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Robert E. Lee High School  List of '73 Registered

1973 - 1972 Terry M. (Therese) Hammes
460 Hardee Road (home) 896 S. Dixie Hwy. (office)
Coral Gables,, Florida 33146 USA
305-667-1199/fax: 667-0440
Home or Favorite Web Page: IdeaNet98(at)AOL.COM
Class of / Additional info: Graduated in '72; supposed to graduate in '73
Am working on IntraNet for USIA, a business referral and linkage system supported by database and internet technology based on my MBA for their International Visitor Program. Will be travelling US next 18 set up and would like to be in touch with interested parties or old friends. IdeaNet98 = International Data Exchange Access 98, in development. Will be attending 25th. -- Terry

Mon Jun 29 13:52:36 1998 PDT

1973 - Albert C. Gross
7710 Hayfield Rd
Alexandria, Virginia 22315 Fairfax
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Married to Robin and we have three wonderful kids ages 8, 6 and 17 months. I'm getting to old to change diapers!

Thu Jul 2 12:20:50 1998 PDT

1973 - Barbara Marsh
|Maiden Name:  Barbara Elam
Email:  yobarb(at)
Address: 11 Sunview Circle
City: Arden
State:  NC 28704 
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Hello Everyone! I've been an RN since 1977 and am presently the Surgical Services Educator for Mission-St. Joseph's Health System in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC. I have 2 great daughters and life is pretty good.

Sat  Aug  23 18:35 2003 PDT  

1973  Bill Nay
Address:  15318 Egret Court
City:   Woodbridge
State:   VA  22191
Telephone: 703-608-9500

Comments or Bio

I am a very proud father of my two children - Emma and Robert. Emma is a Dean's List student at George Mason majoring in Communications. 

My son is an Airman First Class in the Air Force stationed at Aviano AFB in Italy. 

They both excel in life and are very attentive to me. Please visit my website when you can. I look forward to hearing from my friends at lee High School.

Tue Nov 10 15:00 2009 PDT  

1973 - Bill McCollough
10642 Equestrian
Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA
(714) 838-9937
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Can't wait to see everyone again!

Thu Jun 25 19:13:02 1998 PDT

1973 - Bob Batchelor
City:   Reston
State:   Virginia
Telephone: 703-372-3212

Comments or Bio

Stroke in 2003 has left me blind. Starting over again as a visually challenged adult has been an uphill battle. Reminds me of the uphill wind sprints we did at Fork Union summer football camp after practices back in high school. Glad people in the human race created software for us visually challenged people to use on the internet and in the work force. Settling in to life in semi assisted living house where I am the youngest! Taking classes and readjusting to this new lifestyle. Feels like I am back in Iceland, where the sun disappears for months on end. Nice website and nice hearing so many paths taken by us all. Life is like a box of chocolates. But what happens if you don't like chocolate?

Tue May 30 13:27 2006 PDT  

1973 - Brad Cochran
3362 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, Az 85716
(520) 326-3937
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
I was really glad to find this site! Even though I did graduate from good ol' Lee HS (my family move to Arizona before my Junior year) I grew up there and went to Springfield Estates Elementary, Washington Irving and Lee Junior High and was Sophomore Class president. I would realy like to hear from and see some of my old friends(especially Glen Sterling and David Blaine)!

Thu Jun 18 09:33:07 1998 PDT

1973 - Cheryl (Dalton) Grenier
15012 Cordell Avenue
Dale City, VA 22193 USA
703 670-0114
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
I see that not only was I listed on the "lost sheep" page, yet most of the people I knew personally are listed as lost sheep also. This is the first reunion that I've heard about!!! And only because brother-in-law Danny called to tell me about it! I've seen my daughter graduate from Garfield HS in Dale City, attended her wedding and now have 2 grandchildren besides! My how time flies. P.S. I can't possibly be from the class of '73... I ain't that OLD!!!!

Mon Jul 20 17:23:24 1998 PDT

1973 - Chuck Martin
7001 Duncraig Ct
McLean, VA 22101-1541
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Has it been 25 years already? Man, time sure flies when you're having fun.

Fri May 15 20:12:43 1998 PDT

1973 - Daniel J Mahler
4878 Tobacco Way
Woodbridge, VA 22193 USA
703 670-7056
E-Mail: danjmah(at)

Thu  Jul 31 11:25 2008 PDT

1973 - Danny R. Grenier
12854 Chinquapin Way
Jacksonville, FL 32246 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Wife's name is Jana.

Mon Jun 29 05:24:23 1998 PDT

1973 -  David Babel
Address:   6009 Sherborn Lane
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22152
Telephone:  703-451-1350

Comments or Bio

Married Karen Wainright, Class of '83.  Karen and I just
celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  We have 3 wonderful
children, 2 girls and 1 boy. Erika is 13, attending Washington
Irving.  Paige is 10, and Justin just turned 7.  I'm an Information
Technology Manager at NOVA CC, Alexandria Campus entering into my 20th year in computer support.

Karen has been running her own Day Care Provider business for 12 years now.  We hope to see a lot of '73ers at the 45th Lee H.S. Anniversary event.

Tue  Aug 5 10:25 2003 PDT

1973 - David Blaine
7213 Sugar Maple Ct
Rockville, MD 22855 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Married, 4 kids, 10 years in Africa, 10 year with GE. Graduated BSME in 77' from Va Tech and MBA in 86' from Maryland. Life's been very interesting, the best is yet to come!

Wed Jul 1 19:08:59 1998 PDT

1973 - Debra (Gladden) Maroney
4541 Kingston Rd.
Woodbridge, VA 22193 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Married to Alan Maroney (Class of 72). Two children, Richard, 19 and Katy, 12. Work

Tue Jun 30 10:42:38 1998 PDT

1973 - Don Rose & Debbe (Horning) Rose
7922 Journey Lane
Springfield, VA 22153 USA
703 440 8893
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Yes Debbe and I still live in Springfield. We have a son (Jamie) that graduated Lee Class of 93. We also have 2 other children, Drew, 6 and Bethany, 8.

Fri Apr 3 17:19:40 1998 PDT

1973 - Donna Claudio
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Hi to all members of class of 1973 ! I would love to hear from everyone, so drop me an E-Mail or get on the phone.... Let`s see what you`ve been up to since high school.

Tue Jun 30 05:35:40 1998 PDT

1973 - Doug Snyder
1482 E. Detroit Street
Chandlar, Arizona 85225
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Wed Aug 5 07:03:20 1998 PDT

1973 - Ernie Kyger
18102 Windsor Hill Dr
Olney, MD 20832 USA
Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Virginia Tech in 1977 and pursued a career on the radio spending over 20 years at DC101 and WASH-FM.  For the past 20 years have been in the new home industry.  If you are going to sell homes, the DC area could not be a better place to do it!  Married in 2002, no kids.  Still make time for the Washington Nationals, Hawaii, rock and roll shows and softball.

Tue  May 30 12:33 2013 PDT

1973 - Frederica (Freddie) Hollaway
215 N. 5th St.
Nebraska City, NE 68410 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 73
Living in NE, 3 kids, Rick, 24, who is in OK attending flight school, Cindy 20, Ken, 17, one grandson, Alec, 3 1/2 (Rick's son). Working as nursing aide in rest home.

Mon Aug 3 12:25:14 1998 PDT

1973 - Gary Odom
2061 Lovejoy Rd.
Hampton, Georgia 30228
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Good to hear about the 25th reunion. I won't be able to attend the festivities. I will be in town that week, but will be leaving on Aug. 1. Glad to see the website, good way to stay in touch with old classmates.

Thu Jul 9 14:53:17 1998 PDT

1973 - Gary T. Fronczak
46 Ranch Drive
Novato, CA 94947 
(415) 893-9195
FIND one person and have them sign the registry. Let's make this happen!! If your ever in the San Francisco area - look me up.

Wed  Jun 25   16:15 2008 PDT

1973 - Glen Sterling

10421 Shesue Street

Great Falls, VA  22066-1717
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Sat  Oct 4 11:28 2008 PDT

1973 - Hal Breitenberg
3100 Dillard Court
Glen Allen, Virginia 23060-2028
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
It's always good to see folks at class reunions. I hope we'll have another one this summer.

Thu Apr 2 07:42:08 1998 PDT

1973 - Jack Mathias
10514 Samaga Drive
Oakton, Virginia 22124 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Fri Apr 3 17:18:07 1998 PDT

1973 - Jim Olver
8 Berkeley Circle
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
This registry is a great idea: am looking forward to learning about my old classmates!

Fri Jun 5 11:32:30 1998 PDT

1973 - John Petchul
P O Box 417
Amherst, VA 24521 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Wed Jul 1 12:17:41 1998 PDT

1973 - John R. Barker
5904 Pocol Drive
Clifton, VA 20124
(703) 266-9321
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Thu Jul 2 08:28:24 1998 PDT

1973 - Kathleen Dussault
1515 Jefferson Davis Hwy., #322
Arlington, VA 22202 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
I attended the 25th Reunion Reception on August 1 and had a great time. Thanks so much!

Mon Aug 3 13:11:51 1998 PDT

1973 - Louis A. Mayo
15007 Shamrick Ridge Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906 
301 943-4733
Home or Favorite Web Page:

Research astronomer working at NASA/Goddard, teaching at Marymount College. Three daughters (15, 12, 9), teach Aikido. Looking forward to a 35th year reunion in 2008 !!

Sun  Jul 8  18:30 2007 PDT

1973 - Lynda (Boehm) Lazich
14205 Lynway Court
Dale City, VA 22193
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Thu Jul 2 17:46:53 1998 PDT

1973 - Lynn (Svaeri) Cook
6623 Greenvale Pkwy
Riverdale, MD 20737 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Class of 1973
Can't wait to see how everyone is doing! I'm really looking forward to this reunion--25 years is a very long time, isn't it guys?

Wed Jul 22 04:57:07 1998 PDT

1973 - Marceil (Greek) Taschler
7262 Olde Lantern Way
Springfield, Virginia 22152 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Thu Aug 6 07:32:52 1998 PDT

1973 - Mary McVay
2401 Mare Lane
Oakton, VA 22124 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
I would like to get together for a reunion and I'd be willing to help if needed.

Thu Apr 23 10:25:05 1998 PDT

1973 - Mike Kositch
2460 SW 76th
Portland, Oregon 97225 usa
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Sat Dec 21 14:15 2002 PDT

1973 - Mike Sanders
9713 Chasefield Drive
Rockwall, TX 75087
E-Mail: me_sand(at)
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Nine years missionary work in Africa. Married with three kids. Graduate degrees in History and Religion. Teaching college. Sorry I haven't been in touch.

Tue Jun 30 10:22:56 1998 PDT

1973 - Melinda Montoro
Maiden Name:  Mindi Ryan
3501 Derby Ridge Way
Midlothian, Virginia 23113 
Comments or Bio:
Hey People, I am in Richmond now. Married, with two kids. Email me at above address. 

Thu Feb 26 11:45 2004 PDT  

1973 - Olga Evanusa-Rowland
Maiden Name:   Olga Evanusa
Address:   610 Tamalpais Drive
City:   Corte Madera
State:   CA  94925
Telephone: 415-891-8034

Comments or Bio

We have recently moved to the San Francisco Bay area. It's gorgeous! I have a new job as a corporate librarian for a large architectural firm in the city. I hope anyone living in the area who is from R.E. Lee will contact me.

Married to Steven, kids: Alexander 17 and Adrian 12.

So disappointed that there wasn't a 30th reunion.

Fri May 18 17:45 2001 PDT

1973 - Pamela (Corbin) Skrovanek
6509 Orono Ct
Springfield, VA 22152
Home or Favorite Web Page:

Mon Jun 29 15:29:56 1998 PDT

202-896-5576 PGR
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: ?

Sun Apr 26 12:24:55 1998 PDT

1973 - Rebekah Nottingham
Maiden Name:   Rebekah Henderson
Address:   3800 N. 30th Street
City:   Arlington
State:   VA  22207
Telephone: 703-276-8538

Comments or Bio

Married to Ellis Nottingham. Four children. VP Customer Requirements, BAE Systems. would love to hear from old friends.

Thu  Jun 15 4:32 2006 PDT

1973 - Robin (Shadle) Sheare
5014 Alta Vista Road
Bethesda, MD 20814
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Hi everyone! It's so great to see how many alumni have logged on. --Keep in touch

Fri May 4 10:50 2007 PDT

1973 - Sharon (Brown) Spengler
8140 Erika Court
Manassas, Virginia 20112-3736 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973
Living among the birds and bees in Prince William County with my husband, Frank. When we're not working, we enjoy cheering for the Orioles and Redskins, catching the sun at the beach and "Happy Hours" on our deck. My parents retired to my Dad's homeplace in Culpeper, Va. on 20 acres of farmland. My Dad, old R.E.Lee Math teacher and Coach, still tells funny stories, drinks a few beers while playing his wife, kids and grandchildren in basket- ball, horseshoes, golf, and our Annual NFL Football Pool! We still think fondly of Lee and all of those we shared laughter with. :) I just completed 20 years as a flight attendant with USAirways in DCA/IAD...where does time go? Best Wishes to Everyone! May your years ahead be filled with laughter, love, and rich adventures! :D amazing how time flies! :) Best wishes to all!

Sat  Jun 21  16:22 2008 PDT

1973 - Steve Edson
9410 Downhaul Lane 
VA  22015

Sun May 4 17:45 2003 PDT

1973 - Susan Davis
Maiden Name: Susan Cooke
Address:   P.O. Box 611
City:   Cocolalla
State: ID  83813
Telephone: 208-610-0213

Comments or Bio

Living in North Idaho. I'm working as a night supervisor at the local rural hospital. Would like to hear from fellow classmates.

Fri  Jun 22 13:17 2007 PDT

1973  Tim Houston
Email:  Thous(at)
Streetaddress:  7938 Trumpetvine Lane
City:  Mechanicsville , Va
state:  23111
Telephone:  804-789-1047

Fri  Jun 22  13:25 2007 PDT

1973 - Tim Saunders
10424 Heritage Landing Road
Burke, Virginia 22015
(703) 250-5830
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: '73

Thu May 14 04:42:45 1998 PDT

1973 - Tom Basilone
105 Calle Contenta
Corrales, New Mexico 87048
Telephone:  505-897-6977

KATY, TX 77450 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1973

Tue Aug 11 22:07:13 1998 PDT

1973 - Kris Lawrence
Maiden Name: Gilliam
Address: 19 Laurel Wood Drive
City: Lawrenceville
State: NJ
Class: 1973 
Telephone: (609) 844-0988
Comments or Bio

Attended past reunions but was put on lost sheep list and missed the 25th.  Surviving in life and breast cancer.

Thu Sep 3 19:30 1998 PDT

1973 - Doug Robinson
Email:  drobin4569(at)
Address: 9 Salvatore Drive
City: Lakewood
State: NJ 08701
Telephone:  732-901-0225 

Comments or Bio

Living along the Jersey shore. Married to Linda Frick and busy with work, kid's and family.

Sat  Jun 28  15:57 2008 PDT

1973    Tom Rollandini
Address:   6280 Levi Court
City:  Springfield
State:   VA  22150-7802

Comments or Bio

Married now for 33 years to Marcee Hale class of 75.2 kids David and Andrea, 2 grandchildren Isabella Rose and Francesca Marie. work for BAH, retired from USMC 2001. God is good!

Sat  Mar 14  6:16 2009 PDT

1973    Ken Hall
   2876 Edwards Estates Circle
City:  Dacula
State:   GA  30019
Telephone:  770-962-1709

Comments or Bio

Have been in Georgia since 1983, still married to Debbie Crandall (class of 74). We just had our 6th grandchild. Daughter Christy and husband Brad have Kyle age 2 almost three, and Lily Kate 8 months. Son, Dustin and wife Hope have son Carson 4, daughter Abby 2 almost 3, son Tristan, 16 months, and latest arrival son Bryson one week old on April 7, 2008.

Tue  Apr 8  14:46 2008 PDT

1973    Richard Weinberger
Email:  RWeinberger4(at)
Address:   3002 Franklins Chance Drive
City:   Fallston
State:   MD  21047
Telephone: (410) 692-6364
Class: 1973 

Comments or Bio

Married Hayfield HS sweetheart in 1977 while attending Va Tech.  Graduated from Va Tech in 1978 with BSEE.  Working the past 23 years in Baltimore for then Westinghouse now Northrop Grumman.  Still married with two children a boy 17 and a girl 13.

Thu Feb 15  14:25 2001 PDT

1973 - Sheree Royston
Maiden Name:   Sheree Hermanson
Address:   1403 Paramore Drive
City:   Greenville
State: NC  27858
Class: 1973 
Telephone: (252) 756-8319

Comments or Bio

I'm so sorry I missed the 25th reunion. Hope everyone is doing good. I'm in NC, staying home, raising 10 yr. old Mike. Mark and I have been married 25 yrs. this Aug. We've been very fortunate, and remain happy.  I worked 15 years in mtg. banking, but have stayed home the last 8.Hope to return one day! Drop me a line!!

Wed Feb 21 14:10 2001 PDT

1973 - Sandra Lee Smith
Maiden Name:   Sandra Lee Cross
   1501 Crystal Drive
City:   Arlington
State: VA  22202

Comments or Bio

Married to Darrell Smith. We have two sons, Adam (27) married to Cindy - they live in Tampa, FL and Stephen (23) engaged to Cristina - he lives in Golden, CO. Have been out of the area for 30 years! Returned to pursue career interests in the Pentagon......WOW, has the area changed!

Sat  Sep 22 7:35 2007 PDT

1973 - Bryce Hanson
Email:  bah1513(at)
Address:   12285 Marlboro Court
City:   Woodbridge
State:   VA  22192
Class: 1973 
Telephone: (703) 494-8007

Comments or Bio

Retired 11/2000...Bummin around for a while.... One day I'll look for a job.... Brother Kevin turned me on to this site....

Tue Apr 17 10:20 2001 PDT

1973 -   Johanna J. (Jo) Moran
Email:  moranbrown(at)
Address:   20 Colwell Drive
City:   Dedham
State:   MA 02026
Class: 1973 
Telephone: (781) 686-1284

Comments or Bio

Married to Vic, three children, Molly (12), Madeline (5), and Jack (3)(& two dogs, Brutus & Cleo!).  Stayed in Boston area after law school.  Main job is Mom and sideline as Dep. Chief Legal Counsel for MA child support enforcement agency.   Sorry to have missed reunion #25.  Would love to hear from '73 classmates!   1973 -- that was just yesterday wasn't it?

Wed Aug 8 19:10 2001 PDT

1973 -   Cynthia Corelis
Maiden Name:  Cynthia Moser
Email:  Cyn2you(at)
Address:   4203 Terry Street
City:   Oceanside
State:   CA 92056-3406
Class: 1973 
Telephone: (760) 724-7134

Comments or Bio

I went to Lee from 8th grade to 11th.  My parents moved during the summer and I ended up graduating with Herndon High for my 12th.  My heart and memories still belong to Lee.  I reconize several of the names on the registry.  I would like to be included in any reunions planned.

Currently residing in Oceanside, Ca.  Married to Tom for 19 years.  Have 3 children, Thomas 16, Carolyne 14 and my little sweetie Barbara 2.  Have spent the last 16 years as a homemaker and now contemplating how best to get back in the work force.   Right out HS, I went to VCU and got a BFA in Fashion Design and worked in the industry for a while up in NYC.  But I want to do something else now, so I may go back to school.

Fri Aug 17 11:40 2001 PDT

1973 -   Kris Sigler
Email:  kSigler(at)
Address:   523 E. 1st North Street
City:   Morristown
State:   TN  37814-4715
Class: 1973 
Telephone: 423-317-7642

Comments or Bio

I attended '71-'72, then moved, so I didn't graduate from Lee, but this would have been my graduating class.

Mon Aug 20 20:05 2001 PDT

1973 -   Tom Salmon
Email:   salmon(at)

Comments or Bio

I serendipitously came upon the Class of '73 reunion list and recognized many familiar names.  I'm not sure if any of you remember me, since I left Lee High after 9th grade.  I attended elementary school (Crestwood), 7th grade (Irving), 8th and 9th grade with many of you.  I'd be interested in hearing from some of you, if you have time to write.

Tom Salmon
Assistant Professor of Optometry
Northeastern State University
Tahlequah, Oklahoma 

Fri Dec 14 23:25 2001 PDT

1973 -   Joanne (Stim) Rickman
Maiden Name:  Joanne Stim
Email:  rickmanbjd(at)aol,com
Address:   5602 Shannon Court
City:   Woodbridge
State:   VA 22193
Class: 1973 
Telephone: (703) 670-0651

Comments or Bio

Married Barry Rickman, class of '72. One son, Daniel. Still a tree hugging hippie flower child. Floral designer at Elliotts Florist!

Mon Jun 3 14:50 2001 PDT

1973 -   Ron Wuelzer
Email:  wuelzerr(at)
Address:   6376 Church Street
City:   Chincoteague
State:   VA
Telephone: (757) 336-5965

Comments or Bio

Been a long time.  Raised 3 kids on my own and been happily divorced for 14 years.

Mon Jul 8 7:50 2002 PDT

1973 -   Jeffrey Hughes
Email:  jhughes(at)

Comments or Bio

Whew, Too long for here.

Fri Jul 12 3:40 2002 PDT

1973 -   Melinda Root
Email:  sva13a02(at)
Address:   P.O. Box 9677
City:   Arlington
State:   VA

Comments or Bio

I work and live in Rosslyn, VA.  Still hangin' out with
family and friends, still doing the music thing...

Tue Oct 1 11:15 2002 PDT

1973 -  Bob Stanley
E-Mail: stanleyfive(at)
   160 Hill Ridge
City:   Clintwood
State:   VA  24228
Telephone: 276-835-9319

Comments or Bio

Moved to a small town in the mountains, worked in the
coal mines  and natural gas pipelines and now work for the Virginia Dept. of Corrections  Red Onion State Prison.

Married with three kids. Raise horses and trail ride.
Hope to be able to attend next reunion.

Sat  Jan 12  18:25  2008 PDT

1973 -  Joe Penton
Email:  pentonjw3(at)
Address:   P.O. Box 55665
City:   North Pole
State:   AK  99075
Telephone: 907-488-3418

Comments or Bio

Married with two children, Retired Air Force Investigator. Presently working for N.C. Machinery in Fairbanks Alaska in sales.

Sat Oct 26 12:20 2002 PDT

1973 -  Susan Cannon
Email:  susan.arthur(at)
   1448 Rivermist Drive
City:   Liburn
State:   GA  30047

Comments or Bio

Haven't seen many of you since our 15th reunion.

Am currently in the Atlanta area, married with 2 grown daughters with one grandchild (!) on the way.

I had served on staff of our church as youth director, but am currently a stay-at-home wife and mother.

Sat  Jun 14 14:00 2008 PDT

1973 -  Cheryl Lee Hartman
Address:   13223 Springdale Estates Road
City:   Clifton
State:   VA  20124
Telephone:  703-222-9027

Comments or Bio

I have worked for the Depart of the Navy for 30 years now located at the Washington Navy Yard. I am a Lead Business Manager for Program Executive Office, Integrated Warfare Systems (I love my job). I have two beautiful daughters, Chrissy 15 and Victoria 12. I love to garden, and of course I love to spend time at the ocean. I rarely run into people that I went to school with, which does surprise me!

Mon  Apr 24 14:23 2006 PDT

1973 -  Chuck Hill
State:   Colorado

Thu Jul 31 11:02 2008 PDT

1973 -  Nancy Witherell
Address:   624 Maryland Avenue, N.E.
City:   Washington
State:   DC  20002
Telephone:  202-543-8356

Comments or Bio

Hi, everyone: I learned about this site from Jo Moran, with whom I'm still in touch. I was hoping to find evidence of a 30th reunion being planned for the summer of 2003-- apparently not? I'm glad to help if one is in the works. 

It seems that most of the entries here were written for the 25th, which I didn't hear about. But I enjoyed the 20th!  I've lived in Washington, on Capitol Hill, since 1986. I work as the Historic Preservation Officer for the National Capital Planning Commission, a federal agency. I sing with the Choral Arts Society of Washington. 

Thanks to my brother Andy, '75, who lives in Arlington, I am Aunt Nance to four great kids, ages 1 to 10. 

Thu  Jun  26 10:00 2003 PDT

1973 -  Lisa Hillmer Tubbs
Maiden Name: Lisa Le Hillmer
Address:   7  Heath Court
City:   Niskayuna
State:   NY  12309
Telephone:  518-452-6497

Comments or Bio

Sorry I missed the 25th class reunion.  I attended the school's 40th reunion Oct.1998 with all my siblings. (Debbie-1969, Cindy-1970, Don-1971 & Laura-1975) I live in upstate New York, Albany area.  I have been married to Ed Tubbs for 25 years. We have 2 sons John (23yrs.) and Scott (22 yrs.) I am an interior designer working for Ethan Allen. If you want the gritty details of my life give me a call or E-mail me and I'll fill you in on my Real Life.

Wed  Sept 10 7:55 2003 PDT

1973 -  Scott Schmidt
Address:   970 Waite Drive
City:   Boulder
State:   CO  80303
Telephone:  303-554-1202

Comments or Bio

Have been living in Colorado since 1989. All is well.

Thu  Jan 8  7:15 2004 PDT

1973 -  Wilbur McDonald
Address:   1850 Rock Point Road
City:   Powhatan
State:   VA  23159
Telephone:  804-378-1527

Comments or Bio

Class of '73, Vietnam era veteran. Now working at Crawford & Company as a vocational consultant.

Thu  Jul 14   19:35 2005 PDT

1973 -  Jesse Cornelius Anderson
Address:   3325  Mayflower Street  Apt. 1
City:   Jacksonville
State:   FL  32205
Telephone:  904-388-3151

Comments or Bio

Well I in the U.S. Army in 1973 got marry come back to Jacksonville in 1977 get marry in 1980 been working as Roof for the last 16th year, now retire

Sat  Mar 25   5:00  2006  PDT

1973 -  Don Slatton
City:   Ocala
State:   Florida

Comments or Bio

Bet ya'll thought I was dead. Supposed to have graduated 73 O'well, that's life, Grad from School of Hard Knots of Southeast Asia Nam Vet, Gulf War Vet and everything in between. Navy Corpsman/Fleet Marines/Recon/Retired. Now Chef by trade. Hope all's well, keep in touch, God Bless

Sat  Oct 7  8:15  2006  PDT

1973 -  Susan Marie Angelino
Address:   3951 Pine Cone Circle
City:   Waldorf
State:   MD  20602
Telephone:  301-645-6409

Wed  Dec 27  6:45  2006  PDT

1973 -  Joe Hotter
Address:   7307 Inzer Street
City:   Springfield
State:   VA  22151

Comments or Bio

Went to VA Tech (roomed with Paul Brickell '73, Don Champion '74 most of the time.) W&M Law School. Married, 4 daughters. Currently in investment business. Been coaching kids sports for quite a few years (over 30). Went to one reunion (20th?).

Tue  Jan 23  9:25  2007  PDT

1973 -  Elise Reilly
Address:   15 Sassafras Lane
City:   Stafford
State:   VA  22554
Telephone:  540-657-2048

Comments or Bio

Just thought I'd check in to see if anyone remembered me. Living in Stafford, VA. Single, four kids, Alyssa 23, Eric 20, Alayna 14 and Austin 13. Hair stylist, self-employed. Breed golden retrievers. Soon to be a grandmother for the first time, can't wait to get my arms around that little bundle. Healthy, happy and still young at heart, what more could I ask for? Hope to here from my classmates.

Thu  May 24    11:10    2007  PDT

1973 -  Paul Holsopple
City:   West Deptford
State:   New Jersey

Comments or Bio

Life is good. Any one interested in catching up, send me an email. Never attended class reunions, have always been out of state. Decided to sign up here after having a great phone conversation with Bob Batchelor about old times.

Thu  Jun 14    9:40    2007  PDT

1973 -  Ann Brenneman
Maiden Name: Ann Colonna
   5929 Keystone Drive
City:   Bethel Park
State:   PA  15102
Telephone:  412-835-1936

Comments or Bio

I am such a disgrace! I have become a Steelers fan from my 12 years in Pennsylvania. My oldest son has just returned from his 16th tour in the Middle East. Middle Son finishing school and tending bar in Alexandria. Youngest son a junior at Pitt in engineering. Married Dave Brenneman July 20, 2008. Maybe #4 will be enough! Seven grandchildren. Yes, Colonel Tommy R is right. God is GOOD!

Sun   Apr 4 15:17    2010  PDT

1973 -  Deborah Franklin
Maiden Name: Deborah Hucks
State:   Virginia
Telephone:  540-322-6280

Comments or Bio

Been all over the United States and I am finally living back in good old Virginia. Married with 3 wonderful children. Want to know more? I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from the good old days !

Fri   Jun 6   6:29 2008 PDT

1973 -  Jim  Chagnon
Address:  5625 Panama Avenue
State:   CA  94804
Telephone:  510-882-8547

Comments or Bio

Living in the Bay area for 10 yrs. with wife Renee. Son from marriage 1, Chris,27, still lives in Springfield.

Fri   Nov 13  8:34 2009 PDT

1973 -  Frank Hamilton
Address:  322 Moonlight Bay Drive
  Panama City Beach
State:   FL  32407
Telephone:  850-238-1778

Comments or Bio

Married, 1 child adopted from Kazakhstan. wife's name is Heidi. Graduated VA Tech as ME and Masters from Indiana. Worked Oil field offshore Louisiana, Naval Research Laboratory in Panama City, Naval Special Warfare Command in Coronado, Ca, and US Special Operations Command in Tampa, Fla.

Thu  Jun  26  9:44 2008 PDT

1973  Sharon Totten
Maiden Name: Sharon Rodgers
City:   Martinsburg
State:   West Virginia

Comments or Bio

I have enjoyed reading this site and remember many of you. I actually left Lee H.S. before my graduation year and moved to Maryland (might as well have been Egypt). I have 3 children (adults now, but still my babies) and remarried someone with 5 kids - Yes, 8 is enough! Am a legal assistant at a large law firm in Rockville and am studying to get my real estate license (I'll keep my day job for now). Plan to attend the 50th in October and hope to see you all there.

Fri   Aug 1  14:40 2008 PDT

1973  Toni Nohre
Maiden Name: Toni Featherall
Address:  106 Pebble Beach Drive
State:   VA  24202

Comments or Bio

Married 32 yrs to Mark class of 74, 2 kids Erik 30 and Jessica 26. Lived in Woodbridge for 30 yrs then moved here to Bristol. We love to cruise and be with family!! Would love to get in touch with the old gang!!

Tue    Aug 26   10:02  2008 PDT

1973  Faye Diane Glenn
Maiden Name: Faye Dianne Hayes
Address:  172 Winding Creek Road
   Rocky Point
State:   N
C  28457
Telephone:  910-602-1270

Comments or Bio

Moved to NC to take care of grandson. God is good all the time!

Mon  Oct 6   6:52  2008 PDT

1973  Pam Clark
Maiden Name: Pam Laws
   Ft. Lauderdale

Comments or Bio

I'm living in Ft. Lauderdale and have been for the past 30 years (that sounds long ...) My husband and I are blessed with a great bunch of kids (5) and two new grandbabies. Life is good...

Fri   Oct 14  14:41  2008 PDT

1973  Raymond Palmer

Comments or Bio

Lettered on Golf and Wrestling Teams. Went directly to Va Tech B.S. Accounting 1980, International Paper then back to Va Tech M.S. Accounting 1982, Worked in accounting until Law Degree from Catholic University in 1992. Private Practice of Law in Florida since 1995. Married since 1988. Two Children. Hobbies: Gardening, Golf, Kayaking.

Tue  Oct 6  7:43  2009 PDT

1973  Paul Smith
Address:  20322 Lakeview Drive
State:   CA

Comments or Bio

I have worked in the Computer industry for almost 34 years and wish I could afford to retire.  Currently divorced.  I live in the beautiful little town of Lakehead, CA located on the largest lake in CA, Shasta Lake. It has 270 miles of shoreline.  I have lived here for 14 years and will never move again. I am on Facebook and have been in contact with a few of you.  Since I have been away from the area for about 18 years I have lost contact with everyone.  It has been great to find so many of us out there.

Thu  Apr 22  17:04  2010 PDT

1973  Clem Urban
Address:  385 College Park Court
AL  35805
Telephone:  256-533-3367

Comments or Bio

I have worked in the Computer industry for almost 34 years and wish I could afford to retire.  Currently divorced.  I live in the beautiful little town of Lakehead, CA located on the largest lake in CA, Shasta Lake. It has 270 miles of shoreline.  I have lived here for 14 years and will never move again. I am on Facebook and have been in contact with a few of you.  Since I have been away from the area for about 18 years I have lost contact with everyone.  It has been great to find so many of us out there.

Mon  Jul 18   17:24  2011 PDT

1973  Barry L. Woods
Address:  9303 Jackson Street
VA  22015
Telephone:  703-323-9113

Comments or Bio

Married to Peggy Gilmer('71) and have lived in Burke, VA for 32 yrs. Two children both girls that live in the area. I have worked for Coca Cola 39 yrs. Like to be on the Shenandoah River and fishing.

Mon  Aug  8   10:47  2011 PDT

1973  Melissa Eastman
Address:  2425 Hirst Terrace
PA  19083
Telephone:  610-457-6255

Comments or Bio

Have lived in the Philadelphia area for over 30 years now; 20+ of those working as a high school/college counselor then time with literacy programs and finally now very part-time eldercare consulting. Two incredible daughters - 22 and 19. Have reconnected with many classmates mostly via Facebook but many in person. If you're ever in the Philly area, give me a call!

Sun  Oct 23   9:54  2011 PDT

1973  Bill Klingenstein
Address:  109 Delaine Way
   New Bern
State:   NC  28562

Telephone:  252-626-2404

Comments or Bio

Been married to Sandy class of 78 for 32 years. We have a son who is 32.Semi retired after 32 years selling high end windows an doors. Moved here from Springfield 6 years ago and love it.  We want to come to the 40th reunion so someone let us know when. Be blessed in The Lord.

Sun  Sept  30  15:21  2012 PDT

Debbie Lillard Smith
Maiden Name:
Debbie Lillard
City:   Fairfax

Comments or Bio

I graduated from James Madison University in 1977 with a BS in Business Education. I had been working summers/Christmas for the U.S. Department of the Interior and upon graduation went to work with them full time. I stayed at Interior for 34 years in various positions working my way from Stenographer to Financial Specialist. I retired in 2010 and haven't missed working one little bit or been bored a single day.

Sun  Aug 24  15:11  2015 PDT