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Robert E. Lee High School  List of '60 - '63 Registered

1960  Marsha Batchelor
Maiden Name:  Marsha Gallant
Email:  jbatch(at)
Address: 6509 Sara Alyce Ct.
City:  Burke
State:  VA  22015
Telephone: (703) 455-2800
Class: 1960
Comments or Bio:

Married 37 years.  Three sons all graduates of Lee.  Six grandchildren.  Graduated from Northern Virginia Community College with a Physical Therapist Assistant degree.  Have worked  for 10 years for Fairfax County Public Schools.

Thu Sep 24 19:40 1998 PDT

1960  Inez McCaughan Myers
Maiden Name:  Inez M. Clarens
3 Linden Avenue
City:  Luray
State:  VA  22835
Telephone: 540-843-0782
Comments or Bio:

Proud grandmother of 12, great grandmother of 7.  Trying to keep in touch with ladies of Class of 60, 61 and 62.  We’ve been getting together at a horse farm every year since 2012 and enjoying it very much.  COVID kicked it to the curb this year.  We usually try to do it the last weekend in April each year.  Sandie Machnick and Pete Todd host a similar group at their Massanutten Resort home each year also.  Life is good and I send love and good wishes to all of our Lee Lancers.  Am disappointed by the recent school name change, but I don’t live in Fairfax County any longer, so I have no input – but nobody else did either.   Anyway, love to all!  Inez 

Wed  Aug 19  20:22 2020 PDT

1960   Dan Walker
Email:   dw22039(at)
Address:   7705 Manor House Drive
City:  Fairfax Station
State:  VA  22039
Telephone: (703) 352-7800
Comments or Bio:

Breeding and showing quarter horses. My 13 yr.old daughter has won just about everything in the state the last 2 years. I have a 16 yr old son and 16 yr. old granddaughter.  Have been a general. contractor for the last 41 years.  I would like to have a reunion at my place for all the oldies ( English Hills in Fairfax Station) can accommodate 3 to 400.  Willing to finance the research if you are willing to do the time??

Mon Oct 2  4:05  2000 PDT

1960   Ralph (Butch) Hicks
Email:    rjhet(at)
Address:   317 Princess Avenue
City:   Woodstock
  GA  30189
Telephone: (770) 928-2381
Comments or Bio:

Remained in Springfield working in Springfield and Washington, D.C. area until 1965. Moved to Atlanta, Ga. in September of 1965. Worked for Lockheed Aircraft for 6 1/2 yrs. Was laid off and went to work for Southern Bell Telephone. Worked for 28 yrs between Bell and AT&T.

I retired from Bell in September of 2000. In January of 2001
I was called back to Bell, where I am currently working.
On Thanksgiving Day of 1967 I married a girl from Marietta, Ga. We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on Nov. 23, 2001. We have to grown sons, three grandsons, and a new granddaughter. 

I joined the Navy Reserves in 1962 and spent 14 years as an air-crewman flying sub chasers. I left the Navy in 1976 and transferred to the Georgia Air National Guard. I served in the Air Guard in the 129th Early Warning Radar Squadron. I retired from my military career in 1983 with 21 yrs service.

Sun Dec 23  7:50  2001 PDT

1960   Tom Milburn
  106 Sunset Road
City:   Georgetown
  TX  78628
Telephone: (512) 869-1647
Comments or Bio:

Have now retired from State Farm Insurance after 34 years. Am enjoying retirement. Have found time to volunteer at the local animal shelter and hospital. Have 5 grandchildren, with one on the way.

Sun  Apr 30  9:55  2006 PDT

1960   Bil (William J.) McKee
Email:    bbmckee1(at)
Address:   311 Paradise Drive
City:   Tiburon
  CA  94920-2536
Telephone: 415-435-4864

Comments or Bio:

Recently retired but still cranking on my own stuff. After LHS joined the Coast Guard for seven years, married, one son, married a second time. last position was as Chief Scientist of an imaging company. Now designing and inventing free-lance. all over the place. (ten grandkids in aggregate)

Fri  Jun 17  8:05  2005 PDT

1960   Michelle Rudy
Maiden Name: Michelle Herring
Address:   112 Beryl Street
City:   Los Alamos
  NM  87544

Comments or Bio:

After high school, I graduated from the University of Arizona in 1964. Met my husband, Cliff, in physical chemistry where we were lab partners. We did post grad work at the University of Washington, Seattle, (Master of Library Science in 1970) and subsequently lived in Manhattan Ks (Kansas State University), West Lafayette IN (Purdue University- Master of Science, Management) and for twenty years in Miamisburg Ohio (managed a library for US Industrial Chemicals Co.) In 1996, Cliff was transferred to Los Alamos National Lab and we've been living in beautiful northern New Mexico since. It's a dream come true for me.

Zero kids, but 3 cats and a dog (all the county will allow without a kennel licence!) I've worked as a chemist, a technical librarian, and am currently a self employed "fiber artist", selling work at local galleries.

My sisters and brothers (six of them as classmates may recall) live mainly in Maryland and Pa. My DH is retiring next June. We plan to remain here and travel as time and opportunity permits. So far it has been a good life.

Feel free to contact me via email--I don't answer the phone unless I recognize the number.

Wed  Aug 10  5:15  2005 PDT

1960   Martha "Sue" Rampey
Maiden Name: Martha "Sue" Allem
Address:   216 Lynn Drive
City:   Stephens City
  VA  22655

Comments or Bio:

I retired in 2005 after working for 33 years in the Frederick County Public School system as a school secretary. I have 7 children and 17 grandchildren. My hobbies are photography and quilting.

Thu  Apr 1   21:01  2010 PDT

1960   Susan Kneeland
Maiden Name: Susan Liscombe
Address:   13 Vanguard Drive
City:   Cocoa
  FL  32926
Telephone:  321-639-3860

Comments or Bio:

B.A. Radford 1964; Master Science Social Work, UT, 1966. Married 1969, divorced 1983. Remarried 1984, widowed 2003. Moved to FL 1979. Retired, 2004, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in regional medical center. Have stepchildren, grandchildren, great grandchildren. Sister lives in FL, nephew in Arkansas. Travel a fair amount, enjoy boating (no longer a boat owner), writing, hospice volunteer, also with state historical society and county extension service.

Sat  Apr 23   16:17  2011 PDT

1960   Gail Glasser
Maiden Name: Gail Gordon
Address:   6115 La Paz Road N.E.
City:   Rio Rancho
  NM  87144
Telephone:  505-771-0325

Comments or Bio:

I live between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM. I have 2 daughters, a son-in-law, 4 grandchildren over 20 and 2 under 13. With the exception of 1 grandson, all of us live in NM. I travel every year to somewhere exotic; Tibet, India, Japan, Greece, Turkey, etc. 

Since leaving Lee I've lived in the Far East, Europe, and Mexico. I earned degrees in nursing and elementary education. I spent 5 1/2 years as a Municipal Court Judge and now that I'm retired I volunteer as a Court appointed Mediator. 

I'm a widow but my little castle up on the mesa holds not only myself but 3 wonderful gatos (cats). I was looking for Mary Ann Pennington when I happened upon this website. 

Science is right about short and long term memory. I'm too busy to remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday but I remember many of my classmates. Wish many more would find this site and join it!

Tue  Jun 28   20:59  2011 PDT

1960   Mary Berberich
Maiden Name: Mary Bliss
Address:   4292 North 1500 Blvd.
City:   Mt. Carmel
  IL  62863
Telephone:  618-298-2151

Comments or Bio:

I have been married to Charles E. Berberich for 39 years and we have 6 boys. We have twelve grandchildren, eight girls and four boys. We run a privately owned farm in Illinois and raise soybeans, corn and wheat. I enjoy reading, using facebook and spending time with my grandchildren and I love to travel.

Mon  Jul 18   20:03  2011 PDT

1960   Mary Anne Pennington

Comments or Bio:

BFA and MFA (studio art) at Virginia Commonwealth University. Taught studio art at presbyterian College (SC) and UNC-Pembroke. Director of Arts/Humanities Program in Germany for 2 yrs. Director of 3 art museums in NC. MS. and WV for 20 years. Published poetry chapbook and exhibited drawings/sculpture. Retired, living in NC w/ husband of 30 years and our fat cat.

Tue  Jan 17   14:48  2012 PDT

1961  Alice Jane Baker Rouse
Maiden Name:  Baker
Email:  grouse(at)
Address: 6301 Wayles St.
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Class: 1961
Comments or Bio:

We are searching for missing classmates.  If you know of the whereabouts of anyone who graduated from Lee HS PLEASE let us know who, both-mail and snail-mail addresses, and what year they graduated.

Fri Aug 21 17:45 1998 PDT

1961  Jennie Segal
Address: 11103 Braddock Road
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA 
Telephone: (703) 273-1855
Class: 1961
Comments or Bio:

I did 2 years at the University of Missouri, trying to understand the Midwest, then finished my BA in'67 working my way thru George Washington U, clerking at the Peace Corps.  Got into computers on the job, and loved them.  They took me to the Apollo project in Houston, Wall Street for 12 years in NYC, and finally back to DC.  Got outsourced from my Alma Mater in '90, and decided to sit out the recession in grad school, getting my MBA, and meanwhile helping organize Lee '61's 30th (and only) class reunion.

I took to heart that old saw "You never wish on your deathbed that you spent more time at the office", and decided to have a family in spite of being single.  Adopted a great 3-year old from Russia in '93.  Went back last year for a little sister.  Sveta (short for Svetlana) is 9 now and entering 3rd grade.  Tanya is 6 and starting first grade.  Living on my investments and COBRA and playing stay-at-home mom.  If I can find health insurance next spring, I'll be officially retired. Otherwise it's back to the work force just in time for the Y2K bug (that has to be a gag - We've been programming for it since the 1970's).  I'll see you at the reunion if I can find a babysitter.  Otherwise, I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Fri Sep 18 14:45 1998 PDT

1961  Albert Baker (Bud)
Address: 12327 De Sanka Avenue
City:  Saratoga
State:  CA  95070

Comments or Bio:

Education at University of Maryland (Munich), graduated from University of Maryland, College Park, 1965 (Math) University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign, 1973 (Computer Science) Air Force ROTC at Maryland led to 10 1/2 years in Air Force Stationed in Sunnyvale, Ca, Pleiku and Saigon, Viet Nam, Los Angeles CA. Space Operations specialty. 

Met and married formal Carol Jean Bushnell of Ashland, Oregon, 43 years ago in '67, and still best friends and life partners. Two boys Albert (born '70) and Christopher (born '74), both still committed bachelors (no grandkids) living in Silicon Valley. 

Retired from Lockheed Martin (San Jose, CA) on Aug 31 2010 as Lockheed Martin Fellow and project Chief Architect. Post retirement plans in work. Others in Baker family also Lee grads: Sisters Alice Jane Rouse, '61, Donna Lee Feeney, '72, and twins Sharon Eloise Webb ('74), Susan Eileen Whited ('74). Alice's three kids George Whited (~ '90), Betty Ann ('93), Alice Jane (~ 94-95)

Fri  Sep 3   14:50  2010 PDT

1961  Tom Kelly, Sr
Address: 6226 Capella Avenue
City:  Burke
State:  VA 22015
Telephone: (703) 451-8290

Comments or Bio:

Still here and crazy after all these years.  I married Lucie Hidalgo class of 62. We have three sons, six grandchildren, and are doin' fine.

Fri  Nov 7  5:35 2003 PDT

1961  Ray Chappelle
Email:  chappeller(at)
Address:   7674 Oak Field Court
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Telephone: 703-451-3344

Tue  Jun 22  11 22  2010 PDT

1961  Gretchen "Peg" Pederson Gildner
Maiden Name:  Gretchen "Peg" Pederson
Email:  dougildner(at)
Address:   24 Park Lane
City:  Minneapolis
State:  MN  55416
Telephone:  (612) 926-1082

Comments or Bio:

B.A. Univ. of Minnesota 1965
Married Doug Gildner 1968

Son Adam born 1972

Retired from Retailing and Merchandising 1997

Interests include travel, gardening, art and yes, i still
like to dance!!! (especially to the old r&r of the 50's
and 60's)

Will there be a 40 year reunion for the class of 1961?

Mon May 15 10:25 2000 PDT

1961   Pat Hollis Christiansen
Maiden Name:   Pat Hollis
Email:  christiansenph(at)
Address: 3076 Appleby lane
City: Columbia
State:  SC  29223
Telephone : (803) 788-7539

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Lee in 1961, moved to Ft. Hood TX (army brat).  Attended Texas Woman's Univ.  Met and married 1st husband - John Kozuch - AF Capt. - lost at sea in Okinawa, Oct. 1972.  Moved to Columbia, SC.  Met and married wonderful man - Dave Christiansen - Oct. 1976. 

I have 1 daughter - Lucy, a stepdaughter and a stepson.  Daughter has 2 girls (9 and 12) and stepson has 1 daughter (2).

Would love to hear from anyone from class of 1961.  I have been searching for best friend - Jan Copeland - class of 1962.  If anyone knows her, please let me know.

I do have email address for other classmates from 1961.  Let me know if you need them.

Tue Apr 24 10:30 2001 PDT

1961  Carl Condon
Email:  carlcondon(at)
Address:   9211 Ponce Place
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22031
Telephone:  (703) 273-8530

Comments or Bio:

I have been in the automotive industry since I graduated from Lee in 61. I work all over the Northern Va. area. I'm still single and still looking for the right woman.

Sat Mar 31 15:45 2001 PDT

1961  Walter J. "Johnny" Wells, Jr.
Email:  jwells1965(at)
Address:   2 Clarkson Farm Drive
City:  Chesterfield
State:  MO  63017
Telephone:  636-394-1939

Comments or Bio:

Shortly after graduating from Lee, I entered West Point, graduated four years later and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army.  I was an armored cav platoon leader in Korea and a combat engineer company commander in Viet Nam.  Three years after getting my masters in engineering at Purdue, I resigned from the army with 10 years service.  I'm a registered civil engineer and, since 1975, I've been working in the construction industry.  Along the way, I worked for two different Arab companies in the Middle East for about 10 years on a variety of interesting projects, including several large turnkey power/desalination plants and emergency bomb-damage repair of Kuwait's roads and airfields right after the Gulf War.  As a contractor, I've also been involved in major lock and dam construction as well as US military family housing projects in Germany and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Presently, I make my living as a construction consultant working for bonding companies.  

In January 1967, I married Rose Ann McDermitt and we have been happily married ever since.  We have raised a great family of nine children (four boys and five girls, in that order) and are now patiently waiting for them to produce some grandchildren.  One of my best friends at Lee was Woodie Parker but we lost touch soon after high school.  (I was very sorry to see Woodie's name listed at the Lancer Memorial site.) Another good high school friend I've lost touch with is Richard Ascoli.  Last I heard, Richard was in the Peace Corps in India – but that was about 40 years ago!

Wed Mar 13 16:45 2002 PDT

1961  Susan Kepple
Email:  susie189(at)
State:  Texas

Comments or Bio:

1st marriage to Richard P. Scott who graduated from the Naval academy and transferred to the Army. Our first duty station was Ft, Hood, TX. Married for 21 years then moved  to Texas to get divorced. Have two children from that marriage, David Price and Sondra Lea. I am now married to the love of my life, Jim, a Texan. Together we have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. with another on the way. Interested in hearing from any classmates.

Thu  Aug 21   13:45 2003 PDT

1961  Carol Rosenthal Oberlander
Maiden Name:  Carol Rosenthal
Email:  oberlander860(at)
Address:  60 Hunting Ridge Drive
City:  Mystic
State:  CT  06355
Telephone:  860-536-1633

Comments or Bio:

After attending The College of William and Mary, and graduating from American University in Washington, D. C. I settled in Virginia for a while with my husband whom I had met at AU. I became a teacher and he an accountant.

We moved to Larchmont, NY where we lived for 15 years, and then to Weston, Ct where we also lived 15 years. He worked in Manhattan and I raised our daughter and tutored and homebound tutored.

We retired in Mystic, Ct. and both were loving it. We have enjoyed boating over the years.  However, my husband passed in December of 2016 from Alzheimer's.

I would love to hear from '61 classmates.

Mon  Aug 6   14:16 2018 PDT

1961  Kathleen "Kitty" Kennedy
Address:  P.O. Box 22483
State:  AZ  85734
Telephone:  520-883-8272

Comments or Bio:

Graduated Univ of Arizona (1972, 1991); retired from AT&T in 1990; retired again from healthcare in 2005; live in Tucson; horses are my passion.

Thu   Jun 10   16:14  2010 PDT

1961  Jean Acker Steele
Maiden Name:  Jean Acker
Address:  3505 Wofford Court
City:  College Park
State:  MD  20740-3901
Telephone:  301-935-5002

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from William & Mary in 1965 with Lee classmates Richard Asdoli, Paul Bennett, Mac Forehand, Carol Rosenthal and Brenda Hayden. Earned an M. Div. in 1968 from the Episcopal Theological School, Cambridge MA. Married a classmate in 1967 and we have a daughter born in 1974. I spent the bulk of my career in management at Freddie Mac ("the mortgage giant"). I retired in 2002 and have been pursuing a gargantuan genealogy project. I keep in touch with Richard Ascoli and Barbara (Boggan) and Ed Stephen. Richard visited Annie Fisher (AZ?) a couple of years ago.

Sun  Dec  4   13:55  2005 PDT

1961  Coralinn Tuttle
Address:  7402 Round Hill Road
City:  McKinney
State:  TX  75070

Tue  Jun 3   7:55  2008 PDT

1961  Joan T. Mathis
Maiden Name:  Joan Carroll Tanner
Address:  108 Alcazar Street
City:  St. Augustine
State:  FL  32080
Telephone:  904-829-9640

Comments or Bio:

I am the Joan Tanner who played in the Orchestra. After high school I went to Gainesville Fl. and worked as an LPN. I intended to become and RN, but fate, in the form of the man of my dreams, intervened. I met and married Charles Mathis, III, and we had two children, bought a Mazda/VW dealership, moved to Ocala, and settled down. We eventually sold the dealership and I went to nursing school at the University of Florida, graduating in 1997. I have worked at Shands at the U.F., the health department and for Children's Medical Services. We moved to St. Augustine (as near as you can get to heaven!!) in 2006 and we live on Anastasia Island in a 90 year old log cabin that was once a restaurant. I still work as a nurse at the school for the deaf and the blind-a true calling!!! I always wonder about Mary Beth Pye, Ronald Boynkin, Suzie Nelson, and Bobby Wolfe (my soul-mate in high school). My passions are biking, walking my dogs (Weimeranner and Rottweiler) and visiting my two children, Charles IV and Torrie.

Sun  Dec  7   14:10  2008 PDT

1961  James "Skip" W.F. Allen
Email:  jwfa43(at)

Address:  909 S. Juliana Street
City:  Bedford 
State:  PA  15522-1933
Telephone:  814-623-8119

Comments or Bio:

After graduation in 1961, I joined the Navy for 11 years, during that time I married Janet Mankin (Class of '62.) We parted way after 5 years and two children, Laura Elizabeth Allen and Mark Edward Allen. Mark has presented me with three grandchildren 1 boy and 2 girls. 

I left the Navy in 1972 and joined the U.S. Secret Service and spent 8 years protecting the President and the White House. In 1980 I was offered the opportunity to move from the USSS and join the Ushers Office in the Executive Resident (That's the big house in the center of the White House complex - the real White House) There I served five of the last six presidents and their families-( I missed Obama)-as one of the Ushers. 

An Usher is like the general manager of a hotel, we are in charge of everything that takes place inside of the black fence at the WH, from getting the President up to putting him to bed. I retired in May of 2004 after 43 years in the Federal Government. I am now located in Bedford, Pa. with my wife Marilyn Roble Allen, from Swickley, PA. We have been together for 25 years now and are still happy with each other. 

We have an old house built in 1876 and have lots of room. Anyone wishing to visit is welcome. Please E-mail if you are interested in corresponding or visiting.

Hope to hear from you soon, 

Skip Allen

Thu  Sep 17   15:10  2009 PDT

1961  Coralinn Tuttle
Address:  70402 Round Hill Road
City:  McKinney
State:  Texas  
Telephone:  972-569-0318

Comments or Bio:

My father was transferred the end of my junior year to West Point, NY.. I had been in school in Springfield since the 6th grade. I look forward to reconnecting with old friends.

Tue  Mar 30   6:33  2010 PDT

1961  Charlene Garten
Maiden Name:  Charlene Jacobsen
Address:  5212 Lighthorne Road
City:  Burke
State:  VA 22015
Telephone:  703-978-6397

Comments or Bio:

After graduation, worked for the US Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters at Gravelley Point VA. I also married Edward Garten, who is the cousin of fellow classmate Barbara Elliott, in July 1963. I resigned from the US Gov't to adopt our first child in 1970 and was a stay at home Mom for the next 11 years. During this time we also adopted two Korean children from Korea, what an experience. I returned to the US Govt in 1981 and retired with 30 years service in Jan 2003. I then worked for the Northrop Grumman Corporation in Chantilly VA for 5 1/2 years, retiring the second time in June 2008. Eddie and I are enjoying our retirement and looking forward to some traveling as soon as the recession ends.

Fri  May 14   8:51  2010 PDT

1961  Linda Moore
Maiden Name:  Linda Reneau
Address:  9605 Mountain Quail
City:  Austin
State:  TX 78758
Telephone:  512-577-1015

Comments or Bio:

Linda Reneau Moore holds a bachelor of journalism from the University of Texas and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

She has been a journalist, technical writer, editor for Navy publications and is a real estate broker in Austin, Texas with a secondary business in estate sales.

Sat  Apr 2  11:23  2011 PDT

1961  Cheryl Bennett
Maiden Name:  Cheryl Jones
Address:  530 Kingfisher Drive
City:  Sugar Land
State:  TX 77478
Telephone:  281-242-6292

Comments or Bio:

Eldest grandson graduating high school this spring, yikes! Didn't WE just do that?!


Following Lee I worked for the government in D.C.  There met and married GWU law student.  1965 we left D.C. headed for Texas with three month old son in a VW Beetle.  In '65  it was an experience driving trough the south, a young white couple with Maryland license plates. Have lived in the Houston area since then. Three adult children, 2 boys and 1 girl.  I named our daughter "Dana" after our classmate, Dana, whom I so admired.  I have tried to find her but was told she had died; I wish she could have known.  If anyone knows the family of our 1961 Dana please share this with them. 


All of our three children are  attorneys, four grandchildren ages 17-7.  Our Dana presently lives in Mongolia (of all places!).  Me: late bloomer, entered college with youngest child in grade school.  Bachelors in Social Work, involved in community organization and started Domestic Violence intervention at District Attorneys Office (1984). graduate school for my Master of Social Work followed by a Fellowship.  Employed in a not-for-profit agency for several years. Opened private practice in 1993, treating children, couples and families.   Closed practice in 2005 due to serious health issues for husband. Bob called me "Nurse Ratchet" for several years and, thankfully, he is now in excellent health.


Interests:  family, friends, avid gardener, piddling acrylic artist, traveling, kayaking, and Purple Martin landlord. Married 50 years in December; life is good!    

Thu  Apr 19  14:38 2012 PDT

1961  Patricia ('Pat') Holden
Maiden Name:  Pat Chapman
Address:  7815 Oxford Drive
City:  Elkridge
State:  MD  21075
Telephone:  281-242-6292

Comments or Bio:

During my senior year at R.E. Lee (and the summer after), I worked at Lynch Construction in the Springfield Shopping Center.  Afterwards, I married and had one son (who later gave me a grandson now 25).  I worked at GSA in Springfield, and then for the Navy Dept (BUPERS) for a short time.  I divorced and remarried in 1969. My husband and I lived in Montgomery County, Maryland for over 2 decades and Howard County, Maryland for 13 years.  In our younger days we loved boating, fishing, camping, archery, sightseeing and traveling.  I was a Property Manager for 35 years working mostly for Grady Management and Dreyfuss Brothers, Inc./  Dreyfuss Management in the Metro area; I retired in 2000.  My husband passed away in 2007.   We had been married for 38 yrs.  I have truly been blessed with a good life.        

Wed  Oct 2  8:38 2013 PDT

1962    Rich "K-2" Koeteeuw
Email:  richardkatu(at)
Address: 37376 US Highway 19N, #7 
City:  Palm Harbor
State:  FL  34684

Comments or Bio:

Social workers changed the VA counseling credentials required after the boss promised mine were good. I needed to de-stress so I headed for the beaches west of Tampa & bought a little mobile home that is just fine for me. I got a VA pension as well as the AF one, so I didn't need the VA job after all. When I get caught up, I plan to teach at the community college around the corner from me! For FUN! ;-)

Wed  Jun 25 16:25 2008 PDT

1962  Ronald W. Wheaton
Email:  woodcabs(at)
Address: 10647 John Ayres Drive
City: Fairfax
State: VA
Telephone:  (703) 242-6285

Comments or Bio:

40th anniversary to Carol Adams 2004. 28 year old son joined our business this year. Golfing my brains out. Thanks to Bill L. will be traveling to Puerto Rico next year.

'62-'66 Air Force. '66-'69-Nova-'70 Mary Washington
-'72-George Mason-'73 Howard University
-'74 American University. 

Professional Student Shakespearean Actor--here comes baby '75-Finally joined work force. Owner/Designer High-end Kitchens and Baths.

Life is good!

Sat  Feb 28 10:15 2004 PDT

1962  Pat Springer
Maiden Name: Pat Campbell
Email: jspringer21(at)
Address:  5900 Mount Eagle Drive, # 103
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22303-2549
Telephone :  703-329-2263 

Wed Apr 23 6:25 2008 PDT

1962  Ernest M. Duckworth Jr. (Ducky)
Email:  duckyern(at)
Address: 962 Coronado Drive
City:  Sedalia
State:  CO 80135
Telephone :  (303) 688-5800
Class: 1962
Comments or Bio:

Class photographer for the year book.  Always wore a red sports coat.  Ran around with Mike Ellis, Dave Brown, Diane Stratton, Barbara Bauer, Jan McKay and many others. 

Went to University of Rhode Island for a degree in Engineering. Had tour in Corps of Engineers in Nam, worked for C&P Telephone in Richmond Virginia, at AT&T worked on the famous ABM Site in North Dakota, worked for Mountain Bell and Bell West in Denver, then retired. Was Strategic Accounts Manager for SNC Manufacturing Company, Inc. in communications protection and all product sales.  Now am independently consulting in all areas of Electrical Engineering, communications protection, and grounding. 

Married to Cindy, a wonderful woman from Paris Texas, for twenty-nine years. Strange at it is, we met in Paris France. Three married children, Christine, Ernest III, Terry, and one beautiful granddaughter (Abby).

Wed Jun 23  12:05 2003 PDT

1962  Ilona (Wright) Love aka Lonni
Maiden Name:  Ilona Wright
Email: LoveBoatn(at)
Address: 4131 Bancroft Lane
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22192
Telephone :  (703) 590-9790
Class: 1962
Comments or Bio:

Married very short time - 1 daughter, 1 great son-in-law, 2 granddaughters, 1 very new grandson. Spent most of my adult life in business for myself, telephone answering service, real estate, custom boat canvas and interiors (loved that).

Spent the better part of the last 20 years in boating (love that too) cruising the Potomac & Chesapeake.

Really looking forward to seeing the gang again. 

Wed Oct 7 20:00 1998 PDT

1962  Darwin "Speedy" Smith
Address: 133 Mill Street W.
City:  Kingsville
State:  Ontario N9Y 1W4
Country:  Canada
Telephone:  519-733-3168

Comments or Bio: 

I retired from the FAA in 2001. Met and married a Canadian girl, Brenda. I gained a son and daughter and four grandchildren. We took off in a motor home and traveled full time for nearly 3 years. This past summer, 2005, we sold our home in NC and bought a small house in Brenda's home town. I will soon become a permanent resident of Canada. I really enjoy living here, as long as I can escape the cold and snow (I still have the motor home!). Summers are perfect!

I'd enjoy hearing from all my old friends.


Fri  Nov 11   7:20 2005 PDT

1962    Kathy Posen
Maiden Name:    Kathy Reuter
Email:   posen(at)
Address: 5112 Van Noord Avenue
City:  Sherman Oaks
State:  CA  91423
Telephone :  (818) 990-4354
Class: 1962
Comments or Bio:

I recently retired from an educational software firm based in Glendale working as a Telecommunications and Facilities Manager.  Children are grown, 2 in Eugene, Oregon, and one in L.A.  My husband (also retired) and I are planning to move to a golf course somewhere in California in the near future.

Wed Sep 15 4:30 1999 PDT

1962    Lynette Crosby
Maiden Name:  Lynette Albertazzie
Email:   Lyncrosby(at)
Address: 22 Riviera Drive
City:  Pinehurst
State:  NC  28374
Telephone :  910-255-6191
Class: 1962
Comments or Bio:

Relocated from California to Pinehurst, North Carolina in November 2006. Even more golf & lots of traveling!

Tue  Jan 10 15:03 2012 PDT

1962    Anne Hydrick Fox
Maiden Name:  Anne Hydrick
Email:    foxwood(at)
Address:   122 Laurel Farms Lane
City:  Urbanna
State:  VA  23175
Telephone :  804-366-7777

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving High School I remained in Springfield until 1991--I have been  a hairdresser for 40 years. Married twice divorced the first time and married Jack Fox in 1974 he passed in 1986. I 1991 I sold my home in Burke and moved to the Middle Peninsula of Virginia, Urbana VA I have been here for 10 years. Little house lots of yard and that is my hobby.  I still work in Springfield commute twice a week come up wed leave on sat afternoon.  While in Springfield I stay with my only child Elizabeth and her family son in law Ed and 2 grandchildren.  Due keep in touch with some of the classmates that remained in Springfield.  cannot believe it is almost forty years.  Would love to hear from any and all.

Tue  May 8   8:58 2007 PDT

1962    Elaine LeBosquet
Maiden Name:  Elaine Hicks
Email:    LaneAgain(at)
Address:   P.O. Box 710282
City:  Oak Hill
State:  VA  20171-0282

Comments or Bio:

Bob LeBosquet (also Class of 1962) and I went off to college, he to University of Vermont and I to Shenadoah University.  Bob found Vermont too far away from me though and returned home to George Mason University.  We married and have one daughter, now married and in San Francisco. 

To my great sorrow, Bob died in 1971 and I picked up the pieces and raised Kim alone.   My career ended several years ago when injuries from auto accidents left me with a non-user friendly body.  So now I'm basically just a grandma wannabe with too much time on my hands. 

I remain in the DC area and would like to help organize a 40th reunion next year.   Anyone interested?

Fri  Jul 22  7:08 2005 PDT

1962    Judy Calvert
Maiden Name:  Judy Stout
Email:    jcalvert(at)
Address:   127 Upper Grassy Branch Road
City:  Asheville
State:  NC  28805
Telephone: 828-298-8174
Class: 1962

Wed Oct 17 4:18 2001 PDT

1962    Glenna Reynolds
Email:    greynolds(at)
City:  Gig Harbor
State:  Washington
Class: 1962

Comments or Bio:

I now live in beautiful Gig Harbor in the state of Washington.
Happily married (3rd time is the charm). Kept my maiden name.  Have two great kids.

I have been working as a buyer/planner for a Manufacturing
Company for the last 18 years.

Fri Oct 19 7:10 2001 PDT

1962    Patricia Kearns
Email:    atkinsonp1(at)
Address:  87 Olde Concord Road 
City:  Stafford
State:  Virginia
Class: 1962

Comments or Bio:

Just attended the 50th reunion. What a great time. My husband passed in 2009 on our 47th wedding anniversary. I have three children and eight grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.Still retired. My health is good. God has been good.

Sun  Jun 17 15:30 2012 PDT

1962    John A. Godek
Email:    jgodek(at)
Address:  7302 Buckley Road  Apt. A
City:  North Syracuse
State:  NY  13212
Telephone: (315) 452-0863

Comments or Bio:

Left Springfield area for southern Florida in July 63.  I found myself joining the Army in August.  Basic in Ft. Jackson SC then on to US Army Proving Grounds Aberdeen, MD.  Like most Americans we were all left with permanent marks with the killing of John Kennedy.  I was in DC for the whole weekend and I shall never forget what I saw and heard.  Overseas duty in Germany in the Kassel area (Rothwesten) from Jan. '64 to Jul '66.  I met my future wife in Hialeah while on Christmas leave in Dec '63.  I came to Syracuse after discharge and have remained here ever since.  Married in Apr '67 and five children followed.  We separated in Aug '84 and divorce was final in Mar 87.  I am still "single" with two grandsons 6 and 9 years old.  I love them greatly.  If any one from the class see this please go to the message board and see my first message and please respond to the "40th Class Reunion" message posted.  It will really be great to get together once again (this will be my first attendance at a reunion). God bless everyone and here's hoping that we can all make that happen later next year.  May everyone have a most blessed holiday season.

Sat Dec 15 9:55 2001 PDT

1962    Millard L. Hayes
Email:    dhayes2714(at)
Address:  8501 Brunger Street
City:  Manassas
State:  VA  20112
Telephone: (703) 368-0822

Comments or Bio:

Married to Donna for 32 years.  Three children all grown.
Self-employed since '72.  Still play with cars.  Do some drag
racing.  Live on a lake.

Sat Dec 29 9:05 2001 PDT

1962    Diana Heath
Maiden Name:  Diana Jorgensen
Email:    dianaheath(at)
Address:   2210 Buckingham Green
City:  Newport News
State:  VA  23602
Telephone: 757-877-3644

Comments or Bio:

After leading the "cheers" for LHS, I moved to Indonesia in my Jr. year. Hated to leave, ended up loving it! I now live in my hometown...have 8 children and 5 grands.  I am a real "Domestic Engineer", and love every minute of it!  I do charity work, and have a wonderful life. Love to travel and do, as often as possible....also boating, but I am lousy at golf!!  I say hit as many as you want until you like one...then put 1 on your score card.  (rule only applies on the first hole)!

Wed Jan 23 12:18 2002 PDT

1962    Dr. J.J. (Judith Joanne) Shay
Address:   139 Tahlequah Lane
City:  Loudon
State:  TN  37774
Telephone:   865-657-9117

Thu  Jun 3  17:11 2010 PDT

1962    David Grove
Email:    groved(at)
Address:   4005 Sulgrave Drive
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA 
Comments or Bio:

Still living in the northern Virginia area, married 29 years, a licensed land surveyor in Virginia, and flying since 1964.  I play golf, fish, and travel.

Fri May 31 3:50 2002 PDT

1962    Mary Catherine Hinson
Email:    hinson(at)
Address:   147 Adam Drive
City:  New Oxford
State:  PA  17350 
Telephone:  717-624-7470

Comments or Bio:

After  Graduation, I went to work in Washington D.C., at The First Bank of Washington as a teller, Married a boy from New York in 1963. He had been married before and had two sons, ages 2 and 3. We had for girls and adopted a baby boy when he was 3 days old. My husband sold mobile Homes and later he became partners in the business. We moved from Springfield in 63 to Marlow heights Md. then to Upper Marlboro MD. to Servern Park Md. to Pa. He was opening sale lot and had to move to the areas and get them started. I didn't have to work except for the company as a Secretary to my husband. I was married 20 years and got a divorce in 1983. went to school and became a Chef, and cooked until 2000, that is when I changed careers and became a Detective and love it.

I really didn't get to know to many of our class mates because there was a group of us that came from Annandale High and I was one of them.

I have 4 grand daughter, 2 great grand sons and a great grand daughter. I am remarried and keep my maiden name. Am happier now then I ever was, NO WORRIES. 

Hope everyone has fun at the reunion and all the luck to everyone.

Mon Jun 3 15:00 2002 PDT

1962    Joan Piatnitza Ellis '62
Maiden Name:  Joan Piatnitza
Email:   jellisee(at)
Address:   2075 -104 Lakeridge Circle
City:  Chula Vista
State:  CA  91913 

Comments or Bio:

In the fall of 1962, I went off to Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, where I roomed with Marjorie (Midge) Meredith, also from our class. After graduating, I worked for a law publishing firm until I married Mike Ellis,'62.

Mike was a Naval officer and I went with him from duty station to duty station. We had two children, Scott and Amy.
I took Montessori training and worked for the local elementary school district until I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, a rare autoimmune disease, in 1981.

Mike and I subsequently divorced and I adjusted to an early forced retirement due to my health. Today, I live in a suburb of San Diego, close to my two children and my little granddaughter. I make whole cloth baby quilts of reproduction vintage fabric, which seem to appeal to boomer grandfolks and young parents alike!

Tue Jul 30 14:35 2002 PDT

1962    Lucie Sellers
Maiden Name:  Lucie Hidalgo
Address:   6226 Capella Avenue
City:  Burke
State:  VA  22015
Telephone:  703-451-8290 

Comments or Bio:

Back in Springfield.  After Lee I went to Strayer University for Business Administration.  After years with law firms (mostly), and volunteering as a paramedic, I went to nursing school.  Have worked for 12 years in the ER.  Just recently started working in the real estate business as well.  Have three sons and six grandchildren.  Divorced from Peter Sellers (class of 1963), presently married to Tom Kelly (class of '61).  I hope to hear from you!

Fri  Nov  7  5:35 2003 PDT

1962    Don Cooney
Email:   don5421(at)
Address:   5421  Eastbourne Drive
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22151-1604
Telephone:  703-764-2928 

Comments or Bio:

After Lee High School, I attended Virginia Tech and earned a BS in Civil Engineering in 1967. I've been married, divorced and have been married to Marion for the last 20 years. I have a son, Chris, by my first marriage.

I've been employed as a structural engineer and project manager for the D.C. Department of Transportation for the last 36 years. When you drive over Sousa Bridge, think of me. Someday I might retire, but not anytime soon.

We have taken many trips out west and prefer the Grand Canyon to Disneyland any day. We survived the hike down to Phantom Ranch, but the return trip the next day was murder!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thu  Jun 26   5:50  2003 PDT

1962    Ace Clark
Email:   asaclark4(at)
Address:   50 E. 89th St, Apt 30-F
City:  New York
State:  NY  10128
Telephone:  212-410-4676 

Comments or Bio:

Married 34 years to Margie.  Two sons: Matt killed in accident in college; Chris graduated U/Colo and lives in Boulder, working in mountaineering.  I graduated West Point '67, spent 26 years in Army: to include Infantry in Vietnam, Korea, Germany, and MA/PhD in Intl Rels to teach for 16 years at West Point.  Retired '93, into investment banking on Wall Street for 8 years, currently in London past 2 years.  Work London/NY.  Haven't been back to Lee HS, but would love to make contact with old friends. 

Tue  Aug 12  15:50  2003 PDT

1962    Ron Ragsdale
Email:   rbrags298(at)
Address:   39  Eastlake Drive
City:  Palm Coast
State:  FL  32137
Telephone:  386-445-4995 

Sun  Aug 31  13:20  2003 PDT

1962    Jerry Green McClenon
Maiden Name:  Jerry Green
Address:   13745 Beach Street
City:  Cerritos
State:  CA  90703
Telephone:  562-926-2817 

Sun  Aug 31  13:20  2003 PDT

1962    Carol Trotter Cooley
Maiden Name:  Carol Trotter
Email:   carolTCooley(at)
Address:  7142 Echo Ridge Drive
City:  San Jose
State:  CA  95120
Telephone:  408-997-3034 

Comments or Bio:

Left Springfield in 1962 for California. Attended San Diego State for one semester then went to work for the Federal Government (6 years) and IBM (6 years). Married a great guy with two kids from a previous marriage and then we had one daughter who is now 29 years old and single working for Google. I spent 15 years working in the administration of Los Gatos Christian School before retiring in 1998. Did all the usual Mom type things; and now I wonder how I ever had time to accomplish anything. I thought retirement would be R&R! HA. The days go by faster and faster.

Lee HS will always be in my heart as a wonderful time in my life. I remember many of my buddies there but have definitely lost contact with all of them: Diana Cagle, Di Stratton, Carol J. and so many others. It was a great time and I hope all of you are doing well.

I've never lived anywhere but California since 1962 but so much of my heart is full of HS memories; of Springfield (and Annandale) Virginia. GO LANCERS!!

Sun  Sept 19  16:15  2004 PDT

1962   Linda Mayfield
Maiden Name:  Linda Bumpas
E-Mail:  mayfieldlinda(at)
165 Thorian Boulevard
City:  San Antonio
State:  TX  778212

Tue   Aug 26   9:59  2008 PDT

1962   Louis Wittkower III
Address:  3417 Pecan Drive
City:  Flower Mound
State:  TX  77028
Telephone: 214-636-8884

Comments or Bio:

Attended Lee HS 59-61 Dad was transferred and graduated in Dallas, Tx , 62. Went to UTA, BS Physics 71. Air Force Pilot ,T-38 IP, Systems Command and AWACS, retired in 90. Commercial Pilot with World Airways.

Married late, three children 12, 15,17.

Major Louis Wittkower, USAF, Ret.

Fri  Mar 2   3:30  2007 PDT

1962   Ken Wertz
Address:  208 South Pitt Street
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22314
Telephone: 703-683-5134

Comments or Bio:

Just sang along to hours of 50's and 60's music on XM, so had to sign in here. Have led 3 work lives: economics prof (Michigan, UNC), Congressional staffer (tax economics), consultant (tax economics). Found a fourth that is appealing--retirement. Enjoying family life, travel (stumbled trying to learn Italian and Spanish--doesn't anyone speak Latin?), nature (training as a naturalist at Wintergreen, VA), and golf (not one ace in decades of hacking).  Let's talk!

Wed  Feb 4  6:44  2009 PDT

1962   Nancy Zetterower
Maiden Name:  Nancy Fulmer
City:  Jacksonville
State:  Florida

Sat  Apr 10  6:41  2010 PDT

1962   James (Jim) W. Cobb, Jr
Address:  138 Windward Way
City:  Indian Harbor Beach
State:  FL  32937
Telephone: 321-773-7946

Comments or Bio:

Following graduation from Lee in 1962, I attended Florida State University, earned a degree in biology, a commission in the USAF and married Roslyn. 

I obtained a delay from active duty and earned my Doctor of optometry degree from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis Tennessee. I returned to active duty in the USAF and served as a clinical optometrist at the USAF Medical Center in Biloxi, Mississippi. During our four years in Biloxi our two sons, Kevin and Brian were born. 

I left active duty in 1974 and moved to Florida to start my private practice but stayed in the active reserve for another twenty three years. Life has been great, still married to Roz, boys are very successful (banking executive and an airline pilot), two beautiful grand daughters (Kendyll and Lauren) who I truly adore. I Enjoy boating, offshore fishing, flying, FSU football, traveling and being a great grandpa. 

I survived two operations for benign brain tumors but still going strong and no limitations. I may think about retiring in a year or two but still enjoy what I do so not in a big hurry. 

I've corresponded with a few of our class since our first reunion. Still looking for my good friend Harry Leland but no one seems to know his whereabouts.

Sat  Apr 24  17:40  2010 PDT

1962    Dorothy Sigel
Maiden Name:  Dorothy Normann
Address:  4668 Pleasant Grove Road
City:  Warfordsburg
State:  PA  17267
Telephone:  717-5734542 

Wed   May 19   7:04  2010 PDT

1962    Louis Wittkower III
E-Mail: wittkower(at)
1959 9th, 1960,10th, 1961,11th, Band,Radio Club- Jr prom with Sandra Mueller moved to Texas senior year

Tues   March 21  17:04  2023 PDT

1963 - Carla (Crown) Chappell
17714 N. Javelina Drive
Suprise, AZ 85374
Telephone: 623-561-6269
E-Mail: jimandcarla1(at)

Sat Oct 27 29:10 2012 PDT

1963 - Marlee (Hall) Merritt
Address: 1448 Spring Hill Circle
City: Kernersville
State: NC 27284
Telephone : (336) 993-2635
E-Mail: MERR6071(at)

Comments or Bio:

After graduating, I attended schools in San Bernardino and Fresno, CA. In 1965 I married Ron Merritt (34 years next March!) He started working for Continental Airlines in 1966. We have lived in Long Beach and Simi Valley, CA. Denver, CO. El Paso, TX. and now NC.

We have three daughters...Jennifer, 32, who graduated from St. Marys College with an English married to Chris, an Air Force Captain and RN and is stationed in Turkey. Rebecca, 30, lives in Denver with our five grand-children and Kristi, 22, who transferred from the University of Texas to the University of North Carolina last year. She is living at home and is also an English major.

I have worked in retail management in shops that cater to the larger woman. Now I do volunteer work and am an avid collector of antiques. We travel when we can and are planning a trip to Turkey next year. Ron had triple by-pass last year but is doing very well.

We are both looking forward to retiring and moving to New Mexico. Has been fun to see names that I recognize (although I wish more '63'ers had responded). You all take care and God bless every single one of you...

Tue Sep 15 7:00 1998 PDT

1963 - Bill Mullin
Address: 6842 E. Tawa Street
City: Tucson
State: AZ  85715
Telephone:  520-546-3100

Comments or Bio:

I left VA and moved to San Diego in 1982. After getting "downsized" in 1994 I took an early retirement and moved to MO, then FL in 1998, then AZ in 2004. I've been with the same lady since 1983. If you want to see what my wife and I look like now, you'll find lots of pictures of her, and some of me by starting here:

Sun  May 21  17:26  2006 PDT

1963   Dick Jefferies
Email: rwjeff1(at)
Address: 745 Seattle Dr.
City: Lexington
State: KY
Country: U.S.A.
Class: 1963
Telephone : (606)  278-6186
Comments or Bio:

Married Zanne Parker (Lee High 1963) in 1966; BA from U. of Va. in 1967; Viet Nam vet (U.S. Navy - 1969-1970); received my Ph. D. in anthropology from University of Georgia in 1978. Am now Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Kentucky.   We have two sons (Stepfan (27) and Ian (22).  We have lived in   Lexington, KY since 1984. 

Mon Sep 14 19:31 1998 PDT

1963   Dave Quinter
Email: DSQuinter(at)
: 1545 Center Cross Pass
City: Marietta
State: GA  30062
Country: U.S.A.
Class: 1963
Telephone : (770) 973-4523.

Comments or Bio:

Married to Sharlene A. Walker for 35 years.  Eloped during  Homecoming of our senior year and haven't looked back!

We have two girls and two grandsons.  We love to cruise and to snow ski in the Rockies.  I own my own computer business and Sharlene works for a doctors office.   We just got back from an 18 day cruise in Europe/Med. 

Thu Sep 12 19:31 1998 PDT

1963   Bill Dakin 
Address: P.O.Box 467
City: Chester
State: VT  05143
Country: U.S.A.
Class: 1963
Telephone : (802) 875 3456

Comments or Bio:

Married to Leigh M. Johnson in 1972, 3 kids, Chris, Jessica, & Emily.   Retired from USMC [thanks to Larry Dunn '64] in 1969, been in Chester, VT since '76, practicing law in a small rural town.  Politically-inactive! Rotary, Board member of Vermont Council on the Humanities, chair of Vermont Bar Association Title Standards Committee, president of Springfield Area Hospice.

Wed Oct 14 17:50 1998 PDT

1963   Frank Coon
Address: 2005 - 39th Street West
City: Bradenton
State: FL  34205
Country: U.S.A.
Class: 1963
Telephone : (941) 746-8106

Comments or Bio:

Lived in Fla for 36 years, married to Peggy, high school teacher, 32 years. Two daughters...
Cathy  age 26 who lives in Tallahassee.. respiratory therapist.... DeDe  age 16.. presently a junior at Manatee high.. natl honor society. Key club, several other clubs gpa 3.89  .. Please Lord I need a scholarship.

Presently employed as Sales manager for local oil company.  I believe the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary, I have felt this has enabled me to be a good husband and father.  I am really looking forward to retirement, so i can actively pursue my love of golf.

Wed Oct 14 17:50 1998 PDT

1963   Bill Mapes
Email: shaggingfool(at)
Address:   912 Dominion Blvd South
City:   Chesapeake
State:   VA  23323
Telephone : 757- 477-6689

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee High School in 1962, I spent four years in the Navy. Married 26 years, divorced 17 years, have 2 sons, and spent 40 years in the insurance business. I owned my own insurance agency in Chesapeake, Virginia, representing Allstate Insurance. I am now retired, and living the good life.

Fri  Dec 18  9:36 2009 PDT

1963   Mark R. Otis
Email:    arloti(at)
Address:   67 Meadow Glen Lane
City:   Reading
State:   PA  19607
Country: U.S.A.
Class: 1963
Telephone : (610) 796-1178

Tue Jan 9 11:40 2000 PDT

1963   Sylvia Kay Daniel Craig
Maiden Name:  Sylvia Kay Daniel
Address:   6500 Wolf Run Shoals Road
City:  Fairfax Station
State:  VA  22039-1730
Telephone : (703) 803-7923

Comments or Bio:

After a 3 year courtship, 10 days after graduation, I married Roy Craig on June 22, 1963. We will celebrate our 50th Anniversary as we celebrate our 50th Reunion.


We have three children, Rob Michael who married Deborah Warren and they had 3 children, a daughter, Julia Allison born in 1999; 2 sons, Mason William born in 2001 and Brian Matthew born in 2003; Nina Wenona who married Jean-Yves (John) Jean who have 2 daughters, Rachel Nicole born in 2004 and Lindsey Rene born in 2000; April Michele married Dean Black, but sadly they have recently been divorced.


Roy worked in electronics (aircraft radar & guidance; computers, etc.); I worked for the US Government until 2 weeks before Rob was born & was a stay at home for 14 years; then at Satellite Business Systems; and went to IBM for the remainder of my working career.  In October 1991, I had to go on disability or die, so I chose life.


In October 2009, we moved back into our home in Fairfax Station after a major renovation and addition.  Our growing family needed a place large enough for all of us without falling over each other during holidays and special occasions.


I would love to hear from or visit with any of my classmates, we live a couple blocks off the Fairfax County Parkway, at Rt. 123, Ox Road.  You may email, call my home phone number, or my cell phone at 703-201-3656.


God Bless you and all our troops!!

Tue  Feb 19  9:04 2013 PDT

1963   Liz Mewshaw
Maiden Name:  Liz Miller
Address:   12109 Pawnee Drive
City:  Hudson
State:  FL  34667
Country: U.S.A.
Class: 1963
Telephone : 727-862-9993

Sun  Apr 25  13:25 2004 PDT

1963    John F. Miller, Jr
Address:   906 Clearcreek Drive
City:  Texarkana
State:  TX  75503
Class: 1963
Telephone : (903) 798-3004

Comments or Bio:

After graduation moved back to Texas to attend college. Graduated from Southern Methodist Univ. 1967; Univ. of Texas Law School 1970. Practiced law in Texarkana; former Asst. District Attorney; elected District Attorney 1986; elected District Judge in 1993 for Bowie and Red River Counties and currently remain in that position. I married an Arkansas girl in 1969; have three children; eldest son is a petroleum engineer who married a lawyer; middle son is a deputy treasurer for State of Arkansas with master's degree in business; youngest is daughter who graduates from high school in 2001; first grandchild due in Sept. 2001.

Wed Apr 18  15:25 2001 PDT

1963   Judi Swidryk
Maiden Name:  Judi Barnes
Address:   8668 Ara Place
City:  San Diego
State:  CA  92126
Class: 1963
Telephone : (858) 566-5293

Comments or Bio:

Attended U of Florida for 1 year; transferred to U of Hawaii and graduated in '67.   Married in '66. Had daughter and son. Divorced in '76. Escaped Midwest winters in '80. Transferred to San Diego in '84. Refused corporate transfer to NC and, with an associate who also opted for SD, started consulting business in '97.  Now, grandmother of two.

Mon May 21  17:00 2001 PDT

1963   Tony Venne
Address:   756 Via Bahia
City:  San Marcos
State:  CA  92069
Class: 1963
Telephone : (760) 727-9291

Comments or Bio:

I'm looking for my best friend Tim Matthews. Mark Otis I know you.

Sat May 26  6:40 2001 PDT

1963   Tim Matthews
Email:   tmatth8130(at)
City:  Newport Beach
State:  CA  92625
Class: 1963

Comments or Bio:

Happily married to my Lee Hi sweetheart, Carol Newman since our freshman year in college.  Have two grown kids and three wonderful grandsons.   Retired from the insurance brokerage business in 2001 and enjoying life to the fullest.  Hve lived in SoCal since 1968.  Would love to hear from old Lee Hi friends, especially fellow Phi Beta fraternity brothers!

Fri Jan 4  4:10 2002 PDT

1963   Suzanne Stewart  Passafuma
Maiden Name:  Susie Stewart
City:  San Antonio
State:  Texas

Comments or Bio:

 I left Lee after my sophomore year when my Dad got
transferred to Hawaii. Except for graduating high school in La
Jolla, California, attending the University of Hawaii, and doing the stewardess thing for TWA, I spent most of my time living in Maui, Hawaii.  Came back to California in the 80's and moved to San Antonio in 1990.

Very happily married, two kids, daughter is married and one
grandchild on the way, finally. My son has set a date to marry next fall.  We've got our fingers crossed.  He's 34 and has come close before. We're hoping to retire in the next few years.  My husband is originally from Houston, but we met in Hawaii.

Having a computer and being able to dig up all these old memories is great stuff. 

Thu Jun 27 4:20 2002 PDT

1963   Connie Throneberry
Maiden Name:  Connie Stuber

Mon Mar 3 4:15 2003 PDT

1963   George Bond
Address:   2745 70th Street  S.W.
City:  Naples
State:  Florida  34105
Telephone : 239-262-2154

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from William and Mary in 1967. At W & M, I met Ricki, a gorgeous and wonderful lady. We have been married for almost 41 years. Ricki and I have three adult children and four grandchildren. I taught history and coached football, track and field, and baseball for eight years in Alexandria and in Fairfax County at W.T. Woodson High School before transferring in 1975 to Naples High School in beautiful Naples, Florida to do more of the same. On the side, I received a Masters Degree in 1979 from the University of South Florida and soon thereafter entered the world of school administration where I remained until June of 1993. That year, I chose to reenter the classroom to resume my love of teaching and coaching. In August of 2006, after serving thirty - nine years in public education, I decided to retire. Since then, to help me maintain my wits and a little adrenalin flow, I coach track and field and serve on the football staff at Naples High.

Mon  Mar 30  6:47  2009 PDT

1963   Patti Lambert
Maiden Name:  Pat Wren
:   2706 Summer Wind Drive S.E.
City:  Decatur
State:  Alabama
Telephone : 256-355-0607

Comments or Bio:

After moving to just about every town east of the Mississippi -settled in Decatur, AL, where I live with my  2nd husband, Doug. He's an AL product, retired from the moving business (united van lines) he only did your good moves! We have 4 children between us, all educated, married, five grands so far. I have had interesting work history. Presently selling real estate.

Fri Sep 27  3:55 2002 PDT

1963   Lynette Halter
Maiden Name:  Lynette Mickey
Email:   lyn(at)
:   4044 W. Lake Mary Blvd. #128
City:  Lake Mary
State:  Florida  32746
Telephone : 407-330-7400

Comments or Bio:

From Lee High School I went on to work in Washington D.C. before going to Texas Tech University where I got a B.A. in Political Science & Architecture.  Navy Reserves from 1974 to now. Worked sales management & customer technical service computers & of course administrative.

Now have my own business and I'm looking to expand.  Was active Democrat now active Republican.  Married with a

Does anyone know what happened to Kathleen Madden known as Gypsy?  Of course I'd love to hear from any other friends.  I thought the world was a very big place, but know after seeing quite a bit of it & being older I realize it isn't.  Unfortunately, I did not keep tract of classmates from high school or college.

Wed Jan 29  10:25 2003 PDT

1963   Warren D. Serkin
:   3302 Central Avenue
City:  Alameda
State:  CA  94501
Telephone : 510-337-1551

Comments or Bio:

Spent 30 years in the electronics industry in the Silicon Valley and recently changed careers to acting.

Thu  May 5   7:10 2005 PDT

1963   Karen Ann Percy
Email:   KAPercy(at)
:   3427 Cooper Road
City:  Richmond
State:  VA  23225
Telephone : 804-267-5664

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Roanoke College, received M.A. Education
in Rehabilitation Counseling from George Washington University.

Currently I am Director of Program Operations for Behavioral Health Management of Virginia and live in Richmond, VA.

Mon Mar 3  8:25 2003 PDT

1963   Bruce York
:   3221 Rosehaven Drive  1511
City:  Fort Worth
State:  TX  76116
Telephone : 817-915-0480

Wed  May 24 8:44 2013 PDT

1963   Gail Ewing
Maiden Name:  Gail Staples
Email:   wlewing(at)
:   205 Blair Drive
City:  Yorktown
State:  VA  23692
Telephone : 757-898-5972

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Averett College in 1965 (when it was still an all-girl's school.  Attended University of South Carolina in Columbia and went on to fly for TWA out of New York city.  Moved to Miami in 1970 where I worked for several stock brokerages.  Moved back to Alexandria in 1979 and met my husband while working for Computer Sciences Corporation.  Married for 20 years this October - one daughter, Heather.  I have enjoyed traveling.  Look forward to reestablishing some contact with those who graduated Lee in 1963!

Fri  Jun 20 14:15 2003 PDT

1963   Dellwyn L. Davis, Jr.  (Dell)
Email:   dellwyn(at)
:   712 Via Seco
City:  Nipomo
State:  CA  93444
Telephone : 805-929-3467

Comments or Bio:

After leaving Lee I attending University of Tampa, graduating in 1967. Commissioned in the US Marine Corps and attended Naval Flight Training in Pensacola, FL. Received my wings in 1968 and embarked on a career that spanned 23 years visiting such exotic places as Vietnam, the Philippines, Korea, and Japan to name a few. Retired from the Corps in California in 1990 as a Lt. Colonel. Currently I am the General Manager for COSTCO Wholesales in San Juan Capistrano, CA. I am married to the same lady for 39 years and we have a son and daughter. 

Sun  Jun 22  14:20 2008 PDT

1963   Suzanne (Susie Stewart) Passafuma
Maiden Name: Susie Stewart
Email:   kukitx(at)
City:  San Antonio
State:  TX 

Comments or Bio:

Happily married, two kids and one grand daughter.  Sure do have great memories of Springfield.

It was hard to leave after my sophomore year.

Moved to Hawaii though, and somehow survived.  Now living in Texas and we are hoping to retire soon.

Mon Jun 23  4:00 2003 PDT

1963   Judith A. Osterhaus
Maiden Name: Judith King
Email:   tomost(at)
Address:  308 W. Timonium Road
City:  Timonium
State:  MD  21093
Telephone: 410-561-3442

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving high school I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Was married in 1965 to Tom Osterhaus of Arlington, minister of the Presbyterian Church in America, and spent 2 years in Peru, South America as a missionary. Have 3 sons and 3 daughters (one deceased) and 12 grandchildren. I've spent 20 years in the nursing profession: critical care, ER, long term care.

Wed Jun 25   4:15 2003 PDT

1963   Toshi Nobe
Email:   toshi(at)
Address:  1919 Budding Blvd
City:  San Antonio
State:  TX  78247

Comments or Bio:

Current Occupation: Sr. Forensic Engineer for Nobe Consulting Engineers

Past Business: 16 Yrs in Aircraft Industry; one year for the City of San Angelo, TX, 20 yrs in A/E design and operation as a general contractor.

College: BS in Aerospace Eng from VPI & MS in Civil from U of Missouri at Rolla Personal: 

Divorced, married twice, one daughter, Tisha, married to a college football coach in Houston, grandfather to Karenna
(seven months old), active in church and community service.

Interests: Work, community service, family, duplicate bridge

Thu  Jul 3   4:55 2003 PDT

1963   Kay Loomis
Maiden Name: Kay Hall
Email:   kayloomis(at)
Address:  P.O. Box 519
City:  Charlestown
Country:  Nevis, West Indies
Telephone: 896-469-5752

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee High, I went directly to work for the U.S. Government, where I had some really interesting jobs with the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.  I married in 1969 and am with the same fellow.  In 1987 we moved to the tiny Caribbean Island of Nevis in the West Indies and had a retail shop catering to tourists.  We gave that up after Hurricane Georges and I now do property management and a brisk villa rental business and my husband does landscaping.  Absolutely adore living in another culture, another country!  Things are good.  Cheers, Kay

Tue  Aug 2   19:45 2003 PDT

1963   Jack Hipple
Email:  jwhinnovator(at)
Address:  18222 Collridge Drive
City:  Tampa
State:  FL  33647
Telephone: 813-907-0999

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee, went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, receiving B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1967.  Spent 30 years in the chemical industry (Dow Chemical, Ansell Edmont, and Cabot) prior to starting an innovation and creativity consulting business in 1998.  Moved to Tampa in 2001.  While at Carnegie, met my wife (Cindy), who attended what is now Carlow College.  We've been married 36 years and have 4 daughters (last one married this past year) and six grandkids scattered all over the country.  With all the weddings, am out of money and am looking for additional consulting sessions!

Wed  Sept 10  7:55 2003 PDT

1963   Bill Boyd
 838 Birdie Way
City:  Apollo Beach
State:  FL  33572
Telephone: 813-641-1466

Comments or Bio:

Retired to Florida in 2000. Two kids, two grandchildren. Just returned (survived) a "mini" reunion with Class of 63 Tim Matthews, Carol Newman Matthews, George Bond and Brad Fellows. We had to have it in Naples (thanks to George) since none of us can navigate the interchange in Springfield.

Wed  Jul 4   9:25   2007 PDT

1963   Robert (Bob) Gray
 591 SW 182nd Way
City:  Pembroke Pines
State:  FL  33029
Telephone: 954-322-1539

Comments or Bio:

 Have three good kids, 2 boys and one girl. Work for a retail company and looking forward to retirement, two years off. Own a computer, software, web hosting and website design company with my youngest son. This company keeps me busy on my off time. But love the work.

Don't forget to thank all our military folks for keeping us safe and sound and all the sacrifices they have given up for us.

Wed  Jan 5   7:56 2005 PDT

1963   Michael S. Swift
 3404 Barkley Drive
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22031
Telephone: 703-280-1137

Thu  Jan 20  11:56 2005 PDT

1963   Dyanne Carithers
Maiden Name:  Dyanne Dodge
 527 Front Beach Drive, Unit 15
City:  Ocean Springs
State:  MS  39564
Telephone: 228-875-8210

Thu  May  5   7:56 2005 PDT

1963   John Koerber
 14689 Carmel Ridge Road
City:  San Diego
State:  CA  92128

Comments or Bio:

It's gone so fast and now we're 60 and God knows what else. As for me, San Diego has been home most of the years. Also lived in Florida, upstate NY, and Australia - all as a result of work assignments in engineering and management. My wife (Kathy) of 36 years recently passed away after a long, tough battle with breast cancer. She gave me 4 beautiful daughters who have been providing me with the joy of grandchildren and the prospects of many more to come. I'm currently working as an independent consultant in residential development and construction, primarily in the So Cal area and will probably do so until retirement at 66, or sooner if I get lucky. In retrospect Lee was a great school with quality teachers and classmates. Wish we could do it all again (well, maybe only some of it)!

Sat  May 27  9:36 2006 PDT

1963   Anthony Frederickson

Comments or Bio:

Following high school, I went to The Univ. of North Texas and earned a BS in Sec. Ed. and Geography. I joined the Air Force in 1968, and graduated from pilot training in 1969. Spending most of 1970 through 1973 in Viet Nam, Thailand Okinawa and Taiwan, I earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and three Air Medals. During that time I was flying KC-135A Stratotankers (a 4 engine jet). At the end of the war, I decided to remain in the military and retired after serving 23 yrs, 2 mos, & 7days protecting you guys:-)) Oh, I also earned a Masters and played lots of golf with Generals. I married Sharon in 1970 and we're about to celebrate our 36th anniversary. I enjoy running and land lording 295 Purple Martin pairs each year. I'm a volunteer at the school where Sharon teaches middle school and I teach sex ed to 5th grade boys and Texas history to 4th graders. I recently had the pleasure of talking to Dick and Zanne Jefferies/LHS '63.

Thu  Sep 29   7:25 2011 PDT

1963   Petja G. Scheele
Maiden Name:  Petja Gorneva
 420 Euclid Street
City:  Sandpoint
State:  ID  83864
Telephone: 503-803-5983

Comments or Bio:

Moved to Sandpoint ( ski and lake resort) after retiring two years ago. Lived in Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Wash. for the last 40 years. Enjoy my three children and eight grandchildren. Travel as much as I can and enjoy skiing as often as possible. Love to keep in contact with old friends.

Sat  Feb 6  5:48  2010 PDT

1963   Wayne D. Schmitt
 9515 Old Courthouse Road
City:  Appomattox
State:  VA  24522

Comments or Bio:

Hello. I went to VPI in the fall of ’63 in the Corps of Cadets. I graduated (late, but graduated) in ’68 with a BS in physics. Went in the Army that summer, received a commission the next summer; went to Vietnam in ’70 (survived). Worked around computers and the Beltway for a career. Spent time with IBM in Boca Raton (very close to heaven) and retired from Perot’s EDS (not all that close). Moved to the country, ate some peaches, found deism on my own. I now volunteer at the Appomattox Courthouse National Park as a history ‘interpreter’. First dated current wife 6 June 1973. Got married on top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland on a snowy day in February 1975. It has been all down hill since.

Sat  Jun 14   8:26 2008 PDT

1963   Margo Conner
Maiden Name: Lois Margo Tull
 73 Mercer Avenue  Apt 506
City:  Wheatland
State:  PA  16161-0308

Comments or Bio:

I am retired and like to travel with my sister (1965 graduate Gail Robison). I like to work puzzle books. I have one grown daughter in Michigan. My son died in 1999 of heart failure.

Sun  Jun 15  4:50 2008 PDT

1963   Marilyn K, Morley
Maiden Name: Marilyn K. Neese
 814 Eagle View Drive
City:  Charleston
State:  SC  29414
Telephone: 843-817-5915

Comments or Bio:

I went to work in DC shortly after graduating from LHS in 1963. I was married in 1966 and had a daughter, Tracy, in 1969. After shedding my first husband I remarried and moved to Charleston, SC. After my third marriage and divorce I finally realized that single life is best for me. I am now working for a small electrical contractor (aprox. 50 employees) as Office Manager, Accounting Supervisor and HR. When I started with them 19-years ago we had only 7 people. I love Charleston and can't imagine living anywhere else. My daughter her husband and three grandchildren live here also.

Tue  Jun 17  18:07  2008 PDT

1963   Robert Gruver
 530 Lee Court
City:  West Melbourne
State:  FL  32904
Telephone: 321-837-1777

Sat  Jun  21  17:33  2008 PDT

1963   Bobby Lee Mason
E-Mail: bobby_mason(at)
25065 Owl Creek Drive
City:  Stone Ridge
State:  VA  20105
Telephone: 571-481-6768

Fri  Aug 1  14:45  2008 PDT

1963   Jim Fox
 2592 Mulberry Loop
City:  Virginia Beach
State:  VA  23456
Telephone: 757-343-5685

Comments or Bio:

Married 40 years to Judy; son, daughter; 4 grand-daughters; Captain US Army, Europe; General Electric; Self-Employed; New York State government; Defense Contractor; CIO currently.

Wed  Aug 20  16:39  2008 PDT

1963   Don Farrow
 229 Forest Drive
City:  Falls Church
State:  VA  22046
Telephone: 703-283-6967

Comments or Bio:

I really enjoyed being President of RE Lee Chess Club during that 1962/63 winning season, when the football team got whipped so often.

The week after graduation, joined the Army, but after training in US and Germany, I declined to reenlist for Vietnam.

Instead, worked my way through GMU. I really enjoyed working summers on the crew that built bridges over I95 at Springfield and selling music and instruments in winters at Klein Dept Store, then researching Riverine Operations and ASW at a Navy think tank. I also learned at last how to talk with girls.

Rejoined the Army as a Civilian and worked my way up through many interesting assignments in financial management of appropriations for Military Construction and Housing in The Corps of Engineers and the Army Comptroller's Office.

Retired in 05 to join Agriculture Dept, enjoy being a consultant in IT cost management.

I also really enjoy working with Falls Church Lions Club charities, and Boy Scouts with my sons.

This week I am joining my sister Margaret at the reunion. Hope to meet Wayne, and Toshiko, and Rick and Gordon and that girl who lived just off Backlick Road.

Sun  Oct 5  10:12  2008 PDT

1963   Richard Dorson
 230 Swimming Point Walk, A5
City: Portsmouth
State:  VA  23704-2428
Telephone: 703-398-1071

Comments or Bio:

After Lee I graduated from VA Tech also with a Commission in the US Army. Initially it was Germany w/ the 3rd Infantry Division & then Vietnam as an advisor. Afterwards I did some consulting with Arthur Young & Co. & then ran a program for retarded children in Washington, DC before going to graduate school & getting my MBA in Healthcare Administration at GWU. I did my Administrative Residency at Roanoke Memorial Hospital & then ran one of their contract hospitals in Giles County. Later I ran Bluefield Community Hospital in WV. I then returned to the DC area & spent the next 15 years consulting with physician practices nationwide. I retired in 1998 & moved back to SE Virginia where I was born & have Family. I spend my time volunteering, including tutoring in a local Inter-city high school, with the Friends of the Library, a tax preparer with AARP & other organizations.

Wed  Dec 31  17:31  2008 PDT

1963   John M. Raiden
 223 Village Tree Drive
City: Highland Village
State:  TX  75077

Comments or Bio:

Following graduation in 1963 I went back "home" to Texas and attended North Texas State Univ. in Denton. Fellow classmate Tony Fredrickson joined me on this adventure, which started with a lengthy bus ride from DC to Dallas then a short ride to Denton. School was less interesting than parties and the fraternity - Phi Kappa Sigma - and I was bounced in mid '67 for grades. We all remember the mid '60's when anyone able to breath and available was put into uniform and sent across the pond. I was not forgotten by my friends at the Selective Service office in Fairfax. Mid January of '68 I was re-classified 1-A, mid February of '68 I was in Richmond for a physical and in on March 16, 1968 I was back in Richmond with my hand raised taking some oath or something, then hustled onto a train for Ft. Jackson, SC. After almost a year of training at Ft. Devans, MA to be a spy with the Army Security Agency I was ready to ship out to Vietnam after a brief month of additional training in Petaluma, CA. Before departing the country, I married Becky Lowe (Class of '66) and we just celebrated our 40th anniversary. I spent a year assigned to the 8th Radio Research Field Station in Phu Bai, a lovely spot about 50 miles south of the DMZ. Along with my duties as a Traffic Analyst, I joined a mortar platoon and managed to acquire a full blown combat MOS, thank goodness they never called me to actually perform those duties in the field! I managed to quickly move up the ranks and left Vietnam an E-5, which was better than most and I was awarded a Bronze Star as well. I spent my last 18 months of service attached to the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, MD before being discharged.We returned to Denton and I finished work on my degree, graduating with a BBA in August of 1973. I spent 34 years in the equipment finance industry, the last 22 1/2 with Caterpillar Financial Services and retired in March of 2008. Retirement is good, so far I have managed to stay busy and am finishing up training to volunteer with the City of Highland Village Police Auxiliary. Looking forward to busting perps in an upscale suburb of Dallas. Becky and I have one daughter, Heather, who is an attorney with Pier 1 Imports at their corporate office in Fort Worth. She lives in a historic area just south of downtown and loves Cowtown.

Sun  May 10  16:14  2009 PDT

1963   Lisa Germain
 1002 Canonero Drive
City:  Greensboro
State:  NC  27410

Comments or Bio:

 I lived  in  Greensboro, NC about  30+ years.  I have no kids, never married.  I would like to  keep in touch with  old class mates

Fri  Nov 2  14:49  2012 PDT

1963   William Leffingwell
 P.O. Box 3067
City:  Cayey
State:  PR  00737
Country:  USA
Telephone:  787-370-2865

Comments or Bio:

AB Princeton '67, MA Cornell '70, PhD Maryland '80 Retired after 30 years teaching at UPR-Cayey, living in Cayey 25 miles south of San Juan with wife Ana Collazo and a changing number of rescued dogs and a few feline hangers-on. Working part-time as consultant in federal affairs (writing proposals and doing external evaluation)

Tue  Jan 8  12:09  2013 PDT

1963   Chuck Carter
 6628  59th Avenue
City:  Kenosha
State:  WI  53142
Telephone:  224-548-0602

Comments or Bio:

Too much happened since my dad's job uprooted us in my senior year. The school in Milwaukee didn't want to count any of those "hillbilly credits" from Virginia and I almost quit school. Like most folks our age I'm older, fatter and wiser but I love the grandpa part.

Sun  Mar 3  12:22  2013 PDT

1963   Robert "Bobby" Lawrence
 4532 SW 113th Avenue
City:  Miramar
State:  FL  33025

Comments or Bio:

Class of '63 retired after 30yrs Fairfax County Police Dept. Retired after 8 yrs Safety and security.. Fairfax County  Public Schools

Thu Jul 18 13:16  2013 PDT

1963   Jeff  R. Hart
 840 Keniston Avenue
City:  Los Angeles
State:  CA  90005
Telephone:  323-931-4562

Comments or Bio:

Lee HS '63 / Grad US Naval Academy '67.

Highlight of my life: being married to Jan Walker, Lee HS '65.  I never met Jan at Lee HS. Trip Clarke set us up on a date in '67.

I fell head-over-heels for Jan & we married not long after. I still have a huge crush on her!  She has given me a wonderful son & daughter. We have 3 grandkids. Spent 8 yrs as Naval Officer, with a year in Viet Nam. Taught at Annapolis, got Masters from GWU & attended Harvard Business School's AMP.  Moved to Virginia for 1st civilian job: US Govt in DC (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp) & end up heading the agency. Then stayed in DC, heading a nationwide coalition working to bring law/regs supporting what became IRAs & 401Ks. 1981: Recruited to NYC & things sort of took off: managed financial companies, gravitating into investor/investment management groups.  Headed companies in NYC, Chicago, Toronto.  Ended up with Swiss Re, heading their US & Canadian companies & working in London, Zurich, and NYC.

Then went on to my life's deferred ambition: art school, studying oil painting.  Then a brief stint in Florida, living on the waterfront, boats, painting in a gallery group, etc.  For Jan & me, being in Florida was "different".  We soon moved to urban Los Angeles, blending big city buzz with good weather.  My mom is now in California, along with our children & grandchildren & a sister.  Jan's mom is still in Florida, so we are there often.  With Jan's coaxing & another year of training, I'm now sculpting in bronze ... to Lee HS' Hunter Benedict, I say, "It took awhile, but, as I promised you, I got there."

Wed Jul 1 15:57 2015 PDT