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Robert E. Lee High School  List of '64 - '65 Registered

1964  Jack Duckworth
Email:  quackers(at)
, jackduckworth(at)  
Address: 9501 Tinker Court

City:  Burke
State:  VA  22015
Telephone:  703-440-9665

Comments or Bio:

In 1971 I married Donna Huddle, a '65 graduate of George Marshall High School in Falls Church. We have two kids: Tim 36, the network engineer and Shannon 33, a computer graphics designer and stay at home mom for my beautiful granddaughter, Kayla age 10,  grandson Jacob 8, and granddaughter Abigail age 6.

I retired September 1, 2003 from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and am now driving a Special Ed bus for Fairfax County and loving it.  I have a greater sense of accomplishment driving special needs kids than I ever had in thirty years of engineering with FERC.  If you're bored or could use a sense of accomplishment yourself, E-mail me and we can talk about it.

I'm the webmaster for this LAFA website. Please come in and join all your old friends. You'd be surprised how much you all have in common after all these years.

Fri  Feb 24  16:12  2012 PDT

1964 - Larry Daitz
5946 Highbury Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada  V6N 1Z1
604-263-0500  FAX   604-263-6664
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1964
Bio Information:

Before leaving Lee High School, My parents were told by Ms. Lutz to consider Vocational School because I " was not college material" Maybe she was right. In any case, I graduated from UVa in ' 68 and went on to medical school,which I finished in ' 72. I did my internship and residency in Ophthalmology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I met and married Anne.Shortly thereafter, we moved to British Columbia and have been here ever since. We have almost raised two children, Andrew (22) who has just graduated from the University of British Columbia and Laura (19) who has just started her second year at Dalhousie.

I have an ophthalmic surgical practice in Burnaby, BC, a suburb of Vancouver, that keeps me reasonably busy. I play golf when I can and generally enjoy the scenery of " Beautiful British Columbia".

Love to hear from any of you who get up this way.

Aug 16 22:07:50 1998 PDT

1964  Sonya Polifka Rowe
Maden Name:  Sonya Polifka
Address: 814 NW 116 th Circle
City:  Vancouver
State:  WA  98685

Comments or Bio:

Retirement means the Great Pacific Northwet and the chance to live in the same city as my "little" brother.  There's going to be lots of travel between Vancouver and San Diego, though, because my daughters and their children are all down there, and what kind of "Gramma" would I be if I didn't want to be as big a part of their lives as possible.
For me, retirement means the chance to get involved in volunteer work, garden, or bury myself in a good book.  My official title now is "Recovering Lawyer," as that's how it feels!  I have my own (very diverse) library in our new house, and if you're at all claustrophobic, it's not the place for you!
Mary Ann Ryan was our very first visitor in our new home.  She and I have been best friends since September of 1962 and even though there's most of a continent between us most of the time, I can't imagine life without her to be my best friend!  Thank goodness for work-related travel!
Favorite activities continue to be reading, travel (I'll go anywhere!), gardening and cooking (for that very narrow streak of domesticity I have), and staying in touch with a very amazing collection of friends, some of which I found on this website!  Thanks, Jack!

Sat  may 10  18:15 2008 PDT

1964  Charlotte M. Holzman
Maden Name:  Brader
Email:  hholzman(at)
Address: 7121 Highland St.
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Country: USA
Class: 1964
Comments or Bio:

Two children -- Christine Holzman and Harold Holzman.  Both attended Lee High School.

Have Collies and two cats.

I'm a Government employee, presently working for the Office of Personnel Management in Employment Services.  Am project manager for the program used by agencies to announce their jobs.  (Jobs are listed at!) Keep busy but not as spectacular as some of the other alumni!

Fri Aug 21 05:45 1998 PDT

1964  Patti Jacoby
Maden Name: Smith
500 Lunalilo Home Road #33-B

City:  Honolulu
State:  HI 96825
Telephone:  808-395-9001

Comments or Bio:

Worked for the Treasury Department until 1966; was told I would make a great "stewardess" (do believe because I liked to talk!!).  Anyway, went on to make it a career.  32 years later and I fly all over the world -- not too bad.   Oh yes, work for United Airlines.  My days off are spent as a computer "guru" or working with Special Olympics.  Just took up golf or better yet golf took up "me".  Living in Hawaii -- so if ever out this way and you think you can remember me, give me a call!!  It should be fun!!

Wed  Jun 25 16:00 2008 PDT

1964 - Mike Selvitelle
Email: mselvitell(at)
Address: 198 Mayapple Ln
City:  Elizabethtown
State: KY
Class: 1964
Telephone: (502) 765-6146

Comments or Bio:
Graduated from West Point 1968; MS in Operations Research in 1974. Twenty-plus years in the Army with assignments in the states, plus Germany, England, and beautiful downtown Vietnam. "Retired" in 1992 and currently employed as the Director of Technology and Assessment in a school district in KY.

Married to Jan (for 21 great years). A son (Britt) - HS senior, and a daughter (Lindsday) - HS fresh(wo)man. Fortunately, both kids have their mother's looks and brains.

Sat Aug 29 12:00 1998 PDT

1964 - Malcolm M. Murray
Email:  mmurray(at)
Address: 46 Pearl St.
City: Denver
State: CO
Class: 1964 
Telephone: (303) 733-8257
Comments or Bio:

I graduated from West Point in 1968 and spent 5 years in the Air Force. Upon leaving the Air Force, I moved to Denver to attend the University of Denver law school. I have been a lawyer in Denver for 22 years and with the firm of Gorsuch Kirgis for the last 15 years. I specialize in municipal law and land use. I was married for 18 years and have been divorced for two. I have a lovely daughter Rebecca who is 12 . I love Denver and the West and rarely come back east.

Sat Aug 29 12:00 1998 PDT

1964 -  J. Scott Mack
Address:  11757 North Shore Drive
City: Reston
State: VA 20190
Telephone: 703-307-7143

Comments or Bio:

What up Dogs?

Sun Dec 4  13:55 2005 PDT

1964  George N. Brotbeck
Email:  brotbeck(at)
Address: 1670 Lemonwood Road

City:  Jacksonville
State:  FL
Class: 1964
Comments or Bio:

My family lives in Jacksonville, FL (specifics below). I am a senior consultant for TeraQuest Metrics, Inc., a software process improvement firm in Austin, TX (the marketing version of my life is on our web site at – I tried to have them morph my photo into Tom Cruise, but was told that some things even computers can’t polish.)

I have been married twice, the second time for almost 20 years now, and we think we’ve got it right (although there is nothing about a relationship with another human being I take for granted!) I got my B.A. in math/physics from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 1969, and immediately went to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory (better living through bigger bombs, you know). While there, I got an M.A. from the University of New Mexico. I did finish the coursework for my Ph.D., but my first marriage broke up about then, and I had a premature mid-life crisis. Took me a few years to get reoriented…

My wife and I have 2 daughters, Rebekah, age 19, and Sarah, age 15. Rebekah will be a freshman at Florida State this fall, majoring in International Affairs/Asian Studies. She is also a classical violinist, and was a member of the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra the last couple of seasons. Sarah will be a sophomore in high school this fall. She is also an accomplished musician, playing piano, keyboard, flute, piccolo and oboe. She just completed 2 weeks of symphonic band camp at FSU. When the two of them play together, I feel transported into another kinder, gentler world… Sarah is starting a special program in her high school this fall, the Graphic Arts and Communications Academy, designed to give the kids exposure into everything from animation to movie making to desktop publishing – I have a hard time relating to what high school must be like these days, but it doesn’t seem a whole lot like what I remember…

Over the years I’ve lived (sequentially) in New Mexico, Florida, California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, and now Florida again. I guess the Rockies are by far my favorite (my spirit hangs out somewhere up in north-central New Mexico), but we have extended family in Florida which keeps us coming back here for now.

Tues Aug 25 17:30 1998 PDT

1964  Mike Engley
Email:  mengley(at)
Address: 655 Pemberton Court
City:  Herndon
State:  VA 
Class: 1964 
Telephone: (703) 437-7654
Comments or Bio:

After graduating I spent some time trying to prove that Mrs. Lutz [Bless her recently departed soul, she probably did me a favor] was right when she said that "I was not college material."  After a few months I decided to prove her wrong and enrolled in Shenandoah Junior College.  While there I met my wife , Cheryl.  We were married in '67.  I continued in school and graduated from Salem College in 1969.  I did my student teaching that summer.  John Moore was my supervising teacher.  That fall I began my career with Fairfax County Schools - I'm still with them 30 years later.  After 6 years as a history teacher I went into administration.  In 1984, when Jack Baumgartner retired, I took his place as assistant principal at Lee.  I spent three years there before I moved on to a central office position.  In 1993-94 [my class celebrated our 30th that summer] I returned to Lee as principal.  I don't know if Mrs. Lutz ever learned of her failed prediction.   In August of this year I left the principalship at Lee to take a director position in our Area office where I'll be overseeing 5 high schools, 5 middle schools and 2 secondary schools.  Lee will be one of those schools.

Cheryl and I have two sons and a new daughter-in-law.  Aaron, who is 25, was married this summer.  He has been teaching in Fairfax County for 2 years.  Adam, who is 21, is in the restaurant business and is getting close to "finding himself."   As fate would have it, Aaron has been the head lacrosse coach at Lee the past 2 years and will be teaching there this year.  It must be in the blood!

Mon Aug 31 17:45 1998 PDT

1964 - Judy Calhoon
Maiden Name: Faw
Address: 302 Sandy Lane
City: Clyde
State: TX
Class: 1964 
Telephone: (915) 893-5657
Comments or Bio:

I am recently retired from the Federal Govt. and now enjoy staying home and doing what I want to do.  I am married to a wonderful man, Robert, who is the reason I ended up in Texas twenty-three years ago.  We have two sons, Gary is 32 and Wayne is 29.  We also have six delightful grandchildren (five boys and one girl) and a seventh due next March.

I am currently enrolled in a writers' school and plan to enter the writer's world in the near future.  Hopefully, I will have a novel on the market within the next three years.

Tue Sep 1 18:00 1998 PDT

1964 - Pamela Jean Seekins

Thu  Aug 12 10:46 2010 PDT

1964 - Richard (Ric) Newby
Email:  ricnewby(at)
Address: Suite 201, 6501 Red Hook Plaza
City: St. Thomas
State: VI (USA)
Class: 1964 
Telephone: (340)715-1002
Comments or Bio:

After leaving Lee, Steve Rose and I went to Mexico for a couple of weeks, then I went into the Air Force for four years with a couple years in Savannah, Georgia and then to Thailand and Viet Nam.  I returned to Savannah where in 1978 completed my education in art and taught for a couple of years in Beaufort S.C. then back in Savannah before coming to St. Thomas in 1988.  I became very active in Historic Preservation and restored a 12 room Victorian in Savannah.  Got the wander lust in the late '80's and applied here.   Love the island life, and have since sold my home in Savannah and getting ready to build a place here with a great view,  just ask Sonya.  Really like hearing from other Lee grads, and my roommate here is Anne Abernathy (Tip Abernathy of '65 little sister who is now know as "Grandma Luge" and our Olympian for the Virgin Islands.

Out of Sight but never out of Mind

Wed Sep 2 18:00 1998 PDT

1964 - Tony Dambrava aka Gintaras A. Dambrava
Email:  djcabaret(at)
1662-A Carlyle Drive
City: Crofton
State: MD (USA)
Class: 1964 
Telephone: (410) 721-4563

Thu Sep 3 16:00 1998 PDT

1964   Michael Hussey
Email:  MPHUSSEY(at)
MLC-45, 9601 Miccosukee Rd
City: Tallahassee
State: FL
Class: 1964 
Telephone: (850)  877-0371

Sun Sep 13 21:50 1998 PDT

1964   Larry Dunn
Email:  lcd8326(at)
P.O. Box 6184
City: McLean
State: VA 22106
Telephone: 703-307-4213

Thu Aug 12 10:33 2010 PDT

1964 - Robert G. (Bob ) Johnson
Email:  rjohnson(at)

Address: 105 Martin Ct.
City: Williamsburg
State: VA
Class: 1964 
Telephone: (757) 229-6420

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from William and Mary in 1968 with a BA in mathematics.  Since that time I've added a M.Ed. in secondary school administration and a Certificate of Advanced Grad Study in educational supervision, both from W&M.  While a senior at W&M, I did my student teaching at Ferguson High in Newport News and liked it so much, I've stayed here.

Over the years I've been a math teacher, math department head and assistant principal at various schools in Newport News.  I'm currently principal of Menchville High School, a school with about 2,000 students.  Not a glamorus or a financially rewarding career, but certainly a personally rewarding one!

I got married in 1972 to a Newport News girl who is in banking. Page and I have one son, Chris, who is 17 and a senior at Jamestown High School in Williamsburg where we live.

Wed Sep 16 14:50 1998 PDT

1964 - Mary Ryan
Maiden Name: Mary Ann Ryan
Email:  maryanan(at)

Address: 8050 Felecity Court
City: Springfield
State: VA 22153
Class: 1964 
Telephone: (703) 912-6441

Comments or Bio:  Hello Everybody!

So here we all are in the middle of our accomplishments and creating new dreams and goals.  Life has treated me very well. I married quite early to a regular prince charming of a guy, and we moved around to various States that began with M.   We raised two beautiful daughters, Jennifer and Meredith.  They are now married to wonderful husbands and live in Newport News, VA and the Gulf Coast of Florida, respectfully. 

After I divorced my life, took some interesting turns.  I represented the largest international single parent organization in the world in working for child support and visitation laws which are now in place.  I testified on Capitol Hill and appeared on Good Morning America along with numerous interviews in the New York Times and USA Today.   All that was under my married name. 

I decided to go back to Mary Ryan - I always like the sound of that name.  I took advantage of my undergraduate degree in Business and recently completed a Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.  I currently work within the Department of Defense's Office of Complaint Investigations as the Ombudsman.  I love to do mediations in the community and arbitrations for the Better Business Bureau.  Now for my hobby!  I am an arts and entertainment critic for Washington's Oldest Art Magazine, THE REVIEW.  This season I reviewed Celine Dion, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Bonnie Raitt, Jimmy Buffett - well if they came to this area I probably reviewed them.   Wolf Trap is my primary focus during the summers.

I may only get to the Friday Hilton event for our reunion because I am headed south for the baptism of one of my two granddaughters!  Please keep in touch.  I have enjoyed hearing from some of you so far.  I hope you write in this registry because each of us has created a unique contribution to the world.  Not to mention the fun we can have talking about those good ole days no that we share emails.  Remember Latin Club plays and parties, Jr. and Sr. Class Plays, Sports, and Sonya captured some of those Sr. Class Trip Memories.  Yep, I enjoyed those days...but I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Wishing you all love, happiness and good health,


Sat Sep 26 14:25 1998 PDT

1964 Denise (Harris) Higgins
Maiden Name: Denise Harris
Email:  dhhiggi(at)

Address: 1453 Lake James Drive
City: Virginia Beach
State: VA 23464-1630
Class: 1964 

Comments or Bio

Married with children since 1969 to a marine war hero, as he likes to be referred to, who retired as a colonel in 1992 and presently running a construction company.  Guess that makes me the Power Behind the Throne:

Three beautiful children, one of each.  Chris, 27, a parole officer for the Commonwealth; Greg, 25, mentally challenged but the sunshine of my life; and Katy, 18, our rebel without a clue and now serving time as a freshman at Marymount Manhattan College in NYC.

I've bumbled around in many interesting jobs, from congressional secretary, running a gift shop in Lake Placid, NY and a ten year stint managing a veterinary hospital.  Guess my guidance couselor was right afterall.......marry for money .

Tue Oct 13 14:25 1998 PDT

1964 John Harms
Walnut Creek
State: CA  94596
Class: 1964 

Comments or Bio

Graduated from the University of Maryland after a couple of years in the Army, then moved to California and have been here since.  I was browsing and stumbled across this site; I enjoyed viewing the pictures of many of you at one of your reunions.  Feel free to email me if you want a quick update.  I'd enjoy hearing from you..

Wed Mar 24 14:25 1999 PDT

1964 Jackie Montague
Email:  jackie77(at)
State:  NV  89052
Class: 1964

Comments or Bio

After graduation I moved to So. California to go to college, I lived there and in Boston until a few years ago when we moved to Las Vegas.  I attended Pepperdine College in Calif. and then finished my degree at Northeastern Univ. in Boston in Computer Science.  I owned my own technical recruiting firm for many years, sold it a few years ago and now stay at home.  I'm married to a terrific guy, he retired as the Exec VP/COO of a software company a few years ago and now we spend most of our time traveling.  When we're not traveling I spend most of my time doing interior decorating, gardening, sewing and quilting.  I have 2 daughters, Kelly and Carrie.  Kelly is a teacher and married to an officer in the Navy, he's the Naval Commander at the RAF Joint Element Base in England, they have 4 children and were previously stationed in Spain, Bahrain and Japan.  Our youngest daughter, Carrie, just got married to her childhood sweetheart, they live in Texas.

Sun  Nov 23 7:00 2003 PDT

1964   Allen L. Bossa
Email:  albossa(at)
   Brigham City
State: Utah
Class:  1964 / 1965

Sun   Sep 10 12:35 2000 PDT

1964   Arthur H. Osgood, Jr.
Email:  osgood_arthur(at)
City:  Vienna
State:  VA  22182
Class: 1964

Telephone:  (703) 692-9245

Comments or Bio

Most of my time, since leaving Lee High School, was spent in the Army.  I had a thoroughly enjoyable, extremely rewarding career that took me all over the world - and throughout the U.S.  In 1989 I was assigned to the D.C. area - and after four different jobs - I retired in May of 1998.  I am now working for a "Management and Technology" Consulting Firm - and spend most of my time where my military career ended - in the Pentagon.  My wife Chris and I have three wonderful little kids - Michael, Angela and Matthew.

Mon July 17 5:35 2000 PDT

1964   Patricia (Patti) Bufalino
Maiden Name:  Patti McKay
Email:  bufalino(at)
City:  Riverside
State:  CA  92501

Comments or Bio

One of my sisters & my brother-in-law, Eileen & Ken Patterson recently attended their 30th reunion & e-mailed the rest of us (my sisters Maureen [1967], Kathi [1972], & me) to check out the Lee High website. I'm so glad she did & that I did. I really have never kept in touch with anyone, but it was fun to read about what former classmates have done & are doing now.

After Lee, I graduated from St. Joseph College in Emmitsburg, MD, & served in the Navy Nurse Corps. I met my husband Chuck at the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia. We came to California in 1970 for him to finish school & we've been here ever since. We have two sons, one daughter, one daughter-in-law, and one absolutely delightful granddaughter.
While in the Navy, I decided I wanted to teach nursing, so I used veteran's benefits to complete a Master's in Education and a Master's in Nursing. Since 1980, I've been on faculty at Riverside Community College & am presently the Chair of the Department of Health, Human, and Public Services. In 1996-7, I took a sabbatical and became a Family Nurse Practitioner. I love what I'm doing & am always looking for new ways to do it.

In 1992, Chuck & I built our "dream home" & spend most of our time at home working in the garden (Chuck) or decorating the inside (me). Riverside is a small city about 50 miles east of L.A. & 90 miles north of S.D. It's big enough to have some of the nicer things (museums, theatre, schools) but not so big as to be congested. If anyone is in the vicinity, I'd love to hear from you.

Mon Aug 1 4:35 2000 PDT

1964   George W. (Bill) Vass
Email:  miamihrrricane(at)
Address:  70 Carrigan Court
City:  Merritt Island
State:  FL  32952-5077

Telephone:  321-452-3372

Comments or Bio:

Retired Nov. 3, 2005 after 32 years Federal Government (IRS) service.

Fri Nov 11  7:15 2005 PDT

1964   Joyce Carter-Bates
  13849 Deer Chase Place

City:  Jacksonville
State:  FL  32224

Telephone:  904-537-1136

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee, I was in GMU's first graduating class- 1968, and returned for an M.Ed in'84. I retired from Fairfax County Public Schools July, 2001. Yes, I enjoyed my years as a teacher at Lee,(Lake Braddock, then counselor at Fairfax HS, Robinson, Lake Braddock) and can assure you that many of the faculty we had as students turned out to be wonderful colleagues and friends. When I worked as a counselor I never once told any student s/he "was not college material"!

I remarried in February, 200l, to a USAFA grad who was the last wing commander at Homestead AFB, and who closed the base after hurricane Andrew destroyed the active duty station. (It remains a reserve base and an Air National Guard base.)He had retired before I met him in Burke, VA at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church- where we were married. He always loved FL, and since my mother and much of her family migrated to Jacksonville (my maternal side were all southern Georgians...)we moved here right after my own retirement.

Both of my sons, James(Jim- Lee Class of '84)and Joshua(Josh- Lake Braddock Class of '95)Dunn live in Jacksonville as well. Jim is not married;Josh married an LBSS grad, and they have three children- Isabella, Noah, and Mila. I have two wonderful stepdaughters who live in Eugene, Oregon. Joelle is married with one daughter and a baby due May, '07. Melissa graduated GMU in 2003, worked on "The Hill," then for Nike, and now attends the U of O law school.

It is amazing how frequently I have thought of all of you from '63, '64, '65 especially. I still grieve for those whose names are written on that large black granite funerary wall in DC. And I grieve for the classmates we have lost over the years...

If any of you wish to write or be in touch, would love to hear from you. I am trying to follow the advice of Dylan Thomas: "Do not go gentle into that good night,/ Old age should burn and rave at close of day./Rage, rage against the dying of the light." Well, at least I'm still raving!

Fri Oct 6  11:50 2000 PDT

1964   Bill  (now Will) Cothran
Email:  wcothran(at)
Address:  119  Brian
City:  Canyon Lake
State:  TX  78133
Class: 1964

Telephone:  (210) 663-1567

Comments or Bio

Worked my way through WART - Washington Academy of Radio & TV - by working for Mr. Berry as a gum ball distributor.  The pay was not great, but I got all I could eat. Upon graduation and being licensed by the FCC, I went to work at radio station WAMD in Aberdeen, MD, until I felt a draft breathing down my neck.  Joined USAF in 1966 and worked as an announcer with American Forces Radio and Television Service on Okinawa and in Teheran, Iran, when I was not making training films or acting as a "military journalist". Some of my writing was picked up the AP and UPI and one of my photos gained national recognition (perhaps my finest hour).  I parlayed my investigative reporting skills into becoming an insurance adjuster and claims manager until I got to load airplanes in the USAF Reserve at Kelly Air Base in San Antonio (GO SPURS!!!) during Desert Storm. 

Mostly I handle claims, drive old cars, hit golf balls when I get a chance and fly rubber band powered free-flight model airplanes.  Met my wife, a nurse who dragged me from a drunken gutter in 1969, and we were later "sealed" for time and eternity in the Washington, D.C. Mormon Temple.  We have 5 kids.  My eldest daughter played varsity golf at BYU and is married to a professor at the US Naval Academy.  The next daughter sang with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and number three girl is a prodigal, living with me for another two weeks while her home is being completed. My son played varsity college baseball and served a two ministry in New Zealand and my youngest is at home while she works and attends Southwest Texas State University.  With ties in Maryland, I hope to get back and attend some not to far distant Lee reunion.  Until then, I will wonder if it was really coke that John Christophel was sipping from a long straw up his sleeve during Senior Trip to New York.

Tue Feb 20 19:25 2001 PDT

1964   Steve VanCourt
Email:  svancourt(at)
Address:  2309 Plain View Road
City:  Cheyenne
State:  WY  82009

Class: 1964
Telephone:  Work 307-777-7814

Comments or Bio

My wife is Louise Faith formerly of Omaha, NE. Louise and I (photo) are approaching our 24th anniversary.  We have three children.  Phil is a junior at Wheaton College in Illinois, Erin is a junior in high school (Cheyenne, Wyo.) and Emily is in 8th grade.  I work for the Securities Division of the Wyoming Secretary of State making presentations to civic groups throughout the state.

Lee High seems like another lifetime.

Wed Mar 14 16:25 2001 PDT

1964   Kate Faircloth
Maiden Name: Kathy Faircloth
Email:  skater(at)
Address:  2797  Fantasy Lane
City:  Decatur
State:  GA  30033

Class: 1964
Telephone:  Work 307-777-7814

Comments or Bio

It's hard to compress 37 yrs into 300 words, but here is the Readers Digest version: I married in 1967 as the Viet Nam War was really heating up. 

My husband, Gary Hellwege, was from Oregon and had taken a job as a nuclear weapons designer with a govt agcy in D.C. that offered deferment from military service.   After 5yrs of marriage and several moves to California/Oregon and back again, we wisely decided to split the record collection and go our separate ways.

In 1973, I moved to Miami, FL from D.C. where life was difficult owing to the fact that I did not se habla espanol.  However, I was 27 and a soldier on the front line of the sexual revolution, and it was Miami afterall, so how bad could life be? After a 2yr struggle doing various jobs, I got a break and was hired by a land dev. company as a customer service rep answering written and telephone correspondence. I loved the job and was finally able put my communication skills to use. I applied for a job with Delta Air Lines in 1978. 

When I was hired, there were 1100 applicants for reservations agent, and only 18 were accepted including me.  Yes, I was one of those perky, smiling people you see in the TV ads wearing a headset and clicking happily away on a computer while talking to customers on the phone.  Unfortunately, the job proved to be mind-numbingly repetitious: how many times can you answer the question, "What's your cheapest fare to New York?" before you go insane??  It was a demeaning job and I had to work a crazy night schedule without ever getting a weekend or holiday off, including Christmas.

The value of the college education I never completed began to dawn on me about that time. I could have quit; however, Delta was paying me alot of money to do this work, so I was stuck. I made the best of the situation by traveling extensively and transferring to Atlanta, GA in 1982 where the corporate headqtrs for Delta is located.  This was a move calculated to advance my career and to escape reservations which I did in 1989. My last position with DL was in Consumer Affairs, again handling written/phone correspondence which fit me like a comfortable old shoe.  I retired 4/1/01 after an early out incentive was offered by the company. 

I am happily single and childfree with 2 cats, contemplating my next career. I have a lovely home and friends who call me the Martha Stewart of Delta A.L. due to my love of gardening, cooking, decorating and antique-collecting. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Wed Jun 13 15:45 2001 PDT

1964   Thomas Cushman
Email:  tcushmanlaw(at)
Address:  11654 W. Colony
City:  Boise
State:  Idaho  83709

Class: 1964
Telephone:  208-724-2467

Comments or Bio

After spending 8th, 9th and 10th grade at Lee with the class of 64, my family moved back to Ct. in summer of 1962.

After we moved from Springfield in 1962, I went to HS in Ct. then to college (the first trip) at Mitchell college in Ct.  After a short stay there, The Dean, General Hershey and I came to an understanding that I would need to try something else for a while.  However, I foiled their attempt at putting me in the army by joining the usmc.  (clever fellow at 19).

Deciding that the Marine Corps was too big to change, I played by their rules for a while.  I was promoted to sergeant in less than two years and then commissioned in less than three. 
I married Gail, a girl I'd met in California, after OCS at Quantico.  We are still together,with two grown children.  On to flight school and then flying transport helicopters from the Tonkin gulf Yacht Club,  I returned to the world in 1971 and went to Pensacola as a flight instructor. 

I finished undergraduate there at UWF. With the war winding down, I resigned my commission and went to Gator law school in Gainesville.  We came to Idaho, Gail's home where I have done the complete legal career: public defender, elected prosecutor, trial judge, private practice and now back on the bench as a water rights judge (title is Special Master for the Snake River Basin Adjudication) Gail is the Principal at the Catholic high school here in Boise.  My daughter graduated from UNLV and now does the data base for a refugee center.  My son works for a mining company(gold) in Nevada and his wife teaches HS and is carrying my first grandchild, at the moment. 

Wed Nov 28  10:45 2001 PDT

1964   Donna Woolard
Maiden Name: Donna Lilly
Email:  donnaw2020(at)
Address:  7450 S. Eastern #2040
City:  Las Vegas
State:  NV  89123

Class: 1964
Telephone:  (702)  260-7752
Comments or Bio

After graduation I moved to Ft. Rucker, Alabama with my folks and attended Troy State University.  Met my husband at Rucker and married after he returned from his 2nd tour in Vietnam.  Lived all over the USA, including the vacation spots of Hawaii and San Francisco.  Spent 3 years in Germany, where our son was born.  He is now 25 and a Lieutenant in the Air Force stationed in South Dakota.  After my husbands retirement we moved to Las Vegas, and after 6 years here I decided I didn't want to be married anymore.  So, here I am living the single life in Las Vegas. I have been working in the Optometric field for 18 years and am now managing two offices for an Optometrist.  After all these years I'd love to hear from you.

Thu Feb 7 14:05 2002 PDT

1964   Mary H. Civille
Email:  coquies(at)
Address:  3179 Rockbridge Road
City:  Avondale Estates
State:  GA  30002-1144

Class: 1964
Telephone 404-296-9627
Comments or Bio

After graduation, I continued the tradition of frequent moves and school changes familiar to most of you: Marietta, OH (B.A. at Marietta College, 1968); Frankfurt, Germany (a year of U. MD classes); Logan, UT (edited theses and dissertations at Utah State); Denver (M.A. in Librarianship, DU, 1972); Ponce and Hato Rey, PR (university cataloger for three years, then manager of a shop specializing in  hand- screened fabrics and custom-made fashions and crafts in Old San Juan, and some part-time work for The San Juan Star, 1972-1979). 

While in Puerto Rico I also acquired a love of sailing and a husband, Tim Hostetler, now deceased. The moves were getting less frequent. Then came the BIG move to the Atlanta metro area in 1979. Been here since, working as an text librarian/archivist and trainer in News Research (aka the library) at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Hard to imagine over 20 years in one place! Bought a 1928 Craftsman bungalow about four years ago on a woodsy lot and have spent time and money with renovation and upkeep -- it never stops, does it? I've kept in touch with Ric Newby (his new house in St. Thomas is aces) since graduation and exchange e-mail with Sonya and Kathy Hallamore from time to time. Ric and Sonya have kept me up-to-date on reunions, and I have a splendid collection of Lee High go-cups. I gave one to a former reporter at the paper, Paul Foutch. Paul was born in 1964, and graduated from Lee 18 years later!

The one class that has stood me in good stead was fourth-year Spanish with Mr. Hatcher.  There were only about 18 of us in a class of third- and fourth-year students. He made us think and talk in Spanish; read and discuss current events and the significance of the storm in "Las inquietudes de Shanti Andi." So much for "Donde esta la biblioteca?" Eight years later that class gave me the courage to apply for a job in Puerto Rico. By the time I left, I knew sewing terms in Spanish and was able to deal with "Hacienda" (the Treasury 
Dept.) and local artisans in Spanish. 

Sat Apr 27 13:35 2002 PDT

1964   Kathleen Hallamore
Maiden Name: Kathy Hallamore
Email:  tapestryglass(at)
Address:  4690 Longley Lane, #28
City:  Reno
State:  NV  89
Telephone:  775-329-3044
Comments or Bio

I left Virginia shortly after graduation although my parents lived in Springfield and Alexandria until 1984.  Some of you may remember that I couldn't wait to be west of the Rockies again.  I came to Reno to the University of Nevada (it's now UNR but UNLV was Nevada Southern and a JC then).  I got married in my senior year and worked while he graduated and then did Navy OCS.  We had two children, Tige (actually Geo. L Tarleton IV but that's too much for a baby) now about to be 30 and Kristina 28.  Tige is married, no children and Kristina is "committed" also no children. They both live in Reno.  I noticed several references to Mrs. Lutz being wrong about the prospects of my fellow students.  I was lucky to have Mr. Kizer who said I could do anything if I ever decided I wanted to.  Unfortunately I did have a female Art teacher freshman year who told me I had no talent and couldn't draw anything. She gave me a horrible complex about drawing that lasted for years.  In spite of her I became a Theatre Design major after I decided it was more fun than Math.  During my marriage and afterwards (it was over in '75) I painted needlepoint canvases.  In 1975 I took a class at the local community college in So. Cal. in Stained Glass.  I knew I had found my medium and I was fortunate to have a professor from Cal Irvine who really pushed me to learn more.  In 1978 I moved back to Reno and in 1980 I opened my own business, Tapestry Glass. While the children were small I had a home studio, but in 1985 I opened a studio/gallery/retail space.  I moved the studio in Sept. 2000 to a new larger space.  I've been luck to build the business to include residential, commercial and even a few churches.  Besides traditional Stained Glass I work with fused glass and Sandblast Etching. Saturday I did my first paperweight at a glass blowing studio so I'm still learning.  I seem to be able to draw after all.

I've had little contact with anyone but Cathy Henigan over the years but I've enjoyed hearing about all of you from her.  Both times there has been a reunion, I've been unable to get there so I hope to hear about the next one with some time to plan.  Sonya visited a couple of times but it's been a few years.  In the late 80's I ran into Linda Hubbard at an Art Show in Sacramento.  We had a hysterical conversation before we made the connection.  Unfortunately I've lost track of her.  About 4 or 5 years ago I was reading the local newspaper and saw a picture of a bridal couple.  Without thinking of the time problem I thought to myself "BeBe Henderson got married."  I was right, it was her wedding picture published to celebrate her Silver Anniversary.  It said she was a teacher, so I called the school, and we later had a couple of lovely visits.  Last year Don (the love of my life) and I spent three days with Cathy and her husband Steve in Maryland.  I wish it had been longer!
On the flight out of National we flew over Lee.  I hardly recognized the area and I'm sure I'd get lost but it was nice to see it was still there.  I recently connected with Anne Hoffman by email and also Mary Civille. I hope we'll be able to touch base at least once a year. If anyone comes to Reno or Lake Tahoe, please call.  I'd love to hear from you.

  Tue Jun 25 11:45 2002 PDT 

1964   Dean Anderson
Email:  dean7horn(at)
City:  Wallingford
State:  PA

Telephone:  610-565-3954

Comments or Bio

 I Graduated from UVA in 1969 with a BSME, and was
Commissioned as a Naval officer at the same time.  Spent 4 years on nuclear submarine duty, mostly stationed in Pearl Harbor.  It was tough being in Hawaii, but we managed.

Left the Navy in 1973 and went to work for Scott Paper Co. (now Kimberly-Clark).  Presently still work for K-C in Chester, PA.

Now, the more important stuff-- In 1969, during semester break, I married Carolyn Canaday, a Groveton HS graduate.  We have been happily married ever since.  We have two great kids.  Becky, our oldest at 30 is married and expecting her first child, and of course our first grandchild.  She teaches 3rd grade and loves it.  Our son, Jeff is 27, single, and working for The Vanguard Group. 

Our primary fun diversion is travel.  We manage 1-2 good trips/year. I also play trumpet in a local community concert band, and am a novice golfer.

Tue Jun 25 11:45 2002 PDT

1964   Bob Miller
Email:  bluegrassbob(at)
Address:  8215  30th Avenue North

City:  St. Petersburg
State:  FL  33710

Telephone:  727-343-4436

Comments or Bio

Joined the US Navy with two friends (Rusty Bailes and Earl Kisler) in September after HS graduation. I attended many Navy schools as a Gun Fire Control Technician. Married my wife Linda just before getting out of the Navy. Went to work for IBM in 1968. Serviced mainframe computers for 17 years. I transferred to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1985. Assisted IBM customers with computer room planning and environmental for the remainder of my 33 1/2 years with IBM. Retired in April of 2002. I have a daughter, Natalie, who is a Junior in college. I have always loved music. I was in the HS band for 4 years. After HS I got into Bluegrass music and continue to play to this day. With a high stress job, music has helped to keep me sane over the years. I would really like to hear from Lee High school classmates.

Tue Jun 25 11:45 2002 PDT

1964   Jan Mohn
Maiden Name:  Janice McKnight

Email:  BowLady99(at)
Address:  4525 Gilbertson Road

City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22032

Telephone:  703-978-7065

Comments or Bio

After graduating from Lee in '64, I attending a business school in Washington, D.C.  Worked for the NASD and NASDAQ for 10 years.  Married John (Navy Lt.) in 1974, moved to Newport, RI, for 10 mos. for Destroyer School.  Transferred to San Diego, CA., where we lived for 9 years.  Daughter Carrington born in Long Beach (l982).  She's currently a senior at Auburn University in Alabama (MIS major).  Moved back to Virginia twenty years ago.  Second daughter, Chrisi, born in 1984.  She's a sophomore at James Madison University, hoping to get into the graphic design program.  John is retired from the Navy and is currently working for SRA, International, Inc.  I was a stay-at-home mom until the girls were in high school.  Am now working at a Fairfax County elementary school, responsible for all the student data for state reporting requirements, registrar, etc. Hobbies are floral design, gardening, decorating, and skiing.

Pat Wren (Patti Lambert '63) contacted me and gave me the address for this website.  This has truly been a walk down memory lane.  What fun!  Would love to hear from you.    

Sat Jun 14 17:45 2003 PDT

1964   Mike Switzer
Address:  806 Monique Court
City: Cedar Hill
State: Texas  75104
Telephone:  971-291-1837

Comments or Bio

Moved away at the start of my senior year, spent the next 2 years in the army, then the next 21 with the USAF. I Retired in 1985. 

Spent a few years crisscrossing the U.S. on my trusty Harley, made all 49 states and found the real America. 

Hope one or two of you remember me.

Mon  Oct 6  6:30 2003 PDT

1964   Sharon Reynolds
Address:  6067 Piney Woods Court
City: Alexandria
State: VA  22315 
Telephone:  703-922-6170

Comments or Bio

Happily retired from the IRS at the end of 2006. Now Live in Kingstowne right near Hayfield MS. My daughter, adopted from China in 1999 is now a 7th grader at that school.  My second career is substitute teaching. It helps me keep up with the costs for all of Mei Ling's extra-curricular activities and our two Maltese's, Misty and Topper's weekly grooming appointments.

Sun Feb 14 8:59 2010 PDT

1964   Cynthia (Cindy) Lewis
Maiden Name:  Cynthia (Cindy) Mawyer
Address:  1340 Broken Pine Road
City: Deltona
State: FL  32725 
Telephone:  386-860-1645

Comments or Bio

After graduation I worked for a while in Springfield and then   married Larry Lewis whom I met through Deanie Black.  When we married we moved to San Antonio, TX where I ran into Gloria Campbell, class of 65 and good friend of Adele Austin. She had moved there and married an old friend of Larry's.  A small world.  We have remained close all these years.

I have also remained close friends with Kitty Grove who lives not far from us in FL.  I have been talking to a few people via email on which has been so much fun.

From TX my husband went to Vietnam and I returned to VA with my new son and worked at Ft. Belvoir.  Happily, he returned and we settled in Reston, VA and our daughter was born.  We both retired 6 years ago from Govt positions.  He was the Technical Director for the Defense Communications Agency (he really is one of those who created the internet) and I retired as a Fiscal Analyst for the U. S. Geological Survey, Department of Interior.  

Both of our children, Ty and Stacy, graduated from South Lakes in Reston.  Our son is 38 and married with our two wonderful grandchildren and lives in Ashburn, VA.  He works for a company that puts conventions together and is a great soccer coach (an excellent player himself.  Our daughter who is 34 and single followed us to FL where she owns her own home and works for the State and Disney. We live near Orlando and the beach so I am very happy here.  Because of my husband's career with Defense and NATO we have been to many interesting places and I'd go back often now that we are retired.  He graduated from HH Arnold High School in Wiesbaden Germany and we have been to a few fun reunions with his class so I am looking forward to seeing some of my good friends again and hopefully attending a reunion in the near future.  I would love to hear from my high school friends.  Maybe you will be posting this Jackie - next time I am in Vegas I would love to see you now that I know you are there.

In April 2011 we lost our wonderful son, Ty Lewis, to colon cancer after a long 3 year courageous battle. If you Google his name (Ty - his full name is Ralph Tyndall Lewis but is widely known as Ty) you will see so many of his accomplishments.  We were all heartbroken by his loss but so proud of his accomplishments and affect he had on people he knew.  Over 500 people in the Washington, D.C. area attended his funeral.  His daughter, Samantha, is completing her Masters in Special Education at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA and his son, Christopher, started his freshman year at Radford University in Radford, VA.

We are all so proud of them and how they have handled their loss. 

My update here also includes my new email address and I hope to hear if there are any reunions or if anyone is in the Orlando area.  We often visit the NOVA area also to visit old friends, family and co-workers.  I love Facebook and the connection I have to so
many. Visit me on FB or email me.  Love to reconnect or just stay in touch!  Larry and I will celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary this April.  We still feel very young!


Wed  Nov 27 8:44 2013 PDT

1964   Barbara Mathes
Address:  4 Venado Court
City: Los Lunas
State: NM  87031-6000 

Comments or Bio

After graduation, I went on to secretarial school in Alexandria, then worked in downtown D.C. for a bank. My father was in the Air Force, so that is why I was in Springfield. In 1967 my family moved to Texas, where I lived for 28 years. I went on to Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas, and became a paralegal until my stroke in 1999. I worked a total of 34 years for attorneys who thought I should attend law school. I preferred helping attorneys. Now I am retired with some disabilities due to the stroke, but don't mind that at all! I love being retired! I have been married three times. The first marriage was for nine years with three kids, now 39, 34 and 31. The second marriage only lasted two years because he wouldn't accept my stroke. I am now married to a fantastic man who is definitely the father my children and grandchildren needed and that none of them ever had. Even during high school I was involved in volunteer projects of all types, which continued throughout my lifetime. I love volunteering for everything that comes down the pike! I feel like I owe it to people who can't help themselves. I have been very blessed in my lifetime and am willing to share that with others. We are both very active as CASA volunteers Court Appointed Special Advocates for foster children). I was a foster parent in Texas before moving to Albuquerque and loved it. Now we are fighting for kids' rights against their parents through the Courts. The Judges actually listen to what we have to tell them, which is most gratifying. We retired to New Mexico, about 20 miles south of Albuquerque and own a 5-bedroom, 3-bath house (yeah, we downsized after the kids all grew up. LOL) on an acre of land near the mountains. We love being away from the crowds and being out in the country. Albuquerque is near enough that we go there often to the VA for my husband, and to the bigger city's entertainment and food for both of us. My husband and I are attempting to adopt a teenage girl because we both miss having kids around. Our three kids are in Pennsylvania, California and Texas. We have five grandchildren with no more expected any time soon according to our kids. If any of you get down this way, contact us ... we have room for all of you! Yes, I'll stop this "book" now.

Thu  Dec 15  12:20 2005 PDT

1964   George B. White
2030 Edgewater Drive
City: Charlotte
State: NC  28210 
Telephone:  704-554-6207

Comments or Bio

Married, 1967 to Jolene Barlow of Fredericksburg, Va. Graduated VA. Tech, 1969 BSCE; US Army 69 to 77, Vietnam, 1972; VA PE Lic. 1977. Engineer & Estimator Construction Industry 1977 to present. 4 children; 4 grandsons

Sat Jan 12  18:11 2008 PDT

1964   M. Pamela Parker
Maiden Name: Pam Thomas
20910-5 Via Oleander
City: Boca Raton
State: FL  33428 
Telephone:  561-482-5046

Sun  Apr 20  9:07 2008 PDT

1964   Anne (Kitty) McKenzie
Maiden Name: Kitty Grove
57 Sleepy Hollow Trail
City: Palm Coast
State: FL  32164 

Comments or Bio

Married, Divorced, one child, retired and enjoying Florida life style.

Fri Apr 25  14:20 2008 PDT

1964   Rick Boyd
7830 Woodridge Drive
City: Gainsville
State: VA  20155-1941
Telephone:  703-754-8549 

Comments or Bio

Married 29 yrs , 2 children Steve 26 JMU grad ,Caroline 24 JMU grad VA Tech vet school , retired 19 yrs Eastern AL then building remodeling business

Fri  Jun 13  6:43 2008 PDT

1964   James Polley
City: Stafford
State: Virginia

Comments or Bio

After Lee went to VMI and then into the Infantry for 6 years. Went to law school and became a JAG; retired as a Colonel in the Army in 1992; became lobbyist for all the district attorneys in the US for 14 years; had just started new career working on trying the 9/11 terrorists in Cuba.

Thu   Jul 31  9:12 2008 PDT

1964   Cindy Logan
Maiden Name:  Cindy Peters
Address: N34W23813 Grace Avenue, Unit C
State: WI  53072-5753
Telephone:  414-333-4896

Comments or Bio

Thu   Jul 31  9:12 2008 PDT

1964  Jane Phillips
Maiden Name:  Jane McCullough
Address: 302 Chestnut Street
St Matthews
State: SC  29135
Telephone:  803-874-4036

Comments or Bio

Married since 1966 to Jim Phillips who I met when I was attending Mary Washington College and he was attending the Naval Academy. We have two wonderful children, Phil who works for Coca Cola and lives in Overland Park Kansas with his wife and our two granddaughters and Heather who works for Philips-Respironics and lives in Atlanta Georgia. I graduated from Lander College in South Carolina and have my MEd from Clemson University. I have been an addictions/mental health counselor for almost 30 years and can't conceive of retiring yet despite it being almost 2010.

Thu   Aug  12 10:55 2010 PDT 

1964  Bruce LaRose
Address: 8155 E. Estes Lane
State: AZ  85710
Telephone:  970-988-3423

Comments or Bio

I was about 12 when I graduated from Lee, scarred to death of girls; loved sports but to small to play any of them. Have good memories of Mike Ostinato, Bob Miller, Mike Hussey, Sharon Horton, the Cyr sisters, Jackie Montague, Wayne Perkins, Jon Birdsall, Jon Padgett, Pam Thomas (had a crush on her in grade school), "Cookie" Bryant, Gardner Courson, Jimmy Dorman "Tex" Rabinowitz (sp, Mike Hommel, Lynn Mathews, Chip Atkinson, Larry Dunn, Bob Wills, Bobby Allen, Ellen Young and many more. 

Think I thought Miss Russel was cute! Spent a couple of years as a CIA courier in Europe, did a year in Vietnam; several years as a Purchasing Agent/Buyer in the public and private sector; then managed my wife Ann's bronze sculpture business for the pass 31 years. Ann has a few life-size pieces in the D.C. area. Hope a 50th 1964 reunion is in the works! Best to All!!!!!!!!! 

Mon  Mar 19  15:44 2012 PDT

1964  Gloria LaRoche
Maiden Name:  Gloria Murr
City: Naples 
State: Florida

Comments or Bio

I went to Lee High from the 8th through the 10th grade. My parents were transferred to Atlanta while I was at Lee and I was REALLY mad that I couldn't graduate with my friends!!

It's been great reading the alumni page.......I was so sorry to hear of Ronnie Dunn's death.

I saw lots of people I haven't heard from or seen in years.

I'm in touch with Louise Long Lynch, Patti Barnes, Joyce Carter......Rebecca Brumbaugh. Donna Webb even though she didn't graduate from Lee either.

I so remember Rocky Carlan's death. Didn't that happen the weekend of the Prom??! I still cannot believe it I did come back and went to the prom with Larry, Joyce, Patty, Scott and Tom Cushman.

I had been close to Sharon and Steve Matthews when they were killed.

I was supposed to spend the night with them that night but my grandmother was visiting and my Mom wouldn't let me!

I have moved around a lot after leaving Springfield. (It's so strange to see people talking about those streets now.) I lived on Backlick Rd.

Ah the memories of Bricks and Hot Shopps.....

Anyway.......It's been a nice trip down memory lane.

I guess I don't qualify as a graduate but in my heart I do.

If anybody wants to contact me..........I am on facebook.

I am a realtor in Southwest Florida living in the Naples vicinity.

Moved over here from the east coast of Florida after living there for

36 years or I'm a "Floridiot"

My home # is 239 494-8484.

I am divorced and have been for 19 years.

Am a Mom of two .....have a son in Maui and a daughter who is now in Pensacola.


Thu   Aug  12 10:53    2010 PDT 

1964  Jan Hope
Address: 1406 Finsbury Lane

City:  Tega Cay
State:  SC  27908

Comments or Bio:

To all my classmates, I wish you all a happy 50th anniversary celebration of our graduation from our wonderful alma mater, the place where we grew up, Lee High School! 

I have been mostly retired for a couple of years, still doing some part-time consulting work on shipbuilding programs for my friends in DC, but mostly enjoying being near our daughter, her husband, and three wonderful granddaughters, who live in Charlotte, NC.  Grandchildren are the best, and at age 7, 5, and 2, something good is always happening!  Our son also lives nearby in Columbia, SC, and he is contemplating moving to Myrtle Beach. 

Wendy is an artist, and is enjoying painting water colors and teaching art, we’re also enjoying our cabin cruiser on Lake Wylie, and playing croquet on our world class, professional style croquet court right here in Tega Cay.  We’re both members of the Catawba Sail and Power Squadron and serve on the board of directors, and we’ve been taking some of the boating education courses on seamanship and nautical piloting. 

My Mom and Dad built a house in Dad’s old hometown in Hemlock, Ohio, between Athens and Zanesville, when he retired about 25 years ago, and after “commuting” back and forth for many years, they moved to Ohio full time and sold the old homestead on Cabin John Road in Springfield.  Mom passed away five years ago, and Dad is still going strong at 89, mowing his lawn, going to the gym three times a week, and wearing me out just hearing about it all on the phone. 

We’ll be going to visit Dad over 4th of July and will have a reunion of all the brothers, me, Roger ’67, Jeff ’73 or ’74, and Chris ’81 I think, anyway, all Lee! 

Wendy is originally from England, and we’ll be traveling to France and England in August and September for a niece’s wedding, following up another niece’s wedding last summer, now we’re fresh out of nieces, so we’ll have to think of another reason to travel to England!  Next summer we’re thinking about a big driving trip out west to visit national parks.  We visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone a few years ago, and it was spectacular, our home is now graced by several paintings that Wendy made of our trip.  And don’t even ask about the time Wendy asked a fearsome “biker chick” to take our photo next to the Yellowstone sign and then started criticizing her camera aim.  I was hoping for a buffalo stampede, or something equally less dangerous than an annoyed biker, to extricate us from that situation! 

And so, many congratulations to all of us for reaching the 50 year milestone!!  If anyone is ever in the Charlotte, NC area anytime, let us know and we’ll have a mini-reunion!  

Mon  Jun 23 12:14  2014 PDT

1964  Ron Gabaldon
Email:  ron_gab(at)

City:  Lynchburg
State:  Virginia
Telephone:  804-615-1245

Comments or Bio:

We just closed out 2014 and 50 years of life after Lee. Rod Stewart turned 70 today and Joe Cocker died in Dec. So much for nostalgia and milestones.

I hope this finds the class of '64 well. Life after Lee included time on a destroyer in the Mid-East and Havana Harbor, marriage, and an MBA. I managed financial planning for the commercial nuclear ops of Babcock & Wilcox until the late 80s. After we sold that business to the French I ventured into business plan consulting and small time private equity deals. I'm 90% retired but still have 2 partnerships that I'm involved in.

My wife, Linda, taught elementary school for 30 yrs. We do our fair share of traveling including ritual trips to Hilton Head and the Amalfi Coast. I do love the "Path of the Gods" and Italian-Med seafood. Our primary focus is our son and his family. Our two grandkids, ages 14 and 12 are heavily into lacrosse. We really enjoy them. Our son was Chief Sales and Marketing officer for Ritz Carlton and is now  Senior VP, one 4 area managers and
 responsible for approx one fourth of Ritz Carlton hotels.

We live in South Central VA and they live in Ashburn VA about 3-4 hours away so we get to see them regularly. We are fortunate that our son and our wonderful daughter-in-law both want and value our
being part of the grandkids' lives. I haven't kept up with the class or even been by to see LHS but would enjoy hearing from you.

Best wishes and good health to all.

Sat  Jan 10      16:08  2015 PDT

1965 - Bill Singleton
4724 Ellicott St NW
Washington , DC 20016-4010 USA
202 244 0213
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1965

Sat Jul 25 11:24:17 1998 PDT

1965 - Patricia L. (Wells) Cooney
8355 Forrester Blvd.
Springfield, Virginia 22152 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1965

Wed Jul 22 00:21:07 1998 PDT

1965  Steve Childress
11721 Saddle Crescent Circle
City:  Oakton
State:  VA  22124
Class: 1965
Telephone:  (703) 981-3277

Comments or Bio: 

After Lee, I attended VA Tech from ’65 to ’69 and served in US Army Reserves from ’69-‘83 while working full time as a Realtor in Northern Virginia since 1970, and am a Lifetime Member of NVAR's Top Producers Club. I've also been named to Long & Foster's Hall of Fame Chairman's Club, and a Realtor Emeritus....Call me (703) 425-9494 for "experience with innovation" for all your real estate needs.
God has blessed me with 2 married daughters and 3 wonderful grandchildren. I live w/ my wife, Dhana,  in Oakton, VA, and keep active with  yard work, walks in the parks, and civil war battlefields! I am an avid Redskins, Hokies, and Nats fan, and enjoy traveling to visit family. I also love boating and the beaches. My favorite interests are witnessing for His glory, American history, net surfing, and model railroading.
I am also active on the LAFA committees to plan and participate on the Reunions and Events for our Alumni Association…….We are currently planning for the Class of '65's 50th Anniversary Reunion........please let me know if you’d like to join one of the committees, and bookmark the LAFA website:

Sun  Feb 15  11:08 2015 PDT

1965  Chris Call
Email:  chris(at)
Address: 7938 Forest Path Way

City:  Springfield
State:  VA 
Class: 1965
Comments or Bio:

I have continued to live in the Northern Virginia area since leaving Lee way back in 1965.  Professionally, I am a real estate appraiser and broker (please visit my company's website ).  My real joy in life is my family which includes my wife Callie and five children (including two sets of twins) and five grandchildren.  My youngest are nine years old and my oldest are 31 years old.  I have been extremely blessed in life with the single most meaningful event being born again in October, 1982 at a luncheon with Sen. Bill Armstrong as the speaker.  Having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ provides my life with real meaning and purpose.  Thanks for allowing me to share these comments and thoughts.

Mon Aug 24 15:45 1998 PDT

1965 - Lisa Turk
Maiden Name : Velenage
Email :
Address : 1304 Darlington Drive
City : Winchester
State : VA
: (540) 662-8292

Comments or Bio :

After graduation attended a junior college in Beckley, WV for one year and then transferred to Old Dominion. Married Brent Schroeder (class of '65) and divorced 11 years later. Have remarried and now living in Winchester, VA. I am working full time in Middleburg as a "Lifestyle Manager" which means I do a bunch of things for my boss, who is based in FL, and I have to admit, I love my job. My husband Richard is retired but works part time and is most often found on the golf course. We have no children but have had cats, dogs and horses. Currently we have one yellow Lab and two horses. My childhood love was horses so after my divorce I started riding again and been doing so ever since. Recently a lady moved her two horses into the barn where I board and it turned out to be Pat McCloskey from our class too. What a small world. You can find me on Facebook (Lisa Velenage Turk) and would really enjoy hearing from old classmates.

Fri   Apr 9  7:27 2010 PDT

1965   Joe Clark
Email : mcjbclark(at)
Address : 7444 Quincy Hall Ct
City : Springfield
State : VA
Class : 1965
: (703) 644-5492

Comments or Bio :

Teaching in Fairfax County and looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Sun Sep 20 13:15 1998 PDT

1965   Donna Fitz Livingston
Maiden Name: Donna Fitz

Email : DLiving999(at)
Address : 9236 Foxboro Drive
City : Brentwood
State : TN  37027
Class : 1965
: (615) 373-1105

Comments or Bio :

After graduation from Lee H.S,. I worked the summer at the Pentagon and my family moved to Tennessee where I attended the University of Tennessee for 2 years (Yea, GO VOLS!).  During that time I met David Livingston (an older man of 22) and a pharmacist and left school to get married.

I worked at an insurance company in Nashville, attending night school to get my 3rd year of UT but then quit when our son Chance Livingston was born.  I have been happily married for 31 years and Chance is now 22 and a student at the University of Tennessee studying Engineering/Business.  He is a joy!

I now work part time at our church and am happy as a clam!!  We live in beautiful Brentwood, TN, home of Country Music stars and lots of colorful people that couldn't be nicer.

Thu Oct 1 15:45 1998 PDT

1965   Bob Lindfelt
Address : 3636 Wilcox Street
City : San Diego
State : CA 92106

Telephone : (619) 222-6068

Comments or Bio :

After graduating from East Carolina U. in 1969 where I played basketball, I became a Marine Corps officer  (Trained with Bill Singleton). After getting out of the service, I worked for IBM for 9 years and then worked  in the field of the Christian ministry. Next year will be my 40 wedding ann. to Jeanie. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter, whom are all married. I have 4 grandsons.

Wed 22 5:38 2014 PDT

1965   John N. Kepple(Jack)
E-Mail : Jkepple(at)
Address : 6713 Cub Run Court
City : Centreville
State : VA  20121
Class : 1965
Telephone : (703) 502-8633

Comments or Bio :

I really never left the area.  I completed and Associates Degree from Northern Virginia Community College in 1968 in Civil Engineering Technology.  Served in the army from 1969-71.  Married and divorced twice, but have a handsome son, Steve, from the second marriage, currently living in this area with his beautiful wife, Kristi and son Tristan.

I transitioned from the Engineering field to the Computer field in 1981.  Worked for Honeywell for several years and I am currently working with EDS.  With my current employment, I have been to many parts of the world and travel all over the United States.

I take special interest in my new grandson, Tristan and have and have a close established relationship with my son and his family.

Mon Oct 12 7:45 1998 PDT

1965   Donald L. Newby
E-Mail :
Address : 2464 SW 150th Street
City : Burien
State : WA  98166
Class : 1965
Telephone : (206) 431-5991

Comments or Bio:

Biography of Don Newby

Don Newby has been a International Sales and Business Development executive for the past 20 years and has a broad background in High Technology New Business Development, Marketing, Strategic Planning and Sales Organizational Development.

Don’s introduction to the world of high-technology began when he joined Control Data Corporation and worked on a number of classified, government projects that included assignments at the Institute of Defense Analysis, Center for Naval Analysis, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the National Military Command Center Pentagon, Washington D.C. He was then promoted and transferred to the Kwajalein Missile Range in the Marshall Islands as Engineer-in-Charge of the large-scale real-time computer system. The Kwajalein Atoll, the largest in the world, is the primary test area for the United States strategic and tactical missile systems. In the years that followed, Don pursued a progressive career that included assignments with such technology notables as Sperry Univac now UNISYS (Branch Manager) and Megatek Corporation (District Manager) a division of SPRINT.

With a proven entrepreneurial flair, Don’s chosen path took him into the business side of high technology. He was Business Development and Program Manager on several multi-million dollar Aerospace/Defense contracts including the Space Defense Operation Center (NORAD Headquarters) Colorado Springs, CO. He was responsible for the implementation of high performance 3-D graphic workstations and software that identified, tracked and cataloged objects in space. Other computer technology projects he developed and managed include the Northwest’s first electronic funds transfer network The EXCHANGE and Portland, Oregon’s 9-1-1 emergency dispatch system. Don’s professional career includes District Manager with Consilium, Inc. a leading supplier of factory and plant floor management information systems for the semiconductor and aerospace industries, and an investor/principle in a start-up electronics instruments and computer peripheral distribution business where he created the first ARINC 429 portable digital test instrument for the Boeing 757/767 airplane program. The innovative instrument became a multi-million dollar product. Don is currently International Sales and Business Development Manager with a software firm in Washington.

Don’s community service includes two terms of elected office as a City of Burien Council member. During this time he served as Deputy Mayor, Chair of the Public Safety and Information Technology Committees and on Regional Commissions at the appointment of the Council.

Don’s wife Mary K. Newby is a 30 year elementary school teacher in the Highline School District. She has served two terms as Vice President of the Highline Educational Association and multiple other professional educational groups. Their son Brent graduated from the University of Washington. Their daughter Alyssa graduated from Highline Community College completing the International Study Program in Florence, Italy and is currently attending the School of Education at Central Washington University.

Mon Jun 20 12:45 2005 PDT

1965   Sherry Farber
Maiden Name: Sherry Smith

Email : macrjobn(at)

Sat  Jan 28 7:45 2006 PDT

1965   Ray Sirianne
Email rsirianne(at)
Address :   28 S. Olympia Lane
City :   Evergreen

State :    CO  80439
Class : 1965
: (303) 670-3405

Comments or Bio :

I graduated from VA Tech in '69 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Went to work for the Navy during the Vietnam era in rocket propulsion R&D. In '74, moved to Boulder CO to do my Masters in Mechanical Engineering at CU, then began a career in medical product development, with a 9-year sabbatical in technical sales with Hewlett Packard. It's been 14 years since I returned to the world of R&D. I have a 20 year-old son, Mark, and a wife of 28 years named Susan, a United Airlines Flight Attendant.

I cycle a couple thousand miles a year around Colorado to stay fit, and after 27 years of downhill skiing I've hung up my skis because of the crowded conditions in our mountain resorts. I miss the moguls, but I don't miss the traffic jams on the Interstate, the crowded ski runs, or the high cost of lift tickets. Because of we have 300 sun days a year here, I can actually cycle in the wintertime, so it's easy to be fit throughout the year.

Tue Jul 1 5:55 2003 PDT

1965   Joy Hardage
Maiden Name:  Joy Quicke
Email JoyofGym(at)
Address :   17 Rocky Crest Court
City :   Little Rock

State :    AR  72211
Class : 1965
Comments or Bio :

Widowed 1990, married 24 years, two grown children, son Chris, daughter Amy, both live in Dallas, one grandson, Colin.  I am a legal assistant and have worked at my profession for 20 years.  I am enjoying the single life and have learned that life is too short to take things too seriously.  My goal is to enjoy my friends, family and life in general.  I'd say I am pretty much the same girl who was known for her good sense of humor and friendly nature, and I can still dance up a storm.  Remember the glass is always half full.

Thu Aug 26 14:15 1999 PDT

1965   Stan House
Email schouse(at)
Address :  4518 Zola Drive
City :   Evans

State :    GA  30809
Telephone:   H: 706 860-6191

Sun  Jun 10 8:25 2007 PDT

1965   Carla Jo Dakin     Died September 8, 2006

1965   Mike Murphy
Email mimurph(at)
Address : 170 Inwood Trail
City :   Madison

State :    AL  35758
Telephone:  256-772-5825

Comments or Bio :

I'm still with NASA at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL. The job is with the Space Shuttle Project Office responsible for induced environments on the Solid Rocket Booster/Motors. A true "rocket scientist". I retired from United Technologies in 2000 as manager of analytical engineering, mostly as it applies to launch vehicles. Libby and I have been married for 37 years, have 3 girls, ages 33, 32, and 22, all married, and have given us 3 grandkids. Previous marriage to Patty Ruppert resulted in a daughter and 18 year-old grandson.

Tue  Sep 2  14:55 2008 PDT

1965     Gary Parsons
Address :  949 West Deodar Avenue
City :   Oxnard

State :    California  93030
Class : 1965

Telephone:  213-219-8918

Comments or Bio :

Left Springfield for University of Maryland from 1965-1969. Did
my service in the Navy at Pensacola, and and flew C-130's out of NAS Pax River Maryland and RAF Mildenhall England.

Got out of the Navy and moved Ventura, California which is 60 miles north of Los Angeles on the coast. I have my own business as a general contractor. Presently and for the past 5 years I've been building studios and sound stages for the movie industry.

I am married to a schoolteacher with a 14 year old girl
and 13 year old boy. I'm still active in sports and compete
in Triathlons. I gave up the bodyweight and shot/discus 1975. I'm living by the beach in Calif with terrific weather but terrible traffic. Miss the class of 1965.

Thu May 24 3:35 2001 PDT

1965     Catherine Calvert
Email catherine(at)
City :   London

State :    UK
Class : 1965

Comments or Bio :

Went to William and Mary; won a Mademoiselle magazine Guest Editorship. Moved to New York, and, after getting an MS from Northwestern, stayed in magazine work, from Mademoiselle to Town and Country, to Victoria on staff, with much freelancing. Married a Brit, Alasdair Findlay-Shirras, and had three children, continued to work until husband's job moved us to Munich, Germany, then London, where I still freelance, for anyone from Oprah to the New York Times.

Sun May 27 18:35 2001 PDT

1965     Sandra O'Ferrell
Maiden Name:  Sandra Rose
Email 1sandrak(at)
Address :  6010 Waterbury Court
City :   Springfield

State :    VA  22152
Class : 1965

Telephone:  703-451-7704

Comments or Bio :

Graduated in June and married my current husband 2 weeks later and have one son 35 - have worked at the Pentagon since 1977 - survived the plane attack - work as a Supervisory Joint Matters Assistant - will retire in 3 years and 6 months and can't wait.  Worked for the Army at Fort Belvoir for two years and left so I can move ahead.  Love to read, do needlework, and help out with church activities.  Plan after retirement is to move to Wyoming and just enjoy the easy life.  Life just gets better with the years and love to cook and may open a small bakery after I retire.  All of those home eck classes paid off.  Have lived in the West Springfield area since graduation.   My brother Dennis who graduated with me lives in Georgia.

Sat Oct 6 5:45 2001 PDT

1965     J. Patrick (Pat) Ford  DDS
Address :  
13508 68th Ave West
City :   Edmonds

State :    WA  98026
Class : 1965

Comments or Bio :

I hope some of you remember me.  I'll never forget my experiences  at Robert E. Lee.  My family was dispatched to Hawaii after my junior year because of the Vietnam War.  I subsequently became a surfer, and I graduated from Punahou High School.  I then attended the University of Washington, and earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1972.  I married in 1970, moved to Edmonds, Washington, and my wife of 32 years, and I raised three boys.  I continue to practice dentistry, and enjoy tournament handball, sailing, and guitar playing.

Tue Jan 15 19:05 2002 PDT

1965     Howard Dyson
Email howard746(at)
Address :  1459 Serene Road
City :  
State :    CA  92057
Telephone: (760)758-5626

Comments or Bio :

When I attended Lee I first lived on Essex Avenue.
During my Junior and Senior year at Lee I lived in West Springfield
and worked at the gold and country club, which is still there.

During the summer after graduation I continued to work at
W. Springfield Golf Club. I liked the $ so much my mom had to push me to go to college. Went to U of Baltimore for 2yrs, but disliked the city school atmosphere in downtown Baltimore. Transferred to the "Sweetheart Campus of the South", Georgia Southern in
Statesboro, GA. Loved it there. Got married for the first time and
graduated in '69. Draft Bd disallowed my deferment for an advanced
degree so I enlisted in the Army so I could choose my MOS. Went to Ft
Jackson in '70 for basic and AIT then to Vietnam in '71 and returned
in '72 to live and work in Richmond, VA. A job change in '78 required
a move to Burke, VA near my parents, where I met Deb Sisco, working
at Ft Belvoir. We got married at the old church in Pohick, just south
of Springfield. Moved for work again to Lehigh Valley, PA in '83. The
harsh weather made me move again to CA, which is where my wife Deb
and I still reside. 

We have three grown daughters and five grandchildren, most of which
live near us in CA. My parents Eugene and Hazel Dyson still live in
the Signal Hill area of Burke, VA. My mom has Alzheimer's, and I've
been trying to get them to move into Green Springs in Springfield,
but unsuccessful so far.

Deb and I both are career Government employees and work for the
Immigration Service. I'm a Supervisor and Deb is a Congressional
Liaison Specialist. My work at INS is very rewarding and requires me to travel to our HQ in Wash DC several times a year, but never enough
time to relax and enjoy my visits with my parents or look up old
friends. I'm hopeful to renew and update old friendships or maybe
make new ones by adding this bio.  

Tue Nov 12 6:05 2002 PDT

1965     Bill Baum
Email bbaum(at)
Address :  793 Stephanie Circle
City :   Great Falls

State :    VA  22066
Telephone: (703) 205-1520

Wed Apr 2 12:25 2003 PDT

1965     Margaret Ann Farrow
Email mafarrow(at)
:  5604 Rosedale Way
City :   Sacramento

State :    CA  95822-2431
Telephone: 916-217-6543

Comments or Bio:

I left Virginia for the University of Maryland, worked in D.C. for a while and then left for Berkeley in 1972. I have married and divorced and have two sons. I live in Sacramento, California and am winding down a career as an administrative lawyer with the State of California. I haven't been back to Virginia in years, but would be interested in coming to a reunion, if someone will let me know when it is happening. In the meantime, if anyone is coming my way, let me know. I'd love to see you and talk about old times.

Tue  May 12  12:45 2015 PDT

1965     Bill Lundin
Address :  
2 Mattina Drive
City :   Newport Coast

State :    CA  92657
Telephone:  949 376-8875

Comments or Bio :

A.B. The University of Michigan, 1969 -
 Married Janis Saxon, Sophomore at Lee 1963 -
 Two sons, William and Thomas -
 U.S. Navy 1970-1974, Surface Warfare Officer -
 M. Arch. North Carolina `State 1977 -
 Registered Architect California and Maryland -
 Commander, USNR Retired 1994 -
 Grandson, Alexander 2002 -
 Currently Vice President, DMJM

Thu Sept 11 19:50 2003 PDT

1965     Gene Gregory
Address :  
10617 Burbank Drive
City :   Potomac

State :    MD  20854
Telephone:  301-299-0303

Sat Sept 13 16:45 2003 PDT

1965     Rita Wood
Maiden Name:  Rita Pechin

Address :  
139 Land'Or Drive
City :   Ruther Glen

State :    VA  22546
Telephone:  804-448-5453
Comments or Bio :

Since leaving Lee High, I have worked for the Federal Government in the Pentagon, IBM Manassas, part-time jobs while the children were growing up, and am now employed by Food Lion (15 yrs) as a HBA clerk.  I was married the first time for 25 yrs and had 3 children; 2 girls and 1 boy, who have given me (so far) 4 grandchildren.  They are the blessings of life.  I still work a 40-hour week and actually enjoy my job.  Keeps me active.  I am remarried and will celebrate my 9th anniv. soon.  We met at Food Lion and have been very happy.  He too is God's blessing.  I lived in Fredericksburg, VA for 23 years and moved to Ladysmith, Ruther Glen area near the lake about 3 1/2 yrs ago.  Would love to hear from some "ole" classmates to reminisce.

Sun  Nov 23 6:55 2003 PDT

1965     Jack W. Baumgardner
Address :  
2618 Fawnlake Trail
City :   Orlando

State :    FL  32828-7842
Telephone:  407-380-2318

Comments or Bio :

Married Susan Campbell, Annandale High School Class of '68 in 1970. Have two sons and one daughter - they all turned out great. U. S. Air Force/D.C. Air National Guard from 1968-78. B.S. degree from Univ. of MD in 1978. M.S. Degree in Engineering Management from George Washington Univ. in 1995. Have worked as a civilian for the U.S. Navy since 1974. Presently the Branch Manager for the Special Systems Engineering Branch at the Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division, Orlando, FL. After a four year wait, a patent that the U.S. Navy filed for a Tornadic Disturbance Detection System is being approved with Brad Cope and myself listed as the inventors. I lived in Northern Virginia most of the time after graduating from Lee High School until 1995 when I got a transfer to Orlando, FL. My wife and I have traveled quite a bit and gone on 8 cruises. There is a lot to do in Florida.

Mon  Apr 5 5:45 2004 PDT

1965     Robert Wefel

Comments or Bio :

I live in Tampa, Fl, married Deanna Dahl, class of 65. Still married, two children. cell number 813-505-2330

Sun  Mar 6 11:58 2005 PDT

1965     Bob Nash
1154 Southview Drive
City :   Annapolis

State :    MD  21409
Telephone:  410-757-0152

Comments or Bio :

I attended Lee HS as a freshman in 1961/1962. Moved to Atlanta, GA as sophomore and then to Bethesda, MD as junior/senior at BCC. Best regards, Bob (Bobby) Nash

Tue Jun 3  8:07 2008 PDT

1965     Louise Wood
Maiden Name:  Louise Foster

Email srawood(at)
:  5451 Trevino Drive
City :   Haymarket

State :    VA  20169
Telephone:  703-743-9509

Comments or Bio :

After graduating from Lee, I went to Meredith College (NC), majoring in Spanish. Later I studied for my MA at Middlebury College (VT) and lived in Spain for several years. When I returned to Northern Virginia, I began teaching Spanish in Fairfax County. I married another Fairfax County teacher in 1976. Tom and I have two sons, 26 yrs and 24 yrs. old. After 30+ yrs teaching in the county, I retired in 2006. Since then, I've enjoyed traveling and gardening!! I would love to hear from any of the "old" group!

Sun  Aug 5 6:53 2018 PDT

1965     Gail T. Robison
Maiden Name:  Gail A. Tull

Email dimples4143(at)
915 Royal Oaks Drive
City :   Lewisville

State :    TX  75067
Telephone:  972-315-2833

Comments or Bio :

Currently single and living in the north Dallas, Texas area. Getting ready to retire after 27 years with the Internal Revenue Service preceded by 12 years as a poultry farmer on the Eastern Shore of Delaware. Mother of 4 grown children, 14 grand children and 8 great-grand children with another due Sept. 2008. Soon to be looking for my retirement haven.

Sun  Jun 15 4:46 2008 PDT

1965     Stephanie Fox
Email business(at)
2856 Gray Road SE
City :   Smyrna

State :    GA  30082
Telephone:  770-436-0910

Comments or Bio :

Been in Atlanta, GA area since 1973. I'm a Nurse Practitioner & work @ Grady Memorial Hosp.

Thu  Jun 19  9:16 2008 PDT

1965     Wayland (Lee) Krick
Email krick1(at)
208 Big Gap Road
City :   Williamsburg

State :    VA  23188
Telephone:  757-345-0253

Comments or Bio :

After Lee HS, attended University of Dayton and University of Maryland, graduated in 1970 (UMD) with degree in PHY Ed, and ROTC scholarship got me commissioned in US Air Force. After many years about thinking about leaving the Air Force and going into the sports arena, I made commitment for a 20 year career in the Air Force. Retired from Usaf in 1993; since, have worked as a private club manager and for past 11 years at Kingsmill Resort. Claudia Cicero and I married in 1968, and we celebrate 40 years this August. We have two beautiful girls, Allyson Dana (37) and Bethany Suzanne (34), plus two grandchildren, Lilly Claudia and Samuel Lynch 111.

We keep in contact with a few members of the class of 65 and 66, but would love to hear from some of our other classmates via email ( Sure wish we could be at the 50th reunion of Lee, but other commitments preclude this. Cheers to all, and let us hear from you.

Thu  Jul 31  11:07 2008 PDT

1965     Deanna Dahl-Wefel
Maiden Name:  Deanna Dahl

Email dwefel(at)
:  Tampa

State :    Florida

Comments or Bio :

Hello Lancers! After graduation I worked for the Army Surgeon's General Office in DC, took evening classes at NOVA, and a few years later married Bob Wefel, also a '65 Lee graduate. Bob attended college and worked but eventually entered the military. His assignments took us to schools in Texas and Maryland. Bob also served in Vietnam. We have two grown children and have lived in Florida since 1980 but still visit the Springfield area from time to time since we still have relatives there.

I worked several years for Salomon Brothers, an investment banking firm. I trained at the World Trade Center in the New York office and specialized in equities (stocks). I worked with the seven U.S. domestic trading floors including the AX and NYSE. Eventually Salomon merged with Smith Barney and they already had their back office operations so it was a transition for me but a new opportunity. I now work in Operations for one of the most successful casinos, the Seminole Hard Rock.

Besides work, I am a 15-year cancer survivor, published my story, performed in theater, and often am a motivational speaker to corporations and organizations. This year, Bob and I celebrate 40 years of marriage and look forward to becoming grandparents next year. Remember, live your life fully and completely everyday!

Sun  Nov 30 9:16 2008 PDT

1965     Mike Kanouse
Email njkanouse(at)
18110 Cloverleaf Drive North
City :   South Bend

State :    IN  46637
Telephone:  574-272-5530

Comments or Bio :

After Robert E. Lee, I graduated from Penn State in 1969. I met my wife Norma there and married her our Senior year. We've been married for 40 years. We have two sons, living also in South Bend and one of them provided us with two beautiful grand daughters, ages 3 and 6. I am retired and we travel as much as my wife's teaching calendar will allow. We took a 10 day Baltic cruise this past summer. Lee Lancers Onward!!

Tue  Jan 13  14:34 2009 PDT

1965     Ronnie Frost
Email Ronald.Frost(at)
:  4501 Ford Avenue
City :   Alexandria
State :    VA  22191
Telephone:  703-501-0917

Comments or Bio :

Since leaving lee in 1965 I attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk Va. Uncle Sam invited me to join the Army in 1978 so I had a break from college to see other parts of the world. I finally graduated from ODU in 1971. I then taught high school in Suffolk Va. I seemed to stay broke and finally got into the IT world. I am now the senior V.P. of Canon/OCE USA. I am married and love to spend time at our beach house on the Outer banks of N.C. Do frequently see Old Lee fellow class mates. 1964-66 were quite the years at Lee . Great memories. Bricks, Hot Shoppes, Tops. Bring back memories.???

Wed  Mar 31  16:02 2010 PDT

1965     Dennis Lucas
Email dluke1946(at)
:  10801 Brass Kettle Road
City :   Raleigh
State :    NC  27614
Telephone:  919-846-9656

Thu  Aug 12  10:16 2010 PDT

1965     Steve Northrup
:  3407 Flint Hill Place
City :   Woodbridge
State :    VA  22192
Telephone:  703-967-3347

Thu  Aug 12  10:22 2010 PDT

1965     Bob Young
Email wareagle6rmy(at)

:  ABMC Florence Consulate
                 Unit 5670,  Box
                 DPO AE 09624  USA



Comments or Bio :

Graduated in 69 from TCU, served in the Army and retired, worked for Industry, then the Government, now working in Industry again, living in Florence, Italy 

Tue  Jan 10  15:09 2012 PDT

1965     Andy Litsas
Email andylit39(at)
:  49 Spruce Pine Drive
City :   Candler
State :    NC  28715
Telephone:  828-665-1799

Wed  Mar 7  6:52 2012 PDT

1965  Janet Shapiro
Maiden Name:  Janet Schaeffer

Email shapiro(at)
:  12850 Hunting Bear
City :   San Antonio

State :    TX  78249
Telephone: 210-691-0412

Comments or Bio :

I attended the Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing in D.C. Upon graduation, I served on active duty in the Army Nurse Corps for 4 years. Was stationed in Korea, Ethiopia and Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio.

Married my husband and went to Germany. We have been married 39 years. He worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for 14 years, which moved us from Wisconsin to Connecticut to Texas to California. I worked as a RN in many areas of nursing and served in the Army Reserves.

We have retired in San Antonio. Have a son and a daughter and the cutest 3y/o grandson ever! Veteran's weekend 2013 I went to D.C. for my 44th nursing school reunion.

Fri  Nov 14 13:13 2013 PDT

1965     Glen Davis
:  616 Progress Street
City :   Blacksburg
State :    VA  24060
Telephone:  540-552-7377

Comments or Bio :

BSCE / MSME VA Tech Married since 1990. No children. Worked for Hercules in the manufacture of high-energy propellants and explosives. Mostly investigation & repair after "incidents". Worked for Poly-Scientific/Electro-Tec/Moog in the design & manufacture of AeroSpace & Defense products. Still have units functioning on the surface of Mars and in orbit around Saturn. Currently employed by BAE SYSTEMS in Nashu, NH in the missile defense electronics field. Formerly active in both caving and mountaineering, but both have proven too painful to old joints.

Mon  Sep 21 16:42 2015 PDT