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Robert E. Lee High School  List of '69 Registered

1969 - Ellyn (Reilly) Presley
2257 Mountain View Road
Stafford, VA 22554 USA
(540) 752-1084
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1969

Sat Jul 18 19:19:07 1998 PDT

1969 - Frank T. Dulong
11877 Barrel Cooper Court
Reston, VA 20191
703 598 8659
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1969

Wed Jul 15 08:02:58 1998 PDT

1969 - Gregory Douglas Reed
5824 Tilbury Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22310-1607 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1969

Tue Aug 13 22:20 2001 PDT

1969 - Helen Matthews
Maiden Name:  Helen Horton
E-Mail:  poochie2(at)
Mt. Airy, MD 
Class of /1969 

Married for the 2nd time in 1994 to my soul mate.  30 year old son who also graduated from Lee.  2 step sons 21 & 23.  All boys.  No grandchildren.  Working for the National Park Service for 28 years.  Currently Horticulturist and Resource Management Specialist for President's Park, White House Liaison.  Can't wait to retire and travel, travel, travel.  Hobbies are nature, auctions and Travel!

Mon Mar 11 12:55 2002 PDT

1969 - Jerry Carroll
6812 Floyd Avenue
Springfield, VA 22150 USA
E-Mail: JerryCarroll(at)
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1969---6/9/69
Hi to all former classmates. You may contact me at my direct line at RE/MAX 703-876-5887.

Thu Jul 23 23:47:15 1998 PDT

1969  Rick Fearing
Address: 4810 Cross Meadow Place

City:  Chantilly
State:  VA  20151
Telephone:  571-522-6389

Thu  Jun 26  6:45 2003 PDT

1969 - Rick Nay
6634 Shalestone Court
Clifton, VA 20124
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1969

Tue Jul 14 08:16:23 1998 PDT

Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1969

Tue Aug 11 21:58:42 1998 PDT

1969  Diane Dix Massa
Maiden Name:  Dix
Address: 8543 Gwynedd Way

City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153
Class: 1969

Wed July 19 15:00 1998 PDT

1969 -  Nancy (O'Mara) Kassab
Maiden Name: O'Mara
Email:  nancykassab(at) 
Address: 1159 Brantley Estates Drive
City: Altamonte Springs
State: Florida 32714
Telephone: (407) 788-2958

Comments or Bio:

Registered Nurse - currently employed as an Independent Nurse Contractor. Married in 1974 - divorced 1981 - remarried in 1989 to my best friend and absolute sole mate, Jerry. Four kids - 2 boys (musician and audio engineer) and 2 girls (journalist and graphic designer). Love to hear from you guys!

Wed  Jun  16 15:45  2004 PDT

1969   William E. Johnson
E-Mail: wilden(at)
Address: 7242 Academy Road
City: Warrenton
State: VA 20187
Telephone: (540)347-9218
Class: 1969
Comments or Bio:

Grey and old with two kids!  Never left Lee actually.   Got married to Denise O'Donoghue (also a 1969 graduate) in 1972.

Aaarrrgghh! Let's do the time-warp again!

Tue Jun 17 18:15 2003 PDT

1969 Denise Johnson
Maiden Name: O'Donoghue
E-Mail: wilden(at)
Address: 7242 Academy Road
City: Warrenton
State: VA 20187
Telephone: (540)347-9218

Class: 1969

Tue Jun 17  18:15 2003 PDT

1969   Rebecca Braddock
Maiden Name: Wohlford
E-Mail: b_braddock(at)
Address: 9541 Blake Ln. #T-3
City: Fairfax
State: VA
Telephone: (703) 359-4936
Class: 1969
Comments or Bio:

I have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy and one granddaughter. I'm divorced (since '85) and working and living in Fairfax.

Mon Sep 14 20:30 1998 PDT

1969   Patricia McGowan Bertwell
Maiden Name:   Patricia McGowan
E-Mail:  weltybertwell(at)
Address:   229 Liberty Avenue
City:   Clarksburg
State: WV  26301

Telephone:  (304) 622-2454

Mon Apr 16  11:05 2001 PDT

1969   Henry Carretta 
   12404 Courtyard Lane
City:   Richmond
State: VA  23233
Telephone: 804-741-7805

Thu  Jul 31 10:20 2008 PDT

1969   Lee Pugh
E-Mail: pugworks(at)
Address:   1865 Patmos Rd
City:   Woodstock
State:  VA  22664
Telephone: 540-459-2408

Comments or Bio:

Now retired after 31 years as a physical therapist at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital.  Married 37 years to Deby Pugh.  We are proud grandparents of 2 granddaughters.  Now enjoying substitute teaching in the local elementary and high school, playing 12 string acoustical guitar in two Christian bands and reading. 

Tue Dec 6 18:29 2011 PDT

1969   Mary Beth Hawn
Address:   2298 Mitchell's Mill Road
City:  Aylett
State: VA  23009
Telephone: (804) 769-2643

Comments or Bio:

Hello to all my classmates.  Please sign up for LAFA, stay in touch, and come to reunions!  You never know who you will meet!

Mon  Jun 21  17:25 2004 PDT

1969   Thomas Bettis
THOMAS.A.BETTIS(at)1GSFC.NASA.GOV Address:   25020 Muddy Creek Road
City:  Bloxom
State: VA  23308
(757) 665-6535
Class: 1969
Comments or Bio:

Wed Jan 20 16:15 1999 PDT

1969   Kris Williams McKinzie
Maiden Name: Kris Williams
E-Mail:  krismckinzie(at)
Address:   126 Cape May Avenue
City:  Ponte Vedra
State: FL 32081
Class: 1969
Telephone: 703-531-9041

Mon Nov 1  16:15 2021 PDT

1969   Arthur Lon "Lon" Wilson
Address:   3721 Falling Green Rd
City:  Olney
State: MD  20832-1018 
Telephone: 301-924-5525

Comments or Bio:

Married Elizabeth in 1982 and have 3 boys (Brian, Stephen & Jason). After 39 yrs & 7 months of creditable service I will retire from the U.S. Postal Service on May 31, 2011. 

Looking forward to some travel, taking care of things at home and the next class get together. 

Still wish we could find more of our "lost" classmates.

Sat   May 21  8:05  2011 PDT

1969   Diane M. Burrows
Maiden Name: Diane Ordakowski
E-Mail:  Diane.Burrows(at)
Address:   4300 Wedgewood Drive 
City:  Annandale
State: VA  22003-2933
Telephone: (703) 941-2047

Class: 1969

Tue Feb 23 14:15 1999 PDT

1969   Nancy L. Rebar
Maiden Name: Nancy Trapani
Address:   3336 Happy Heart Lane
City:  Annandale
State: VA  22003
Telephone: (703) 573-2665

Class: 1969
Comments or Bio:

Married, no children. I will celebrate my 30 years of service with Bell Atlantic on June 10, 1999. I plan on retiring in 2 years to do some traveling and to enjoy life with my husband.

Wed Feb 24 17:45 1999 PDT

1969   Melvin E. "Buddy" Baker
Address:   5610 56th Terrace North
City:  St. Petersburg
State: FL  33709-2020
Telephone: (727) 385-9623

Class: 1969

Comments or Bio:

After years of wandering in and out of the newspaper business, I finally realized that I was a journalist at heart. I am currently completing a masters degree in Journalism Studies at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg so that I can teach writing and journalism. Would love to hear from all those 1969 grads living in the Sunshine State. Would particularly like to hear from anyone who knows the whereabouts of Barry McVay, Mark Estes and Mark Kilby. 

Fri  Nov14 18:35 2003 PDT

1969   Bob Lyons
Email: rlyons(at)
Address:   9772 Viewcrest Drive
City:  Fairfax Station
State: VA  22039
Telephone: (703) 643-1121

Class: 1969

Tue Mar 17 23:45 1999 PDT

1969   Patricia Corbin-Ohr
Maiden Name: Patricia Corbin
Email: patriciaanne1(at)
Address:   4921 Seminary Rd. #1007
City:  Alexandria
State: VA  22311
Telephone: (703) 845-8030

Class: 1969
Comments or Bio:

Single, one daughter, Leslie.  Four grandkids - Jason 11, Jeff 9, Ashley 8, and Jasmine 5.

Tue Apr 6 4:20 1999 PDT

1969   Jay Copan
Address:   9611 Clubvalley Way
City:  Raleigh
State: NC  27617
Telephone: 919-405-2015

Sun  Jan 1   14:13 2012 PDT

1969   Michael Stevens
Email:   hdscoot(at)
Address:   P.O. 472
City:  Bealton
State: VA  22712
Telephone: (540) 439-4334

Class: 1969

Tue Apr 6 4:20 1999 PDT

1969   Stephen Charles Ralph
Email:   ralph.steve(at)
Address:   8047 Brooklyn Ave. N.E
City:  Seattle
State: WA  98115
Telephone: (206) 522-7928 H

Class: 1969

Fri Apr 23 11:35 1999 PDT

1969   Jim L. Lyles Jr
Email:   jlyles(at)
Address:   279 Cedar Lane
City:  Colonial Beach
State: VA  22443
Telephone: (804) 224-0774

Class: 1969

Comments or Bio:

Still employed by the Dept of the Navy but will be short lived, planned retirement Jan 03 06 after 35 years. Still married and daughter will be 15 and wants to drive very soon and go to college. Second career maybe working on a golf course on a Navy base. Also Vice President of GS with American Federal Government Employees (AFGE) and will remain active after retirement for a short period of time.

Sat  Oct 15  9:05 2005 PDT

1969   Martha L. Davis
   1401 North Pergram Street
City:  Alexandria
State: VA  22304
Telephone: 703-370-8546

Thu  Jul 31  12:21 2008 PDT

1969   Karen James
Maiden Name:  Karen Johnson
Email: minikj(at)
Address:   1551 Dale Avenue
City:  Winter Park
State:   FL  32789
Telephone: (407) 647-2642

Class: 1969

Wed Aug 2 19:55 2000 PDT

1969   Robert Sowell
Email:    rabs(at)
Address:   6632 Magnolia Drive
City:  Gloucester
State:   VA  23061
Telephone: (804) 693-0161

Class: 1969

Comments or Bio:

I have been married since 74.  I am a state employee working with the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Senior Juvenile Probation Officer.  We have two children--a daughter in her junior year at GMU and a 12 year old son who will be in 7th grade in the fall of 1999.

If any of my classmates are in the area, please visit.

Fri Jul 2 5:00 1999 PDT

1969  Mark Estes
Email:   tradewnd(at)
Address:   1186 Ocenshore Blvd. #157
City:  Ormond Beach
State:  FL   32176
Telephone:   (904) 441-6705
Class: 1969

Comments or Bio:

There ought to be a LAW OF EQUALIZATION for Speed Limits.  It would work this way--you get stuck behind a 106-year-old lady doing 20 MPH under the speed limit for 10 miles (this happens a lot in Florida). Once you get beyond this blue-haired moving road block you should be able to do 20 MPH over the speed limit for 10 miles, or even 10 MPH over the limit for 20 miles, without fear of a speeding ticket. It only seems fair.

Fri Aug 6 14:25 1999 PDT

1969  Gail Harding
Email:   mionapub(at)
Address:   164 Wildwood Acres Circle
City:  Patrick Springs
State:  VA  24133
Telephone:   (540) 694-8933
Class: 1969


Comments or Bio:

Sorry I missed our 30th—hope to make it to 40th. Since our last reunion I’ve bought my second newspaper and a house, and formed a publishing company (and wonderful relationship) with a long lost love I reunited with the weekend of our 20-year reunion (not a Lancer). Happily childless.

Wed Aug 25 3:58 1999 PDT

1969  Hazanne Kompelien
Maiden Name: Hazanne Hetzler
Email:  HazeKomp(at)
Address:   2904 Thumbelina Circle

City:  Las Vegas
State:  NV  89102

Comments or Bio:

Registered Nurse x 25 (!) years, first in Intensive Care, now in Labor & Delivery. Married 25 (!) years, to the same achievement these days! Two sons, age 23 and 14, whom I adore.

Typical middle-class-poor, working mother who loves her job AND her family. Thirty year member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...very involved volunteering with the women's group.

Lived in Las Vegas x 17 years: love the 24-hr town, the lights, and the great weather.   ( We're five hours from Calif., one hour from mountains & snow and one hour from Lake Mead and water sports! )

I do miss Virginia's beauty a great deal...but too used to the "laid back lifestyle" of life "out west"!

Happiness!     Haze

Sat Sep 25 10:02 1999 PDT

1969  John B. Porter
Address:   700 The Lake Road
City:  Clintwood
State:  VA  24228
Telephone:  276-926-8528

Comments or Bio:

Retired, divorced and fishing.  Three grandchildren. 

Sat  Jan 27  6:20  2007 PDT

1969  Henry Carretta
Email:   hjcarret(at)
Address:   511 N Ryland St. Apt. 3
City:  Richmond
State:  VA  23220
Class: 1969
Telelphone:  (804) 828-0172
Website:     HJCarrett

Comments or Bio:

I recently started a new job in the Health Administration Department of VCU.   Just began a doctoral program in Health Services Research.

Having fun living in the city.

Fri Jan 28 9:15  2000 PDT

1969  Edward Wandelt
Email:   ewandelt(at)
Address:   11710 Amkin Drive
City:  Clifton
State:  VA  20124-2121
Class: 1969
Telelphone:  (703) 250-9576

Comments or Bio:

Held a "mini" reunion with Craig & Linda Musick, Bob & Robin Sowell, Bob & Tish Lyons, Bill & Brenda Aird, and our special guests of honor direct from San Antonio, Texas Larry & Debbie Verner at the Old Ebbitt's Bar & Grill on Jan 15.  It was like the old times except that we were of legal drinking age this time! 

Please call if you're in town or happen to have any dealings with the Coast Guard (202/267-2369 (at) HQ/D.C.)

Mon Jan 31 6:00  2000 PDT

1969    Lynn Kervitsky Benner
Maiden Name:   Lynn Kervitsky
Email:   benner(at)
Address:   1310 Shady Lane
City:  Lufkin
State:  Texas  75904-4224
Telephone: 936-639-1193

Comments or Bio:

Married Don Benner '72 (Va Tech '73 BS Forestry & Wildlife)

Graduated from Va Tech '73 BS Elementary Education
Teaching Kindergarten

3 Children: Shannon Jo (25), Todd (22), Bonnie (19)
Hobbies: Church Handbell Choir, Tae Kwon Do (Red Belt), Tennis, Aerobics, Water Color Painting

Joys: Red Miata Convertible, Boating, Dog, and Husband

Sat Apr 28 5:02 2001 PDT

1969    Yvonne Merril
Email:   ymerrill(at)
City:  La Mesa
State:  California

Comments or Bio:

Left Springfield, came to California. Worked as Deputy Sheriff, retired and went back to school and got degree in Nursing. Now going back again to UCSD for Legal nurse consultant program. No kids but living with 20 pets of the feathered and furred variety. Weave and spin my own yarn out of my cat, dog, rabbit or any other animal that gets close enough. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 rabbits and twelve parrots. It is very noisey in La Mesa, CA. At least that is what the neighbors tell me.

Mon Aug 13 22:15 2001 PDT

1969    Dave Burford
Email:   daveburf(at)
Address:   1301 S. Arlington Ridge Rd #811
City:  Arlington
State:  VA 22202
Telephone: 703-979-2984

Comments or Bio:

'69 - '74 VPI--Architecture
'72 - '73 VISTA volunteer, Philadelphia
'73 Married, Jan Hopkins, Peekskill, NY--Radford
'74 Architect w/Navy in Philadelphia;
'78 Daughter (Jamie, UNV '00, grad school (at)

'80 Son (David, undergrad (at)
'82 Son (Drew, undergrad (at)
Creighton U--business);
'84 Architect & PM w/Army Corps of Engineersrs in

'91 After peace broke out in Europe & job vanished, took a job (Arch & PM) w/Army Corps of Engineers in Anchorage, Alaska, absolutely "the Last Frontier";

'94 Motorhome trip AK to FL and back, 13,500 mi in 7 weeks;

'01 -'02 One-year detail with DOE in D.C.
Hobbies: Sea kayaking, biking & masters swimming
Quest: Deciding what I want to be when I grow up!

Tue Aug 14 19:30 2001 PDT  

1969    John Mercer
Address:   105 Cedar Point Drive

State:  NC  28466
Telephone:  910-285-6906

Comments or Bio:

Emory & Henry College; bank examiner with
OCC for 34 years, consultant last 6 years.  Married 1973,
two kids, divorced, remarried Barbara who I met in Dallas
in 1998. Five Grandkids we love.  Lived in Dallas, Seattle,
San Francisco, Charlotte, and finally retired near
Wilmington, NC.   Check out Barbara's watercolor website.

Sat  Mar 14   8:40 2015 PDT

1969    Carl W. Vandebogart
Email:   cvandebogart(at)
Address:   5385 Willis Road
City:  Ypsilanti
State:  MI
Telephone: 734 485 4778

Comments or Bio:

After graduating I went into the AIR Force on JUNE 15 1969.I did not attend our graduation ceremony and I regretted not doing so! I went fishing in North Carolina with my Uncle instead. I'm going to love getting together with everyone again! SEE YA!

Sun May 19 12:45 2002 PDT

1969    Debbie McGaughey
Maiden Name:  Debbie Street
Address:   188 Colemans Bluff Drive
City: Woodstock
State: GA 30188
Telephone: 770-693-0757

Comments or Bio:

Married to Tim for 42 years. He is from CA. Have 2 children Erin 38 and Sean 36. Two grandchild Sami 17 and Logan 13. Retired

Wed  Jan 21 9:13 2015 PDT

1969    Cathy Wilson
Maiden Name:  Cathy Beauregard
2634 North Potomac Street
City:  Arlington
State:  VA  22207
Telephone: 703-241-3741

Comments or Bio: 

English Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools Walt Whitman Middle School

Fri  Oct 14  15:30 2005 PDT

1969    Michael F. Pezzulli
Email: michaelp(at)
Address:   880 Country Club Road
City:  Fairview
State:  Texas  75069-1552
Telephone: 972.713.1300

Mon Nov 4 3:50 2002 PDT

1969    James R. (Doc) Holaday
Address:   103 Oatgrass Court
City:  Lake Frederick
State:  VA  22630
Telephone:  540-508-2111
Comments or Bio:

Retired from the Air Force after 31 years of service.

Sat  Sept 16  9:15 2006 PDT

1969    Donna Jones Howard
Maiden Name:  Donna Jones

Email:    tundra500(at)
Address:   1202 Town Side Drive
City:  Apex
State:  NC  27502
Telephone:  919-372-1769

Thu  Apr 24 14:44 2008 PDT

1969    Bill Douglas
  1848 S. Van Gordon Court

City:  Lakewood
State:  Colorado  80228

Comments or Bio:

In 2009, I retired from a 36-year Federal career in energy and minerals work. Now I'm in school (Colorado School of Healing Arts) with an eye on a part-time career for a few years. Whatever I earn doing that will go into a toy box for games I have yet to think about playing.

Sun  Jan 16 18:49 2011 PDT

1969    Patty Tucker
Maiden Name:  Patty Fitzpatrick

Address:   2622 Glenn Street
City:  Newton
State:  NC  28658
Telephone:  828-464-5601

Comments or Bio:

arried 34 years, 4 children grown and on their own (yay!) and all have their own income (double yay!) Have been a nurse for 24 years and recently decided to go back to school for a MS degree.  It was that or organize the closets. Anyone passing thru the foothills of NC feel free to stop by....but call first so I can throw the clutter into the closets!

Thu  Nov 14  13:40 2003 PDT

1969    William Kitchens
Address:   4917 South Tonti Street
City:  New Orleans
State:  LA  70125
Telephone:  504-822-9928

Tue  Dec 30   12:35 2003 PDT

1969    Tamara Hall
Email:    tshclipper69(at)
  109 Crooked Trail Ext.

City:  Woodstock
State:  CT  06281
Telephone:  860-974-0214

Comments or Bio:

While I only spent my freshman year at Lee I often think of the friends I made there and still feel connected to the south. I still have the 1966 yearbook and old newspaper clippings of the football games and homecoming events of the 1965/66 school year. The school play was "Oklahoma" and it still remains one of my favorites. I would love to hear from anyone who might possibly remember me especially if Patty Jones is active in the Alumni List.

Sat  Jun 17 17:15 2008 PDT

1969    Sandy Rittenhouse-Black
Maiden Name:  Sandy Rittenhouse
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22032

Comments or Bio:

Graduated Va. Tech in 1977 with a BS in Horticulture. Worked at National Air and Space Museum for 23 years retiring in 2002 as Chief of Exhibits - Go Figure! Married the tall, dark, handsome man of my dreams in 1984. Our son is 18 and attending UNCW, the second man of my dreams. Now, I have made it back to horticulture as a educational horticulturist at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Va. It's a great place if you haven't been there. Stop in some time.

Wed  Jan 12 6:00 2005 PDT

1969    Barbara A. Patton
Maiden Name:  Barbara Almoney
Address:   21159 Morning Way
City:  Sterling
State:  VA  20164
Telephone:  703-444-1759

Comments or Bio:

Married to John with 4 children: Michael(36), Danny(33), John(21)recently graduated from JMU, and Samantha(18)attending WVU.

3 Grandchildren (Michael Jr.(12) Adam(8), Shannon(2)

Currently own and operate a daycare facility

Hobbies: Riding my motorcycle and spoiling the grandchildren

Thu  Jul  27 20:00 2006 PDT

1969    Marcia Blanchard
Maiden Name:  Marcia Ostinato
Address:   6519 Hackberry Street
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Telephone:  703-971-0612

Comments or Bio:

I am divorced and have 2 wonderful boys. Scott is 19 and is currently serving his country in Iraq as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corp and Drew who will be sixteen next month and has Aspergers Syndrome (Autism) and is a freshman at Lee where Scott also attended and graduated in 2005!!

I am currently working at Ft. Belvoir Elementary (FCPS) as one of the Office assistants. I have been there for 7 years. I live in the house that my father built and where I was living when I attended Lee.

Wed  Feb 7 9:43 2007 PDT

1969    Robert J. Gregorio
Address:   21134 Mont Pony Road
City:  Culpeper
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio:

I'm currently semi-retired, travel a little, see my daughters and granddaughter.

Sun  Apr 30 13:33 2007 PDT

1969    Jan Rose
Maiden Name:  Jan  Zorack
Address:   8120 Chelaberry Court
City:  Gaithersburg
State:  MD  20879

Comments or Bio:

Although I did not graduate from Lee High School, I attended through my Sophomore year, we moved and I had to complete my last two years at West Springfield, although always felt a part of Lee High School.

I am now divorced with 4 children and 5 grandchildren, so keep busy.

Although I never attended one or your class reunions, maybe be lucky and will attend our 40th.

Fri  Jul 27 6:50 2007 PDT

1969    Thomas (Tom) Gilmer
Address:   225 Newton Ridge Drive
City:  Covington 
State:  GA  30014
Telephone:  770-789-8265

Comments or Bio:

Congratulations to Frank; Mary; and the Reunion Committee; it was a Reunion beyond compare! I continue to live and work in Georgia for a few more years. I am looking forward to any opportunity to rendezvous with "old" friends.

Fri  Sep 4 10:46 2009 PDT

1969    Maureen Kearns
Maiden Name:  Maureen Muth
City:  Kalamazoo 
State:  Michigan

Tue  Nov 6 6:40 2007 PDT

1969    Suzanne Bullard-Winters
Maiden Name:  Suzanne Bullard
  47 Newland Street

City:  Lakewood
State:  CO  80226
Telephone: 720-524-6308

Comments or Bio:

I have a Myspace address under email address type in and check out 

I have 2 more grandchildren almost to many to count now

Fri  Apr 11 13:53 2008 PDT

1969    Dana Krupa  RA, PMP, AMCPM
  7218 Gentian Court

City:  Springfield
State: VA  22152
Telephone:  703-866-0836

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from VPI in ’74 with a BArch; became a registered Architect in 1976.First job was with the Department of Navy, Norfolk – lots of overseas travel – even spent a year in GTMO. In 1978 I took a job in southern Honshu, Japan, just outside Hiroshima; a little over two years later I moved to Madrid, Spain, where I lived for the next several years. Returned to the DC area and planned to stay only a year or two, but other things seem to develop here instead. Spent a year at the Naval War College / CNW in Newport, RI, and received a Masters in 1998; spent the next four years on the Hill as a Senate staffer. Intense, long hours, but a wonderful experience! Started SCUBA diving way back when in GTMO, which has become a lifelong passion; became a PADI Master Instructor in 1999 and enjoy teaching. Love exotic locals; do a lot of UW video and photography. Retired in January 2007 and formed my own consulting company – keeps me pretty busy; sometimes I wonder if I really did retire.  Hope everyone is doing well and taking the opportunity to enjoy what life has to offer. Just remember Chauncy Garndener example: Life, after all, is a state of mind.

Sat   Feb 28 16:30 2009 PDT

1969    Connie Wilkinson
Maiden Name:  Connie Campbell
  4528 Twin Coves Road

City:  Radford
State: VA  24141
Telephone:  540-639-4044

Mon   Mar 10 12:55 2008 PDT

1969    Nancy Saunders
  2304 Ohbah Nene

City:  Tallahassee
State:  FL  32301

Comments or Bio:

Left Virginia immediately after high school and moved to Hawaii with my family before attending college in Ohio. Haven't kept in touch with anyone from my class, but would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Currently I work in real estate and finance.

Fri  Jun 13  6:39 2008 PDT

1969    Linda Ferrell
  306 N 27th Street 

City:  Wilmington
State:  NC  28405

Comments or Bio:

Registered Nurse. Have been living in Wilmington, NC for 13 years and love it but not the hurricanes & humidity. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the 50th anniversary because have a 501c3 canine rescue and very involved in its welfare. Would love to hear from and keep in touch with all of you.

Sun  Sep 28  8:59 2008 PDT

1969    Rick Wittenberger
  7311 Gary Street

City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150

Comments or Bio:

I received three degrees in Electrical Engineering (B.S., '73 VA Tech, M.S.E., '77 Purdue, and Professional '87, Univ. of Illinois/ G. Washington Univ., and have worked for over 30 years in various companies including General Motors (Delco Electronics), TRW, Computer Sciences, AT&T Bell Labs, and Argon ST. I was in the concert band at Lee (trumpet) under Phil Rittman, and played with him again in the National Concert Band here in DC until his early death about 10 years ago. I have also played in many local concert bands (Alexandria, King's Park, Fairfax, Mt. Vernon), musicals, and symphonies, and toured to England, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Hawaii with the VA National Symphony (Principal Trumpet), also playing many National Veterans Day concerts with that group in big cities across the U.S. I played on the Lee tennis team two years, and have won a number of club championships in recent years. I was asked to coach the Jefferson HS (now for Science and Technology) tennis team, and we have gone undefeated in the last three years (regular season), and won the Northern Regional Championship this year (2009). We nearly won the state championship twice in these last 3 years. Love teaching and coaching the kids. I'd especially like to hear of activities from classmates from the band, and the math, tennis, cross-country, and rifle teams. Please stop by the house for a visit when you're in town - would love to see you. We had a great school and class, and you all are the best!

Thu  Sep 3   8:40 2009 PDT

1969    Mary Frances (Fran) Hood
Maiden Name:  Hood
  460 Ridgewood Avenue, Lot #63

City:  Daytona Beach
State:  FL  32117
Telephone: 386-589-7960

Comments or Bio:

I now have 3 WONDERFUL grandchildren. Gavin--DOB--08-21-06, Leah--DOB--12-13-08, and now Luke only 3 mos. old DOB--09-20-10. Helping son out in his office for termite/pest control. Not working now, getting ready to go back to school for Patient billing/coding. Will finish in about

1 yr. It's been sooooo long since I graduated, I don't know if I can do this stuff anymore. HA! HA! Would love to hear from anyone at anytime. If in the Daytona Beach area please feel free to contact me. God Bless and take care of yourselves.

Thu   Dec 9 10:51 2010 PDT

1969    Christine Butler
Maiden Name:  Christine Robinson
  3870 Spyglass Hill Road

City:  Sarasota
State:  FL  34238
Telephone: 941-586-1063

Sun  Feb 8 8:05 2009 PDT

1969    Joe Scully
  2300 Vanguard Way #M-294

City:  Costa Mesa
State:  CA  92626
Telephone: 714-966-0177

Thu  Feb 26 2:12 2009 PDT

1969    Dwight Hamner
  10 Ninth Avenue #405

City:  San Mateo
State:  CA  94401
Telephone: 650-787-3834

Comments or Bio:

When I started as a freshman at Lee along with all of you in 1965 I was reeling from the shock of my Father choosing to retire to Northern Virginia rather than Southern California. I finally made it to California, but to the Bay Area, where, despite the cost of living, it is incredibly gorgeous. But there are times when I miss DC, like in the early Spring, when the air starts to soften and the daffodils poke through in Rock Creek Park.

Thu  Mar 12 2:19 2009 PDT

1969   Kathy Ranck
Maiden Name:  Kathy Owens
  2986 Canterbury Court

City:  Milford
State:  MI  48381
Telephone: 248-684-5856

Comments or Bio:

Married for 22 years to Jeff and have two great adopted boys (32 and 35), our youngest is married but no grandkids yet. I started by own company last year as an independent manufacturers rep for several furniture lines. It's fun although slow right now due to the economy. We hope to retire in Tenn., and build a house on property we bought in the Smokey Mountains on Barr Lake.

Wed  May 27 6:42 2009 PDT

1969   Scott C. Struthers
  1019 Wyndham Way

City:  Safety Harbor
State:  FL  34695

Comments or Bio:

Still in Florida, graduated from USF, still working for Cadillac, still playing rock and roll, starting to collect grandkids - the best! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 40th reunion.

Mon  Jun 1 16:57 2009 PDT

1969   Cathy J. White
Maiden Name:  Cathy Nohre
  1128 Huntmaster Terrace NE

City:  Leesburg
State:  VA  20176

Comments or Bio:

Married '72, divorced '91. One daughter - grown and married; one son - grown, engaged and living in NYC. One grandchild (with another on the way). I have worked in IT for 30 years (wow - big changes in THAT industry over those years!). Hope to attend the 40th and reconnect with some ol' Lancer pals.

Mon Jun 23 5:25 2009 PDT

1969   Rick Seeker
  850 Hugo Reid Drive

City:  Arcadia
State:  CA  91007

Thu  Aug 12 10:08 2010 PDT

1969   Ed Wolfe
  121 Burton Street

City:  Georgetown
State:  DE  19947
Telephone:  302-542-6689

Comments or Bio:

Living in southern Delaware 12 miles from the beach. Semi retired.

Tue   Jun 7 7:08 2011 PDT

1969   Linda Schwartz
  1121 SW 103 Avenue

City:  Pembroke Pines
State:  FL   33025

Mon  Aug 8 10:57 2011 PDT

1969   Dan Dwyer
  21144 Winding Brook Square

City:  Ashburn
State:  VA  20147
Telephone:  703-726-6221

Comments or Bio:

Just spent the last 2 years deployed to Afghanistan supporting our Men and Woman of the Armed Forces.  I am back in town until May of this year and then heading back to Afghanistan for 1 more year. If any of my former 1979 classmates live near Ashburn, VA send me an e-mail so we can get together over drinks and catch up.

Sat   Feb 11 12:28 2012 PDT

1969   Gary Kashurba
  19615 Queen Street

City:  Rehoboth Beach
State:  DE  19971
Telephone:  302-260-2436

Thu  Mar 29 15:12 2012 PDT

1969   Donald Richwine
  447 Arlington Road

City:  Erie
State:  PA  16509
Telephone:  814-868-7571

Comments or Bio:

Moved to New Hartford, NY after sophomore year in 1967. Graduated from Lafayette College in 1973. Spent a number of years with GE and now own a manufacturing company in NW PA.

Wed  Nov 13 16:22 2013 PDT

1969   Kathy Peterson
Maiden Name: Kathy Buchanan
  6350 Milltown-Frenchtown Road

City:  Depauw
State:  IN  47115

Comments or Bio:

Found this website by accident. So much fun to read familiar names & see faces from the past.

Paul & I married in '73 after I graduated from Mary Washington. Two beautiful daughters & six wonderful grandchildren.

We traveled all over during Paul's Army career; retired to Louisville, KY for 8 years & are now Hoosiers!

I still work with children & teach swimming on the side.

Update your bios!

Wed  Apr 9 7:25 2014 PDT