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Robert E. Lee High School  List of '66 - '68 Registered

1966 - Bill Hamilton
901 Eagle Ridge Trail
Stillwater, MN 55082 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1966

Tue Jul 7 13:42:23 1998 PDT

1966 - Brooks Roll
3495 Wall Ave.
San Bernardino, CA 92404 USA
(909) 883-0590
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1966
Vietnam vet,working at a state mental hospital for 25 years, got a Masters in Social Work, That was my Dad on Jay Leno as the oldest lawyer to pass the state bar in the state of California. I got my Masters in Social Work in 1993. Have run domestic violence groups for five years. My daughter is moving into the Springfield area in September. Would like to hear from others of the class of '66.

Sat Mar 15   13:40 2003 PDT

1966 - Jim Clark
117 Woodmoor Rd.
Stevensville, Md. 21666 Queen Annes
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1966

Sat Jul 11 12:15:12 1998 PDT

1966 - Pamela (Williams) Neal
1201 Oklahoma Avenue
Norman, OK 73071 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1966

Thu Jul 30 15:12:33 1998 PDT

1966  Thomas Harrison
Address: 295 Cedar Lane
City:  Colonial Beach
State:  VA  

Telephone: (804) 224-7692

Comments or Bio:

Auto Mechanic, Truck Driver, Fireman, EMT, Painter, Mailman (SpFld), Purchasing Manager, Owned Concession Business, Contract Specialists, Contracting Officer.

Now, after trying to find myself for over 35 years, I am now retired and Loving it. Married twice with three (3) sons, one (1) daughter, eleven (11) grand children, and two (2) great grandchildren. I had the tendency of being a real "jackass" in school, and to anyone that I rubbed the wrong way, or treated with disrespect, I APOLOGIZE.

Tue  Aug 11 7:12 2009

1966  Henry Butler
Address: 6816 Rolling Road
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  20152
Class: 1966

Telephone: (703) 451-7066

Tue Oct 6 14:40 1998 PDT

1966  Charles  Michael "Mike" Ervin
Address: 599 Avon Bend Road
City:  Charles Town
State:  West Virginia 
Telephone: (304) 738-0189

Comments or Bio:

Marines 67-70, returned to Northern Virginia in 74.  RFP Railroad 74-92.   Gov't since 94.  Retired - 5 adult kids, 7 grands as of July 2016, plus 1 great-rand.

Live right on the Shenandoah and enjoy the rustic scenery.

Wed May 11 12:20 2016  PDT

1966  Ken Lawrence
E-Mail:  kenlawrence(at)

Address: 7210 Ashview Drive
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Class: 1966

Telephone: (703) 644-1884
Favorite Website:

Thu Oct 14 15:00 1999

1966  Tom Fennell
E-Mail:  tom(at)

Address:   1033 Summertree Circle
City:  Plano
State:  TX  75025
Telephone: (972) 517-8803


Comments or Bio:

I moved to Texas in 1967 and have been here ever since. I am married and have six wonderful grandkids. I started working with computers in 1971 and liked it so much I started my own computer company eight years ago.

Mon Feb 12 03:55 2001

1966  Claire Hodgkin
Maiden Name:  Claire Coven
Email:   chodgkin_8248(at)
Address: 1691 Barrister Court
City:  Crofton
State:  MD  21114

Telephone: 301-858-1021

Comments or Bio:   

Since leaving Lee HS, I graduated from college, married,
have 2 children. I have worked for JC Penney, Digital Equipment Corp (now Compaq) and currently am VP of marketing for a food broker in Columbia, MD. 

Thu May 3  3:35 2001 PDT

1966  Rodney Kitchens
Email:   KitchensR(at)
Address:   837 Deidre Marie Court
City:  Lawrenceville
State:  GA  30045

Telephone:   770-963-6448

Comments or Bio:   

Married 24 years to the only woman who will tolerate me.  Proud parent of a US Army paratrooper, our 21 year old son; and our student/athlete daughter, a rising HS freshman.

Fri May 11  3:45 2001 PDT

1966  John Covington
Email:   jcovington(at)
Address: 507 Red Birch Road
City:  Millersville
State:  MD  21108

Telephone: (410) 987 9124

Fri May 18 17:55 2001 PDT

1966    Tom Morgan
Email:   tmorgan(at)
Address:   3628 Saw Mill Road
City:  Gray Court
State:  SC  29645

Telephone: (864) 683-2452

Sun May 20 8:05 2001 PDT

1966  Linda Hemby
Email:   lhemby(at)
Address:   c/o Irene Hemby  H.C.R 61, Box 520
City:  Topping
State:  VA  23169-09716

Telephone:   804-758-5435

Comments or Bio:   

After graduation I worked in social and legal investigation, advocacy and services. I finished my undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of Michigan and got a Master's in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In 1983 I went to El Salvador. During the war (1977-92) I was involved in humanitarian and human rights initiatives and was also a university professor. Afterwards, I was an anti-corruption advisor to Salvador opposition political parties and Latin American governments, the regional coordinator of Latin America’s only regional free expression and free press project, and a research and training consultant for USAID. I own a home in El Salvador where I have a beautiful garden, citizenship and spiritual roots in liberation theology. I’m presently in Charlottesville, Virginia so my wonderful 16 year old son can enjoy a great honors program at the local high school, benefit from quality medical services, work in the UVA observator!

y on public nights, and among other things, enjoy the beauty and cultural richness of this small but vibrant town. When he graduates, I plan on returning home to El Salvador. Meanwhile, I’m working at a social services agency and continue to be politically active.

Fri Oct 8 12:35 2004 PDT

1966  Wes Thacker
Email:  wesandt(at)
  309 N. Church Street

City:  Remington
State:  VA  22734

Telephone:   703-867-6598

Comments or Bio:     

I am married and a grandfather of two boys and another on the way any day now. I am living in Remington, VA in a house built in 1908 for the mortician. We are doing a lot of restoration I still have a plumbing business and am playing bluegrass music on the side. So as I have said, if you need someone to entertain you while your plumbing is being repaired, give me a call. Hope all is well with everyone that reads this. I still remember those years at Lee, the Hot Shoppes, and the American Legion Hall. Love to all, Wes

Tue  Sep 14  5:05 2004 PDT

1966  Terry W. Cobb
Email:  tcobb1948(at)
  3125 W. Jefferson Loop

City:  Hernando
State:  MS  38632

Telephone:   803-556-6606

Comments or Bio:     

Retired a couple of times and now running my own on-line business providing professional resume writing and HR contract support. Life is good here in Georgia. If anyone finds themselves in the area, give me a call.

Wed   Oct 10  17:38 2012 PDT

1966  Stephen C Balazs Jr.
  215 Environs Road

City:  Sterling
State:  VA  20165

Telephone:   703-430-2699

Comments or Bio:     

After graduation, I entered the Army (1967-1970) and spent a few months in Germany, with the 3rd Armor Division, before being selected as a winner of an all expense paid trip to Vietnam, class of 1969-1970. Returned to this area and became active in the anti-war movement and a started a 27 year long career with AT&T, until I took advantage of an early retirement package. During those years, I moved to North Carolina, married and had two children. I then earned a much needed divorce and returned to this area, where I met my current wife of 23 years Gayle. She had three daughters and I obtained custody of my son and daughter and together Gayle and I raised 4 girls and one boy. We also have 5 grandchildren, of which two are living with us almost full time and one just during the day, so we have busy lives. I attended American University and received my BS, in management of technology, and before leaving AT&T I worked, during those years, as a systems analyst, developer, statistic quality engineer, and at the time of my retirement I was a project manager. Currently, I am a contractor, with the Army and my most interesting project is making sure that all of the personal effects of those seriously wounded or killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, are archived and returned to the wounded or to the family members, who have lost their loved ones. We live in Sterling, VA and we are still re-building a house in Port Charlotte, FL, that hurricane Charley hit last year. Hope to hear from some of you, as I believe we lived in a much simpler time and I kind of miss it.

Sun  Apr 10  8:05 2005 PDT

1966  Barbara Elliott
  San Jose
State:  California

Sat  Jun 4  15:45 2005 PDT

1966  Mary Stokely
Maiden Name:  Mary Beard
  9107 Ewell Street

City:  Manassas
State:  VA  20110

Telephone:   703-368-1424

Tue  Oct 25  13:45 2005 PDT

1966  James "Mo" Stokely
  9107 Ewell Street

City:  Manassas
State:  VA  20110

Telephone:   703-368-1424

Tue  Oct 25  13:45 2005 PDT

1966  Samuel R. McNair
  8870 Stonehenge Drive

City:  Pickerington
State:  OH  43147

Telephone:   740-927-0700

Comments or Bio:     

Currently, State of Ohio Contract Manager from April 2003 to present. 13 years in state service in Ohio. Retired USAF Major with service from '71 to '92. Helo Pilot - Special Operations. 3 Sons: Sean b.6-73, Eric b.1-77, & Ian b.6-89. Two grand children. BS Music Ed from Troy State University. MA Human Resources Management from Pepperidge University. I dodged the draft by volunteering for the Air Force. Have lived in ND, SC, FL, AK, Republic of Panama, TX, UT, and now in OH. Believe it or not, it turns out that I have had an interesting life. Drug Enforcement in the Bahamas; Rescue Missions in Alaska; The Exxon Valdez; Spook missions in South America; Recruiting Service; and counter terrorism... I live near Columbus Ohio (in Pickerington. Currently involved in a Community Band and my son's High School Band Boosters. I'm in the book. Give me a call.

Mon  Jan 30  13:55 2006 PDT

1966  Keith McCall
  19263 Sterling Drive

City:  Abingdon
State:  VA  24211 

Telephone:   276-619-5655

Comments or Bio:     

Graduated from Virginia Tech in 1970 with a BSIE, graduated from Ohio State University in 1972 with an MSIE. Met wife, Karen, at Ohio State. We will celebrate out 36th in June. 3 adult children: Scott, age 32, a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a musician (lead guitarist); Ryan, a graduate of North Carolina State University and currently a design mechanical engineer; and Kimberly, a graduate of the University of North Carolina- Greensboro and currently a registered nurse. Kim will be starting a Nurse Anesthesia Program at Wake Forest Fall 08. Scott is married. No grandchildren yet. I have worked in the manufacturing industry for 36 years and am currently a general plant manager for Columbus McKinnon Corp. Karen is an HR Manager for a division of Bell Aircraft Services. We both attended the Class of 66 40th Year Reunion in June 2006. Look forward to hearing from former classmates.

Sun  Mar 30 15:15 2008 PDT

1966  Tim Bandyke
  800 S. Stewart Street

City:  Winchester
State:  VA  22601

Telephone:   540-662-6132

Sat  Aug 21 7:53 2010 PDT

1966  John Staley
  400 Cavendish Street

City:  Herndon
State:  VA  220170

Telephone:   703-904-9669

Sat  Apr 12  7:26 2008 PDT

1966  Susan David
Maiden Name:  Susan House

  1906 Brantley Street

City:  Winston-Salem
State:  NC  27103 

Telephone:   336-724-6315

Comments or Bio:

I am a German teacher in a local public school. I did not take German at Lee with Mr. Ashby, strangely enough. I've been married to a fellow Wake Forest graduate since 1968. Our daughter is also a teacher in Winston-Salem.

Sun   Apr 13  6:42 2008 PDT

1966  David Plazak
  2016 Mosswood Court

City:  Arlington
State:  TX  76015 

Telephone:   817-468-1388

Comments or Bio:

BA, economics University of Dayton 1970/ MA, economics University of Florida 1972/ LT, US Army 1972-74/ MS, water resources Colorado State University 1984/ career as economist/analyst, (Memphis, Galveston, Ft Worth) retired April 2008.

Mon  Jun 23  5:36 2008 PDT

1966  Tommy Maertens
  101 Catawbah Road

City:  Clemson
State:  SC  29631 

Telephone:   864-653-6808

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from West Point in 1970 and spent 23 years in the Army. Flew helicopters in Vietnam and was a professor at West Point for five years. Earned a masters and a doctorate from the University of Tennessee. After I retired from the Army, I have worked for an environmental engineering company in Knoxville, TN and for the past 12 years, I have worked in development at West Point, Clemson University and the College of Charleston. I have been married to Karen for 37 years and have a daughter, McKenna, attending grad school at Ohio University. I serve as a lieutenant with the local volunteer fire department and still play drums in a rock and roll band. You are never too old for rock and roll! We enjoy living in the Upstate of South Carolina. All the best to the Class of 1966!!

Mon  Jun 23  11:23 2008 PDT

1966  Ellen Young
  1024 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

City:  Washington
State:  DC  20002 

Telephone:   202-731-6737

Comments or Bio:

I graduated 6/6/66 and it was all "down and up and down and up again" hill from there! And I know many of you know exactly what I mean, yes? Ahhh, entering adulthood in the sixties. I still haven't figured out whether it was trial by fire which resulted in "serious arrested development" or just a good time.

Went to Univ of S. Carolina - had a very eclectic time (60's language I did not graduate) then went to Germany, England and Greece for a summer and stayed for 3 years.

Stopped in VA long enough to say Hi to my buddy Linda Pemberton and caught the red-eye to Los Angeles. That was fairly eclectic too however resulted in a substantial decision to pursue acting. How original---how profitable! Did that, actually made an meager living at it, made life-long friends and up and took the red-eye to New York. Another decision to actively pursue theater.. made an even more meager living on stage but was able to gain huge life and work experience and make more life-long friends. Then yup....came home to Virginny. From 1979 to 1999 I married had a son, now 29 and, well gee, a wonderful one! duh! The laughing gods of the universe made 2 good decisions for me: that I not have a child in my 20's and that I only have one.

Thank-you Gods! Somehow sensibility & stability forced it's way into my psyche and I landed a job as a mental health and substance abuse therapist with Pr. William County. for the last 17 years.

Low and behold I continued with community theater because of the minimal rehearsal time and yup! was discovered for a professional job in 1999. Since that time I have been working regularly and belong to a Washington theater company Shameless Plug: we are currently doing our own adaptation of "1984" and our tickets are only $10 (we believe "everyone" should be able to afford theater!

I ain't no star I'm just living a dream which I feel very lucky to be doing! If you come to the play please say "hi" afterwards--even if you hated it. not going into a silly "bio' you'll see that if you get online.

I so look forward to seeing those I knew and meeting those I didn't. Peace, Ellen

Sat  Sep 27  7:54 2008 PDT

1966  Kay Culliton
Maiden Name:  Kay McCloskey

  6450 Watercrest Way #303

City:  Lakewood Ranch
State:  FL  34202 


Wed  Sep 10  6:19 2008 PDT

1966  Sherry Willmeng
Maiden Name:  Sherry Fultz

  73 W. Pine Tree Avenue

City:  Lake Worth
State:  FL  33467 

Telephone:   561-642-0142

Comments or Bio:

Hard to believe it's been 42 years since graduation, but a trip home for the 50th Anniversary confirms that, I am, in fact, over 60!! I was pleasantly surprised to see the 60's (particularly 64-67) so well represented at the reunion, and enjoyed every minute of the very well organized functions.

Although I still have family in the DC area, I have lived in Florida (West Palm area) for the past 36 years, and wouldn't care to live anywhere else. (I don't do SNOW anymore!!) I have three beautiful daughters, (Lisa, Jessica, and Dawn) and five Grandchildren (2 old enough to drive!!) I settled on an accounting career, not wanting to starve pursuing my inclination to join the artistic community. I spent 15 years specializing in construction cost accounting, then switched to the medical/nursing home arena. I presently manage the business office for several assisted living facilities in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, from which I plan to retire in five (count 'em-FIVE!!) years. My husband, Mike, is a musician, currently playing in a very popular Country and Western band called "Midnight Rodeo". Look them up at their website " In the band, they call him MJ. Never having lost my love for dancing (Friday nights-American Legion Hall-Roaches, Mystics??) I will, tonight, don my boots and cowboy hat and line dance my way through the Moose Lodge!! Isn't it funny how things change, but still stay the same. Would love to hear from old friends, as well as new ones with whom I became acquainted at the reunion. Looking forward to the next one! Sherry Fultz Willmeng-Class of 1966

Sat  Oct  18 9:26 2008 PDT

1966  Cathy McKeown
Maiden Name:  Cathy Kindley

  107 Confederacy Circle

City:  Knoxville
State:  TN  37934

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from William & Mary 1970 B.S. Biology. After several years in Bethesda at the NIH, have spent the last 33 yrs working at Oak Ridge National Lab in Oak Ridge, TN (8 yrs on assignment at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in CA). Hope to retire this year and move, with my "significant other, Richard", to SC to fulfill a life-long dream of living at the beach! One terrific son, Dan, 28, who also lives in Knoxville.

Fri  Feb 13 1:58 2009 PDT

1966  Thomas G. Wright
  8570 Gwynedd Way

City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153-3422
Telephone:  703-455-7528

Comments or Bio:

BSEE and BSMA from NC State - senior engineer at Delta

Wed  Sep 16 10:30 2009 PDT

1966  Diane Thompson
Maiden Name:  Diane Carter

Address: 12707 Gordon Boulevard #53
City: Woodbridge
State:  VA  22192
Telephone: 703-217-6214

Wed Oct 7  15:19   2009 PDT

1966  Lewis E. Peverill
  545 Clifton Blue Street

City:  Wake Forest
State:  NC  27587
Telephone:  703-863-0174

Thu  Aug 12 10:19 2010 PDT

1966  Jon R. Birdsall
  12518 Hedges Run Drive

City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22192
Telephone:  703-491-3932

Thu  Aug 12 10:21 2010 PDT

1966  Jim Mann
  1313 Shamrock Lane

City:  Plano
State:  TX  75093

Comments or Bio:

Went to Emory and Henry College and graduated in 1970. After a year of coaching high school football and basketball, I settled into the Mortgage business where I still reside. Currently working at Fannie Mae. After raising 4 children, my wife Kathy and I adopted 2 little girls in 2006 (now 5 and 6)even though we have 2 grandchildren. Typical of my weird life. Took 18 months off, did our family genealogy and wrote 2 books. In 5 days, I'm headed back to Scotland with 2 of the grown kids to show them our roots ( I got back to the 13th century). Next year our family will have been in the USA for 200 years. Best to everyone and remember that only the good die young so I'll live forever 

Jim Mann

Tue  Sep 14 15:24 2010 PDT

1966  Linda A Kraemer
Maiden Name:  Linda Wolfe

Address: 3017 Rolling Meadows Drive
City: Sheboygan
State:  WI  53083
Telephone: 920-727-7322

Comments or Bio:

I married a police officer, moved to his home town in Sheboygan. Wisconsin, and have been married for 32 years.  We have 4 children:  Christian, Alicia, Brock and Drew.  Drew is now 24 and Chris is 31. Was a stay-at-home mom and then went on to North High School and am a special needs teacher.  I have no desire to retire; I really love my job and the kids. I work with a great staff and treasure the many  friends I have.    My husband is very special; I'm still madly in love with him; but more importantly, he has taught and showed me how to move forward in life.

Mon  Oct 26  12:19   2011 PDT

1966  Jim Dudley
Address: 244 Ridge Road
City: Hartfield
State:  VA  23071
Telephone:  202-538-3914

Comments or Bio:

After leaving Lee, I received a BSME degree from Virginia Tech in 1970. I was employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and stayed with the Federal Government moving all over the country until retiring in Richmond as a hospital director in 2004. I then worked four years for a non profit organization in DC and completely retired in 2008. I now work on my hobbies, old cars, and spend a lot of time in Deltaville Va. on the Chesapeake Bay.

Wed  Jun 1  15:34   2016 PDT

1966  Shirley Scott
Address: 126 Staffordshire Drive
City: New Bern
State:  NC  28562
Telephone:  252-637-4272

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from LHS, worked in DC law firm for 25+ years before moving up 
to working for chief judge at a federal court in DC. Retired in late 2006, moved to NC to 
be near my daughter and two grandsons. Don't miss the rapid pace of DC area, but miss 
old neighbors and friends.

Sun  Jul 29  18:05   2012 PDT

1966  John Patch
Address: 8547 Del Rio Road
City: Peyton
State:  CO  80831
Telephone:  719-266-2473

Comments or Bio:

Short stint at Old Dominion College, then joined Army in '68. Retired from Army 
after 28 yrs and tours in Fairbanks, Ft Carson, Ft Huachuca (AZ), West Point, NATO 
(Belgium), DC (a few times), San Antonio, Ft Meade (MD), Atlanta, etc. Retired to Rural 
Retreat, VA, and worked for Virginia DOC as PC instructor, then retired again and 
moved back to Colorado Springs in '04 and now living just east of there in Falcon, CO, 
living the good retired life and watching my Rockies, Broncos, Avalanche and Nuggets 
and enjoying the great outdoors in Colorado.

Sat  Feb 22 17:30   2014 PDT

1966  Colleen Acker Freimam
Address: 10011 Leafy Avenue
City: Silver Spring
State:  MD  20910

1966  Bill Van Doren
Address: 4852 Watts Passage
City: Charlottesville
State:  VA  22911
Telephone:  434-806-7227

Comments or Bio:

Johns Hopkins University, worked in a New York literary agency, rewrote or ghostwrote too many books. In L.A. published poster-style magazine The Wall Paper, wrote film treatments on assignment, when not doing manual labor or running a sandwich cart or playing songwriter showcases.  

Back in Virginia, worked on magazines, published trade books by various authors, and further developed own writing and painting. Author, "47 Minutes on Christmas Eve," 3rd edition coming out, print and Kindle, 2016. Self-taught artist, have painted every sunset since 2006, and post these at

Wed  Dec 9  12:18 2015 PDT

1966  Terry Cobb
Address: 9502 Angela Court
City: Navarre
State:  FL  32566

Comments or Bio:

Moved to Navarre, FL on the Gulf coat of the Florida Panhandle in 2014. Lost my wife to cancer in 2013 while living in Savannah, GA and needed to make a change so I moved closer to my daughter in this area. Retired from the USAF, Wachovia Bank and recently published my first book "The Job Seekers Survival Guide". Looking forward to our 50th reunion in 2016!

Fri Dec 25  23:13  2015 PDT

1966  Susan David
Maiden Name: Susan house

City:  Winston-Salem
State:  North Carolina

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee, I completed my education at Wake Forest University and UNC-Chapel Hill. After living in Germany for 2 years, I taught German in a variety of settings before retiring in 2013. Retirement activities include tutoring, mentoring, volunteering at Ronald McDonald House and 3 book clubs. My husband and I enjoy our dog and are fortunate to have our daughter in town.

Fri Dec 25 23:25 2015 PDT

1966  Carol Long
Maiden Name: Carol Lobi

City:  La Quinta
State:  California 92253

Sun  Apr 10 11:53  2022 PDT


1967  Bob Nay
Email:  bobnay67(at)
Address: 1142 Meadowview Drive
City:  Bedford
State:  VA  24523
Telephone: 704-796-6364

Thu March 1 24 20:14  2018 PDT

1967  Ellen Parker
Maiden Name: Ellen Velenage
Address: 1310 Ramseur Lane
City:  Winchester
State:  VA  22601

Mon  Sep 13  13:25 2004 PDT

1967  Kathleen (Kathy)  Johnson
Maiden Name:  Kathy O'Hara
Email:   atro7(at)
City:  Atlanta
State:  Georgia

Fri Sep 21  18:15 2001 PDT

1967 - R. Carol (Frye) Fawcett
6218 Hanover Avenue
Springfield, VA 22182 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1967
Married (29 years) and have two daughters and one grandson. I am a computer graphics person at GRCI in Tysons Corner.

Fri Jul 24 06:00:34 1998 PDT

1967 - Cherie (Galarowicz) Wilson
2710 Martin Drive #1111
Bedford, Texas 76021
Comments or Bio:

I am a retired Delta Airlines flight attendant.

I am divorced with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Tue  Apr 27 15:27  2010 PDT

1967  Linda Pemberton
Maiden Name: Pemberton
Email: LPember(at)

Address: 100 West Wildwood Lane
City:  Fredericksburg
State:  VA 
Class: 1967

Telephone: (540-371) 5341

Wed Sep 2 18:16:15 1998 PDT

1967  Lex Felker
Email: lfelker(at)
Address: 920 Almas Court
City:  Sanibel Island
State:  FL  33957 
Telephone: 239-849-7563

Comments or Bio:

Retired from AOL in 2004 and now living full time in SW FL.

Sun  Jan 28  6:50 PDT   2007

1967  Crawford Godsey
Email:   cfordg(at)
Address:   101 Juniper Lane
City:  Charlottesville
State:  VA   22911


Comments or Bio:   

B.S./Management - University of Oregon, 1977; generally self-employed or through agencies running various computer applications or training personnel.

Married Judy Kingery (Lee-'67) in 1972, divorced in 1986; she passed away 2001, her obit's on the LAFA site.

Remarried in 2002; now 3 children, 2 grandchildren

Anglican, generally affiliated with what remains of the conservative orthodox elements of the Episcopal Church. Unreformed horse junkie who misses riding hunter/jumper and combined training; great affinity for sighthounds, especially Borzoi. Selective collector of art glass and orientalia. Continued eclectic tastes in reading and music.

Still crazy after all these years.

Thu  Feb 23 15:46 2006 PDT

1967  Morrie Segal
Address:   12525 Paradise Spring Rd
City:  Clifton
State:  Virginia
Comments or Bio:   

Married to Ginny (Maloney) since 68. Two kids (Sam and Jennifer). Two Grandsons Jake and Wyatt.  Working in software since 69. Restore historic houses in Savanah Ga. on the side. Enjoy just about everything.  Still a few crayons short of a full pack.

Tue Aug 1 8:45 2000 PDT

1967  John Edwards
Email:   jedwards(at)
Address:   12016 Lucks Lane
City:  Midlothian
State:  VA  23113

Telephone:  (804) 794-1577 
Comments or Bio:   

Married Anne (Ervin) Edwards class of 1968, we have five children and two grandchildren. We just (April 1969) celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Disney World with our entire family. I have worked for Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield in Richmond, Va for the past 16 years. Currently, I am in the National Accounts Department with responsibilities for Sales, Customer Service and Claims for seven major accounts.

Mon May 24 14:30 1999 PDT

1967  Janet Gregor
Maiden Name:  Janet Grissom
Email:   Jgregor(at)
Address:   119 1/2 West Main Street
City:  Westminister
State:  MD  21157

Comments or Bio:   

Stayed around Springfield a long time.  Attended American University - B.A. Political Science (what else!). Worked for Virginia Highway Department helping move northern VA. Married John Gregor 1976 and moved on to Charlottesville Va. Master's in Urban and Regional Planning '76 UVA. Spent time in Tennessee. Divorced, no children. Now live in a historic house in small town of Westminster. Work for The Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission as a Transportation Planner. Love antiques, old houses, animals, fall in the woods, drama and my garden. Would like to hear from other graduates.

Thu Sep 9 11:57 1999 PDT

1967  Steve McCloskey
  54 Louva Lane
City:  Santa Rosa Beach
State:  FL  32459
Telephone:  334-655-2420

Comments or Bio:   

After 30+ years working in the marketing/advertising departments of corporations such as McDonalds, Domino's Pizza, Century 21 and Movie Gallery I retired. My wife Ann of 30 year plus and I moved to our condo in Panama City Beach and I embarked on a new career, mostly for the health benefits, as an association manager. My two daughters graduated from college and are doing well in their respective careers.

I have great memories of my friends while at Lee, some I am sad to learn have passed away. But like my memories, they are not forgotten. At least not yet anyway.

Mon  Oct  24  16:20 2005 PDT

1967  Steven E. Pierce
Address:   12813 Lindley Drive
City:  Raleigh
State:  NC  27614

Telephone: (919) 846-9411

Mon  Jun 12  13:40 2006 PDT

1967  Terri Bowman
Maiden Name: Terri Morgan
Email:   Tlmcmlb(at)
Address:   10716 Rogalla Drive
City: Charlotte
State:  NC  28277
Telephone:  704-540-2661

Sat May 1  18:57 2010 PDT

1967  Gerald (Jerry) C. Render
Address:   5418 Hopark Drive
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22310

Comments or Bio:   

Well, after Lee I took my mental acuity with me to George Mason Univ., where I promptly flunked out, joined the Navy, did the Viet Nam tour, went to No. Va. Comm. Coll., then on to Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, WV.  After that I bummed around, then joined the US Government.  After 5 years in Colorado I joined the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) where I have been ever since.  However, I am now on my FIRST year in the US since I went to my first posting in Kingston, Jamaica in 1985, then to Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire; Conakry, Guinea; Rabat, Morocco; and then Tbilisi, Rep. of Georgia - almost 18 years in total.  I'm still traveling for my job at USAID, 3 trips and 7 countries this year....  I have a couple years left then I'll retire and follow my wife around who is a Medical Officer with the Dept. of State.  I was born an Army brat and just couldn't stop travelin'.....  

Wed  Sept  24   13:50 2003 PDT

1967  Victor Trapani
  200 Castlerock

City:  Williamsburg
State:  VA  23188
Telephone:  757-208-0732

Fri  Feb 7   4:02 2014 PDT

1967 Linda Fleming Wood
Maiden Name:  Linda Blaich

Address:   8009 Ferncliff Court
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Telephone:  703-569-5245

Wed  May 4    8:40 2005 PDT

1967  Jan Fisher
Maiden Name:  Jan (Jacki) Gilliland

771 Gralnick Place
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Telephone:  703-912-6163

Comments or Bio:   

I am now married 6 years to a wonderful man. I work from home for EDS. Have 3 wonderful children. Andy Garrell married with two children and is a Wildfire Fighter in Nevada. Melissa Garrell married with one child (so far) and is lucky to be a stay at home Mom in Clifton VA. John Batchelor, single, recent Grad of East Carolina U, and currently working his first "real" job for Booze Allen Hamilton. I have been blessed with a wonderful life even after 2 divorces which led me to Mark who is my best friend and sole mate I remember fondly all of you in so many ways and wonder how we survived it all

Tue  Apr 4   9:50 2006 PDT

1967  Connie Myers
Maiden Name:  Connie Pfalzgraf

Address:   7814 Richfield Road
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Telephone:  703-455-4652

Comments or Bio:   

I am one of those who never left the area. Dennis & I have been married for 38 years and have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 beautiful granddaughters. Am still working for Verizon (aka Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company and Bell Atlantic), but hope to be retiring in 2007 -- think 37 years is enough!!) Have many wonderful memories of our years at Lee -- both daughters graduated from there also!! Looking forward to having a big 40th reunion in 2007 ---- EVERYONE COME !!

Wed  Apr 5  9:30 2006 PDT

1967  Deborah Dixon
Maiden Name:  Deborah Butler

Address:   14214 Susancrest
City:  San Antonio
State:  TX  78232
Telephone:  210-490-0650

Comments or Bio:   

Married, 2 grown daughters, 3 grandchildren. I am a licensed insurance agent with a large health insurance carrier.

Fri  Jun 16  9:55  2006 PDT

1967  Judy Robinson Maloney
Maiden Name:  Judy Robinson

Address:   1249 Hoffman Road
City:  Gastonia
State:  NC  28054
Telephone:  704-866-0042

Comments or Bio:   

After graduation from Lee, I attended Brenau College for one year, then worked at some jobs that helped motivate me to go back to school! I became a serious student for the first time, and I now have a Masters Degree in Nursing, and certifications as an Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. I take care of three nursing homes in Gastonia, NC. I have been married to my husband, Gene, who is a Psychiatrist, for 30 years. We have three wonderful (grown) children. James lives in San Francisco and works at The Sharper Image headquarters, Susan lives here in Gastonia and teaches second grade, and Brian, newly married, has a degree in astrophysics and is a multi-engine and commercially rated pilot. We have 3 beautiful granddaughters whom we adore and enjoy spoiling.

Tue  Aug 29 12:25  2006 PDT

1967  Diane (Tanner) Freda
Maiden Name:  Diane Tanner

Address:   6119 Calico Pool Lane
City:  Burke
State:  VA  22015
Telephone:  703-250-3621

Comments or Bio:   

Lived in Georgia for 13 years, married, divorced, married Mike Freda (class of 1966) 20 years ago and moved back here with two children and proceeded to have a third. (FYI-having a baby at 40 is a piece of cake, having a teenager at the age of 57 is one of the hardest things ever, especially since he takes after both parents). My daughter is an agent with the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) she lives just outside Macon. My oldest son is on the two decade plan to finish college and is currently at the College of Charleston (I do love that city, he gets lots of visits) and our third will graduate from Robinson High School 2007 -at least that is the plan. Mike works for KSI, Inc. and I am in my 20th year at the Virginia State Police (civilian). We live in Burke, Va., are very active in our church, garden club (me) and love to read.

Thu  Aug 31   7:50  2006 PDT

1967  Joan Christopher
Maiden Name:  Joan Minton

Address:   7 Walking Purchase Circle
City:  Northampton 
State:  PA  18067

Comments or Bio:   

After graduation, I attended Purdue University and graduated in '71 (in Creative Writing, not engineering!). Married Tom Christopher in '70 (he's a Purdue engineer). We have two daughters who are Purdue grads in aero and civil engineering and out on their own in CO and CA. Have lived in Missouri, Montana, and currently in Pennsylvania where I was primarily a full time Mom and community volunteer. In '91 I earned a second degree in radio/TV and am a free lance TV researcher and writer. Have worked as reporter, editor, and associate producer in the industry. Enjoy travel and visiting our daughters, history, gardening, and horseback riding/dressage.

Sun  Sept3  20:15  2006 PDT

1967  Ginna E. Stein
Maiden Name:  Ginna Emory

P.O. Box 488
City:  St. Mary's
State:  GA  31558
Telephone:  912-729-9551

Tue  Mar 27   17:25  2007 PDT

1967  Karen Seekins
Email:   KSeekins(at)
State:  Florida

Tue  Jun 17  18:05 2008 PDT

1967  Barbara Stankowski
Address:  1481 Harmon Avenue
  Winter Park
State:  FL  32789

Telephone:  703-220-3045

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Penn State in 1970 and then spent 28 years in the Navy. Many of those years in the DC area. Retired as a Captain in 1998 in Pensacola Florida. I have spent the last few years working as a DoD consultant and most recently relocated to the Orlando area to start a government contracting firm in Orlando ( Survived 2 failed marriages but have four wonderful kids and 7 grandchildren so far.

Sat Jun 21  17:31 2008 PDT

1967  Carol Walker Young
Maiden Name: Carol Diane Walker
Address:  1317 Salem Orchard Lane
State:  FL  33511

Telephone:  813-746-2984

Thu  Jul 31  11:17 2008 PDT

1967  Andrew Ogletree
  8732 Cuttermill Place

State:  VA  22153

Thu  Apr 28 19:00 2016 PDT

1967  Cathy Tyler
Maiden Name:  Cathy Schumaker

 573 Pantela Drive

City:  Richmond 
State:  VA  23235
Telephone: 804-387-1052

Comments or Bio:   

Took BS degree in Math from W&M

- Married a rock and roll musician and together raised, educated, and married off two daughters - an artist to a jet fighter pilot and a musician to a web designer; enjoying our two grandchildren

- Worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond in IT and senior executive support for 33 years; retired (!!) 2005

- Living my fantasies - see blog for occasional updates

Fri   Aug 29  11:39  2008 PDT

1967  Patrick Lee
Address:  P.O. Box 2733
State:  VA  20108

Telephone:  888-899-0055

Sun Oct 26 9:08 2008 PDT

1967  Diane Williams Abernathy
Maiden Name:  Diane Williams

Address:  16 Grey Fox Lane

City:  Dover
State:  DE  19904
Telephone:  302-632-1118

Tue  Feb 28 8:15 2006 PDT  

1967  Jim Hanak
 305 Baywood Road

City:  West Chester 
State:  PA  19382

Comments or Bio:   

Since graduating from Lee, I have lived in Chapel Hill, N.C., Dallas, D.C. and Philadelphia. After 35 years in the ministry, I founded and am currently the CEO of a unique kind of charter school - PA Leadership (cyber) Charter School. I chose the PALCS school colors as blue and gold - I always liked this combo... Check us out at: 

Married to Polly and have two girls - one teaching nearby and one making films in Hollywood. 

I have many fond memories of Lee and only wish I could be back in the Lancer Band with my whole life ahead of me again. No, maybe not. I probably would make the same mistakes. I would enjoy hearing from any of my 67 classmates. I regret that I have not stayed more in touch.

Mon  Apr 25  13:35  2011 PDT

1967  Nancy Strohmer
Maiden Name:  Nancy Carter

114 Broad Oaks Court

City:  Houston
State:  TX  77056
Telephone:  713-960-8711

Sun  Jan 8 8:35 2012 PDT  

1967  Stan Earl
671 Sandberg Street

City:  Surfside Beach
State:  South Carolina  29575

Fri  Aug 23  21:41 2012 PDT  

1967  David T. (Terry) Jennings
 120 Harvard Road

City:  St Augustine
State:  Florida  32086

Comments or Bio:   

After leaving high school and college I moved to St. Augustine, Florida where I have lived for the last 35 years and married my wife Shirley.  Retired two years ago from Northrop Grumman Corporation as a Security Analyst and now spend much of my time involved with my church, wildlife and nature photography and travelling throughout the United States and Alaska with my wife. 

Mon  Feb 18  11:35  2013 PDT

1967  Lynda White
 901 N. Monroe Street

City:  Arlington
State:  VA  22201

Sun  Jan 19  14:56  2014 PDT

1967  Connie Varner
Maiden Name: Connie Walker

 7314 Lees Command Boulevard

City:  Fredericksburg
State:  VA  22407
Telephone:  540-412-9363

Sat  Feb 8  8:25  2014 PDT

1967  Gary Varner
 7314 Lees Command Boulevard

City:  Fredericksburg
State:  VA  22407
Telephone:  540-412-9363

Sat  Feb 8  8:25  2014 PDT

1967  Cecil Starkey
 1029 Scarlet Lane

City:  Culpeper
State:  VA  22701

Tue  Jan 12  13:05 PDT

1967  Howard Bylund
 327 Canterwood Lane

City:  Great Falls
State:  VA  22066
Telephone: 703-434-0322

Comments or Bio:   

When I left Lee I obtained and engineering degree from UVa, by way of George Mason. I began a career working for the DoD in the Defense Information Systems Agency. Working several jobs and different locations, that ended up being a 33 year career.

One of the locations was in Stuttgart Germany, where I enjoyed the country, the wine, beer and food for 6 years. During that time I met my one and only. Margie is from Chicago and we met and began our life together in 1981. Four boys and in 2015 our first Grandchild. All the boys are through college and are on their own trails. Life has been good to us.

I presently work for Centurylink. Still engineering but wondering when to jump off the train. Best to all the graduates. I enjoyed reading all of the life summaries. But just wish I could remember the names with the faces.... Just where is my old yearbook!

Fri  Sep 25  10:20  2015 PDT

1967  Gale Bronwen Hattan
 101 Leonard Street
City:  New York
State:  NY 10013

Tue  Feb 3 8:25  2021 PDT

1968   Rebecca (Cissy) Adams
Address:   7402 Rippon Road
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA   22307
Telephone:  703-765-6684

Sun  Sept 26  9:48 2010 PDT


1968   Judy Hoyer
Maiden Name: 
Judy Schropp

Address:   18603 Avenue Monaco
City:  Lutz
State:  FL  33558

Thu Nov 19 16:30 1998 PDT

1968  Christine Burbach
Maiden Name:  Schuetz
Email: cburbach(at)
Address: 2529 Military Road
City:  Arlington
State:  VA  22207
Class: 1968

Telephone: (703) 465-1984

Mon Oct 5 15:56:15 1998 PDT

1968  Dede Bonner
Maiden Name:  Dede Anderson
Email: ncmdede(at)
Address: 17882 Gore Lane
City:  Leesburg
State:  VA  20175
Class: 1968

Telephone: (703) 771-9230

Tue Oct 6 5:30 1998 PDT

1968  Richard Hommel
Email: qabang(at)
Address: 5806 Schooner Way
City:  Tampa
State:  FL  33615
Class: 1968

Telephone: (813) 814-9344
Comments or Bio: 

Left Springfield 1970- Married 1975-1995, 2 children, 21 & 17, own graphic arts company in Tampa Florida.

Tue Oct 13 14:40 1998 PDT

1968  Anne (Ervin) Edwards
Maiden Name:  Anne Ervin
Email:   aedwards(at)
Address:   12016 Lucks Lane
City:  Midlothian
State:  Virginia  23113
Class: 1968

Telephone: (804) 794-1577
Comments or Bio: 

Married  John Edwards class of 1967, we have five children and two grandchildren. We just (April 1969) celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in Disney World with our entire family. I have worked for the Catholic Diocese of Richmond for the past 18 years. I was appointed Chancellor of the Diocese in September of 1995 and report to Bishop Walter F. Sullivan. My appointed was of historic importance as I am the first woman and non-clergy person to hold this position in the Richmond Diocese in its over 200 years of existance.

Tue Oct 13 14:40 1998 PDT

1968  Frances Carol Fett
Maiden Name:  Frances Carol Mullins
Email:   fettism(at)
Address:   2269 Bartholomews Cr.
City:  Virginia Beach
State:  VA 23456
Class: 1968

Thu Jul 8 16:05 1999 PDT  

1968  Terry Bobo (now Beaubois)

Comments or Bio:

I'm currently Director of the Creative Research Lab in the College of Arts & Architecture, Montana State University. Still enjoying traveling for work and pleasure - Japan, Denmark, Hawaii, St. Thomas. Will be teaching in Costa Rica for a week in May. Lecturing at a conference in London in April. Still spending time in San Francisco Bay Area and Montana. My wonderful daughter has graduated from college and living near Palo Alto. I graduated from U of Michigan in 1973 with a M. Architecture Degree and practiced architecture for 30 years in San Francisco / Palo Alto area.

Sat  Mar 21  18:40 2009 PDT  

1968  Linda McDonough
Maiden Name: Linda Simon
Address:   12013 Dove Haven Drive
City:  Austin
State:  TX  78753
Telephone:  512-832-8594

Fri  Feb 6 15:11 2009 PDT

1968  Gary Eichhorst
Email:   gary2hs(at)
City:  Burke
State:  VA  22015

Sun Aug 29 3:15 1999 PDT  

1968  Barbara Bayles-Roberts
Maiden Name: Barbara Bayles
206 Meadows Lane NE

City:  Leesburg
State:  VA  20176

Telephone: 703-474-6116

Comments or Bio:

I'm back! I just couldn't stay away, especially when Mom started needing some help. I'm at that phase in life now, empty nest, grandkids on one end and elderly parents on the other! I suppose that puts me in charge! Look out! I'd love to hear from classmates. I was very surprised to see the Memorial Wall and realize I had lost some friends from high school over the years. God bless them all! Give me a holler! I'm working in DC in the human rights area right now, living out in Leesburg, VA. It's pretty out here, so come on over!

Mon Jul 18 20:11 2011 PDT

1968  David P. Himes
Address:   6104 Lundy Place
City:  Burke
State:  VA  22015

Telephone: 703-569-2828

Sat  Sep 22 15:30 2007 PDT

1968  Jim Fette
Email:   Fette(at) or jim.fette(at)
Address:   6436 Faircrest Road
City:  Columbus
State:  OH  43229

Telephone: (614) 890-1608

Comments or Bio:

I've lived in Ohio for all but two years since I graduated from Ohio State in 1972 with a degree in Journalism.  I met my wife, Linda, at Ohio State and we have been married for 27 years.  We have three children.  Beth graduated from college this spring and was married in the summer.  Kate is a junior at Malone College in Canton, Ohio and Jack is a senior in high school and is presently looking at colleges.   I've traveled to northern Virginia on business in recent years and the beauty of the state brings back many warm memories of my years at Robert E. Lee High School.  I hope attend a class reunion in the future and renew many old friendships!

Wed Oct 20 4:45 1999 PDT

1968  Roxanne (Rusty) Edwards
Address:   10006 East Constable Court
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22032-2723

Telephone: (703) 395-4934

Comments or Bio:

Loved seeing everyone at the 40th for the Class of 68! Though not that many came, we hope it was a short term problem based on the economic uncertainty at the time. I am still married, have four wonderful grandchildren and developing a new practice architecture firm outside DC.

Fri Jun 19 14:00 2009 PDT  

1968  Beth Wellington
City:  Blacksburg
State:  Virgilnia

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from William and Mary in 1972. Worked in restorative justice until 1997. Now a journalist and poet.

Some of my latest work is for the Gardian:

Fri Jun 10 14:45 2011 PDT  

1968  Lynn Osborn
Maiden Name:  Lynn Graft

Email:   osbornlynn(at)
Address:  6836 Indian Lake Road

City:  Indianapolis
State:  IN  46236
Telephone:  (317) 826-1505

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee, I headed to the Midwest and majored in German at Purdue University.  I've spent my entire adult life in Indianapolis, raising two daughters as Hoosiers!  We've made up for it with lots of travel.  I managed to end up being a Federal employee even though I'm not in the DC area; I started working for the Customs Service in 1985.  Night school classes prepared me for the CPA exam, which I passed in 1993.  My husband Bill and I live in a log home in the woods on a lake, but just 30 minutes from my office.  Beltway commuters, eat your hearts out!

Sat Mar 5 4:55 2003 PDT  

1968  Scott Corbin
Address:  8907 West 132nd Street

City:  Overland park
State:  Kansas  66213
Telephone:  913-681-2162

Comments or Bio:

Went on to Virginia Tech, graduating in 1973 with a degree in Architecture. Married to the same "Radford girl" for over 30 years now, I'm an architect and Principal in a firm here in the Kansas City area. I miss being "back east" but my best friend, Gary Eichhorst invites me back each year for a 'Skins game so I get my fill of Beltway life.

Sat Jan 10  17:45 2004 PDT  

1968  Darcy Douglas
Address:  5375 Roswell Road, D-3

City:  Atlanta
State:  GA  30342
Telephone:  404-497-0818

Comments or Bio:

Retired from Special Education career, still play piano and substitute as church organist, hiking, trail building, and maintenance are primary activities, I love water sports and pretty much anything outside - 2 fabulous children have given me 3 perfect grandchildren. I am writing a book about my trail.

Mon Aug 1  17:55 2011 PDT  

1968  Michael S. Moshos
Address:  34775 Mute Swan Lane

City:  Rehoboth Beach
State:  Deleware 19971 
Telephone:  302-236-7905

Comments or Bio:

Retired in August after 25 years with Giant Food and 5  years with Harris Teeter. Live in Rehoboth Beach, DE. with partner of 30 years.

Sat Jan 4  13:21 2014 PDT  

1968  Geoff Wickman
Address:  255 G Street, Unit 349

City:  San Diego
State:  CA  92101
Telephone:  619-737-7059

Comments or Bio:

After being run out of several highly regarded Universities in the early 70's I spent about 6 years in Retail Management, rising to the "lofty" position of Operations Manager for the old DC company Dart Drug. Escaped to California in 1976, where my "cavalier attitude towards authority" (according to the last person other than myself to sign a paycheck for me) thrust me into the life of an entrepreneur.

Spent three years at the track and playing poker for a living before realizing that was actually work (if done successfully). Self-employed since then, mostly involved in business incubation projects (medical devices and software development).

Got together with Terry B. and Scott Z. at our 20th and played a pick-up basketball game. Good news was that we weren't much worse than we were in high school, bad news that we must have not been very good to begin with............

Married and divorced, no kids as far as you know.

Still madly in love with my high school girlfriend (You know who you are!!!!)

See you in July..........


Sun  Apr 30 8:50 2006 PDT  

1968  Carolyn Huffstickler
Maiden Name:  Carol Hartnett

Address:  30 Nannies Lane

City:  Fredericksburg 
State:  VA  22405
Telephone:  540-373-4642

Comments or Bio:

Denny Huffstickler and I were married for 35 years before his death in 2004. We have four children, one son (Sam, 17) at home with me. Our daughter, Beth and her family are leaving shortly for Niger to work for a humanitarian aid agency. Two married sons and their families live nearby and keep me entertained. Andy works in Springfield for Blair Inc. and Jack is superintendent/planner estimator for a local electrical contractor. Altogether I have eight grandchildren so there is much entertainment. After an extended run as a stay at home mom, I am writing, running a home business and busy with church work. It keeps me out of trouble. Please write anytime, i would love to hear from you.

Thu  Sep 6 14:35 2007 PDT  

1968  Carolyn H. Ziegler
Maiden Name:  Carolyn L. Hackney

Address:  707 Duncan Place SE

City:  Leesburg 
State:  VA  20175-8987
Telephone:  703-220-1433

Comments or Bio:

I am currently a Realtor and Substitute teacher in Loudoun County. I have be married for over 35 years and have wonderful 17 year old daughter, started family late. Several other past careers have been Retail store manager, Programmer system analyst with a contractor to DOD at the pentagon, and owner of Lenah House Antiques in Aldie Virginia for over 27 years. Still have not found my niche. Love to hear from past friends to caught up with news. Looking for information about possible 40th reunion in 2008.

Wed  Oct 10 7:46 2007 PDT  

1968  Terri Priddy
Maiden Name:  Terri Kirk

Email:  teripriddyculpeperva(at)
133 Elm Street

City:  Culpeper 
State:  VA  22701

Comments or Bio:

 I live in Culpeper, VA with my husband Brian. I have two grown children who also graduated from Lee H.S. Michael graduated in 1989 in lives in Alexandria with his wife and children. Sheri graduated in 1992. She lives in Herndon, VA and is the director of a child care center. I currently work part time in the medical field.

Thu  Apr 24   14:37 2008 PDT  

1968  Charlotte Elise Fare
Maiden Name: 
Charlotte Elise Medding
Email:  enterpriser2(at)
9976 Somerset Grove Lane

City:  Jacksonville 
State:  FL  32222
Telephone:  904-772-7185

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from VCU in 1972 with a BFA in art education and joined the Army in 1973 where I met my husband. After 30 years and two wonderful boys (now grown), we divorced. During that time I worked as an Arts Specialist for the army and lived for a period of time in Hawaii and Germany as well as the Midwest (Oklahoma). I now work as a Library Associate Senior for the Jacksonville Public Library as the Teen Librarian. I am a published quilter and have won several blue ribbons for my quilts.

Thu  Jun 12   14:00 2008 PDT  

1968  Donnie Lail
16 Grey Fox Lane

City:  Dover 
State:  DE  19904

Comments or Bio:

Out of school 68, drafted in Jan 69 attended U of VN. At age 24 I married Wendy Lail and we were together for 32 years. Lost her to Breast Cancer in 05. We had two boys and now have to two grandkids. Made my living in retail to start off and then moved to IT after two years at UMD to shop teacher. Took the good stuff first. Mistake but I learned. When on to work in IT and then for USA TODAY for 20 years as a Systems Manger. Burned out and retired in 2004. Loving life!!! Please note the address for Diane Williams 67 and mine are the same. She is still my sweet heart.

Sun  Nov 8   6:44 2009 PDT  

1968  Margaret (Peggy) Schmoeckel
Maiden Name: 
Peggy Fisher
P.O. Box 1041

City:  Spring Branch 
State:  TX  78070
Telephone:  210-326-3227 (Cell only)

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee High School, I graduated from what used to be Southwest Texas State University with a BA in English. Then I graduated from Centenary Collage in Shreveport, LA with a MA in School Administration. I was married in "71" and had two girls, Jennifer and Nicole. 

I taught for several years in the Catholic School system where ever we moved to, then became Principal in Shreveport for St. Pius X. Left there and moved to Dallas and became a principal for St. Bernard of Clairvaux in Dallas. I loved that school and only left after 7 years to help care for my father in San Antonio. 

I have since retired and live in a small town outside (north) of San Antonio, Texas. Both of my children have children, my grand kids. Jenny lives in Memphis, TN with Sarah and Ryan and her husband Wil. Nicole (Nikki) lives in Coon Rapids, MN with Madyson, Noah, Nickolas, Mackanzie, and her husband Jason. My husband and I were divorced after 25 years of marriage but we have remained friends. I welcome any and all communication with former classmates. 

I look forward to hearing about their lives as well as what is going on now. I can also be found on Facebook. Hope to hear from some of you!

Fri  Feb 5   16:53 2010 PDT  

1968  Cindy Toussaint
Maiden Name: 
Cynthia Bean

Mon  Mar 17 8:56 2014 PDT  

1968  Jack D. Owen
1113 Glen Echo Lane

City:  Milford 
State:  OH  45150

Comments or Bio:

It's all on Facebook! Married -- with children - Just retired from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals - Sr Sales Mgr -- Now playing in 2 Bands -- & & Church!

Sun  Mar 28   16:35 2010 PDT  

1968  Karen Kettner
Maiden Name: 
Karen Fales
4182 Orchid Drive

City:  Hernando Beach 
State:  FL  34607
Telephone:  352-597-0676

Comments or Bio:

After Lee, graduated from Patricia Stevens, became a rock singer, hitchhiked all over Europe for a year. Became a Scientologist. Got involved in acting, commercials, writing, radio. Now run a business with husband on the water in sunny Florida. Very involved in projects to expose psychiatric barbarisms like the drugging of children and always continue my writing.

Thu  Aug 12  11:07 2010 PDT  

1968  Jan Barrett Travers
Maiden Name:  Jan Barrett

3503 Chaneyville Road

City:  Owings
State:  Md  20736

Comments or Bio:

After Lee I attended Madison College with several other classmates. Got a BA in English and got my first (and only) job in Calvert County. Taught, got married and had a daughter in the 70s, did the stay-at-home-aerobics-teacher thing and had a son in the 80s, went back to the classroom in the 90s and just retired in 2014. Since 2004, my husband of 41 years and I own and operate a fine dining restaurant in North Beach MD (The Westlawn Inn).

Wed  May 27  18:10 2015 PDT