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Robert E. Lee High School  List of 70 - 72 Registered

1970  Nancy Cox Christensen
Maiden Name:  Nancy Cox
  220 Artillery Road

City: Southern Pines
State:   NC  28387
Telephone:  910-692-1830

Comments or Bio:

Went to VCU for one year and Nova for one year. I'm married to a nice Danish man who is an Executive Chef named Tom. I have three kids and 2 grandsons. I'm a Customer Service Rep. in the banking field. Classmates drop me a line anytime.

Wed May 14 2:23 2008 PDT

1970 - Ken Filipovich
3706 Beaver Ford. Rd
Lake Ridge, Va. 22192 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1970

Wed May 27 08:35:47 1998 PDT

1970 - Ronald Lee Albert (ernst)
14136 Drakes Point Court
Jax, FL 32224 
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Class of 1970

Thu Dec 6 9:45 2007 PDT

1970 - Ted Allen
100 Ridge Run
Tyrone, GA  30290
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1970

Sun Feb 10 14:10 2002 PDT

1970  Mark Muhonen
E-Mail:  markmark
Address: 6314 Ducketts Lane

City:  Elkridge
State:  MD 21075
Class: 1970
Telephone: (301) 344-4521

Thu Oct 29 14:20 1998 PDT

1970  David L. Osborn
E-Mail: dosborn(at)
Address:  1521 Colonial Dr. #203
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22192

Telephone:  (703) 494-7890

Thu Mar 11 6:30 2004 PDT

1970  Robin L. O'Bryan
Maiden Name:  Robin Oldaker
Address:  1359 Caboose Lane
City:  Boiling Springs
State:  PA  17007

Telephone:  (717) 241-2246

Mon Feb 11 15:55 2002 PDT

1970  Sharon Sesson
Maiden Name:  Sharon Mullins
E-Mail:   sessonsss
Address:  2560 Piney Bark Drive
City: Virginia Beach
State: VA  23456

Mon Jul 12 4:55 1999 PDT

1970  Ron Mason
Address:  15 North Bearwood Drive
City:   Lake Monticello
  VA  22963

Telephone:  (434) 589-6930

Tue Jul 22 11:35 2003 PDT

1970  Linda (Glaser) Pugh
Maiden Name:  Linda R, Glaser
E-Mail:   lpugh
Address:  273 Parkwood Court
City: Collinsville
State:   VA  24078
Telephone:  (540) 647-4061

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from National Business College with an Associate's Degree in Secretarial Science.  I married Mike Pugh in 1973 and moved to Fieldale, VA.  We adopted a baby boy, Christopher, in 1978.  I have been the Bookkeeper at Bassett High School since 1983.  We have a two-year old grandson, Christian, and a six-year old step-granddaughter, Kyrsten.

Wed Mar 1 5:10 2000 PDT

1970  Anna M. McCleary
Maiden Name:  Anna Guglielmini
Address:  6403 Frontier Drive
City: Springfield
State:   VA  22150
Telephone:  (703) 922-8439

Comments or Bio:

I have 3 grown children & 4 grandsons. My husband passed July 2001. I'm retired. I love Nascar & Redskins.

Tue Feb 15 15:10 2005 PDT

1970   Rick and Cheri Harman
Maiden Name:  Cheri Adams
E-Mail:   rharman
Address:  1500 Bushfield Road
City: Montross
State:   VA  22520-3804
Telephone:  (804) 472-3432

Comments or Bio:

Rick is currently the Transportation Supervisor for Westmoreland County Schools. Cheri is teaching Special Education at Washington and Lee High School. We have two children attending James Madison University. Ricky is a senior and Christie is in her freshman year. Carlydale, our third child, is a freshman at Washington and Lee High School. 

Tue Apr 10 20:20 2000 PDT

1970   Tom Mifflin
E-Mail:   mifflin
Address:  7708 Holmes Run Drive
City: Falls Church
State:   VA  22042
Telephone:  (703) 876-9173

Comments or Bio:

After Lee, I went to UVa, Georgetown and GW, where I acquired
questionable dietary and grooming habits and a Ph.D. in Math.
Have cleaned up somewhat since. Currently work at high tech
firm in Reston.  Have been an avid scuba diver for 22 years.
Got married in 1996 to Judy and we have a baby boy, Sam,
born Dec. 1999. 

Would like to hear from all my high school buddies, assuming
that this is ok with your parole officers.  I would also like
to hear from my former team mates and fellow math nerds.

Sat July 15 15:05 2000 PDT

1970   Kathleen Lilly
Maiden Name:  Kathleen Pugh
Address:  13433 Orangewood Drive
City:   Woodbridge
State:   VA  22193
Telephone:  (703)-298-8331

Comments or Bio:

I got remarried on Sept. 30, 2006 to Stephen Lilly. My twins are grown and doing great. Doug was Married on Sept. 15, 2007 and Wade will be married on March 29, 2008. I am technically retired from Giant but still working for them as an Administrative Assistant to a District Manager.

My husband and I love taking pictures, mostly scenic and cars.

We hope to retire and move south by 2014.

Thu  Sep 20  6:38 2007 PDT

1970   Susan Carter Mosser
Maiden Name:  Susan Carter
E-Mail:   susancmo
Address:  6732 Hackberry Street
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22150
Telephone:  (703) 971-2803

Tue Sep 26 4:00 2000 PDT

1970   Rob Hays
E-Mail:   haysfamily(at)
Address:  P.O. Box 43
City:   Girdwood
State:   AK  99587
Telephone:  (907) 754-1547

Comments or Bio:

Alive and well, living and working in Alaska since 1976. Married (to Anne since 1980) with 3 sons ages 28,25 and 17. First grand child born recently. Our life style is normal only by Alaskan standards. My job takes me 800 miles north to the Oil Fields of Prudhoe Bay. Position held with British Petro. Co as a Process Automation Specialist. While you drive to work on the freeways of the Lower 48 I fly to and from work ever tuesday to work week on week off. We are active in many outdoor sports, fishing, rafting and sea kayaking in the summer. While in the winter we enjoy down hill sking by simply walking from our home located at the base of Mt. Alyeska to the lift. If you are in the area please give me a yell!!

Sun Nov 19  9:05 2000 PDT

1970   Jim Hanson
E-Mail:   jimh1970(at)
Address:  4600 Berini Drive
City:   Durham
State:   NC  27705
Telephone:  (919) 383-9712

Comments or Bio:

Since the day I left Lee it's been interesting to say the least.Long I looked down that path but took the other just as fair. Two Roads diverged in a yellow wood. I went and got a degree in Business Management from Gannon College,Erie Pa. Currently I am Vp Sales Manager fo Harris Inc. of Durham I sell Budweiser beer. I guess it's my pennance for my years of debauchery. I am married and have two son's 8 and 6.

I'm proud to currently support the Duke Blue Devils(SEASON TICKETS)Maryland can kiss my ---.

God Bless the Alumni of Robert E. Lee High School.

Hello Mark Mahoney where ever you are?

Fri Apr 20  16:15 2001 PDT

1970   Janet Pierson
Maiden Name:  Janet Winslow
Address:  4601 West  99th Street
City:   Bloomington
State:   Minnesota  55437

Comments or Bio:

I have been living in Minnesota since 1975 with my
husband Greg, of 32 years and two sons.  Steve is 30, and Bryan is 22.

I have a career in the health care field, and think of the class
of '70 very often.  Hope everyone is well.  Would love to hear from you folks.

Wed Jun 5 11:15 2002 PDT

1970   Beth Smith
Maiden Name:  Beth Hanna
Address:  175 Pantops Drive
City:   Charlottesville
State:   VA  22903
Telephone:  540-461-2384

Comments or Bio:

Now in Charlottesville. Private practice as LPC and Art Therapist. Starting craft teaching studio. 5 grand kids.

Tue Sep 17 12:24 2013 PDT

1970   Roberta (Bobbi) Herman
Maiden Name:  Bobbi Harbert
Address:  2013 Wynfield Drive
City:   Prattville
State:   AL 36067

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from the University of Alabama in Accounting and went to work for International Paper Co. in New York City. Transferred to Mobile Alabama as Controller of a plant there and met my husband in 1979. Have one son, Jonathan, who is a Captain in the Air Force. I have moved around the country since getting married: Pittsburg KS, Camden AR, Dallas TX, Memphis TN, Shreveport LA, Madison MS, Savannah, GA and now Prattville, AL with International Paper. What a life.

Sat Jun 28 16:01 2008 PDT

1970   Beverly Joy Simpson Cook
Maiden Name:  Joy  Simpson
Address:  1240 East Peoria Avenue
City:   Phoenix
State:   AZ  85020
Telephone:  602-371-3435

Comments or Bio:

After living in Springfield all my life my family moved during my Junior year. Now I have roots in Phoenix.  My grown children graduated from Paradise Valley High School where their Father and I attended the Prom and graduated. Well rooted in the desert, but still fond memories of the children I grew up with.  Would love to hear from you. 

Sat Sept 13 8:00 2003 PDT

1970   Cindy Jones
Maiden Name:  Cindy Craig
City:   Springfield
State:   Virginia
Telephone: 703-346-2213

Comments or Bio:

I've sold the old family home on Brandon Ave and moved to Belmont Bay in the Woodbridge area. My son Craig (29) has married a wonderful woman Jen and I now have a beautiful granddaughter Alexandria born in Sept 06. My daughter Kara (26) finally settled in London and was married in November.

I am still selling real estate. Switched to RE/MAX Allegiance in the Burke office last year after I got my Broker's license. Hope all is well with everyone!

Fri  Feb 16 11:25 2007 PDT

1970   Christine R. Kincaid
Maiden Name:  Christine Randa
42870 Golf View Drive

City:   South Riding
State:   Virginia 20152
Telephone: 703-327-4953

Comments or Bio:

 Since graduation I worked for the Federal Govt. until 1981 (Justice, Energy, GSA, Executive Office of President). Graduated from the Fairfax County School of Practical Nursing in 2000 as an LPN and have been working in a doctor's office. Married in 1979; Divorced 2002. Two boys: Joey born in 1981 and Jeffrey born in 1984. Joey attended Hayfield High but graduated from Mountain View in 2000. Jeffrey graduated from Hayfield in 2002 and is a jr. at ODU in Norfolk. Have a yellow lab named "Toby". Have been to a few reunions. Enjoyed the last one in 2000. Looking forward to the next one.

Thu  Dec  16 16:20 2004 PDT

1970   Donald (Ed) Hess
E-Mail:   edhessva(at)
Address: 320 W. 15th Street
City:   Houston
State:   TX  77008
Telephone: 281-7554920

Comments or Bio:

My wife Janet and I are currently living and working in Houston, Texas. Enjoying life and trying to catch up with family and friends after many years traveling around.

Mon Sep 6 7:21 2010 PDT

1970   Nancy W. Russell
Maiden Name:  Nancy Wright

E-Mail:   nrussell002(at)
Address: 72 Yesteryear Court
City:   Angier
State:  NC  27501
Comments or Bio:

I married G.D. Russell in 1971. Our two daughters, Julie and Kelly are married. Both teach in Christian schools. We have two grandsons, age 3 years and 19 months.

I worked for 9 years with the Department of Social Services in Fairfax. Then I worked 9 years at Emmanuel Christian School in Manassas. I worked as a secretary at Manassas Park Elementary School until I retired last June. Last year we moved to North Carolina to be near the grandsons and family. We are really enjoying them!!!

Fri  Apr 25 14:32 2008 PDT

1970   Brenda Karch
Maiden Name:  Brenda Logan

E-Mail:   brenda.karch(at)
Telephone: 801-525-3510 

Comments or Bio:

I have worked for The Boeing Company since 1976. Began my career at Edwards AFB, California, moved to Seattle, Washington, and am now in Utah. I'm the Human Resources rep for our site of approximately 250 people. My passion now is golf (had my first hole-in-one in September 2008). Now waiting for the next one. My daughter, her husband and my 8-year-old grand-daughter live in Pinedale, Wyoming. I'd love to hear from any of my old friends from Lee H.S.

sun  Jan 18 10:38 2009 PDT

1970   Sherry Hughes
Maiden Name:  Sherry Young

E-Mail:   phoenixgirl9(at)
Address: 1824 W. Butler Drive
City:   Phoenix
State:   AZ  85021

Comments or Bio:

I attended VA Tech for 2 years, then moved to Phoenix. I finished my Bachelor's degree here in Phoenix at a college called Western International Univ., majoring in Accounting.

I have worked for the IRS since moving here, and am eligible to retire in early 2008.

I am currently single. I have been married twice and have 5 children, ages 12-24.

I really enjoy living in AZ, southern-central AZ is desert (includes Phoenix) is sunny-warm/hot, and northern AZ is cool, similar to VA.

I would love to hear from my Lee High friends, Sherry

Wed  Feb 28 9:15 2007 PDT

1970   Diane Marie Day
Maiden Name:  Diane Marie DeCarlo

E-Mail:   msdianamarie(at)
Address: 4006 Lake Ridge Circle
City:   Virginia Beach
State:   VA  23452
Telephone: 757-477-2453 Cell

Comments or Bio:

After attending ODU, I settled down in Virginia Beach. I have three children, a son 33, who is a web designer, two daughters (19 and 21) who attend VCU in Richmond. I currently am a bookkeeper work at a Non-Profit bakery which employs people with disabilities. No husband, but I have two cats! Has anyone heard from Cathy Robertson? I have been trying to locate her for awhile. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Namaste.

Wed  Aug 13   17:22 2008 PDT

1970   Rex  Humphrey
E-Mail:   rex_humphrey(at)
Address: 17903 82nd Street E
City:   Bonney Lake
State:   WA  98391
Telephone: 253-863-4642

Comments or Bio:

After Lee I went to college in Montana. Played basketball and ran track for Montana State while getting a degree in Geology and a minor in engineering. I worked in Montana for 10 years and then moved to Washington to do coal exploration. In 2002 I helped form a geotechnical engineering firm in the Seattle area that now has 2 offices.  I am married (2nd). I have two children 30 and 27 both now out of college. ON my off time I fly, umpire High School and College Baseball, travel with my pretty wife Kathy and am remodeling our house.

Thu  Feb 5  6:28 2009 PDT

1970   Barbara Price
Maiden Name:  Barbara Hammond

E-Mail:   bipnbop(at)
Address: 2017 Martin's Point Road
City:   Kitty Hawk
State:   NC  27949

Comments or Bio:

The majority of my working life was for the Boeing Company in the NO. VA. area, Seattle, and Huntsville, AL as a project planner in the telecommunications field. I "retired" in 1991, changed careers and became a floral designer (wanted to do something fun!). Married my husband Gary in 1982, two stepchildren. We both retired in 2002 and moved from Clifton, VA to Kitty Hawk, NC (the Outer Banks) and are living the good life. I play a lot of golf - had a hole-in-one in 02, and shot my personal best score of 83 in 09. I stay very active, both physically and socially. Life is peaceful and rewarding. I am truly blessed. Come see me on Facebook!

Tue  Aug 11   7:55 2009 PDT

1970   Jeanne Kline
Maiden Name:  Jeanne Snyder

E-Mail:   jeanne.kline(at)
Address: 13829 Leighfield Street
City:   Chantilly
State:   VA  20151
Telephone:  703-608-6564

Comments or Bio:

Went to NVCC and graduated with AS in Business Admin in 1972. I have one daughter, Penny (age 25) and one grand-dog, Chloe (age 4 1/2). I'm a Quality Manager for L-3 Communications working in Reston, VA. I've also worked for Boeing (including 2 years on Space Station) and AT&T (I was part of the team that created the National Do Not Call Registry). I also spent 12 1/2 years with Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA - formerly Defense Communications Agency (DCA)).

Mon  Aug 17  10:51 2009 PDT

1970   David Rogers
City:   New York
State:   New York

Comments or Bio:

After three years at Lee I spent my senior year at Lake Taylor High School in Norfolk, VA. Then I moved to UNC at Greensboro to major in Spanish, but changed to German and Russian. In 1976 my partner, Johnny, and I moved to NYC, when I got a job at Northwest Airlines and, later, Pan Am. In 1991 I entered social work school and have worked in HIV/AIDS, mental health and substance abuse ever since. I'm also studying Jungian psychoanalysis and maintain a private practice. My current "day job" is Director of Center CARE Recovery, an intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in the Village. Johnny and I celebrated our 38th anniversary in March 2009!

Sat  Feb 27  13:51 2010 PDT

1970   Debbie Black
Maiden Name:  Debbie Compton
Address: 5 Treewood Court

State:   TX  76063

Comments or Bio:

I met my soul mate at the old Tom Weston's Restaurant in Springfield during the summer of 1979 and married him four months later. Ken and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, so I guess brief courtships can sometimes result in lasting marriages. We have two wonderful sons: Ken, Jr. (28), owner of KB Family Roofing & Construction and Nick (21), who is a senior at Stephen F. Austin University. If it's God's will, we hope they each give us a daughter-in-law and maybe make us grandparents at some point in the future. I graduated cum laude from the University of Texas in 2008 earning my bachelor's degree in Business Management. I currently direct the care ministries at our church in our home town of Mansfield, so the commute is a breeze. I attended the class of '69 40th reunion last summer, as well as their 30th reunion a decade earlier with my two sisters, Ginny Compton Birkett and Linda Compton Tilley. Both events were a blast! It is always interesting to catch up with former classmates and I very much appreciate those who make this cite possible.

Sun  Mar 7  14:41 2010 PDT

1970   (Robert)  John McDonald
Address: 18029 Brandy Road

State:   VA 22701

Wed  Mar 10 7:32 2010 PDT

1970   Barbara Patt
Maiden Name:  Barbara Harrell
City:   Front Royal
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Graduated with R.N. in 1973 from Mercy Hospital in PA. Moved back to Springfield for a while and then to Falls Church. Married to my soul mate in 1994 and still going strong. Working fulltime at a job I love!

Sat  Mar 20  7:08 2010 PDT

1970   Roger Nelson
Address:  4030 Welmont Drive

State:   NC  28304
Telephone:  910-261-6132

Sat  Mar 20  16:50 2010 PDT

1970   Renee Hutchinson Mallory
Maiden Name:  Renee Hutchinson
Address: 9309 Comanche Road

State:   GA  31904
Telephone:  706-575-3557

Comments or Bio:

My husband, John, and I have been married for almost 27 years and have a 24 year old son, Chris, who is living in Atlanta. We live in Columbus, but have a great log home in Blue Ridge, GA. for a getaway. I flunked retirement! I was an educator for 34 years, and a principal for 5--I even got to open a new high school in Columbus! I retired in 2007 (for 20 days) and I am now an elementary school principal at Ft. Benning. I don't play my guitar so much anymore, but my son has picked it up. I have a great new horse (a black and white overo paint) who keeps me moving and I have had some great travel opportunities (including 3 weeks in Japan on a Fulbright). My brother, Dick, who graduated from Lee in 1969, also lives in Columbus. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the 40th reunion!

Thu  Jun 3  17:14 2010 PDT

1970   Evelyn Jean Reneer
Maiden Name:  Evelyn Babler
Address: 7544 Cross Gate Lane

State:   VA  22315-4619
Telephone:  703-922-7373

Comments or Bio:

Currently serving as a Logistics Management Specialist with the Army Materiel Command at Ft. Belvoir as their Continuity of Operations (COOP) Senior Planner. Simultaneously while serving as a civilian for the Dept of Defense I also served 21 years as a Naval Reserve and retired from that in 1994. I now have 40 years with the government and hope to retire w/in the next 16 months. I've had some exciting jobs. In one position I served on a NATO Planning Board for 13 years, that was the best job ever and got me to Europe at least twice a year. While working for the National Science Foundation, I spent 6 weeks in Bombay, India participating in the Monsoon Experiment of 1978.Was married, but never had any children - divorced since 2000. Went to VCU, UVA, Penn State, George Mason, NOVA and graduated from the Army Management Staff College. Love SCUBA diving, boating, fishing, fine dining, traveling abroad, bowling, playing bridge, going to football games, etc. Big Dallas Cowboys fan. Hoping to retire w/in the next 18 months & travel abroad.

Fri  Sep 24 6:59 2010 PDT

1970   Carol Aguilar
Address: 120 E 18th Street
  Costa Mesa

State:   CA  92627
Telephone:  949-690-6395

Comments or Bio:

I moved to California right after graduation in 1970 and have happily lived here ever since. I eventually got my BA in philosophy from UCSD and am just now completing an MA in philosophy. I was married for 20 years to a kind friend and wonderful father to our two children, now grown. My son and daughter are both happy and healthy and also graduates of UC schools. I will be a first time grandmother soon. My work for the last 30 years has primarily been in facilitating the growth of Zen meditation centers in California, founding my own Zen Center in Orange County, and teaching meditation and Buddhist Studies.

Tue  Oct 5  14:59 2010 PDT

1970   Stephen C. Prall
Address: 9222 Pine Stake Road

State:   VA  22542
Telephone:  540-809-5033

Comments or Bio:

Since Lee High days, employed as an auto mechanic, carpenter's helper, then in 1974 hired on with the Auto-Train Corp., in Lorton, Va. moved to the Sanford, Fl. Auto-Train terminal in 1976, then the Louisville Ky. Auto-Train terminal in 1977. In 1981 I hired on with the Richmond, Fredericksburg, & Potomac Railroad as a Brakeman, promoted to Conductor,& then Engineer. Joined Amtrak in 1988 & ran trains on the Northeast Corridor (Wash., DC to New York, NY.). From 1994-2010 operated the Virginia Railway Express commuter trains from Manassas , & Fredericksburg, Va. to Wash., D.C. & back. Currently operating Amtrak trains from Richmond to Wash., D.C. & back. Plan to retire Jan. 2012. I married my wife Kathy in 1994 & have a 14 year old son.

Thu  Oct 28  15:15 2010 PDT

1970   David Edwards
Address: 482 Buttevant Drive
  Monroe Falls

State:   OH  44262-1740
Telephone:  330-858-0060

Comments or Bio:

Got marriage right the second time, have four wonderful kids. 23,19, twins 17. Great wife who really is my soul mate. Working for the government (DOD) in downtown Cleveland love the job hate the city. Oh well kids and wife like it here so guess I will stay. Play lots of golf and coach sports for my kids. Would love to here from anyone, sent a few emails out and it was fun to here back from them. I missed the 40th but hope to be around and attend the 50th.

Wed  Mar 16  14:20 2011 PDT

   Bill Lloyd
Address: 55 Pine Manor Drive
  Little rock

State:   AR  72207
Telephone:  501-372-1700

Comments or Bio:

Still alive. Wish you all well. Cheers!

Sat  Dec 24  13:35 2011 PDT

1970   Tom Cheezum
Address: 2301 Mariners Mark Way
  Virginia Beach

State:   VA  23451
Telephone:  757-572-9547

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from William and Mary in 1974 and then attended the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia.

I graduated in 1978 and went into private practice in Chesapeake, VA. I sold my practice in 2013 and now work part time in a multispecialty medical practice.

My wife Jeanette and I have been fortunate to travel a good deal and we hope to travel more now that I have more free time.

Fri  Mar 6 9:41  2015 PDT

- Debby (Henderson) Wolfe
E-Mail:   dwolfe53(at)
230 Hope Court West
City: Bear
State: DE 19701
Telephone: 302-836-8936
Comments or Bio:

I attended Radford College 1971-73, George Mason 1973-74. Involved in a severe auto accident in July 1974.  Resumed my studies at UMBC in 1977 where I received my BA (78) and MA (80). Married in 1975, divorced in 1980.  Moved to Delaware in 1983 when I went to work for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. Met and married my soul mate Jim in 1985, lost him to cancer in 2006. I retired on disability from the VA in 2007 after 25 years. Sadly I never had children but enjoy my frequent visits to Virginia to see my sisters and their families as well as many cousins throughout the state.  My little dog Daisy keeps me company and I don't miss work one bit!

Thu  Sep 29  7:2 2011PDT

1971 - Karen Emert
117 Duban Street
Sebastian, FL  32958

Sat Nov 1 5:25 2003 PDT

Centreville, VA 20121 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1971

Tue Aug 11 21:40:52 1998 PDT

1971 - Karen (Hartman) Hudson
10702 Moore Drive
Manassas, Virginia 22111
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1971

Mon Aug 17 12:48:35 1998 PDT

1971  Dick Gilliam
Email:  gillidic
Address: 3219 Winmoor Drive

City:  Ijamsville
State:  MD
Class: 1971-ish

Website :
Comments or Bio:

Several years after school, I spent six years in Navy, North and South Pacific. Joined Comten which merged with NCR, which was bought by AT&T. Put 17 years into growth, realignments and reorganizations, then tried independent consulting for over a year.

Currently working with a new, very small but highly capable Engineering company.

I've been married since '75, have a daughter 20 and a son almost 14.

I've been remise about staying in touch with anyone over the years. I'm looking forward to seeing some of y'all and hearing a little about what has happened to others!

Life has been exciting (sometimes fun, sometimes not) if anything!

Tue Sep 1 18:00 1998 PDT

1971  Peggy Eddy
Maiden Name:  Hartzel
Address: 115 Meadow Lane

City:  Stafford
State:  VA 
Telephone: (540) 659-8469

Comments or Bio:

I'm happy to say that after 33 years I'm still married to Mike Eddy (71 Edison). We have 2 beautiful grandsons, and am enjoying life to the fullest. Spent 3 weeks traveling on a Harley to Sturgis Rally and plan on still cruising the seas. Life is good, meeting lots of friends some from previous classes of Lee. Mike will be retiring in Jan 2008, I don't know when I'll retire. Looking forward to future reunions.

Sun Sep 13 20:45 1998 PDT

1971  Peter D. Dundas
Email:  pddundas
Address: 2500 North Vandorn Street #403

City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22302
Class: 1971
Telephone: (703) 671-6566

Thu Sep 24 19:151998 PDT

1971  Marie Garrett
Maiden Name: Marie Ellison
Address: 934 Camino Del Arroyo Drive

City:  San Marcos
State:  CA  92078
Telephone: 760-744-4839

Sun  Jan 27  12:18 2008 PDT

1971  Patricia A. Leslie
Address: 5315 Blacksburg Road

City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22151
Class: 1971
Telephone: (703) 941-7786

Thu  Nov 4  15:15 2004 PDT

1971  Bill Fitzpatrick
Email:  bill.fitzpatrick
Address: 300 Bluhm road

City:  Rochester
State:  NY  14450
Class: 1971
Telephone: (716) 425-9193

Comments or Bio:

Although I attended Lee a majority of my High School
career, I graduated from Edison in the summer of '71!.
My niece will be the second generation to graduate from REL in '01.

Married. No children. 2 dogs.

Mon Jul 12 14:45 1999 PDT

1971  Sally Felker
Email:  sawseegirl(at)
7507 Nancemond Street

City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150

Class: 1971
Telephone: (703) 451-1913

Comments or Bio:

Working for DOD @ Crystal City--maybe moving us back to Pentagon with BRAC. Lived out of state until 1996, then came back. Remarried in 2004 to Jeff Beecroft Class of '85. Should be a great reunion weekend!

Sat Oct 9 7:19 2010 PDT

1971  Carol Victoria Mather
Email:  Carol.Mather(at)
Address: 9204 Ox Road

City:  Lorton
State:  VA  22079

Class: 1971
Telephone: (703) 690-0789

Comments or Bio:

Hello everyone from class of 71!  Believe it or not I have  lived most of my life since graduation in Virginia, except for nine years when I worked and lived in New Jersey.  I have worked for the U.S. Government for 26 years.  I have been both a Human Resource Management Specialist and a Senior Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist during that time.  In these two specializations I have learned alot about human nature.  I live in a fixer-upper in Lorton, VA.  My Mom   lives with me along with my poodle "Pierre" and our cat "Hailey".  I love to travel and read.  I love to shop!  I also do watercolor, sculpture, and other crafts.   I have never married and do not have any children.  But I have three wonderful nephews that I spoil rotten.  Didn't make it to the last reunion, but I intend to try to make it to the next one.  Hope to see you all then.           

Tue Jan 11  5:45 2000 PDT

1971  Karen Christesen
Maiden Name:  Karen Embree
Email:  kchristese(at)
Address: 9105 Silverun Court

City:  Fairfax Station
State:  VA  22039

Class: 1971
Telephone: (703) 690-3577

Comments or Bio:

Married to Rich Christesen (Lee Class of '70) since Sep 1972.  We have two sons, Mike (24) and Jason (18).  I have been working for the Naval Sea Systems Command for the past 29 years.  Life so far has been pretty good!

Sat July 15  15:05 2000 PDT

1971  Mark S. Mueller
Email:  msmueller(at)
37 Wood View Drive

City:  Mt. Laurel
State:  NJ  08054

Class: 1971
Telephone: (856) 866-1815

Comments or Bio:

After Graduating from George Mason University in 1975 with a BS in Biology, I decided to pursue a career in retailing after getting my teeth cut as a sales clerk Fischer's Hardware. I have been in retailing ever since, having worked in various management positions and I have enjoyed it tremendously. I worked at Hecht's in store management and buying for 7 years, Brookstone for 8 years in field management, a corporate auditor and eventually move into corporate real estate, my greatest passion. I worked for several national retailers in their corporate real estate dept. including Circuit City, Zany Brainy, Spencer Gifts, Gap, Inc., Aerosoles and I am currently VP of Real Estate and Construction for Five Below, Inc. based in Philadelphia. I am married 10 years (second time around) to a fantastic woman I met in Philadelphia. I have a 19 year old daughter "Mary" from my first marriage who will be a junior at NYU. My wife Joan and I raise Labrador retrievers and spend many hours working with our dogs for obedience and conformation (please visit our web site) Please call or email me if you remember me...Mark Mueller

Tue  Jun 17  17:57 2008 PDT

1971  Gary House
Email:  excelins(at)
3777 Old River Trail

City:  Powhatan
State:  VA  23139

Class: 1971
Telephone: (804) 598-6521

Comments or Bio:

Graduated Old Dominion University in '75, Married to Wilma, three beautiful girls, two granddaughters, two grandsons, another grandson on it's way, 5 dogs, one cat. I miss the Harley just about every day, but love the pond and pasture. I have been employed as an insurance adjuster since '76. I opened Excel Insurance Adjusters, Inc. in 1998. I think I am becoming more and more political. I am thankful for every day that I live.

Wed Sep 1 8:39 2010 PDT

1971  LTC (R) Victor R. Coffenberry
Address: 1610 Pelham Road

City:  Winterville
State:  NC  28590

Class: 1971
Telephone: (252) 353-2711

Comments or Bio:

Retired from the Army in 1996 and started my second career as a high school teacher.  I taught Army JROTC, coached cross country and track and had a really good time teaching the youth of America.  In March of this year I accepted a position as an assistant principal of an elementary school.  This could be the best job I've ever had.  After being around soldiers and teenagers I found I like the little folks best. I still officiate wrestling (20 years) and will continue as long as the knees hold out.   My wife, Susan (Harman '72') is a dialysis nurse.  We have a 20 year old daughter (Amanda) who is a sophomore at East Carolina and a 14 year old son (Andrew).   Looking forward to the reunion. 

Wed May 16 18:25 2001 PDT

1971  Joe Broyles
Email:  jabroyles(at)
Address: 106 Leslie Lane

City:  Yorktown
State:  VA  23693

Telephone: 757-206-8082

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Robert E. Lee in 1971 I entered the military. I became an expert in cryptography, and computer networks. During my military career I had the pleasure of supporting the communication needs of President Carter's economic summit visit to Tokyo, Japan; two Secretary of Defenses, two Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a whole passel full other high level officials. I participated in the 1989 Operation Breakout, or save the whales, staged out of Point Barrow, Alaska. After 24 years of globe trotting I hung up my military career. During my life time I have lived in over a dozen places both nationally and internationally. Currently, I am the Chief Executive Officer of P.C. Safe Devices Inc., a corporation I founded dealing in computer security solutions. Our corporation services both national and international markets. The security arena is certainly both exciting and dynamic. I encourage all my fellow classmates to start their own business!
 ses/companies. The rewards are worth it! In college, I majored in philosophy specializing in epistemology and logic. I have been married 30 years! My wonderful wife still takes my breath away. She's my soul mate :) I have two sons. My oldest, Joey, is in the U.S. Navy and now lives in Naples, Italy. My youngest son, Aaron, works in the restaurant industry, and does quite well as a waiter. However, he has hinted he would like to enter the military to serve his country also. I am quite proud of both my sons.

Mon Sept 15 5:35 2003 PDT

1971  Ken Wuelzer
Email:  ken(at)
Address: 12542 Weatherstone Drive
  TN  37922

Telephone: 703-220-2370

Comments or Bio:

After HS, Graduated College of William & Mary in 1975, BS in Math. Served 12 years in USAF, then switched to the CIA.

My expertise is computer security, specializing in malicious code.

I'm now retired.

Sun  Mar 8 8:38 2015 PDT

1971  Dave Schumaker
Email:  resrep(at)
Address:   833 Van Buren Street

City:  Herndon
State:  VA  20170

Class: 1971
Telephone: 703-437-9074

Comments or Bio:

Attended UVA for 2 years, majored in "Traditional Fraternity Activities", then went to work in Charlottesville for a couple of years.  Moved back to No.VA, got over the culture shock, worked in Fairfax and Silver Spring in the microfilm industry, got married in '77 and moved to Herndon in '78, a nice quiet town at the time!  It is now the "Internet Capital of the World", with traffic and construction to prove it!  I own my own home improvement business since 1987, and keep busy improving lots of homes!  Two kids, Kate 19 and Chris 15; Kate rising soph at VPI after a great year (Dean's List!), and Chris a rising freshman at Herndon HS, into baseball and computers.  Wife Lynn is still hanging with me after 24 years (in Sept)and doing a great job keeping family and home together!  I looking forward to seeing lots a familiar faces July 7-8!

Tue Jun 19  15:45 2001 PDT

1971  Marsha H. Singlevich
Maiden Name: Marsha Hardin
Email:  mlh719(at)
  P.O. Box 49751

City:  Colorado Springs
State:  CO  80949
Telephone:   719-339-3576

Comments or Bio:

Gradated University of Colorado BA 2007 MA 2010. I am on my own now. Would love to hear from old classmates.

Wed May 5 8:08 2010 PDT

1971  Marie Garrett-Schoen
Maiden Name: Marie Ellison
Email:  marieandkurt(at)
2153 Coast Avenue
City:  San  Marcos
State:  CA  92069

Class: 1971

Wed Feb 27 6:15 2002 PDT

1971  Monica Romero
Email:   romero(at)
Las Fresas 792, Miraflores
City:  Lima 18
Country:  Peru

Comments or Bio:

I attended Lee High School as a foreign exchange student during 1970-71. 

I am married, have a son and two daughters and I work at the Italian Embassy in Lima.

Wed Mar 13 7:50 2002 PDT

1971  Martha Jordan
Maiden Name: 
Martha Tyson

Email:   mochajane2002(at)
Bag 6227
City:  Ft. St. John
Country:  B.C. ,Canada
V1J 4H7

Fri Apr 13 8:55 2007 PDT

1971  Karen Emert
Address:   4545 Southfield Avenue

City:  Orlando
Country:  FL  32812

Comments or Bio:

Retired early, after 28 years, from the Postal Service.
Moved to Florida and loving retirement.

Fri May 9 4:30 2003 PDT

1971  Maria L. Carretta
  1707 Potomac View Avenue

City:  Woodbridge
Country:  VA  22191
Telephone: 703-492-2353

Comments or Bio: 

I have one son, Michael who is 24 years old. I have been working for Verizon for the last 23 years and am looking forward to retirement.

Thu  Jul 31 11:58 2008 PDT

1971  Charles (Chuck) Dexter
631 N. Stephanie St. #109
City:  Henderson
State:  NV  89014
Telephone: (702) 375 - 4333

Comments or Bio:

Never married, but had a lot of fun. Traveled extensively (46 countries) with bands. Some of you remember I had to finish high school by going to night school due to my "unseemly behavior". Believe it or not I became a high school teacher!

After all I put my teachers through, especially Miss Howe, I became one-God does have a sense of humor! I'm working towards a PhD in special education-who would of "thunk it"?

Tue Jun 3 3:05 2003 PDT

1971  Marby Rufsvold
Address:  9569
Scandia Trail
City:  Forest Lake
State:  MN  55025
Telephone:  651-433-3386

Comments or Bio:

I last posted in 2007—saying that 2011 seemed like a long way off! And here we are! I've had a career change, hair color change, change-of-life...and Life continues to be fun and fulfilling. I'm still in my Wee Hus in the Wee Wood; still writing as often as I'm inspired and able to; still singing, and wishin' on stars. 

Love to hear from all o' y'all! (including friends who graduated ahead of or behind me) Classmates — I hope to make it home for our big 4-oh!~Marby

Tue  Mar 6   7:15    2007 PDT

1971  Terry V. Maples
11701 Hardwood Drive
City:  Midlothian
State:  VA  23114
Telephone: 804-751-4435

Wed  Jun 15   6:10 2004 PDT

1971  Lydia McCabe
Maiden Name: Lydia Hughes
5330 Cedar Valley Drive
City:  Loveland
State:  CO   80537-7976

Telephone: 970-669-1781

Comments or Bio:

My husband, Jack and I retired from New York State education and moved to Colorado in July 2007. I am now principal of Dos Rios Elementary school in Evans, Colorado and Jack is Executive Director of Centennial Board of Cooperative Educational Services. We live in Loveland on a beautiful golf course with our golden retriever, Rocksee. Our three children, Joshua, Sarah, and Jonathan, live on the east coast and are doing well.

Sat Nov 15 11:50 2008 PDT

1971  Eric Broyles
Email:  ebroyles(at)
Address: 904 N. Yaupon Terrace

City:  Morehead City
State:  NC  28557

Telephone: 252-422-2067

Comments or Bio: 

After graduating form Robert E. Lee, I obtained a B.B.A. in Management from James Madison University in 1976.

Unlike my twin brother's (Joe) illustrious career, I have spent my career in banking and finance managing multi-million dollar divisions. Currently, I am a Vice President of Lending for Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union.

As a stress reliever from the high paced world of banking, I build and sell high quality mantel clocks and musical jewelry boxes made in my wood shop on the sideline. Because of the demand for these works of art, there is a 9 to 12 month wait period for a clock or jewelry box.

My wife Patty and I both like traveling and cruising. We have been on seven cruises. We have cruised all the Caribbean and Mexican Riviera. Our future plans are to cruise to Hawaii , Alaska , Mediterranean, Danube , and finally around the world.

By choice, I have spent my life in the south working and enjoying southern hospitality. My wife and I have one son ( Brad ) and three dogs (Halo, Eclipse, & Comet).

See you on the high seas!

Tue  Aug 12 18:35 2008 PDT

1971  Anne Abernathy
Email:  aanne(at)
Address: P.O. Box 9221

City:  McLean
State:  VA  22102

Telephone: 703-863-9697

Comments or Bio: 

My home is St. Thomas, Virgin Islands although I keep a stateside PO Box in Mclean, VA.

I've just qualified for my 6th Winter Olympic Games in the sport of luge. It is an Olympic record. In addition, I'll be breaking my record as the oldest woman to ever compete in the Winter Games in any sport and will become the first woman over 50 complete.

Raising the funds to get to the Olympics and training are my main focus at the moment. Following the Olympics in Torino, Italy 2006 who knows where I'll end up.

For more info and to see how you can help go to


Wed  Dec 28 19:15 2005 PDT

1971  Charles J. Hall
Email:  charlie331028(at)
Address: 243 Valencia Circle

City:  Centerville
State:  GA  31028

Telephone: 478-328-7776

Comments or Bio: 

After college, I played in rock bands for about 10 years , joined the Army and now work at Robins air force base in avionics.  Marred twice, one daughter and three grandsons.

Wed  Dec 28 19:25 2005 PDT

1971  Carol Valdes
Maiden Name: Carol Christensen

Email:  utr(at)
Address: 5155 Kirkwood Terrace

City:  Titusville
State:  Florida 

Telephone: 321-267-4052

Comments or Bio: 

Looking for Rob E. Lee band members from 1969-1971... Hope to see you at the 2007 reunion.

Sun  Feb 11  17:25 2007 PDT

1971  Mickey Williams
City:  Emerald Hills
State:  California 

Comments or Bio: 

After graduation from Lee I attended UVA. It took a while but eventually I learned that attending classes helped. I returned to Springfield and worked as a biologist in cancer research. I returned to UVA for my Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. I was told by the department chairman, "go west young man". I guess he knew I wouldn't fit into the east coast system wearing shorts and sandals to lab. I was smart enought to take his advice and moved to California attending Stanford for post-doctoral studies. Somehow I got stuck here...I have lived in the San Francisco Bay area since 1985 working at Genentech a biotech company and recently I moved to Roche Molecular Systems where I lead a research group studying molecular pathways in cancer.

I am fortunate to have met and married a beautiful woman, Susan. We enjoy hiking, biking, travels and sippin' wine. I waited for a long time (but it was worth it) now I have twin boys, Mitch and Cam, who are 5 years old and lots of fun and laughs. They are blessed with their Mom's looks.

I miss the good old days of High School and look forward to the next reunion...but I admit, Springfield has changed. My Mom, Eleanor, is at the same house in Springfield and at 84 still a cafeteria hostess at Crestwood School. They named the cafeteria after her this past year. Wow.

If anyone knows how to contact Joe Pinella, please let me know. I am trying to find the old man.

My best to all my Lee HS companions.


Sat  Aug 25  13:10 2007 PDT

1971  Mary Randolph
Email:  maryrandolph1(at)
1734 Creek Crossing Road
City:  Vienna
State:  VA  22182 

Telephone: 703-921-2300

Comments or Bio: 

I am right around the corner from the house I grew up in and Lee HS--as the principal at Springfield Estates Elementary School. SEES just celebrated our 50th anniversary, which is what made me think to check Lee's anniversary website. My husband and I have 3 daughters, (18, 16, and 14) so we can't even think about retirement yet! We live in Vienna, near Tysons Corner, and play tennis as often as possible. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by Springfield Estates and say hello.

Thu  Mar 13 8:40 2008 PDT

1971  Milton Schultz
Email:  mschultz1(at)
12984 Hampton Forest Court
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22030-7200 

Telephone: 703-378-4605

Comments or Bio: 

I guess it took me long enough to actually wonder how my friends and classmates are doing. I attended a reunion a couple or 7 years ago and saw a bunch of folks that seemed just as familiar as they were in 1971. Of course, there were also the folks I had a tough time remembering names although the faces were definitely locked in my brain. I only hope that my poor memory was not too evident.

I have been married for nearly 30 years and I have a 23 year old son who lives in Colorado. Although I was destined to go to the Naval Academy I did not finish college there and ended up at Hampden-Sydney College. I have since gone on to American University for a Masters. My work is in information systems and I still enjoy putting together the right people doing the right tasks to deliver the right system. I love coaching Little League baseball and I try to keep fit as best I can.

To everyone, I want to wish my very best and pray for your good fortune.

Sat  Mar 22 18:57 2008 PDT

1971  Robert Mercy
Email:  jpgr63(at)
63 Park Drive S.
City:  Clanton
State:  AL  35045

Telephone: 205-415-0390

Wed  Jan 27 14:25 2010 PDT

1971  Pam Lilley
Maiden Name: Pam Odom
205 Chancellorsville Drive
City:  Stephens City
State:  VA  22655

Mon Aug 1  17:49 2011 PDT

1971  Joe Barget
Email:  jbarget(at)
2440-1/2 Black Walnut Road
City:  San Luis Obispo
State:  CA  93405

Telephone: 805-602-0381

Comments or Bio: 

Graduated from West Point and spent a 20-year career in the Army. I live a simple life on the central coast of California now but manage to travel back to Springfield every year.

Thu  Nov 18  14:49 2010 PDT

1971  Peggy Gilmer Woods
Maiden Name:  Peggy Gilmer

Email:  Rawmlw(at)
9303 Jackson Street

City:  Burke
State:  VA  22015

Telephone: 703-323-9113

Comments or Bio: 

Living in a 7 mile radius all my life except for Va. Tech. After 25 years in Dietary Work and Nutrition, I am an activities lady that can drive a 16 passenger bus. Having fun in Burke. Two girls, 22&26 in the area but self sufficient. Married 30 yrs. to Barry (class of '73). Just us and the two cats!!!!

Tue Sep 1 19:51 2009 PDT

1971  Darrell Houston
Email:  dxhous01(at)
201 Riverbend Lane
City:  Waterford
State:  CA  95386

Comments or Bio: 

Married my wife Linda in 77 have a daughter 29, a son 25, retired 3 years ago from lucky stores and loving life.

Sat Dec 5 9:40 2009 PDT

1971  (graduated early - 1970) Janine Offutt
Maiden Name:  Debra J. Offutt

Email:  janineoffutt(at)
924 4th Street

City:  Oregon City
State:  OR  97045


Comments or Bio: 

I came to Oregon in 1975 with my 1st husband. We met at Va Tech and adventured together for years: we built two trimaran sailboats, and sailed throughout the Caribbean for a year...spent a winter climbing 14,000 peaks in the Rockies...lived in rural communes without modern amenities. I've been an organic farmer, a nanny and currently, I'm establishing my hypnotherapy practice. Now and then I show my paintings in galleries. I've been married to my husband, Pat Carson for 17 years. We love our 115 year old house in Oregon City's historic district, where I'm a trustee at the Dr. John Mc Loughlin house. My 3 daughters were all born at home. They're grown now, with families of their own, here in the beautiful & rainy Willamette Valley. Pat and I cherish our grandchildren. Who knew this phase of life could be so delightful! My life's been big & challenging & awesome. I'm glad I discovered yoga 30 years ago - it keeps me going after being struck by lightening, and whiplashed in a car wreck. Occasionally I make it back to Virginia to visit my mom and my brother, Craig & his family.

Thu May 6 7:30 2010 PDT

1971  Robert "Bob" Stewart
2901 W Campbell Road
City:  Lakeland
State:  FL  33810

Telephone: 407-460-0418

Comments or Bio: 

I am a licensed psychotherapist in Kissimmee, FL. My final chapter for my doctoral dissertation is currently being completed at Capella University. I currently hold a BS, MS, and MSW degrees.

Mon May 24 9:15 2010 PDT

1971  Nancy W. Noel
Maiden Name: 
Nancy Lynn Weston
Email:  xmasnw(at)
133 Cleremont Drive
City:  Falmouth
State:  VA  22405

Telephone:  540-371-9694

Comments or Bio: 

I graduated from VT in 1975 with a BA in English. I married Gale Noel in March 1975, and moved to Mechanicsville, VA, where I began my teaching career in Hanover County. I taught 6th - 9th grades at two different schools. I then jumped to the neighboring county of Henrico to teach for 9 more years in high school English. During that time, I got divorced, earned a masters in English from VCU, and remarried in 1988. I quit teaching in 1991 and swore I'd never pick up another red pen again! Never say never! Pete and I moved to Falmouth in 1994, as he was Assistant Principal of Brooke Point High School in Stafford. I started teaching adjunct at Germanna Community College in 2000, and in 2002, joined the full-time faculty and became department head of English for four years. I am still at Germanna with 6 more years to go to reach 30 years, and my husband, Pete Vernimb, is Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for Frederick County Schools just outside of Winchester. I have my two Boston Terriers at home to keep me company, and I enjoy them beyond measure!

Mon Jun 7 17:02 2010 PDT

1971  Barry Morlan
7405 Floyd Avenue
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150

Telephone:  703-451-2780

Comments or Bio: 

Still in Springfield in the old home here on Floyd Ave. Married in 83,divorced in 84. Had one son, killed in motor-cycle accident 3/16/03. Married current wife in 88 and still together (after all this time). Took over dads appliance service business in 79 and closed down in 2/89 to go to work for GE doing same thing. After almost 17 years, I had some medical issues and was put on medical disability in 07. Currently am trying to learn to use software for cutting and editing voice work so that I can get full-time into voice-overs.

Wed Sep 1  8:33 2010 PDT

1971   Elena Altevogt
Maiden Name:  Elena Scott
407 Anchor Key
City:  Melbourne Beach
State:  FL  32951

Telephone:  321-733-8989

Comments or Bio: 

After High School I attended Elon University in North Carolina and stayed there after graduation. I worked in the Transportation Industry and left to go back to graduate school at Johns Hopkins University. In 1992, I began my 2nd career, this time in Information Technology. working for multiples companies (Zenith Data Systems, Dell, Gateway, Northrop Grumman, IBM) in various positions until 2008. I worked mainly with the Department of Defense, especially the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. I met my husband, George, at Zenith and we have been together since 1996. We have a 12 year old son, Austin James, and I have two adult step children, George III and Kara. I've traveled extensively for business and also for personal enjoyment, including camping all over the U.S. and Canada in my 20s. In 1993, I moved to Melbourne Beach, Florida. I have too much sand in my shoes to ever move back to Virginia. As a family, we still like to travel. We also hunt, fish, SCUBA dive, ski, like water sports and just hanging out at the Beach. Our lives stay pretty hectic, but life is good!

Mon Sep 27  7:05 2010 PDT

1971 Douglas Howard
23016 Lake Forest Dr 
                Suite A PMB 519

City:  Laguna Hills
State:  CA  92653

Telephone:  949-300-5107

Comments or Bio: 

Went to Randolph Macon College excelled socially, not academically. Came back to Springfield and joined workforce; transferred to Charlotte, NC then to San Antonio, TX; I moved to CA. Met Glenda New Year's eve 1978, married April 78 and ever since. 2 daughters 40 and 30 complete with son-in-laws and 2 grandchildren, 12 and 8. Very involved in ministry locally, Africa, and Europe. Completed my undergraduate degree at The University of La Verne (in California). I have my own Insurance Agency and am a member of Independent Financial Group where I invest my clients money and manage it for them. Newest change in my life is the diagnosis of cancer in my neck and deep throat and receiving treatment for it now. A recent blessing is to be able to reconnect with my classmates after over 40 years.

Thu Jun 2  16:43 2011 PDT

1971   Elizabeth (Betsy) Dunlap
Maiden Name:  Betsy Calio
2806 Barlow Street
City:  West Lafayette
State:  IN  47906

Telephone:  765-250-5180

Comments or Bio: 

Still teaching elementary school.  Oldest daughter graduated from college and youngest is a junior.  Recently divorced. Want to write novels.  Hope to make the next class reunion.

Fri Nov29  11:38  2013 PDT

1971   Debra Haas
Maiden Name:  Debbie Stultz
P.O. Box 3511
City:  Winchester
State:  VA  22604
Telephone:  540-667-0917

Comments or Bio: 

Hello everyone! As you can tell, I WAS married (Haas). After Lee, I went to Potomac State; graduated from there in "Home Economics". Went to WVU (Go Mountaineers) and majored in Home Economics and minored in Journalism. Eventually, I went to VA Tech for my Masters Degree. So...that makes me a "Hokie Neer". I did a variety of jobs from WV to NC. Enjoyed every moment. Managed to get married and have two great children. 28 and 25 yrs old. Presently I have two Corgi (mixed with Red Heeler). Trust me, there isn't a ground hog or bunny that is safe! I'm a National Board Certified Teacher in Loudoun County as well as a writing consultant with the George Mason University Writing Project. Looking forward to catching up with everyone during the 40th union!!!!! Hope that some of you guys will contact me. See ya soon, I hope

Mon Jul 18  19:48 2011 PDT

1971   Carla Rolladini
Maiden Name: 
Carla Rolladini
4705 Exeter Street
City:  Annandale
State:  VA 22003
Telephone:  703-477-4334

Comments or Bio: 

Summer 2011-- Finally, have Empty-nest with both kids having flown -- one to San Francisco, CA & one to Columbus, Ohio!! As much an accomplishment for me as much as giving birth! WOW! 

Self-employed for last 20 years with Elder Care Assistance business. My husband, Mike of 32 years hopes to retire in few years near Medicare age. Then move from No. VA. Currently, I'm taking long weekends to find that next place to settle. Got a good recommendation; let me know. I will visit and take you for lunch?

Sat Jul 23  8:43 2011 PDT

1971  Debbie Wenk
Maiden Name:  Debbie Nohre
State:  VA 20176

Comments or Bio: 

Currently a school librarian in Fairfax County.  I'm married with a son (33) a daughter (29), 2 stepsons (29 and 25) and a 2-year-old grandson.

Wed Sep 21 14:23 2011 PDT

Craig Rucker

Address:  1294 NW Radford Denson Rd.
State:  FL  32331
Telephone:  954-629-6092

Sat Apr 14 17:03 2012 PDT

1972 - Alan Maroney
4541 Kingston Rd.
Woodbridge, VA 22193 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1972
Regional Service Manager for Manufacturer of York Htg & Air, Inc. Married 22 years to Debra Gladden (class of 1973). Two children: Rich (19) and Kate (12). Hobbies: Musician, fishing, home improvements.

Tue Jul 21 08:20:57 1998 PDT

1972  Debbie Van Pelt
Maiden Name:  Debbie Shoemaker

Email:  vanpeltd(at)
Address: 1
73 N. Main Street
City:  Ridgeville
State:  SC  29472

Telephone: (843) 851-9620

Comments or Bio:

I really enjoyed seeing everyone at the reunion.

Hope we have many more.

Mon Jun 23 8:10 2003 PDT

1972 - Debra( Rother) Bales
4090 Croaker Lane
Woodbridge, VA 22193
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Class of 1972
I'd like to hear from my class mates-E-mail me

Sat Aug 8 07:00:37 1998 PDT

1972 - Steven E. Carroll
6526 Palisades Drive
Centreville, VA 20121
(703) 676-4359 (w)
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Class of 1972...

Mary Ann and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in June of 2001.   Still working at S.A.I.C. in Tyson's Corner.  My wife is working towards her LPN.  Looking forward to our 30th class reunion.

Wed July 18 11:10 2001 PDT  

1972  William P. Harrell
Email:  harrell307(at)
2653 Petersborough Street

City:  Herndon
State:  VA  20171

Class: 1972
Telephone: (703) 860-8235

Mon  Sep 13 13:50 2004 PDT

1972 Susan (Farago) Hackett
Maiden Name:  Susan Farago
6346 D Hawk View Court

City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22312

Telephone :  (703) 942-7141

Comments or Bio:

I currently live in Alexandria, VA, with my husband of 33 years, Gary Hackett, who is from Tennessee. I retired from the Federal Government in November 2010 after working as a Human Resources Specialist for the Department of the Army for 36 years. 

I don't have any human children, but I adore my 2 Yorkshire Terriers just as if they were my children. 

My father, Ernesto Farago, continues to teach music, now from his home since my mother suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in May 2003. He is doing well and will occasionally still give concerts. I'd love to hear from classmates. 

Mon  Jul 18 17:45 2011 PDT

1972  Brady Hanna
Email:  brady
Address: G4455 Van Slyke

City:  Flint
State:  MI   48507

Thu Nov 19 16:25 1998 PDT

1972 Denise Womble
Maiden Name:  Denise Paul

City:  Manassas
State:  VA 

Comments or Bio:

Six years ago moved back from Texas to Virginia, after 20 years.  Married with 2 kids!

Wed  Oct 27 13:50 2004 PDT

1972 David Diamantes
Email:  ddiamantes
Address: P.O. Box 567

City:  Berryville
State:  VA  22611

Telephone:  (540) 955-1989

Sat Aug 4 19:05 2001 PDT

1972 Ellen O. Godsey
Email:  egodsey
City:  Mineral
State:  VA 
Class: 1972

Comments or Bio:

I moved numerous times and now live in the Richmond area.  Happily married (after a couple of tries!) and living on 25 acres with a horse, dog and husband.  As usual, I'm working as a legal secretary and keeping my "in your face" attitude in tact.

Tue Nov 23 11:55 1999 PDT

1972 Susan Diamantes
Maiden Name: Susan Cathcart
Address: 10443 Carriagepark Court
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA   22032
Class: 1972

Telephone: (703) 978-9675

Wed Mar 15 8:05 2000 PDT

1972   Susan Hartline
Maiden Name: Susan Paine
Address: 1126 N Adams Street
City:  Enid
State:  OK

Comments or Bio:

After high school, I attended Elon College for 2 years, and married Ken Shaw (class of 1972).  That didn't work out, and I later married George Hartline (class of 1972).   We have 2 kids, Robert, age 22 and Richard, age 21. 

George was in the US Army, and recently retired after 17 years of active duty.   He's a registered Nurse, and at Hospice Circle of Love in Enid, Oklahoma.

I went back to college in 1991, and earned my degree with honors (I couldn't help Richard with his math homework, so I went back to school), and have been working in the addictions field ever since.

I retired from Chemical Dependency Counseling, private practice. Former City Counsel (2 terms) for the City of Cottonwood Shores, Texas. Co-founder of the city's first library.

Tue  Mar 10 15:40 2015 PDT

1972   Jo Ann Orazi
Maiden Name:   Jo Ann Poland
Email: jorazi2000
Address: 100 Buck Run
City:  Toney
State:  Alabama

Thu Nov 16 8:40 2000 PDT

1972   Steve Christesen
Email:  slchristesen(at)
Address: 608 Linwood Ave.
City:  Bel Air
State:  MD  21014
Class: 1972

Telephone: (410) 838-3794

Comments or Bio:

After Lee - Graduated from William & Mary and UNC-Chapel Hill. I have been working for the Army as a research chemist at Aberdeen Proving Ground since 1981. Married to Laurie Ishee (Herndon 1973) since 1977. We have 3 sons; Brien 18, Eric 16, and Joseph 10.

Mon July 24 11:20 2000 PDT

1972   Joel (Bill) Mills
Address: 12658 Quarterhorse Trail
City:  Jacksonville
State:  FL  32223
Class: 1972

Telephone: (904) 268-3084

Comments or Bio:

Enjoyed the reunion this past summer (July '02) Everyone has changed - but not that much.  married to Sherrie parrish for 18 years - two beautiful daughters - Michelle (17) and Allison (15). Would love to hear from classmates.

Sun Nov 4 12:05 2002 PDT

1972   Jan Urbanski
Maiden Name: Jan Malley
Email:  STURBAN(at)
Address: 1100 Grand Hamptons Drive
City:  Herndon
State:  VA  20170
Class: 1972

Telephone: (703) 421-7384

Wed Aug 2 12:30 2000 PDT

1972   Robert W. Blankenbaker
Email:   rblank1066(at)
Address: 5213 Continental Drive
City:  Rockville
State:  MD  20853
Telephone: (301) 570-0065

Comments or Bio:

Attended George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia and the University of Maryland Graduate School of International Management. Works at the U.S. Department of Commerce for over 10 years in Washington DC. Currently, a trade specialist covering the U.S. semiconductor industry with focus on Japan, Korea and Mexico. 

Traveled extensively in Asia including Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. Married for over 17 years with two boys 16 and 10.

Interests include karate, lacrosse, traveling to exotic places and Asian art

Thu Sep 21 4:30 2000 PDT

1972   Valerie Nostdahl
Maiden Name: Valerie Graham
Email:  tedebear
Address: 10018 Lake Road
City:  Bottineau
State:  North Dakota  58318-8213
Class: 1972

Telephone: (701) 228-2674

Comments or Bio:

After grad -moved to Calif with family, met and married
my husband who was in the marines in 1973. Obtained
an AA certificate in Early Childhood, taught for orange
county school system, then moved to North Dakota, hometown of husband. Taught for head start, moved back to VA from 1984-86, then returned to ND. Husband works for the U.S. Post Office as city carrier, have 2 daughters, one graduating college age 20 married for 2 years, son-in-law also graduating from college, after 3 years, both marketing majors) other daughter 17,graduating from high school.

Took over the local movie theatre 9 years ago, self employed as owner/operator. Married for 27 years, facing empty nest and mid life crisis with groovy attitude. Enjoy snowmobiling, watching the packers! and hockey, and quilting. Enjoyed your alumni site, saying hi to all "72"s!

Fri Dec 8 20:20 2000 PDT

1972   Kathleen Rochford
Address: 4361 M Lake Road
City:  Keystone Heights
State:  FL  32656
Class: 1972

Telephone: (904) 473-6535

Tue Mar 13 3:55 2001 PDT

1972   Jan Frazier
Maiden Name: Jan Heaton
Email:  Starjfgr
Address:   936 Hidden Hollow Drive
City:  Gap
State:  PA  17527

Comments or Bio:

Hello everyone!  I've been married for almost 28 years to Mike Frazier who is the Senior Director of Operations for Amtrak.  His climb up the ladder has enable us to live in several states, and we've enjoyed our relocations, from white water rafing in Colorado to seeing the Amish of Pennsylvania, but our hearts are still in Virginia!   I am the Manager of the Dispute Settlement Division of a National Used Car Warranty Corporation working in conjunction with the State's Attorney Generals Office to find a satisfactory resolution to customer's complaints.  Now doesn't that sound exciting! We have twin sons who will be 21 this year and are in their last year of college at Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, and a son who has just finished high school and will be attending college here in Pennsylvania.  Our Golden Retriever, Star, is so smart she doesn't need a degree!  And, by the way, YES, Karen Crapo (Gore)is still my very best friend!!!  We've been friends now for 35 years!  Our dogs are even best friends! Our family will try to make it to the 30th reunion since we should not be relocating during this one!

Sun Jun 10 17:35 2001 PDT

1972   Roy Michael Fales
Email:  roymichael(at)
Address:   6200 Kentland Street
City:  Springfield
State:  VA 22150

Telephone: 703-462-4162

Comments or Bio:

For my friends in Las Vegas who are wondering where I am! I moved back to Virginia. My Dad passed in August and I am back home after 15 years to take care of Mom. To my old friends in Virginia, I'm baaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to stay in touch with the great people in Las Vegas and reconnect with all my friends and classmates here in Virginia. I got a great job with Prosperity Mortgage, a Wells Fargo Affiliate. I have been doing mortgages for about 7 years now. It's great to be home!

Sun  Nov 15 7:25 2009 PDT

1972   Cathy Lowe
Maiden Name:  Cathy Sanderson
Email:  solo(at)
Address:   6627 Ridgeway Drive
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150

Comments or Bio:

I've been married for 23 years as of Valentine's day in 2002. I met my husband,Kenneth Lowe, at Sears Product Services where I've been working for 30 years - since September of 1972. I'm a customer service/sales rep. We have 2 sons. One,Kenneth 2nd, is a Marine statoned in Okinawa. He is a Lee grad from class of '99. The second is a Senior at Lee - class of '02. We live next door to my mom's which is the house I lived in when I went to Lee. I watched this house being built, never dreaming I'd be living here. We have 8 cats and 2 dogs - at least right now. It always seems to be changing.

Anybody who gets a chance, e-mail me.

Thu Nov 15 11:05 2001 PDT

1972   Deric Crosby
Email:  dmcrosby1(at)
Address:   3800 Cambridge Drive
City:  Valdosta
State:  GA  31605
Telephone:  229-219-0976

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving R.E.Lee in 1972, I joined the US Navy in Aug 72 and liked it so much I didn't leave until 20 years later in Aug 92. At one time during my Naval career, I was the youngest E9 (MMCM) in the Navy. I earned my BS degree while in the Navy and after I retired I went to work for a chemical company in Gainesville, FL as their Director of Environmental, Safety, Health and Training for a period of 6 years, I also earned an MBA at company expense. In August 1998 I was hired by BP-Amoco Fabrics & Fibers Business Unit as their Training Director, which is where I am currently employed. I have been married to my high school sweetheart Janice (maiden name Coe - graduated Woodson HS 1973) for 28 years and have one son - Phillip (age 23) who is currently undertaking his graduate studies in Architecture at Georgia Tech. I look forward to hearing from any of my classmates.

Mon Feb 11 3:35 2002 PDT

1972   Mark Shubatt
Email:  mshubatt(at)
Address:   2304 Calle Agar
City:  Santa Fe
State:  NM  87505
Telephone:  505-474-6006

Comments or Bio:

After getting a fine arts degree from VCU in Richmond, I moved to Santa Fe as a photogravure printmaker to complete the original edition of Edward Curtis' anthropological photographic expeditions of 1890-1920 entitled "The North American Indian". Subsequently I studied Massage therapy and natural healing at a school here.

I married and moved to Arizona where I practiced massage in Sedona at a tennis resort, drove four wheel drive tours through the red rock country, led hikes into the back country, did astronomy tours of the inky deserts skies, and enjoyed the heck out of the beautiful scenery and wildlife. 

After a divorce, I moved back to Santa Fe and managed a retail mineral and fossil business for a while. Now I sell irrigation equipment and fireplaces (weird combo). 

I love to ski alpine and xc, with world class mountains here in Taos and into Colorado. There's great camping, hiking, biking, fossil hunting, everything here; even great food and world class opera.  In the last few years I've taken up both rock and ice climbing (to avoid Alzheimer's I suppose) and in 2000 even got down to Peru for three mountains there. Carpe Diem. Miss Wright taught us that didn't she?

I'd love to hear from any of my old friends!

Mon Feb 11 3:35 2002 PDT

1972   Bill Craig
Email:  craig-haven(at)
Address:   14205 S. 31st Street
City:  Bellevue
State:  NE  68123
Telephone:   402-291-1391

Comments or Bio:

After Lee, I graduated from a small school in Colorado; then got married and started a career with the US Air Force.  I was lucky enough to fly for many years (B-52s).  Join the AF and see the world:  assignments were to Alabama, Texas, Calif, Washington (state), Pentagon, North Dakota, Calif (again), Nebraska, Hampton VA, and finally Germany (really all over Europe).  I retired from the AF and we all moved back to our house here in Nebraska.  I am now in my second career (not really to different from the first).

Mon Feb 25 17:05 2002 PDT

1972   Jack Baumgartner
Email:  baumgartner(at)
Address:   55 Beech Tree Drive
City:  Glasgow
State:  VA  24555
Telephone:   540-464-9488

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Va. Tech. Been married to Robin (Hughes '72) for 21 years. 2 kids - Kelly (Soph. (at) Mary Baldwin) , Jack  (Fresh. (at) Rockbridge County H. S. ) 

Live in Lexington, Va. Robin and I both teach in Lexington. I coach football at Rockbridge County H.S. Robin survived breast cancer in '96. 

We go to all the Hokie Football Games. Caught Tom Holadays comedy act at the Hokie House in Blacksburg last summer, it was great.

- Mom and Dad are doing well- living in Leesburg- staying active with grandchildren and their activities. (all in college and high school).

- Karen (69') and family relocated to Shepardstown, W. Va. with her family- (moving after over 25 years in Miami). 

-Paula  (75')  and her family are living happily in Charlotte. And John ('78) just relocated to Leesburg after 15 years in Miami.

- Have really enjoyed the alumni site.

Wed Feb 27 6:35 2002 PDT

1972   Anita Turnage
Maiden Name:  Anita Collins
Email:  aturnage(at)
Address:   943 Hampton Hill Road
City:  Columbia
State:  SC  29209
Telephone:  803-782-3200

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee High School:

Received 2 degrees from USC; B.S. Psychology and MBA.

Career with Bell/AT&T/Lucent Technologies and now Avaya-23 years.  Married Ralph (native South Carolinian) August 1977, 2 children; son 21, daughter 16.  

Have lived in Columbia, SC since graduating from USC. Love living in the south! Outside of career and family, I am an avid tennis player and gardener.  

I am looking forward to our reunion in July! 

Sun Mar 2 18:15 2002 PDT

1972   Karin Desloge
Maiden Name:  Karin Abene
Email:  kjdesloge(at)
Address:   13906 Wild Raspberry Court
City:  Gainesville
State:   VA  20155

Comments or Bio:

Been married to Denis Desloge for 18 yr, have two boys 14 and 16. I am a hairstylist and have been for 27 yrs. My husband works for Cisco Systems and my boys are musicians and golfers, including my husband.

Wed Mar 6 11:55 2002 PDT

1972   Craig Beyer
Email:  cbeyer347(at)
Address:   101 Carolyn Ct.
City:  Bristol
State:   TN  37620

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from George Mason in '76. Still employed with Bristol TN Police Department (Lieutenant W/Five years till retirement, can't wait) . Married to Denise (22 years). Two daughters (Leann and Alecia) both in college.  Would love to hear from old classmates.  Hope to see you at the reunion.

Out of Sight but never out of Mind

Sat Mar 9 18:45 2002 PD

1972   Walter Shorter
Email:  FNAER(at)
Address:   559 Early Fall Court
City:  Herndon
State:   VA  20170
Telephone:   703 471-8056

Comments or Bio:

I've been married for 22 years. Have three grown children, Shawn 27, William 26 and Shevawn 20.

Worked for the US Postal Service and resigned, after 24 years, to enjoy the better things in life, like helping others get their financial situation in order. I teach investments for the average person.

I have lived here since graduation because of the great education system for our kids. I am now look for that "small garden in the corner of heaven." HOPE all will make the BIG-30 reunion.

Wed Mar 13 7:50 2002 PD

1972   Bonnie Crowder
Maiden Name:  Bonnie Eppard

Email:  Bbonbonburd(at)
Address:  1522 Southern Ave  #1073
City:  Tempe
   AZ  85282
Telephone:   727-423-5934

Comments or Bio:

Just celebrated 40 years of marriage to Bob Cowder '71. Our chidren are both married Ryan (38) and Robin (34). 

We have a beautiful granddaughter Zoey 15 moms and Lola is on her way! We moved from Florida after 32 years.
  Would not miss those babies growing up!!!

Once in a great while we get to Springfield and reminisce about our high school days!!!!! Would love to hear from alumni!!

Fri  Sep 14  17:19 2012 PD

1972   Betty A. Jones
Maiden Name:  Betty Hermanson

Email:  vhwsbetty(at)
Address:  2017 River Pearl Way
City:  Chesapeake

State:   VA  23321
Telephone:   757-405-3952

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Old Dominion University in December 1976.  I chose to stay in the Tidewater area, near the beach!  I have been working since 1977 in management of accounting/finance departments for local shipyards and government contractors.  I married in 1981, had one son Christopher.  I later divorced and remarried.  Christopher is a senior and will be attending ODU this fall.  Thanks to the alumni team, I have been in touch with Patty Baker - my best friend in high school!  It's been great catching up.  Although so many years have passed, it seems like just yesterday we were together!!

Sun Apr 14 6:55 2002 PD

1972   D. Gail Begley
Email:  Trbute23(at)
Address:  5710 Ash Drive
City:  Springfield

State:   VA  22150
Telephone:   (703) 451-3692

Comments or Bio:

A short biography spanning 30 years.  Impossible.

After Graduation, I went to the University of Kentucky for several years, and continued to live in Lexington after I dropped out.

I've done various kinds of work, but mostly stayed in the Executive Asst./Secretarial/Office Mgmt. fields.  I worked at the Pentagon for almost 8 years for the Department of the Army and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Needless to say life there was never dull.  I also worked as the Executive Assistant to the VP of Marketing for World Cup '94 (Soccer).

I spent one summer in Belize and and one in El Salvador as part of a Teen World Outreach (T.W.O.) leadership team taking groups of 18 high school kids to share the gospel and meet kids their own age, do work projects (we built a dormitory in Belize and refurbished an orphanage and broke ground for a new one in El Salvador).

I always said I would never get married but didn't listen to myself and was married for 5 whole days in 2000.  I can finally laugh about it.  Needless to say, I don't have any kids of my own but the 36 from TWO and my 4 nieces and one nephew.

I am again living with my parents in Springfield.  Give me a call if your in the area.

Sun Apr 28 7:15 2002 PD

1972   Jim Dundas
Email:  jdundas(at)
Address:  21440 Estate Place
City:  Ashburn

State:   VA  
Telephone:   (703) 858-1185

Comments or Bio:

After graduation, went to NVCC for a year.  Joined the Fairfax County Fire Department in 1973.  Got married in 1974, divorced in 1975 and didn't grow up until ten years later.  Got married again in 1984, finished school at Maryland (GO TERPS) and attended a few grad courses at GMU and UCLA.  After four kids, one of which is bigger than me, retired in 1997.  Now I work for the technology company that built the NYC 9-1-1 system.  Needless to say, we've been busy since September. 

Moved from Fairfax County to Loudon (Ashburn) in 97 thinking we were moving to the country.  Now I can't even get out of my neighborhood.

Well, hope to see some old friends at the reunion. 

Mon May 6 14:45 2002 PD

1972   Judith Baroody
Email:  jrbaroody(at)
Address:  Unit 9200 Box 37
Telephone:   33-143-12-2898

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee, I was a TV journalist, then joined the Foreign Service. I've served in Syria, Israel, Morocco, Cyprus, Chile, Baghdad, and am now the Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

Tue  Mar 16 14:49 2010 PD

1972   George Gutridge
Email:  GeoGut46(at)
Address:  262 Manchester Drive
City:  Ruther Glen

State:   VA 22546  
Telephone:   804-448-0834

Wed 12 3:45 2002 PD

1972   William L. Smith
City:   Fredericksburg
State:   VA 22405

Comments or Bio:

After Lee High School I took some college credits, worked and saved all my money, purchased a nice home in Lake Ridge and took it easy until 1986.  Then came marriage and a family.

Now we are "6".  4 very healthy athletic children and a bigger home in Fredericksburg, away from the rat race.  Now it's swim team, gymnastics, soccer and all the good kid stuff.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I established a commercial flag and flagpole company back in the early 80's and that keeps me busy.

I have really great memories from The Class of 72 thanks to all of you folks.  You were all great!!!      

Thu Jun 27 4:25 2002 PD

1972   Kyle Needham McCarthy
Maiden Name:  Kyle Needham
Email:  kylescloset(at)
Address:  49 Taft Circle
State:   CT  06795
Telephone:   (860) 274-8767

Comments or Bio:

After Lee, I went to Marymount college (now University)
in Arlington and graduated in 1974.  I worked and lived in DC, where I met my husband while he was in Dental school at Georgetown. Married summer of 1980. Live in Watertown, Connecticut near my husband's hometown.

We have two children: Katie is a junior at University of Rhode Island, and Tim will enter Philadelphia University in Fall 2002. I taught in our pre-school for many years and am currently a teacher's aide in special education, elementary school. I'd love to hear from classmates......... 

Mon Jul 8 7:55 2002 PD

1972   Michael Slone
Email:  mike.slone(at)
1490 Amberwood Drive South
State:   MD  21401
Telephone:   410-349-3384

Comments or Bio:

72-76 The Citadel
76-85 USAF; Electronic Warfare Officer, B-52s
85-Pres The Navigators []

I married Marsha Dixon in her hometown of Klamath Falls, Oregon on Oct 14, 1978.

We adopted Elisabeth at birth in 1985.

We really enjoyed living and working in England '84-'00.


Wed Jul 10 13:15 2002 PD

1972   Donna Baker Feeney
Maiden Name:  Donna Baker
Email:  feeneyd(at)
Address:  12703 Hunt Manor Court
State:   VA  22033
Telephone: 703-648-9495

Comments or Bio:

After Lee I graduated from the University of Virginia
with a B.S. and an M.S. in Accounting.

I started my career as a CPA in Washington, DC.  I spent 6 years in the corporate world which took me from DC to Chicago and back again.  I have spent the last 14 years
as the Chief Financial Officer of Dickstein Shapiro Morin & Oshinsky LLP, a large law firm in DC.  I have been married for 8 wonderful years to Frank Feeney, a High School History Teacher.  We have a great 6 year old son named Frankie who is the joy of our lives.  He keeps us very busy, but we're hoping that will keep us young, also!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of friends at the reunion.

Wed Jul 10 13:15 2002 PD

1972   Stephen S. Evanusa
Email:  s-evanusa(at)
Address:  171 West 57th Street  4a
 New York
State:   NY  10019
Telephone: 212-353-7414

Comments or Bio:

Since Lee High School....
I received my Architecture degree from UVA in '77, and went to work in Washington DC, where I passed my registration exams. I met Michel there, having just completed Georgetown Law, and we have been together ever since. We moved to Manhattan in '80 (Michel's family is from New York) and have been there ever since. We have two delicious children Julia 8, and Matthew 13.

Thu   Jul 18 8:45 2002 PD

1972   JoAnn Orazi
Maiden Name:  JoAnn Poland
Email:  jorazi2000(at)
Address:  10314 Steamboat Landing Lane
State:   VA  22015
Telephone: 703-978-2128

Mon   Jun 23 4:05 2003 PD

1972   Vicki Schwab
Maiden Name:  Vicki Street
Email:  vls8n(at)
Address:  478 Dogwood Lake Drive
State:   VA  22942

Wed  Nov 26 14:35 2003 PD

1972   Suzanne Merrill-Nach
Maiden Name: Suzanne Merrill

Email:  smnach(at)
Address:  6719 Alvarado Road, Suite 302
 San Diego
State:   CA  92120
Telephone: 619-466-6263

Comments or Bio:

After college at the University of California at San Diego, I went to the University of California, Davis Medical School.  I served in the Navy until 1987 and have been specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology in private practice since.  I married Gary Nach in 1981 and have 2 boys, Joshua is 18 and a freshman at the University of California Davis. Joseph is a junior in high school.  I am looking forward to the empty nest syndrome!

Tue  May 18 13:45 2004 PD

1972   Todd & Nancy Erickson
Maiden Name: Nancy Edwards

Email:  terickson(at)
Address:  5926 Creekway
 San Antonio
State:   TX  78247
Telephone: 210-637-6876

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving RE Lee Nancy graduated from Marymount Univ with a RN in 1974 and Todd graduated The Citadel in 1976. We were married in June of 1976 and still together just short of 29 years. Sorry we missed the reunion but timing was not right for us. Heard many stories from friends. Todd is retired USAF and Nancy is working as an Executive Director for a local health plan. Would love to hear from ya'll.

Fri   May 20 17:05 2005 PD

1972   Sandy Duquette
Maiden Name: Sandy Hodge

Email:  duquettesart(at)
Address:  1284 Courthouse Road
State:   VA  22554

Comments or Bio:

I have been very fortunate, happily married for 24 years (Gary from MA), have one daughter who is in her third year a VCU and is very talented. We have our own business in Beautiful downtown Stafford VA. We have an art and frame store, we also teach art lesson. In addition to this I work a full time job with the government. Living in Stafford accommodates my wonderful horse. After graduating from high school I worked and went to college for a while. Till I started working for the government for 25 years. The government gave me a pretty sweet deal, I went back full time to school to finish up. The sweet part about it is I got paid while getting my education for 2 years--2 degrees (BA and CS). Where else can you get an education for free, not have to go into the office for two years and get paid like you are at work. I can say the government has been berry berry good to me. I do love my job, I don't like my commute but then who does in this area. I still do art, we have a web site since my husband and daughter are also do art. I am pretty proud of both my husband and daughters art work and someday when I retire I will probably do this full time instead of part time. Currently we do murals and have done some restaurants, businesses and private homes.

Fri   May 27 15:40 2005 PD

1972   Marilyn Dewispelaere
Maiden Name: Marilyn Kashurba

Email:  m_dewispelaere(at)
Address:  5703 Wellingsworth Court
 Virginia Beach
State:   VA  23464
Telephone: 757-240-7786

Comments or Bio:

After 35 years since graduation there is way too much to write. I live in Virginia Beach and have since 1994. I have 4 beautiful, healthy, successful children. Tim (31) Melanie (28), Dan (23) and Nicholas (19). Tim and Melanie both live in Virginia Beach, Dan lives in Seattle and going to school there and Nicholas is at William and Mary playing football for them. I am a widow, my husband was a pilot in the Navy and had an accident in 1991. We all survived but sometimes I didn't think I would. However, life is good now. If anyone is ever in the area, please call me or email me. I would love to hear from you all.

Wed  Sep 5 18:30 2007 PD

1972   Joan Wegner
Maiden Name: Joan Kuspis

Email:  joaniek777(at)
10125 E. Carmel Avenue
State:   AZ  85208
Telephone: 480-292-8784

Comments or Bio:

In 2005 I moved from Virginia to Mesa Arizona..I am currently working as a Medical Imaging Tech Assistant at Banner Baywood Hospital..MRI Department..Three of my 5 children ( Jordan 23, Ashleigh 25, and Courtney 27) joined me and made the move from East coast to West..My other 2 children (Justin 28 and Chelsea 21) stayed behind..Justin is married with 2 children and Chelsea is going to college at Mary Washington in Fredericksburg..At present..I have 3 grandchildren..Jake is 6..Mikayla is 3..and Riley is 4..I enjoy having my kids close by and LOVE being a grammy..I do venture back to Virginia once a year to visit with family and catch up with old friends..I'd love to hear from you all.. Joan (Kuspis) Wegner

Sat  Jun 21 19:21 2008 PDT

1972   Steven McCloskey
Email:  smccloskey(at)
39 Astor Avenue
 Brookhaven Hamlet
State:   NY  11719

Comments or Bio:

I attended Lee for 3 years, but my dad transferred to Montgomery Alabama in my senior year and I graduated from, you guessed it, another R. E. Lee High there. The irony of fate.

I graduated from Auburn in 1975, became an actor, lived in Boston, Atlanta, and then New York for 22 years, and appeared in about 75 plays at some of the best theatres in America, including the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and Actor's Theatre in Louisville. Working in the theatre allowed me to indulge in two of my favorite pastimes: staying up late and sleeping in late.

In 1999 a lack of real estate or any sizeable nest-egg compelled me to study Digital Multimedia Technology at New York University. I entered that industry and now find myself Senior Multimedia Designer at Deloitte and Touché, where I produce marketing materials aimed at the world's largest corporations. Who knew?

I now live out on Long Island near the water and commute to the office in Manhattan a few days a week. Long live telecommuting!

Mon  Aug 4 21:11 2008 PDT

1972   Joanne Hytner
Maiden Name: Joanne Giannico

Email:  joaniek777(at)
 Delaplane, VA and NY City

Comments or Bio:

Best husband in the world, 2 sons (30 and 33), and twin daughters (19), one grandson. Hard work and commitment to our goals has now provided us a wonderful life full of family, fun and travel.

Thu   Jun 4 6:33 2009 PDT

1972   James Belcher
Email:  aalessac(at)
Address:  4231 Emory

State:  TX  77005

Comments or Bio:

I've been a professional actor for over 30 years, most as a member the resident acting company of the Alley Theatre in Houston. Got a BFA from UT and a MFA from University of Houston. Still enjoying LIFE!

Mon  Mar 15 15:33 2010 PDT

1972   Helen Wilson-Underwood
Maiden Name: Helen Wilson

Email:  helenwilson224(at)
3171 Neal Court
State:   GA  30041

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee in '72, I attended Mercer University in Macon, GA, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in '76 and a Master's Degree in '78, both in elementary ed.. Twenty-five years later, I went back for my Specialist Degree in ele.ed. at Brenau University. I taught for 30 years in Gwinnett County, GA, and passionately loved every minute of it. However, I've been retired for 4 years, and love the freedom! I have a wonderful son (29) and daughter-in-law......both Georgia graduates - go DAWGS!! My husband is a US citizen from the former Panama Canal Zone of the Republic of Panama. He kept his house there, so we visit often.

Sun  Aug 29 8:37 2010 PDT

1972   Diane Stegkemper
Maiden Name: Diane Purkis

Email:  cardial_44057(at)
6260 Kirkwall Street
State:   OH  44057
Telephone:   440-428-6680

Comments or Bio:

I have been married 38 yrs to John. No children but have four legged ones.  I've been working as a nurse since 1984.

Sun  Jun 19 9:37 2011 PDT

1972   Don McCall
Email:  bigaldad(at)
161 East Corriher Avenue
State:   NC  28144
Telephone:   704-633-9920

Comments or Bio:

E-mail me anytime, I would love it.

Sun  Mar 11 14:43 2012 PDT

1972   Dave McNutt
Now: Deacon MacNaughton
Email:  deaconmacnaughton(at)
Southern Maryland
Telephone:   703-644-4544
Occupation: writer

Tue April 5,  10:03 PM 2022 PDT