going into my education program in the fall of 2004 at GMU... who knows.. when I'm a kindergarten teacher I may even have some of your kids in my class!!!  It's good to hear about people from 2001!!!  Even though we were all so anxious to get out Lee when we were there.... We all had the best time didn't we???? Much Love to the class of 2001!!!

Wed  Nov 3  6:50 2003 PDT

2001  Jimi Lipari
City:  South Beach in Feb.
State:  Florida 
Website: www.dirtysugar.net

Comments or Bio: 

Currently DJing & throwing parties in Tysons Corner, Adams Morgan and DC... throwing a party @ State Theater Dec. 11th, will be touring the east coast with my DJ crew Dirty Sugar. Moving to South Beach in Feb. to pursue my DJ career and music production.

Mon  Sep 13  13:20 2004 PDT

2001  Natalie Lent
Address: 245 Hollister Street
City:  Santa Monica
State:  CA  90405 

Sat   Aug 25  13:00 2007 PDT

2001  Lionel (Leo) Plaza
Address: 2501 Doverhill Court
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22192 
Telephone: 703-586-8453

Comments or Bio: 

Hey Everybody, I hope everyone is enjoying life. I'm Currently serving United States Marine Corps as a active duty Corporal. I'm attending the University of Maryland via online courses, since i'm stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. Holla back at me before February 2,2005. Fore I will be departing the United Stated to go fight the war in IRAQ. Pray for my safe return and I miss you all-Lionel

Sat  Dec 4  8:45 2004 PDT

2001  Krystyna Orizondo
Address: 2443 Nugget Lane
City:  Tallahassee
State:  FL  32303 
Telephone: 703-582-2429

Sat  Dec 25  17:55 2004 PDT

2001  Caitlin Radek
Address: 8001 Lady Lewis Court
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153 
Telephone: 703-786-4391

Comments or Bio: 

I'm currently a senior at JMU and will be graduating in May with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy and Religion. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing after May... I'll be back in Springfield for a little while, take the LSAT's and then I hope to go to Ireland and volunteer for a year.

Fri  Mar 25  8:45 2005 PDT

2001  Andrew Tastet
Address: 442 E. Roanoke Street  Apt. k
City:  Blacksburg
State:  VA  24060 

Comments or Bio: 

Attending VA Tech, graduating 2006

Thu  Mar 31  14:25 2005 PDT

2001  Maryanne King
Address: 6016 Meriwethe Lane
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150 
Telephone: 703-822-0593

Comments or Bio: 

After graduation I took a year off and now I'm at Marymount University. I am a sophomore graduating in 2007 with my degree in Liberal Studies as well as my teaching license. College is a lot easier than high school ever was. Email me if you want to keep in touch!

Fri   Apr 8  7:10 2005 PDT

2001  Rebecca Fitzpatrick
5816 Amherst Avenue

City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150 
Telephone: 703-447-8637

Comments or Bio: 

Well since graduating High School, I moved out and took some time for myself. Hopefully soon I will be heading back to school, but for the time being I am working as an office assistant at a patent law firm, and I am loving life. I would love to hear from any former Lee alumni's

Thu  Oct 27 8:25 2005 PDT

2001  Amanda Lindberg
City:  Springfield
State:  Virginia 
Telephone: 703-980-5989

Comments or Bio: 

Graduated with a BA in psychology from JMU this May. Spending 2 more years at JMU for a masters in psychological sciences, then moving out of state (hopefully) for a phd. Would love to hear from some old lee high school friends!

Fri   Jun  20  12:53 2005 PDT

2001  Erin O'Brien
7842 Painted Daisy Drive

City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22152 
Telephone: 703-912-5947

Comments or Bio: 

I graduated in May 2006 with my BSN and certificate in health care management. I'm now working for INOVA Fairfax in the NICU. I'm still substitute teaching for FCPS and also cantor at a church in Middleburg, VA

Sun  May 7  15:24 2006 PDT

2001  Andrew Richardson
Address: 7926 Donegal Lane
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153 
Telephone: 703-731-1606

Comments or Bio: 

Went to Bucknell University to play soccer before season-ending injury my sophomore year. Transferred to JMU that spring, and will graduate in May 2006 with a degree in Finance & Economics.

Thu  Aug 11  14:20 2005 PDT

2001  Reshawna Leaven
Address: 8108 Horseshoe Cottage Circle
City:  Lorton
State:  VA  22079 
Telephone: 703-474-1754
Website: www.reshawnaleaven.com

Comments or Bio: 

Since leaving Lee High School.....in 2001, I have been pretty busy with college studies and my real estate profession. Attended Virginia Commonwealth University. Moved back to my home town. Then relocated back to Northern Virginia only 1 year ago.

Sat  Mar 18  4:28 2006 PDT

2001  John "Jay" Hannon
Address: 3112 Thomas Road
City:  Clearwater
State:  FL  33759
Telephone: 703-967-7635

Comments or Bio: 

After spending 2 years at Longwood University I left school and joined the Coast Guard. I lived in Seattle a little less then 2 years on a Coast Guard ice breaker going up north to the arctic in the summer and fall. After seeing Japan, Alaska, and Russia on that boat I left for the Coast Guard's aviation community. I am currently a Flight Crewman and Maintainer on USCG C-130 Aircraft in the best part of Florida.

Tue  Jun 6  18:40 2006 PDT

2001  Sarah "Shmegan" Wills
Address: 23A Bartley
City:  Las Vegas
State:  NV  89115
Telephone: 702-232-0935

Comments or Bio: 

I became a cop for the US Air force at Nellis Air Force Base right outside Las Vegas. I got married to Marcus Stanley from Missouri and I am a mother to my daughter Sarah Alexis Stanley and currently working on my major in criminal justice. Hope to come back to the east coast soon! Take care.


Mon   Dec 18  3:09 2006 PDT

2001  Lena Berdecia
Address: 6017 Frederick Street
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Telephone: 703-297-2479

Fri  Apr 27  17:25 2007 PDT

2001  Chris Brown
Telephone: 703-569-1431

Tue  May 8  8:40 2007 PDT

2001  Karim Lieteau
Address: 7206 Gentian Ct
State:  VA 22152

Fri  Apr 25  14:36 2008 PDT

2001  Drucie Medrano
Address: 7913 Edinburgh Drive
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Telephone: 703-298-6110

Thu  Jun 19 8:49 2008 PDT

2001  Ramon Jimenez
Address: 6327 Hard Bargain Circle
City:  Indian Head
State:  MD  20640

Sun  Jun 22  14:15 2008 PDT

2001  Michelle Yancey
City:  Blacksburg
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Went to Virginia Tech and graduated in 2006 with bachelors in Biology/Psychology. Currently attempting to get into medical school.

Lee was fun; feels like yesterday.

Wed  Jun 25  14:16 2008 PDT

2001  Jamie Recio
Maiden Name:  Jamie Doescher
3705 Ottawa Court

State:  VA  22192
Telephone:  703-850-7769

Sat  Jun 28  15:44 2008 PDT

2002  Katrina DeLeon 
Address:  5850 Cameron Run Terrace
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22303

Sun  Jun 29  13:44 2008 PDT

2002  Shairshah Wara
Address: 8526 Gwynedd Way
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153-3420
Telephone:  571-217-9847

Comments or Bio: 

It's sad to see a few people from the class of '02 to fill out information on the alumni link. I hope everyone is doing well from my class and have a successful future. I hope to see some of you in the years ahead. Well if any of you are still living around the area give me a call. I know that once you graduate from high school you make new friends in college but I just want you all to remember that the individuals who you grew up with through grade-school, middle school, and high school are the ones who made you know who you are as a person who I think shaped you in terms of personality and as an individual. I don't want to bore you all with my comments as some of you know class of '02 that I did talk a lot but I hope I didn't disturb you all at times. I hope I can get in touch with some of you who visit the school web-page.

Signing Off......


Wed Apr 13  17:10 2005 PDT

2002  Nicole Daddario
City:  Fairfax
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

Went to Radford for a year, but transferred to Mason and will be graduating May '06 (right on time!)...I'm going to school full time, and working part time for the Defense Logistics Agency in Ft. Belvoir. E-mail me if you want to catch up!

Fri  Jul 22  7:20 2005 PDT

2002  Michelle Trostle
Maiden Name: Michelle Mather

City:  Perry
State:  Georgia
Telephone: 703-625-9151

Comments or Bio: 

After Lee  I got a job at Petsmart were I met my now husband mike, then I went to Heritage Institute for Cosmetology then moved to Perry Georgia was a waitress but now I'm a groomer

Mon  Aug 9  11:27 2005 PDT

2002  Zach Arnold
Address:  8242 Hillstone Court
City:  Mechanicsville
State:  VA  23111
Telephone: 804-517-9456

Comments or Bio: 

Left college to work as a Sales Rep for Comcast Telecommunications from May of '06 to April of '07. Moved to the Richmond area at the beginning of June. Scheduled to begin touring with Theatre IV in the beginning of February of '08. Currently teaching science in an after-school program. Planning to move to Chicago in late '08-early '09

Mon  Dec 10  6:55 2007 PDT

2002  Ashley Schultz
Address:  1851 Lillian Drive
City:  Saint Cloud
State:  FL  34771
Telephone: 703-585-2411

Comments or Bio: 

Since graduating Lee went to Virginia Tech for a year studying Animal Science. After that year I decided that it wasn't for me, went back to the NOVA area and roomed with Allison Davis and Lindsay Wyne and pursued a career in massage therapy and bartending for that time. Now I am doing what I am most passionate about. I am in Florida at Full Sail Real World Education, one of the top entertainment schools in the nation studying Recording Arts and Show Production and Touring. I've been networking to eventually open my own independent music venue and brewery. Soon enough I'll be touring the country learning the ropes of live concert performance, so you never know you might run into me at the Warped Tour or one of your favorites bands show working the light board or pluggin in the amps. Hit me up on AIM especially if you are involved in a band looking for some sort of management or recording hook up.... AIM: SunHasSet02 Hope the rest of Lee is doing well :)

Thu  Jun 26 5:51 2008 PDT

2002  Mikey Lai
Maiden Name:  My Lai
Address:  6516 Lee Valley Drive
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Telephone: 703-350-3541

Comments or Bio: 

Tue   Mar 6   7:20   2007 PDT

2002  Virginia Jones
Maiden Name:  Virginia Sollers
Address:  8837 Martin Lane
City:  King George
State:  VA  22485

Thu  Jun 7 20:45 2007 PDT

2002  Laura Posey
Maiden Name:  Laura Milne
  Newport News
State:  Virginia
Telephone:  757-746-5664

Tue  Aug 13 16:40 2008 PDT

2002  Melissa Logan
Address:  2901 Ruby Drive
City: Fullerton
State:  CA  92831
Telephone: 714-392-1704

Mon  Jun 12  13:37 2006 PDT

2002  Tiffany Brown
Address:  611 Pine View Apt. B2
City:  Valdosta
State:  GA  31062
Telephone: 229-244-5492

Comments or Bio: 

After high school I joined the Air Force and received training to become a medical assistant and an EMT. I currently live in Valdosta GA (moody AFB).

Tue  Jun 20  3:20 2006 PDT

2002  Joan Rodriguez
City:  Orlando
State:  Florida

Comments or Bio: 

Hey all, so much happened after I left Lee. I went to work for a mortgage company, signed up for the ARMY, (as some of y'all can remember) got engaged, then called it all off and moved to beautiful Florida. And here I am. bought my first house, and am enjoying the beautiful weather...no hurricanes this year!!! I'm currently pursuing a Govt. Job so wish me luck everyone :o) I would love to hear from my long lost friends so feel free to email me :o)

Fri  Oct 20  10:58 2006 PDT

2002  Mara Berdecia
Address: 80 Bertolf Road
City:  Riverside
State:  CT 06878
Telephone:  203-637-7889

Thu  Feb 1 14:38 2007 PDT

2002  Caroline Chase
Maiden Name:  Caroline Boyle
Address: 10900 Harley Road
City:  Lorton
State:  VA  22079

Comments or Bio: 

Went to art school in Philadelphia (Moore College of Art & Design), graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Photography minor in 2006, Currently working in Washington, DC as a Graphic Designer and recently got married to Tim Chase (R.E. Lee Class of 2000)!

Sat   Sep 22  7:26 2007 PDT

2002  Jacob Banuelos
State:  Virginia
Telephone: 571-224-5352

Comments or Bio: 

I just graduated from Stanford law so if you need a lawyer, holler. I work for an online company called www.customink.com. We were recognized in INC. Magazine #209 in top 500 internet retailers last year, named in 55 great places to work in Washington (Washingtonian Magazine), and also featured in Forbes magazine. I pretty much work, play music, and do exciting things. I am climbing Mt. Everest later this year. PEACE!

Sat  Mar 22  18:48 2008 PDT

2002  Jennifer Shank
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

I graduated from Radford and am currently working in DC with an advertising firm. Loving life and all that it has to offer. Email me - I would love to catch up!

Thu  Jul 31  12:00 2008 PDT

2002  Heather Mills
State:  Illinois
Telephone:  571-239-1993

Tue  Mar 24  2:23 2009 PDT  

2002  Raheel Khan
1653 Sabastian Point
State:  GA  30329
Telephone: 703-220-2782

Comments or Bio: 

Hey guys, after Lee I went to Virginia Tech and earned an undergrad and grad degree in accounting. I became a CPA and moved to NYC for three years doing mergers & acquisitions consulting. I recently moved (July 10) to Atlanta, also doing mergers & acquisitions. Recently bought a house down here and will be in Atlanta for at least the next few years. Hope everyone is well. Raheel

Wed  Apr 27 14:08 2011 PDT

2002  Shairshah Wara
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

It's sad to see a few people from the class of '02 to fill out information on the alumni link.

I hope everyone is doing well from my class and have a successful future. I hope to see some of you in the years ahead. Well if any of you are still living around the area give me a call. I know that once you graduate from high school you make new friends in college but I just want you all to remember that the individuals who you grew up with through grade-school, middle school, and high school are the ones who made you know who you are as a person who I think shaped you in terms of personality and as an individual.

I don't want to bore you all with my comments as some of you know class of '02 that I did talk a lot but I hope I didn't disturb you all at times. I hope

I can get in touch with some of you who visit the school web-page.

Signing Off......Shairshah

Thu  May 9 2:34 2013 PDT

2003  Heather Christine Gildon
Address:  Laurel Street
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA 22032
Telephone:  703-426-1320

Comments or Bio: 

Not a film director or famous writer yet, but I'm getting there. I hope everyone is doing just fine. Good luck with everything. "I had the time of my life.." ~ Heather

Thu  Feb 26  1:15 2004 PDT

2003  Michael Rose
State:  Virginia for now

Comments or Bio: 

Life is good! College was fun, maybe a little too much fun. I decided to leave college and join the military. I will be leaving for the Air Force in June, almost a year after graduation!

Good Luck to everyone in everything they do!

Fri Mar  19  7:15 2004 PDT

2003  Cara Edwards
Address: 7757 Brandeis Way
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Telephone:  703-582-4165

Comments or Bio: 

Hey y'all! I was going to school in AL but my folks split after 35 years so I had to take a break. Going to NOVA this year but then returning to the great state of Alabama and Jacksonville State University! Give me call or shot me an e-mail I'd love to hear from some of my fellow alumni! Take care y'all 2003 the best there will ever be!

Tue  Feb 22  16:25 2005 PDT

2003  Melanie Stargardt
Address: 9901 Clippinger Road
City:  Evansville
State:  IN  47725
Telephone:  703-627-7492

Sat  Jun 21  16:48 2008 PDT

2003  Shantonu Kundu
Address:7613 Chancellor Way
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153

Wed  Jun 25  16:36 2008 PDT

2003  Reanna Gallegos
Address:4040 Norwich Court
City:  Rochester Hills
State:  MI  48306

Sun  Jun 29  13:38 2008 PDT

2003  Adam Lichtenfels
Address: 2817 Ridgeview Drive
City:  Augusta
State:  GA  30909
Telephone:  571-221-4379

Comments or Bio: 

Went straight into construction management after graduation. I currently work in Augusta GA and loving life. Hope everyone is doing well.

Mon  Feb 16  15:18 2009 PDT

2003  Ramin Mohammad
Address: 16760 Sweeney Lane
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22191
Telephone:  703-855-5401

Wed  July 18  21:02 2012 PDT

2004  Lauren Dragoo
Maiden Name:  Lauren Dumale
Website: www.myspace.com/laurinadorina

Comments or Bio: 

After graduating at Lee, I went to NOVA for about 2 years on and off. Then I transferred to Baylor University in Waco, TX and after a semester I eloped with Matthew Dragoo (class of '02) and am living in Twenty Nine Palms, CA where he is stationed for the Marine Corps. We're having an actual wedding in May '08. From there I don't know what's next, my life seems to be all over the place.

Thu  May 31  3:12 2007 PDT

2004  Heather Mather
City: Springfield
State:  Virginia

Website: www.myspace.com/cheerfreak1986

Comments or Bio: 

I'm still in VA, engaged to mark Carey (class of 2007) 

I just had a daughter May 22nd, 2007,  Jade Nicole Carey

Wed  Jul 25  9:50 2007 PDT

200 Morgan Boseman
City:  Fairfax
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

After graduation I went to Robert Morris university in Pittsburgh, PA. I graduated in 09 and came back home, worked a number of mall jobs until landing a job with the government were I am still working.

Mon  Sep 5  14:02 2011 PDT

200 Jeff Rankin
Address:  41A  Denny Street
Latham, ACT

Country:  Australia

Comments or Bio: 

After Graduating I attended Nova for a semester, then moved into the Construction Industry. In 2009, I met Amanda Borrett and Moved to Australia. Amanda and I have 2 Children together Ella Kim (Oct,4,2011), and Connor Craig (Nov, 5 2012). Planning to be back in the States June/July 2014 for a few weeks.

Sun  Jun  9  14:28 2013 PDT

200Katharine Kline
Address:  8465 Brainerd Court

State: VA  22153

Comments or Bio: 

College didn't seem worth the debt so I went straight into the work force. Bounced around a few different industries until finding one of my callings in massage therapy. Back in Fairfax County to raise my son(2013). Still practicing massage for friends and family but loving business ownership so much more. Give me a call to catch up or to get the spawns together for a play date sometime. I'd love to hear from you!

Thu Apr 28    4:40 2016 PDT

2005  Stephanie Merino
State:  Virginia

Mon  Apr 30  16:40 2007 PDT

2005  Jasmin Holmes
Address: 7719 Ridgepart Court
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Telephone:  703-887-4599

Tue  Mar 10 16:24 2015 PDT

2005  Eileen O'Brien
Address: 7842 Painted Daisy Drive
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22152 

Mon   Sep 26  16:30 2005 PDT

2005  Luis Vallecillo Gustavo
Address: 6014 Amherst Ave
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Telephone: 703-407-0359 

Wed  Apr 2  6:30 2008 PDT

2005  Gregory Arden
Address: 7314 Charlotte Street
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Telephone: 703-644-2590

Thu  Mar 14  3:39 2013 PDT

2005  Ross Boston
City:  Springfield
State:  Virginia

Sat  May 11  8:13 2013 PDT

2006  Lisa Rademacher
Address: 7906 Forest Path Way
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Telephone:  703-644-4279

Comments or Bio: 

I'm going to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and double majoring in film studies and marine biology.

Sun  Nov 11  7:41 2007 PDT

2006  Michael Do
Email:    kgd4w(at)virginia.edu

City:  Springfield
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

Studying at UVA. Majoring in accounting, finance, and math.

Mon  Dec 15  14:20 2008 PDT

2006  Scott Wilburn
City:  Springfield
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio: 

I still live in Virginia and I'm just about to finish up at NVCC. I'm planning on transferring to GMU or Virginia Tech, depending on when I make up my mind. I'm studying to be an Information Technology major. Hope everyone is doing good. :)

Wed  Jan 5  16:49 2011 PDT

2006  Julie Igo
Maiden Name: Julie Shaffer
City:  Seattle
State:  Washington

Comments or Bio: 

Since graduating from LHS in 2006, I attended the University of Florida and graduated suma cum laude with a BS in International Public Affairs in 2010. I then attended the Florida State University and graduated with a MS in Media and Communication Studies in 2012, while also participating in Army ROTC and earning my commission as a Army Medical Service Corps Officer. In 2012, I got married and joined my husband at Ft. Lewis in the Seattle, WA area. I will attend training at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio soon and begin my Army career. Hooah, Go Noles and Go Gators! LIFE IS GOOD!

Sun  May  7:47 2012 PDT

2007  Jaideep Singh
City:  Springfield
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio: 
After graduating from Lee in 2007, I went on to attend George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. I graduated from Mason in 2011 with a B.S. in Neuroscience.  I am currently attending Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA where I am pursuing my Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) I will graduate with my M.D. in 2016 and then begin my residency training before becoming an attending physician. Hope everyone else is also living their dreams!!

Sun  Dec 2  18:27 2012 PDT  

2007  Kyra Smith
6316 Frontier Drive
State:  Virginia 22150
Telephone:  703-832-2522

Wed  May 18 5:50 2016 PDT  

2008  Evelyn Reyes
Address:  3106 Adams Street
State:  VA  22193

Wed  Dec 9  12:27  2015  PDT