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Robert E. Lee High School  List of 74 - 76 Registered

1974 - Connie (Allison) Blankenship
15134 SW 92 Terrace
Miami, FL 33196
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Class of 1974

Wed Jul 22 14:38:42 1998 PDT

1974 - Dennis R. Cox
921 Denton Blvd #209
Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32547 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page: www.Yahoo
Class of / Additional info: 1974

Thu Jul 30 11:27:51 1998 PDT  

1974 - G. Michael Bourne
3931 Laird Lane
Chattanooga Tennessee 37415
(423) 870-9967

Tue Sep 16 7:03  2008 PDT

1974 - George B. Payne
21356 Rambla Vista
Malibu, CA 90265
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1974
Except for a few years at Old Dominion University (Norfolk) and Chowan College (North Carolina) I have remained in Northern Virginia all my life, but I will be moving to Southern California at the end of August. I probably will not return to Virginia to attend the 40th Anniversary Homecoming . . . but I do want to wish everyone well and encourage my friends to drop me some email. Does anyone know what has become of Psi Omicron Chi ? a.k.a. YOX or the Future Rocket Scientists of America (*grin*) My Father says you guys can use his basement anytime if you want to start holding meetings again . . . providing you don't drink his "Black Label" !

Mon Jul 27 13:53:36 1998 PDT

1974 - George P. Royal
8211 Cutter Place
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1974

Tue Jul 14 18:28:47 1998 PDT

1974 - Penny (Barrineau) Seliga
14313 Fairmont Court
Woodbridge, VA 22193-2012 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1974

Thu Jul 16 11:43:10 1998 PDT

1974 - Robert Crowe
200 Waterfront Drive
Norman, OK 73071
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1974

Wed Jul 29 06:09:35 1998 PDT

1974 - Steve French
7274 Hiawassee Oak Dr
Orlando, FL 32818 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Class of 1974
I work as a programmer/analyst on an International Payroll system for Lucent Technologies. I am married with 1 child. My family still lives in Virginia and I go up there on business often. Pictures of my family (all Lee grads) are on my website (if you are interested).

Tue Aug 4 04:51:29 1998 PDT

1974  Steven Trothen
Address: 312 Charity Lane

City:  Newport News
State:  VA  23602
Class: 1974
Telephone: 757-885-6572

Comments or Bio:

I left Lee before graduation, this would of have been my year.

I joined the Army and traveled the Globe. I met my wife while I was in service, Oklahoma Ft Sill. We have been married over 31 years now.

We live in Newport News, Va. I got out of the Military in 1980.

I've been working at the Surry Nuclear Power Plant making electricity for all you guys. If the lights go out, call me.

I have a beautiful and wonderful wife who is a RN/ operating room nurse. We have two children, Steven Jr. a teacher with Newport News Schools and a daughter Kristi, who attends VCU in Richmond as a Pre-Med Student.

I miss all you guys and gals, I'm trying to stay in touch with some of you, I lost track of the other ones. Please e-mail me sometime and let me know how your doing.

Tell Craig Underwood to get in touch with me. Go YOX and Lancers. Hope to see you all at the next reunion.

Wed Mar 3 17:31 1999 PDT

1974-Douglas Mark Williams
712 Carmel St.
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23457 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1974
I am a detective with the City of Va. Beach Police Department. I am married to Kellie and have two children, Rose and Angelena. Thank you.

Wed Aug 12 02:35:24 1998 PDT

1974  Kenneth B. Blaine
Address: 600 Greysands Lane

City:  Purcellville
State:  VA  20132
Telephone: 540-751-1335

Mon   Jul 13  6:23 2009 PDT

1974  Randy B. Williams
Email: bmrw62(at)
Address: 204 E. 4th Street

State:  WV  26187
Class: 1974
Telephone: (304) 375-8081

Thu May 6 4:50 1999 PDT

1974  Michael Alexander
Email: michael.a.alexander(at)
Address: 12094 Greatbridge Road

State:  VA  22192
Telephone: (202) 761-4792

Comments or Bio:

I am currently working as a Engineer/Program Manager for the Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters in Washington D.C., and am extremely busy supporting the Global War On Terrorism. I am also an Army Reserve Engineer Officer with the COE, and in both positions, travel worldwide (CONUS, Europe, Asia, the Pacific, the Mid-East, etc.) I have been married for 21 years to the former Stephanie S.H. Pyon, and have one son, Mark who is currently attending college as an Art/Animation major. To all Lee H.S. 1974 classmates, or other year groups: If you happen to work or live in the D.C. Area or are visiting, feel free to give me a call at my work number or stop by and we could meet for lunch and discuss old school days and old friends. I work just 1 block from the MCI Center in the GAO/Army Corps of Engineers building at 441 G.Street N.W.  Take Care, Mike (Zander) Alexander

Tue  Jul 6  18:15 2004 PDT

1974  Donald Spear
Email: linflas84(at)
Address: 9730 Allegro Drive

State:  VA 
Telephone: (703) 330-5422

Thu May 20 19:25 1999 PDT

1974  Randall  D.  Schmidt
  46041 Bayswater Terrace
State:    VA  20166
Telephone: 703-885-0011

Mon  Sep 29   16:58 2008 PDT

1974  Rhonda Harrison
Maiden Name:  Rhonda Parrish
Address:   2912 Greystone Drive
  Rocky Mount
State:    NC  27804
Telephone: (252) 451-5670 

Comments or Bio:

Married Tim Harrison (Bishop Ireton, 71) in 77. Three children, Gerard, 26, Trans. Mgr, married Vicky in 04, Crystal, 24, graduate UNC, employed RBC-Centura. Michael, 20, attending Appalachian SU in Boone, NC. Tim Exec w/MBM, Inc. LIFE IS GRAND!

Thu  Apr 21   7:35 2005 PDT

1974  Jack Houseknecht
Email:   jhouse(at)
   338 Longhorn Circle
State:    MD  20657
Telephone: (410) 326-8243

Comments or Bio:

Graduated Univ. of VA 1978 & went to work for a finance company, then Andrews Federal Credit Union and for the last five years I have been President & CEO of the SSA Baltimore FCU. I am married to Dianne, and with my two children from my first marriage (17 & 15) and her four (two married) we pretty much are the equivalent of the Calvert County  Brady Bunch - except none of us can sing.

Wed Mar 21 3:55 2001 PDT


1974  Joanne Carelli
   205 Stonsay Road
State:    SC  29212
Telephone: (803) 781-0850

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from the University of SC and am the senior charge
nurse in open heart surgery.   I have two sons in college, Greg 22 and Jeff 19.

 Fri   Nov 18  16:15 2005 PDT

1974    Janice (Groves) Maioli
Maiden Name:  Janice Groves
  96100 Nassau Lakes Circle
  Fernandia Beach
State:    FL  32034
Telephone: 904-910-9793

Tue  May 27  13:57 2008 PDT

1974    Eric Hanson
Email:   BEENTHE424(at)AOL.COM
  20420 Middlebury Street
State:    VA  20147
Telephone: (703) 724-7805

Comments or Bio:

I joined the Army before graduating and graduated while in. I spent three years in Germany. I married another Lee Alumnus - Barbara Dean '78.  We have two children, Bradley and Katelyn.  Our son is a graduate of Broadrun High and our daughter is in middle school.

I would love to hear from any of the old gang.

Sun Jun 3 7:35 2001 PDT

1974    Ruth Jaquith
Maiden Name: Ruth Manning
Email:   rjaquith(at)
  12369 Richard's Ride
  King George
State:    VA  22485
Telephone: (540) 775-3385

Comments or Bio:

Still living in Virginia, 60 miles southwest of Springfield.  Just celebrated 20th wedding anniversary to Randy, have son Brian, 19, US Marine reservist that attends George Mason, and Matt, 16, junior at King George High school. Very active in DeMolay with Matt and our church and still working at Joan Carol Design and Exhibit Group in Clinton, MD as General Manager, since 1983.  Have home based business selling health related products.

Sat Jul 21 9:35 2001 PDT

1974    Jim Lash
Email:   jlash56(at)
City:   Centreville
State:    VA  20120
Class: 1974
Telephone: (703) 830-4685

Comments or Bio:

I have remained in the area since graduation. Miss the good old days with you guys! I am living in Centreville with my wife Michelle, and am working in Alexandria. Waiting for the next reunion to see everyone!

Mon Nov  3 18:00 2003 PDT

1974    John Freedman
Email:   sdgfinan(at)
City:   Vienna
State:    VA  20181
Class: 1974
Telephone: (703) 861-3603

Comments or Bio:

Went to Lee 70-72 and then moved to Switzerland.  Work for SAIC and have been in the area since 97.  I recognize a few of the 1974 names.  If you remember me, call or email.

Sun Nov 25 16:35 2001 PDT

1974    Darlene (Rodgers) Lavelle
Maiden Name:  Darlene Rodgers
Email:   2FAST4U(at)
  3619 Fry Road
State:    MD   21755

Comments or Bio:

I still live at the foot of that mountain on 6 acres. Those 6 acres are starting to look like 12 acres. Those little gardens are starting to look like big gardens.

That house is starting to look like a mansion.

I can’t imagine why?

My husband had a stroke in March 2007. I understand that “split second” thing now.

Life changes on a dime and ready or not, here it comes.

A rough year, but all is well and he is doing extremely well.

FYI to the youngin’s: “Don’t buy anything you can’t handle on your own”

FYI to us elders: “Clear your basement out of those things that are collecting dust before you have to do it alone” Hate those steps!!

Have shared some good times in the last 10 years with a lot of old "friends like family" from Lee and glad we were able to find time to re-unite. It’s like we never missed a beat.

It’s great to get through the marriages and kiddy years to find our own life again.

If I never get the chance to tell you …thank you for filling my life with fun, laughter and golden memories. Looking forward to making new ones. The trip to Charleston SC got me through a stressful time in 2007.

Sun  Aug 31  15:35 2008 PDT

1974    Stanley Schurtz
Email:   ssstan(at)
Address: 7400 Castle Road
City: Manassas
State: VA, 20109
Telephone: 703-368-0738

Comments or Bio:

After Lee went to American University and received my B.S. degree in 1978. Married Susie Eggleston (class of 1975)and have two great kids. My daughter Jennifer is a freshman at Avondale College in Australia and my son Justin is in 7th grade. I am working for Westminster Mortgage which is a division of Toll Brothers Home Builders.

Sun Mar 9  10:05 2003 PDT

1974    Robert Miller
  898 Wisconsin Street
  San Francisco
State:   CA  94107
Telephone: (415)821-4346

Comments or Bio:

An 18 month trade school in Oklahoma turned into a 12 year adventure with cars, bikes, and airplanes. Oh yes, and the wife. We moved to San Francisco in 1988. Tornadoes, then earthquakes pretty much sums it up. FedEx guy since 1977. Still tinker with old British cars and motorcycles. The 1964 Spitfire I bought from Donnie Mercy in 1973 started it all...

Sat  Apr 26 10:35 2008 PDT

1974    Pam Lundgren
Maiden Name:  Pam Avery

 13820 S.  44th Street #1188
State:    AZ   85044
Telephone: (480) 861-9511

Comments or Bio:

Married, two kids, daughter Amy is 7, son Jay is 4 1/2.  Am a flight attendant for America West Express in Phoenix, AZ.

Mon  Jul  19 14:25 2004 PDT

1974    Tom Glakas
  7883  W. Kerry Lane
State:   AZ  85398
Telephone: 623-362-9798

Comments or Bio:

Left the D.C. area in '76 returning only to visit family and old friends.  My sister Barbara ('76) and brother Jim ('81) are still in the area, as are our parents who still live in the same house.

I've been married to a wonderful woman for about 18 years now and have two great kids.  My daughter Maggie is 12, and son Wes is 15.  Wes plays/marches in the school band which always brings back interesting memories.  Maggie's into softball and cheer.  Both would rather be on a snowboard than anywhere else. 

Finally graduated from UNH in 1988 after making a career out of college.  Lived in NH until '97, then moved to Phoenix, AZ where we've been ever since.  I've been in the aviation industry for the past 25 years or so, and with Honeywell for the past 14 years, selling avionics and engines to keep business aircraft flying safely for years to come.

Sat  Dec 13  12:40 2003 PDT

1974    Richard Leonard
  27 Spring Lake Drive
State:   VA  22554
Telephone: 540-720-1870

Comments or Bio:

After graduation I joined the USAF and eventually ended up in the Air National Guard (Retired in 2000 with 25 years service).  I am currently working as a detective with the Stafford County Sheriff's Office after retiring from Prince William County Police/Sheriff's Office with 24 years service.  Divorced in 1992 and have one daughter Kristen who is 14 this year. 

Wed  Jun 16   15:40 2004 PDT


1974    Barry Allen
  122 Holiday Island Drive
State:   NC  27529

Comments or Bio:

I am living in Carolina and working in DC for the Washington Nationals Baseball Club. A long commute with new challenges daily. Life is good.

Wed  Mar 7  17:26  2012 PDT

1974   Sally Hoffmaster Foy
Maiden Name:  Sally Hoffmaster

  408 Hampton Ridge Court
State:   VA  23299
Telephone: 804-673-6688

Comments or Bio:

Living in Richmond, since 1997.  I have four children ... 23, 21, 18, and 15.  Husband Bill is news director at ABC TV station in Richmond.  I dabble with several part time jobs. Look forward to the 30th reunion.

Tue  Jun 29   12:50 2004 PDT

1974   Ernie Lyles
  211 Mast Cove
State:   VA  22554
Telephone: 540-659-6566

Comments or Bio:

Joined the USMC in 1979 as an M.P.  Met my wife Priscilla in 1983. Along with her came my 2 stepsons who are out of college and on their own. I did private investigations for a couple of years. I've always been fond of firearms and shooting, so for the last 18 years have owned with my brother-in-law, Gilbert Small Arms Range in Newington Va. I get to see old friends from school there.

Tue  Jun 29   12:50 2004 PDT

1974   Nannette Simmons
Maiden Name:  Nannette Merrill
  47 E. Amberglow Circle
  The Woodlands
State:   TX  77381

Wed  Jul 14   5:50 2004 PDT

1974   Sherry Thomas
Maiden Name:  Sherry Weston
  264 Double Bridges Road
State:   VA  23947
Telephone: 434-736-9659

Comments or Bio:

Worked for FCPS in the Textbook Dept. until I retired in 1998. Was married to Tim Smith (class '74). Divorced 1980. Met "BJ" Thomas in 2003. He's a retired Arlington Co. Fire Dept. Captain. He was one first 3 firefighters at the Pentagon on 9/11. We married in 2004, moved to Lexington VA to a 1848 brick home with 30 acres. Beautiful place. Then moved to Keysville, VA (about 1 1/2 hrs. SE of Richmond). Bought a 1920 home with 40 acres. We have 4 dogs and 5 cats. Grow lots and lots of corn ever year. We would like to move back to Lexington VA because I miss the mountains so much. Anyone want to buy a lovely house in Keysville?

Tue  May 6   7:22  2008 PDT

1974   Kristy Tucker
Maiden Name:  Kristy Gianakaris
  8827 W. Marconi Avenue
State:   AZ   85382

Comments or Bio:

Wish I had made the 30th reunion...maybe 40th! I have been married to my college sweetie for 25 years. We have a son, 21 going to U of AZ, a son, 19 going to GCC and a daughter, 12 making life wonderful! "Tuck" was a pilot in the AF so we have been all over the world (always wondered why I took Spanish)... Working as a media assistant and loving it. Hope to catch up at the next reunion.

Mon  Sept  6   15:50 2004 PDT

1974   Gus Stavros
  6502 Koziara Drive
State:   VA  22015
Telephone: 703-455-8921

Comments or Bio:

Still living in the area. Married 17 years to a wonderful lady. 2 kids, 14 and 12 .  I'm a regional manager for a national based automotive co. Been with them for 12 yrs now .  Would like to here from my old classmates.

Mon  Sept  6   19:30 2004 PDT

1974   Scott Lindvall
  2 East End Avenue, Apt. PH E
  New York
State:   NY  10075
Telephone:  212-426-0100

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee, I graduated from VA Tech with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I then went to work at McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) in St. Louis for 3 years as a research engineer. While at McDonnell Douglas I obtained my M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University. I then became bored with engineering and went to law school at the College of William and Mary. I practiced in Washington DC for about 8 years at a law firm (Morgan Lewis & Bockius). I then left D.C. and since 1991 have been practicing in New York City. I specialize in patent infringement litigation. I am currently a partner at Kaye Scholer LLP. I have three sons and one daughter. The first two (15 and 16 years old) are from an earlier marriage and were adopted from Brazil. They attend McLean High School. The younger two from my present marriage are 4 and 8 and both attend private school at the Horace Mann School. Would be great to hear from anyone who happens to be visiting Manhattan.

Tue  Jul 17 11:20 2007 PDT

1974   Alan Turovlin
  6 Laurel Mountain Way
State:   NJ  07830
Telephone:  516-650-5263

Comments or Bio:

Graduated Va Tech 1978 BS in Finance. M.S. in Accounting 1984 American U, M.P.A. in Public Financial Management - American U 1983, CPA 1984.

I started after Tech as an Accountant - hated it, then went to work for the Federal Government for 6 years and got my taste of Information Technology. Left the government for the wide world of consulting with Booz, Allen, & Hamilton - then went to Oracle for 10 years, spent a few years in the start-up world - great experience (As long as you are independent wealthy - which I am not), then went to KPMG Consulting/BearingPoint as a Managing Director, and a year and half ago came over to Canon (they make Camera's and Copiers) to run the IT organization for America's (or as my parents would say - I finally got a "real" job).

In 1986 I married my wife, Linda (another Va Tech grad) and we have three kids 11, 11.5, and 12 years (two were adopted - that is why they are so close in age). We live in the mountains of NJ (bet you didn't know NJ had mountains!).

I went to the 10, 20 and 30th and had a great time. I appreciate all the effort!

Mon Sep 13   13:30 2004 PDT

1974   Dave Predzin
  10843 Quail Creek Lane
State:   VA  20112
Telephone:  703-927-7207

Comments or Bio:

 I recently retired from a very satisfying first career - 25 years with Prince William County Police. I am now into career number 2 - teaching golf - a little less stressful and a lot more fun. I married Deborah Kight (class of 73) in 1980 and am a very lucky guy to have found her. Our children Matthew and Kelli are both attending college. I've managed to keep in touch with several of my close friends from Lee - Scott and Laura Peterson, Scott Lindvall, Danny Brooks and Carl DeSonia.

Mon Sep 13   13:30 2004 PDT

1974   Bill Hays
  103 Main Street
State:   Vermont  05301
Telephone:  802-257-5181

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from VPI in 1978 I moved to Alaska where I lived for ten years. I got a second degree in sculpture from the Univ. of Alaska and moved to Vermont with my wife, Patricia Long. In Vermont I have continued to develop my career as an artist. I show my work from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Philadelphia and spend summers at our home in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Please feel free to be in touch!

Sun  Nov 21   13:30 2004 PDT

1974   Charles E. Hartline
  315A  Hightower Street
State:   MS  38666

Tue  Mar 8    7:00 2005 PDT

1974   Gail Gage
  4305  Woodbriar Drive
State:   TX  77802
Telephone:  979-774-5540

Sat  Apr 30  6:10 2005 PDT

1974   John (Pat) Hall
  2160 Catherine Court
State:   IA
Telephone:  319-369-0942

Comments or Bio: Hi,

I went to Lee up through part of 1973, I was in the Marching and Concert band and played bass in rock bands with Bob Lawrence, Melinda Root, Don Jones, Dave Blankenship and Steve Evanusa, among others. My family moved to Warner Robins Ga. in 73, I finished high school and attended Mercer University and University of Ga. Along the way I went on the road in a series of rock bands with my brother Charlie (71') and toured along the Gulf coast and southeastern nightclub circuit for about 10 years. I finished a master's degree in bass performance at UGA, went to Memphis and started a doctorate there, which I am currently in the process of completing. I ended up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where I teach orchestra at Kennedy High School, play bass in the Cedar Rapids Symphony and play in funk101, and 11-piece funk band comprised of local music educators and professionals. I was in D.C. a couple of years ago with the Kennedy Orchestra and tried to call Phil Rittman, was sad to learn he passed away, he was a great band director.

Sat  Dec 10   15:55 2005 PDT

1974   Robert Rother (Bob, Bobby, etc.)
City:   Dale City
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio: Hi,

After High School went to work at Stholman Oldsmobile in alex. Became a auto tech., They sent me to GM training center. Where I met my high school teacher Ben Walker he was teaching there I said oh no not you again. wonder where he is good guy. To make a long story short I'm back where I started Stohlman olds. which is Mercedes Benz of Alex. we got bought out by Mercedes . PS Kristy Janus died last year she fell off her boat strange.

Mon  Jan 2   6:05 2005 PDT

1974   Patti Mitchell
Address:  205 Yoakum Parkway  #1424

City:   Alexandria
State:   VA  22304

Sun  Mar 11  14:45  2012 PDT

1974   Joseph Johnson II
  P.O. Box 10079
State:   NM  87184
Telephone:  408-656-4033

Comments or Bio

I have been living/working in San Jose Ca, as a quality Assurance Engineer (they give me toys to play with, and pay me to break them), but I found that CA was WAY too expensive, so I got a position as a QA Eng with a company that provides software to Colleges and Universities to manage their Financial aid programs, but the best thing is that I can do this anywhere. SO, I sold my house, put my stuff in storage (my mother-in-laws house) bought a trailer and I'm a fulltime traveler... along with my wife of 15 years, and 4 boys 13, 11, 7, 3. At the moment its still fun, but at some point we'll settle down. In the meantime, its a great Geography lesson for the boys.

Wed  Jun 14   4:35 2006 PDT

1974   Jeffrey M. Davis
  6550 New Providence Drive
State:   PA  17111
Telephone:  717-215-2226

Comments or Bio

To those I saw at 30th reunion, hi again. To all the rest, missed seeing you.

Briefly, I am married (2nd time), have a son from 1st who is married with 4 sons living in Manassas and another son (my 2nd wife's whom I adopted) who is married with 1 son of his own. Yep, that makes FIVE grandchildren: man I'm old! MY wife Pam and I will be celebrating our 25th this year (2007). I can't believe anyone could put up with me that long. She is a wonderful lady.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the 40th. Until then, if you're ever in Central PA, give me a call so we can get together.

Thu  Mar 8  8:15 2007 PDT

1974   Margie Schairer
Maiden Name:  Margie Bauer 
Address: 8250 Savage Guilford Road
State:   MD 20794

Comments or Bio

Remarried in 1997 to Mark Schairer. Between us we have 4 children and six grandchildren. They all live within an 50 mile radius. Mark started his own business June '09 and I'm now helping him run the office.

Thu  Jan 14 14:01 2010 PDT

1974   Donnie Mercy
10329 Lee Manor Drive
State:   VA  20110
Telephone:  703-941-6766

Comments or Bio

HI. I went back to school and now I am a social Studies teacher at Osbourn Park High School in Prince William County. I have been a single dad for 16 years of two wonderful boys who have helped me grow up. Not really. Was kind of insane for awhile but better now. Miller I want my car back and I can't tell you how much I miss each and everyone of you all. I tell my students stories about you all. please contact me.

Mon  Feb 18   7:35 2008 PDT

1974   Stephen F. Schiff
16 Chachapacassett Road
State:   RI  02806

Comments or Bio

After Lee, graduated from Princeton and returned to Norfolk for medical school. Trained at Harvard in Surgery/Urology and currently am a Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery/Urology at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Married to Sharon since 1989. Two great sons, Perry (a HS Junior) and Morgan (HS Freshman).

Sat  Apr 12  17:05 2008 PDT

1974   Chris Sowick
1440 Laburnum Street
State:   VA  22101
Telephone:  703-626-3579 

Tue  Jan 13  6:43 2009 PDT

1974   Althea M. Wallace
2736 Countryside Lane
Fort Worth
State:   TX  76133
Telephone: 817-294-5373

Comments or Bio

Since leaving Robert E. Lee I went to the U.S. army, was published in a book and I teach preschool. I have 3 children: a daughter who has been in the navy for 16 years, a son who graduated from Arizona western, a son who is a chef, and a god son who is starting at Lon Morris college in January

Sun  Sep 13  13:57 2009 PDT

1974   Darlene Feaster
Maiden Name:  Joy Darlene Wilson
  734 Maple Avenue
State:   AZ   85382
State:   OH  43055
Telephone:  740-975-9328

Comments or Bio:

Hi, I moved back to Ohio in 1975 after graduation in 1974. Have been out of touch with everyone since. My Husband died in a motorcycle accident just over 8 yrs. ago and I have remained single since. Miss those that I went to school with at Lee and would love to hear from any and all. Just located this site, am unable to get to the even on Oct. 23rd due to previous obligations but hope to make it to the next reunion. Would so love to hear from you!

Sun  Oct 4   16:48  2009 PDT

1974   Deborah Britt Burroughs
Maiden Name:  Deborah Britt
  1052 Old Kempsville Road
State:   AZ   85382
  Virginia Beach
State:   VA  757-319-2272

Comments or Bio:

Many years have past. I have been blessed with four wonderful sons and 5 wonderful grandchildren. Living one day at a time and hoping for more good than bad days if God is willing!

Mon  Jul 18  17:29  2011 PDT  

1974    Brenda Devine
Maiden Name:  Brenda Sparkman

  6403 Burke Woods Court
State:   VA  22015
Telephone: (703) 764-0566

Wed  Jun 9  15:45 2004 PDT

1974   Bob Lovett
  1201 Brophy Drive
State:   Texas 78660
Telephone:   512-825-1769

Comments or Bio:

I moved to Austin, Texas in '78 and have
been here ever since.

I worked for Safeway 10 yrs., Frito Lay
as a DM for 13 years and am currently
a DM with Pepperidge Farm. I have been
married for 25 yrs. to my wife Vicki.
I have four kids Sarah, Russ, Collin
and Mallory.  Also have 2 grand kids also

Claire and Bredt (5&3). I would love to 
talk with anyone from the old class 

Mon  Jun 23  12:24  2014 PDT  

1975 - Bill Fridley
207 N. Laura Anne Drive
Sterling, Virginia 20164 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1975

Sun Jun 28 12:31:17 1998 PDT

1975 - David H Mahler
128 Cedar Ridge Drive
Monaca, PA 15061 USA
(724) 728-7567
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1975

Thu Jul 30 16:07:06 1998 PDT

1975 - Ed Collins
P.O. Box 10575
Burke, VA 22009-0575 US
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Class of 75
Great site! Thanks for doing this.

Thu Jul 23 18:43:09 1998 PDT

1975 - Jim Hartzel
9021 Parliament Drive
Burke, VA 22015
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1975

Wed  Apr 11  9:15 2007 PDT

1975    Leslie Harper
Maiden Name:  Leslie Martin

  103 Crestleigh Drive
State:   VA  22602
Telephone: (540) 667-6832

Comments or Bio:

Have been in Winchester since graduating from JMU and have had varied careers--teaching autistic and emotionally disturbed, selling cars, working in Blood Service with the Red Cross, now pharmaceuticals.
Have worked for Abbott Laboratories for the past 14 years in sales.  Married to Scott since 1997 and have 2 great step-kids, Lacie (13) and Sam (10).  Enjoy traveling, especially vacationing in the Caribbean, and am an avid diver.  My husband golfs, (hence the e-mail address) but we have agreed to try each other's hobbies so we can enjoy time together when we are old.  I just completed golf out Annika!  Hope to attend the next reunion. 

Thu  Jul 31 3:45 2003 PDT

1975    Mark Hill
  3615 Belgray Drive
State:  GA  30152
Telephone: 678-290-1300

Comments or Bio:

Went west after graduation and ended up graduating from Arizona State University in Business.

Then went even further west and lived in the Bay Area and worked as an Executive Recruiter in High Tech.

Married the girl of my dreams 12 years ago, Lesley "Pepper" Hill.

See you at the 30th.

Mark Hill

Wed Oct 19  18:25 2005 PDT


1975 - Mark Hill
780 Broadway
Sonoma, California 95476 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1975

Thu May 28 18:50:46 1998 PDT

1975 - Peggy Audette
Maiden Name:  Peggy Isham
8120 Plantation Way
Cumming, GA  30028


E-Mail: peggy(at)


Thu   Jul 31 11:41  2008 PDT

1975 - Valerie (Trothen) Maupin
316 Bernard Dr. ( Temp)
Newport News, Va 23602 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1975 GO LANCERS
Its been a long time and we still look good! I miss those school days and the nice cars you guys drove. You should have kept them cause now they are worth alot of money! I would Love to hear from you! I am still married to the guy I was dating in high school, Bo Maupin. He works for Va. Power at Surry Va. We have 3 boys well I mean 3 men because they are grown and out on their own except for Robbie my youngest, he is still in high school. I drive a school bus for Prince William County. You think we were bad on the bus, I could tell you some stories! These kids are animals out to kill!!!!!! I hope to be able to attend but don't know yet. And if anybody remembers the name of the girl that skipped school with me in my WHITE 62 FORD GALAXY 500 please tell her to e-mail me!

Sun Jul 26 17:11:19 1998 PDT

1975  Scott A. Peterson
Email:  sp4taxes(at)
Address: 6015 Jennings Lane

City:  Springfield
State:  VA
Class: 1975
Comments or Bio:

Married high school sweetheart (Laura Hillmer) in 1979.  Have 3 daughters at LEE HIGH (senior, sophomore & freshman). Currently live in Monticello Woods near Lee.  *See autobiography on Laura Hillmer (Peterson) to see what I can and can't do in life.

Mon Aug 24 15:45 1998 PDT

  Alan McCullock
Address: 810 Marshall Drive NE

City:  Leesburg
State:  VA
Telephone: 703-771-3268

Comments or Bio:

Now retired after teaching Math at Herndon High School for 30 years.  Married to Lorrie, have two kids Tyler 19 and Brittany 17

Wed  Mar 7    6:56  2012  PDT

1975  Cathy Hudock
Address: 3754-A Madison Lane

City:  Falls Church
State:  VA 22041
Telephone: (703) 931-2452

Comments or Bio:

Working for the Govt since 1975. Getting close to retirement...YIPPEE! Living in Falls Church near Bailey's Crossroads. Would love to connect with old friends from school. Send me an email!

Thu  Mar 4  17:00 2010 PDT

1975  Samuel D. Moore
Address: 6007 Cathedral Road

City:  Fredericksburg
State:  VA 22407
Class: 1975
Telephone: (540) 898-8594
Comments or Bio:

Member of Springfield Volunteer Fire Dept. Co. 22

Mon Oct 5 18:45 1998 PDT

1975  Gregory A. Mason
20610 Hope Spring Terrace  #303

City:  Ashburn
State:  VA 20147

Comments or Bio:

Living in Ashburn now

Thu Sep 4 11:15 2014 PDT

1975  Debbie Jeffries
Maiden name:  Patton
Address: 5756 Walnut Wood Lane

City:  Burke
State:  VA 22015
Class: 1975
Telephone: (703) 239-9758
Comments or Bio:

Married (finally) in 1995 to Charlie. We have a beautiful
little boy who will be 2 on Oct 15.  His name is Dylan. 

Tue Oct 6 15:50 1998 PDT

1975  Laura L. Peterson
Maiden name:  Laura Hillmer
E-Mail:  SLJSS(at) 
Address: 6015 Jennings Lane

City:  Springfield
State:  VA 22150
Class: 1975
Telephone: (703) 971-8290
Comments or Bio:

Still married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Scott Peterson.

Our 3 daughters attend good ole Lee High School.  I work at Falls Church High School in the library and I am really looking forward to seeing the class of 75 at our 25th reunion just around the corner (the year 2000!)

Wed Oct 7 19:40 1998 PDT

1975  Patty Byrne Bridgman
Maiden name:  Patty Byrne
Email:  PBRIDG7373(at)
Address: 4404 San Marcos Drive

City:  Fairfax
State:  VA 22030
Class: 1975
Telephone: (703) 352-0374

Tue Oct 6 19:40 1998 PDT

1975  Cathy Lichtenfels 
Maiden name:  Cathy Rollandini

Email:  clichtenfels(at)
Address: 6313 Zekan Lane
City:  Springfield
State:  VA 22150
Class: 1975
Telephone: (703) 922-8933

Comments or Bio:

Still in Springfield.  Married to Randy for 21 years,  We have one daughter, Jessica, a freshmen at Radford, a son, Kent, a junior at Lee and twin boys, Steven and Adam soon to be freshmen at Lee.  After working as the Technology Coordinator at Lee HS for 6 years I am now the Finance Officer at Sandburg MS (old Ft Hunt HS).

We had a great time at the 40th anniversary weekend celebrations in Oct 98  and especially enjoyed seeing all the alumni.  Now on to the 25th reunion of the class of '75---still alive!!!  Call me or Scott & Laura Peterson if you want to help with the planning!

Sat Feb 20 9:40 1999 PDT

1975  Llyn Allen
Email:  llyna(at)

Address: 9520 Debra Spradlin Ct.
City:  Burke
State:  VA  22015-4182
Class: 1975
Telephone: (703) 644-9262

Comments or Bio:

I have been married for 17 years and have a daughter, Kim  going on 13 years old.

We have been living in the area except for the last couple of years we were in England.

Tue Nov 14 10:55 2000 PDT

1975  Sharen Vandament
11215 Lady Slipper Lane

City:  Richmond
State:  VA  23236
Telephone: 804-356-8770

Comments or Bio:

I'm still living in Richmond with my husband and now 13 year old daughter. My daughter, Alex, is friends with Patty Spriegels (75) daughter. Heaven help us if they take after their mothers. So far, they show no signs. We can only pray!

Tue   Jan 27  12:16 2009 PDT

1975  John C. Jones
Email:  Jonzfamlee(at)

Address: 8732 Foxhall Terrace
City:  Fairfax Station
State:  VA  22019
Class: 1975
Telephone: (703) 690-1448

Comments or Bio:

Attended William and Mary College, then married in 1981 to Gail Yeager of Manassas.   Have 3 handsome boys (11, 9, 6), and 1 gorgeous little girl who's 5.  Working in the family business which has grown to 7 Hallmark stores, 2 lighting showrooms, and a Parcel Plus store.  Fulfilled lifelong dream and bought a Harley this year.

Wed Jun 16 6:40 1999 PDT

1975  Tony Davis
Address: 13170 Triple Crown Loop
City:  Gainseville
State:  VA  20155
Telephone: 703-743-1444

Sun  Jan 31  16:22 2010 PDT

1975   Mike Roark
Email:   mdroark57(at)

Address: P.O. Box 20
City:  Avoca
State:  AR  72711
Telephone:  479-372-0755

Comments or Bio:

These days I am retired form the newspaper business but I remain in the Ozarks. The industry is in the crapper, like many others in the country. Just making it work until I figure out some other career move. Enjoying three grand kids, a couple pretty good dogs, Razorback sports and life as a 50-year-old. Life and times in Northwest Arkansas are pretty good. I miss friends back in the Mid Atlantic region but life goes on no matter where you hang your hat. Be cool. Go Lancers!

Sun  Jan 18  10:41  2009 PDT

1975  Jocelyn Hayes
Maiden Name: Jocelyn Mather
Email:  JoceHaz(at)

Address: 136 White Oak Road
City:  Fredericksburg
State:  VA  22405
Class: 1975
Telephone: (540) 899-3727

Mon Aug 16 :28 1999 PDT

1975   Marcee Hale Rollandini
Maiden Name:   Marcee Hale

Address:   103 Purdie Drive
City:   Emerald Isle
State:   NC  28594-3026
Class: 1975
Telephone: (252) 354-9071

Comments or Bio:

Married to Tom Rollandini (class of 73).  Two children (also Lee grads) David (class of 97) and Andrea (class of 99).

Have moved back and forth between northern VA and NC during Tom's career with the Marine Corps.  Now living at the beach after four years in Springfield.

Looking forward to our 25th reunion.

Wed Oct 27  6:50 1999 PDT

1975   Becky Tuck Crites
Maiden Name:   Becky Tuck
   3626 Kentland Dr.
City:   Roanoke
State:   VA  24018
Class: 1975

Comments or Bio:

Married to Jim (Annandale'74)since '77. 3 children-1 daughter married whose husband just came back from a year Tour Of Duty in Iraq. They were only married 2 months before he was shipped out. 1 daughter a rising college senior and 1 son a soon to be college freshman. Jim works as a senior engineer with a semiconductor company here in lovely southwestern VA. I will be back in NOVA this fall for 3 years starting seminary in the Episcopal Church. Jim will stay here to support the kids and me! Would love to hear from old friends.

Wed  Jun 2  11 :30 2004 PDT

1975   Sean Fahey
Email:  seanjfahey(at)

City:   Virginia Beach
State:   VA 
Class: 1975
Telephone: (757) 434-0189

Comments or Bio:

Still Playing Soccer.

Sat Jan 15 3:20 2000 PDT

1975   Kimberley Horning
Email:  horningkim(at)

Address:  3018 Kings Village Road
City:   Alexandria
State:   VA  22306
Telephone: (703) 799-4441

Sun Apr 2 19:20 2000 PDT

1975   Maria Annellis Murphy
Maiden Name:   Maria Lutz

Address:   14711 Calvary Place
City:   Centreville
State:   VA  20121
Class: 1975
Telephone: (703) 698-6890

Thu June 8 13:00 2000 PDT

1975   Tim Sullivan
Address:   2200 Stonewood Drive
City:   Charlotte
State:   NC
Class: 1975
Telephone: (704) 554-1193

Comments or Bio:

Still rockin on my drums !!!!!

Fri Jan 5  20:15 2001 PDT

1975   Susan (Rowe) Arrington
Maiden Name:  Susan Rowe
Email:  carrington1(at)

Address:   357 Dayton Drive
City:   Waynesville
State:   NC  28786
Class: 1975
Telephone: (828) 926-0693

Comments or Bio:

WOW!!!! Hello My Old and Dear Friends,,, I have missed ya'll so,,, I went to college at Chowan College in NC after leaving Lee HS,,,moved to Fla to marry my Fla sweetheart (who was a summer sweetheart in HS,,giggles),,, we have 5 children,,, and then moved to NC in 2000.  My Husband and I own a Equipment Rental Business in Waynesville, NC.  I love it here in the Smokey Mountains.   Please email me and so that I may renew Friendships.  God Bless

Wed Jan 17  10:05 2001 PDT

1975   Patty Bridgman
Maiden Name:  Patty Byrne
Email:  pbridg7373(at)

Address:   13875 Robinson Run
City:   Fishers
State:   IN  46038
Class: 1975
Telephone: (317) 915-8421

Comments or Bio:

Just moved to Fishers, Indiana from Fairfax! Surprised ME!

Mon Feb 12  3:45 2001 PDT

1975   David M. Gillan
Address:   308 Elm Street West
City:   Hampton
State:   SC  29924
Telephone: 803-942-3917

Comments or Bio:

After graduation I moved to upstate NY & helped my family run our dairy farm. Attended 2 years of college, then moved to Florida in '79. Worked for a large retail organization 'till '84. Worked for Honeywell till '05. Started with Coastal Technologies, Inc. this past May '07.I married my beautiful wife Maggie in 1981 & have three beautiful daughters, Cortney (25), Whitney (23), & Molly (17). I have two grandsons, Aidian (6), & Austin (4) and a granddaughter on the way (Oct. 2009), Kylie.While in St. Pete, I worked part time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers & the Tampa Bay Devils Rays. Taught AutoCAD at the local Tech Center for 4 years. Participated as a certified United States Swimming Official for over 10 years. Obtained my BA in Business Management from Eckerd College. Maggie & I are looking to build as soon as we can find a sizable piece of property here in SC.

Tue Aug 25  13:37 2009 PDT

1975   Robert D. Johnson
Email:   bjohns10trains(at)
Address:   4364 Lehigh Drive
City:   Troy
State:   MI  48098
Class: 1975

Comments or Bio:

BSME, 1979, Illinois Inst of Technology,
MSME, 1986, Oakland University,
Product Design Engineer, Ford Motor Co.
Enjoy model RRs, downhill skiing, and sport motorcycles

If you drive a full-size Ford Truck, you're driving one of 'my' trucks.  I have a hand in the design and manufacture of the steering and suspension systems on these vehicles.

Sat Jun  16 5:15 2001 PDT

1975   Pat Gryder
Maiden Name:  Patty Conway
Email:  patricia.gryder(at)

Address:   319 Flippo Road
City:   Stafford
State:   VA  22554

Comments or Bio:

I'm a numbers cruncher for a global telecom company.  Married to a great guy.  About to become a step-grandma ( oh god, when did I get to be this old....) Live on a couple of acres of land with 4 dogs.  Got a 1967 Mustang that I convinced hubby to restore for me!

Wed May 23  18:45 2001 PDT

1975   Susan Schurtz
Maiden Name:  Susan Eggleston
Email:  suezq121(at)

Address:   7400 Castle Road
City:   Manassas
State:   VA  20109

Telephone: (703) 368-0738

Comments or Bio:

Married Stan Schurtz in 1981.  Have 2 children.  Jennifer 17 and Justin 12.  Live in Manassas, VA since 1981.  Work part-time as a private school Office Administrator and do some volunteer work.

Mon Oct 22  18:35 2001 PDT

1975      Sonja L. Ross
Maiden Name:    Sonja Soto
Email:  sross3771(at)

Address:   2711 Lakeridge Lane
City:   Bellingham
State:   WA  98226

Telephone: 360-306-8904

Fri  Feb17  6:42 2012 PDT

1975      John Haines
Email:  jhaines(at)
Address:   9706 Rossetti Court
City:   Burke
State:   VA  22015

Telephone: 703-569-8587

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Va Tech and went to the south pole, McMurdo Station, for six months.  Graduated from Texas A&M in '86 with an MS in geology and have been working in the environ. field ever since.  Ready for a change - got any ideas?   Married 13 years to Julie, with a handsome 11-yr old, Nick, and a beautiful 8-yr old, Allie, daddy's girl. Have coached 13 seasons of kids soccer just to get the restaurant gift certificates at the end of the season.  Ran the Marine Corps Marathon in '99 and '01. 

Next is the Appalachian Trail - any takers?

Tue Nov 20  20:30 2001 PDT

1975      Tom Simon
Address: 10501 Bear Creek Drive
City:  Hagerstown
State: MD 21740
Telephone: 301-491-5071

Comments or Bio:

Happily married with one daughter. Co-owner of The Granite Guys, Inc. - a granite and marble fabrication corporation.

Sun  Sep 12  12:23 2010 PDT

1975      John C C Sullivan
1103 Rowland Lane
City:  Brookings
State:   OR  97415

Telephone: 775-315-0119
Comments or Bio:

After Graduation I left for the U.S. Navy, spent over 5 years as a deep sea diver/engineer.  Went to Oregon State University and have been developing my career since . . . project management, project/program controls, Enterprise Asset Management, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems . . . if success is measured in demand, I'm very successful.  My career keeps me moving all about the world, I use the Tahoe area in Nevada as my "home base". 

Mon  Feb 9  7:12 2009 PDT

1975      Linda A. Gaskins
Maiden Name:    Linda A. La Rocque
Address:   232 Spotted Owl Lane
City:   Moncks Corner
   SC  29461

Comments or Bio:

I first married in '77. I have two wonderful sons, Eric, 24 and Scott, 20, currently at Clemson University. Before my divorce in '90 we lived in Florida, South Dakota, North Carolina, back to Florida and then South Carolina. After my divorce I decided to go back to school and I received a Associates degree in Accounting. While going to school I meet a wonderful man, the love of my life! We married in August of '93. We moved to Beaufort, SC in '97 for about eight months when I almost lost my husband in a hunting accident after Christmas in '97. Once he was nursed back to health we decided to come back to Charleston, SC to settle down. We just finished building our own first home last year (in '01). Call me crazy but I had fun doing it, it was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again! (4/17/07) Well... We did build another house. Just moved in in March of 2007. I don't mind the building, the packing and redecorating but I'm getting to "old," for the moving part. Hope we don't have to do it again. Although I'm sure I would if the opportunity came along again.

I've been a government contractor for the past five years working as a Telecommunications Rep. and "part-time" bookkeeper for my husband's Construction business.

Unfortunately, I missed all our past reunions but I hope I can make it to the next one!  See you all then!

Wed  Apr 18  14:21 2007 PDT

1975      Donna Gutridge (Range)
Maiden Name:    Donna Range
Email: GeoGut46(at)
Address:   262 Manchester Drive
City:   Ruther Glen
VA  22546
Telephone: 804-448-0834

Wed Jun 12  3:50 2002 PDT

1975      Larkin Bullard (Rocky)
Email:  larkinb(at)
105 Fox Hollow Road
City:   Woodside
CA  94062

Comments or Bio:

Had a great time at the re-union.

Mon  Oct 24  16:10 2005 PDT

1975      Teresa Bledsoe Colonna
Maiden Name:    Teresa Bledsoe
Email:  tcolonna(at)

Address:   316 Raleigh Avenue
City:   Norfolk
   VA  23507
Telephone: 757-627-4427

Comments or Bio:

Married to John Colonna, also Lee class of '75.  Graduated from William and Mary.  Worked 10 years for the phone co.  Now at home raising 5 kids.  Moved to Norfolk in '02. 

Mon Oct 21  10:45 2002 PDT

1975      Dean Gladden
Email:  JDandJGladden(at)
Address:   20937 Winola Terrace
City:   Ashburn
   VA  20147
Telephone: 571-237-7924

Thu Jan 9  4:55 2003 PDT

1975      John Smith
Email:  jsmithrichmond(at)
Address:   9262 W. Wenlock Drive
City:   Mechanicsville
   VA  23116
Telephone: 804-730-1167

Mon  Apr 11  17:09 2011 PDT

1975      Louise Myers
Maiden Name:
  Louise Enoch

Email:  louise2scuba(at)
9607 Pierrpnt Street
City:   Burke
   VA  22015

Comments or Bio:

Married March 2005
Three grandkids, 13, 12 and 10
Lives in North Beach, MD since August 2009

Fri  Feb 27 9:00 2015 PDT

1975      Mitch Evans
Email:  mevans267(at)
Address:   5020 Houston Drive
City:   Baton Rouge
   LA  70809
Telephone: 225-292-6365

Comments or Bio:

Being a dad to two better than avg kids....found jazz a
few years ago...didn't realize what I was missing...done a bunch of 5
& 10 K's and triathlons....making rustic furniture and other artsy
fartsy stuff....finally got reading Rogaine..yet...where
is Donny McCall (72)

Wed May 21   3:55 2003 PDT

1975      Bruce Reinard
City:   Alpharetta
Telephone: 678-372-7408

Wed Jan 21  13:55 2004 PDT

1975      Patricia Smith
Maiden Name:  Patricia  Spriegel

Address:   2830 Ionis Lane
City:   Midlothian
   VA  23112
Telephone: 804-421-5786

Comments or Bio:

Living south of Richmond.  I'm currently teaching medical billing/insurance in an adult education setting.  I have three children and am married (second time).  Looking forward to the 45th anniversary celebration and seeing old friends.  I'd love to hear from you, so drop me a line or give me a call.  GO LANCERS!!!!

Tue  Aug 26  15:25 2003 PDT

1975      Marcia Givens
Maiden Name:  Marcia Roberts

Address:   3809 Lakeside Drive
City:   The Colony
   TX  75056
Telephone: 972-370-7857

Comments or Bio:

I am happily married, 18 years this December to Jay.  We have two great boys. Tag who is 16 and participates in his high school marching band and is contemplating Mechanical Engineering.  Colton who is 13 and enjoys playing any sport around, mainly soccer, football and basketball.

I have been working for Hallmark Greeting Cards for the past 5 years prior to that I was a stay at home mom and even before that I worked at EDS for 10 years.

We have been in Texas for the past 16 years and it looks like this may be the place for us.  My mother is still in Springfield, so we do get to visit the best high school in the country, Robert E Lee.  Go Lancers!!

Tue  Nov 4   20:05 2003 PDT

1975      Erin Lee
Address:   69 Mediterranean Drive
City:   Tucson
   AZ  85704
Telephone: 520-795-9059

Comments or Bio:

Hi, Kids! Been teaching since '79...but in first grade at the same school since ' kids of my own, but now I'm getting children of my students...I get to feel like a special gramma of sorts! Lovin' life! Email me!

Fri  Feb 27  6:05 2004PDT

1975      Michael Clarke
Address:   6705 Oakwood Drive
City:   Piedmont
   CA  94611
Telephone: 415-810-7990

Thu  Jun 19  4:27 2008PDT

1975      Sharen Vandament
Address:   11215 Lady Slipper Lane
City:   Richmond
Telephone: 804-897-4219

Fri  Aug 20  18:00 2004PDT

1975      Greg Bright
Address:   29404 N 50th Place
City:   Cave Creek
   AZ  85331
Telephone: 480-515-2757

Comments or Bio:

Finally found my way back west. Married since 1982 to Sheila. Two children Connor (girl) and Alec (boy).

Fri  May  27  7:09 2005PDT

1975      Marion Sims, Jr.
Address:   3300  West Scott Street  #B
City:   Pensacola
   FL  32505
Telephone: 850-356-7445

Comments or Bio:

Come on tigers, let's not let the big 30 pass us by without a party or something. Somebody drop me a line.

Sat  Jun 4  15:40 2005PDT

1975      Mike Weiderhold
Address:   7159 Game Lord Drive
City:  Springfield
   VA  22153-1317
Telephone: 703-455-9097

Comments or Bio:

Graduated in '79 from University of Michigan; commissioned in the Army (Corps of Engineers). Met my wife (Sue) on my first tour in Colorado. Married in '83. First child (Joe) in '85. Started my "space" career at Cheyenne Mountain AFB, CO in '87. We had our second child ('Liz) in '88. In '99, decided that I had "been all I could be" in the Army and transitioned to the private sector (aka retired), settling back to Springfield. Joe graduated from West Springfield (egads, our rivals back in the 70's!) in '03. Joe's a rising Junior at Cornell. 'Liz is a rising Senior at West Springfield, so Fall '05 will be focused on another college search. I am co-owner of New World Solutions, Inc., a technical services company focused on space/intelligence/defense support. Sue is our CFO/accountant. My parents and 7 brothers/sisters w. their own spouses/children all live in Northern Virginia . . . we are very blessed and have very big Christmas dinners! My best regards to all my classmates from Lee, please feel free to drop a line, I'm sure we have a lot of stories to share--GO LANCERS!

Thu  Jul 7  12:55  2005PDT

1975      Janice Gardiner
Maiden Name: 
Janice Young
Address:   2375 Otis Dellinger Road
City:  Lincolnton
   NC  28092
Telephone: 704-735-6706

Thu  Oct 26  11:15  2006PDT

1975      Deborah Williams
Maiden Name: 
Deborah Nigro
Address:   10909 Newlands Avenue
City:  Richmond

Thu  May 28 6:45  2015PDT

1975      Linda Gaskins
Maiden Name: Linda LaRocque
Address:   232 Spotted Owl Lane
City:   Moncks Corner
   SC  29461
Telephone: 843-764-3510

Comments or Bio:

I first married in '77. I have two wonderful sons, Eric, 24 and Scott, 20. Scott is currently attending Clemson University. Before my divorce in '90 we lived in Florida, South Dakota, North Carolina, back to Florida and then South Carolina. After my divorce I decided to go back to school and I received a Associates degree in Business, with a Major in Accounting. While going to school I meet a wonderful man, the love of my life! We married in August of '93. We moved to Beaufort, SC in '97 for about eight months when I almost lost my husband in a hunting accident after Christmas in '97. Once he was nursed back to health we decided to come back to Charleston, SC to settle down. We just finished building our own first home last year (in '01). Call me crazy but I had fun doing it, it was a great experience and I can't wait to do it again! (4/17/07) Well... We did build another house. Just moved in in March of 2007. I don't mind the building, the packing and redecorating but the actual moving and unpacking is getting old. Hope we don't have to do it again. Although I'm sure I would if the opportunity came along again.

I've been a government contractor for the past ten years, first working as a Telecommunications Rep. then with Contracts and Finances. I am also a "part-time" bookkeeper for my husband's Construction business.

Unfortunately, I missed all of our past reunions but I hope to make our 40th!

Sat  Mar 22  18:55 2008PDT

1975      Lee Ann Azar
Maiden Name: Lee Ann Dickson
Address:   5237 Rolfe Avenue
City:   Norfolk
   VA  23508
Telephone: 757-451-4547

Comments or Bio:

It's 2007 and most of us are turning 50! How could this be when some of my high school memories are still so fresh in my mind? Those were the good old days for sure. Lot's has happened since then. I went to Old Dominion University and got a BA in Communications and a Masters in Business (MBA). Ended my 20 year newspaper career as a publisher and went on to be the Vice President of Marketing for a direct marketing organization. Have worked with my husband (Steve) for the last 4 years (he owns his own business and we are landlords for properties we have acquired over the years.) My most important job is taking care of my two sons John(8 years) and Neal (6 years). Bet some of you are thinking - hey I have grandkids that age! My boys keep me busy and I have everything I have wished for. Hope you are doing well also and perhaps our paths will cross at the 2010 reunion.

Tue  Jul 10  18:50 2007PDT

1975      Bruce Shockley
   2147 Oakdale Drive
City:   Baton Rouge
   LA 70810
Telephone: 225-767-5359

Comments or Bio:

I left R.E. Lee HS at the end of my sophomore year when my parents relocated our family to the Tampa Florida area. I still enjoy the many fond memories of the friends I had and the sports I played at R.E. Lee. Great bunch of people.

In Florida I attended Pasco County HS in Dade City Florida where I graduated in 1975.

In 1980 I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation from University of Florida I accepted a job with Exxon Chemical in Baton Rouge Louisiana where I continue to work and reside (yes, that's a long time).

In 1991 I married my wife Kathy, a native of Baton Rouge and graduate of LSU. We have two teen age daughters whom are growing up way to fast.

Sun  Mar 30  7:56 2008PDT

1975      Judy Blackman
Maiden Name:  Judy Chappell
   1352 Cornwall Place
City:   Norfolk
   VA  23508
Telephone: 757-489-2222

Comments or Bio:

After high school I worked for the government where I met my husband, Rusty. We have been married for 22 years. We have two children Kelly (18) graduating this year and going to George Mason University and Andy (16) who is a sophomore at Norfolk Collegiate. My husband just retired from the Marine Corps after 37 years. Needless to say we have moved all over. It has been a great life. Side note, Andy's name came from Andy Witherall. We didn't have a name for Andy and I remembered what a nice guy Andy was so hence the name. Hope everyone is doing well. Looking forward to the next reunion now that we are somewhat settled.

Fri  Apr 25  17:21 2008PDT

1975      Ken Kaplan
   13905 Whetstone Manor Court
City:   Clifton
   VA  20124
Telephone: 703-378-4115

Mon  Apr 28  6:25 2008PDT

1975      John A. Magarelli
E-Mail: johnmagarelli(at)

   25181 Riding Center Drive
City:   South Riding
   VA  20152
Telephone: 703-957-4917

Thu  Jun 19  4:29  2008PDT

1975      Robert "Sam" Tanguy
   1107 Dare Road
City:   Yorktown
   VA  23692
Telephone: 757-869-2397

Comments or Bio:  Hi to all, 

I went to Robert E. Lee for only one year. I played on the golf team with Joe Cook, Greg Nicholas, Steve Bass and a couple of other good friends. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. I was a military brat growing up, so I went to a lot of schools in several states.

I too joined the military and I served 22 years in the Army. I retired in 1999 as senior Non-commissioned Officer at Fort Monroe, VA. After I retired, I went to work for the Army as an IT Specialist. In addition to working for the Army, I teach computer and network security classes in the evenings at a local community college.

In 1993 I got married to a very lovely lady - Shirley. Shirley is from Dundee, Scotland and we met in Germany when I was stationed there back in the early 1990s.

In 2001, I was blessed with a beautiful son, Tate Tanguy. Tate is 7 years old now and about to be a 2nd grader at Hampton Roads Academy. Tate plays baseball, soccer, basketball, rides his ATV, snowboards and is a very good student in school - unlike his Dad.

Hope to hear from ya! Go Lancers!

Fri   Jun 27  5:52 2008PDT

1975      Lorrie Dierdorff
   5281 Jamestown Road
City:   San Diego
   CA  92117

Comments or Bio:  

Attended San Diego State University after graduating from Lee High School. Still living in San Diego.

Sat  Jun 28  16:15 2008PDT

1975      Patricia Vandever
Maiden Name:  Patricia Ringle
   2062 Weatherwood Drive
City:   Charlottesville
   VA  22911
Telephone: 434-973-3443

Tue  Sep 9  3:33 2008PDT

1975      Ann Runow
   C/O Gensler, 2020 K Street, NW
City:   Washington
   DC  20006

Tue  Sep 30  6:33 2008PDT

1975   Beverley Johnson
Maiden Name:  Beverely Chapman
  2318 Timberknob Court
City:   Magnolia
   TX  77355

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from VA Tech in 1979, University of New Orleans in 1983. I have been married for 28 years with two boys who are students at Texas A&M. I have lived in New Orleans, London, Dallas & now Houston, Texas.

Mon  Dec 15  14:08 2008PDT

1975   Lisa Hogue
Maiden Name:  Lisa Sowick
  132 Sunny Drive
City:   Ashland
   VA  23005
Telephone:  804-798-0807

Comments or Bio:

Wow, where have I been? I'm just now finding this website and it's great to see what everyone's been up to! As for me, I graduated from UVA in 1979 with a BA in English. After working on Capitol Hill for several years, and various other jobs in the DC area (including a stint as a Private Investigator!), I married my husband, Charlie, who graduated from Bishop Ireton. We left Northern VA after the birth of our first daughter in 1990 to live in the "deep south" of Ashland - just north of Richmond. Cost of living was (is) totally different down here. We have two daughters, Maggie (18 and a first-year at UVA) and Anna (15 and a freshman at Patrick Henry High School). After staying home to raise our kids, I returned to work 5 years ago, part-time at first, now full-time, for a small telecommunications company here in Ashland, Datamation.

Tue  Jan 20   14:41 2009PDT

1975   Jill Campbell
Maiden Name: Jill Whitener
  4811 Avenida Del Rey
City:   Phoenix
   AZ 85083
Telephone:  623-326-6848

Comments or Bio:

Hi, Greetings from the Southwest! Graduated U/ Florida 1979, Married 27 years, now divorced and rediscovering my dreams and loving life. God as always, is amazing! I have two wonderful children 21 and 24 who are in college. I have been teaching both vocal and instrumental music since 1982. I have almost finished my Masters in Administration. I've lived overseas in both South Korea, and South Africa and have traveled to Australia, Europe, the South Pacific and Hawaii but Phoenix has always been my home base. I remember so many of you and glad to hear you are doing well, no matter what life has had in store for you!

Wed  Oct 14   10:54 2009PDT

1975   John Holt
  3707 Brown Bark Drive
City:   Greensboro
   NC  27410
Telephone:  336-254-9339

Comments or Bio:

Since Lee I've lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Memphis, Tennessee and since 1988 in Greensboro, North Carolina. I've been married since 1985 and have a daughter graduating from college and a son from high school in the spring of 2010. I spent four years as a school psychologist in Memphis and have been a clinical psychologist in private practice since moving to Greensboro. I now find myself the "accidental" owner of a small group practice where I negotiate contracts, sign the paychecks, fix the computers and plunge the toilet after changing light bulbs. It's been great to reconnect with old friends both in real life (reunions and outings) as well as through facebook. Stop by and say "Hello!"

Mon  Nov 23   8:10  2009PDT

1975   Pamela Zmek
Maiden Name: Pamela Kazarian
  198 Paddy Hollow Road
City:   Bethlehem 
   CT  06751
Telephone:  203-558-7842

Comments or Bio:

After leaving Lee H.S. I went to U. of Wisconsin/Madison, married Bill in 1981, and settled in CT after we finished grad. school. We live in Bethlehem CT now and have 2 kids, Nathan and Emily. Life here is a bit slower than most places, lots of horse farms and cows - and we love it. Our kids are 19 and 13 and keep busy. Nate is sailing a 2-masted schooner right now somewhere off the coast of Central America and will sail up the coast to Boothbay Harbor, ME by June, probably looking like Blackbeard. He's headed to Maine Maritime in the fall. Emily is in 7th grade and is a professional teenager. (We think that may be why Nate left the country!) I'm a Learning Specialist for a private school system, and Bill is a physicist trying to master the science of living with 2 women. I did get back to Springfield recently-hadn't been there since 1981. Don't them ever knock down Howard Johnson's - it's the only recognizable thing there anymore! When my sister told me about this website today, I read everyone's entries with zeal and thought, "who the heck ARE all these lovely people...and did I REALLY go to school with them....?!? I guess I didn't know as many people as I thought! Still, I do have fond memories of Lee H.S. and hope everyone from the class of 1975 is well....take care!

Fri  Jan 28   11:56 2011PDT

1975   Deborah Walk
Maiden Name: Deborah Stanovich
  21767 Lady Slipper Square
City:   Ashburn 
   VA  20147
Telephone:  703-795-6867

Comments or Bio:

Married 31 years.  Two children Elyse 31 and Ryan 26.  One grandchild Max 2

Thu   Sep 26  5:43 2013PDT

1975   Faye Allen
Maiden Name: Faye Sinclair
  P.O. box 273
City:   Warsaw 
   NC  28398
Telephone:  910-293-2291

Comments or Bio:

Sorry Guys But I'm A Drop Out! :( Got Married, Moved to MD, and Achieved my GED. My Daughter was Born in 78. Left MD. and Moved to LAS VEGAS to Take Care of my Very Sick Parents. Husband Passed Away in 87. Moved to NC in 90, and Remarried in 91. I've had a very Interesting and Stressful life! I'm Retired now and trying to enjoy what's left of our lives! I have 4 Grand Babies, ALL Boys  "/ lol! They are my life now :)

Mon  Dec 29  9:22 2014PDT

1975   Jamie Christ
Maiden Name: Jamie Barfield
  3 Adair Lane
City:   Santa Rosa Beach
   FL  32459
Telephone: 850-585-9813

Website: Coastal Homes

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee, I attended Radford University, Radford, Virginia from 75-78 and then transferred to Florida International University, Miami, FL, graduating 79, BS , Interior Design.  

Met my husband, Tom Christ of 34 yrs in Miami, while working together in architecture. We have lived and worked in North Florida for 33 yrs in Seaside, FL in our architectural and interior design companies.

We have a 25 yr. old son whom just completed law school at University of Florida. We enjoying boating and fishing and occasionally traveling. My extended family still live in the DC Metro area whom I like to visit often.

Mon  Sept 7  7:09 2015PDT

1975   Pam Ludlum
Maiden Name: Pam Stewart
 502 N Shelby Street
City:   Moweaqua
   IL  62550
Telephone: 217-412-2490

Comments or Bio:

I would love to hear from my classmates. I am unable to go to the 40th reunion. Please let me know how the party went!

Sat  Oct 3  9:09 2015PDT

1976 - David W. Robertson
orange park, fl 32073
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1976
This is a wonderful website

Fri Jul 10 15:05:45 1998 PDT

1976 - Elise (Losey) Wright
7404 Tempest Court
Las Vegas, Nevada 89128
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1976
Isn't this technology awesome?!?!?!

Mon Jul 6 11:54:23 1998 PDT

1976 - Greg Fronczak
1521 Mataro Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33146
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1976

Thu Apr 23 13:10:03 1998 PDT

1976 - Julianne (O'Donoghue) Baldwin
107 Candlewick Court
Sanford, FL 32771 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Hello!

Fri Jul 10 16:29:24 1998 PDT

Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1976

Wed Apr 30  14:44 2008  PDT

1976  Sally Mika Thatcher
Maiden Name:  Sally Mika
Email:  SunSal1(at)
Address:   6013 113th St. N. #303

City:  Seminole
State:  FL 33772
Class: 1976
Telephone: (727) 399-0180
Comments or Bio:

1976 was an eventful year with graduation and Olympic Trials in swimming.  What a year!!!

I am now an RN and work with outpatient dialysis clinics in Quality Management.  I live in Florida about a mile from the gulf and it is beautiful!  I have a daughter, Michelle, who is 12, and a joy to have in my life!

I look forward to connecting with some old friends!

Tue May 1 4:45 2001 PDT

1976  Jamie Pumpelly
Maiden Name: Jamie Byrne
Email:  pumpgrim(at)
Address: 8214 Lazy Point Lane

City:  Mason Neck
State:  VA  22079
Class: 1976
Telephone: (703) 550-2620
Favorite Website:

Wed Oct 7 19:50 1998 PDT

1976  Benjamin Mays
Address: 144 Sixth Street

City:  Colonial Beach
State:  VA  22443
Class: 1976
Telephone: (804) 224-4027

Sun Aug 25 8:50 2002 PDT

1976  Susan M. Lyon
Address: 8727 Point Park Drive #1132

City:  Houston
State:  TX  77095

Comments or Bio:

Well, I am still evolving, so it seems. I am single again, still living in Houston, but now in the city. I work for a Mortgage company, and am a grandmother of two, and one on the way. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Peace!

Mon  Dec 13  13:50 2004 PDT

1976  Debbie Duncan
Maiden Name: Debbie Young
5162 Antietam Avenue
City:  Los Alamitos
State:  CA  90720
Telephone:  562-430-7713

Wed  Jun 25 16:44 2008 PDT

1976  Jim Beams
Email:  jdbeams(at)
Address: 300 Lighthouse Road
City:  New Haven
State:  CT  06512

Telephone: (203) 469-5949
Class: 1976
Comments or Bio:

Charter pilot for Shoreline Aviation.

Wed May 26 11:56 1999 PDT

1976  Charles McCullough
Email:  cemcc(at)
Address: 13823 Foggy Hills Court
City:  Clifton
State:  VA  20124

Class: 1976

Fri Jun 11 18:56 1999 PDT

1976  Robert (Bob) Siegel
Email:  kbsiegel(at)
Address:   7015 Ashbury Drive
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22152

Class: 1976

Comments or Bio:

Living in Springfield, working in Tysons Corner.
Married with two children, Christopher and Laura.
I still ride bikes and as a hobby I restore prewar bicycles.

Sun Oct 17 14:40 1999 PDT

1976  Dan Engstrom
Email:  suedan81(at)
Address:   7721 Graves Road
City:  Pensacola
State:  FL  32514

Comments or Bio:

Still alive,anxious to know if anybody else is!

Thu Apr 20 10:45 2000 PDT

1976  Debra Dubiel
Maiden Name: Debra Frank
Email:  DDubiel679(at)
Address:   513 Picasso Ave NE
City:  Palm Bay
State:  FL 32907
Class: 1976

Telephone:  (540) 840-4253

Comments or Bio:

I moved to Stafford in '87 and now I'm retired and moved to Florida.  I love it out here.  I do love to hear old classmates and I still keep in touch with some of you on Facebook.  

Wed  June 15, 12:50 2022 PDT

1976  Maureen Bero Olson
Maiden Name: Maureen Bero
4931 Topping Lane
City:  Glen Allen
State:  VA 23060

Tue  Jun 13 7:15 2006 PDT

1976  Ann Peterson
Maiden Name: Ann Spaulding
Email:  annsherrill1(at)
Address:   97 Plymouth Street
City:  Middleborough
State:  MA  02346
Class: 1976

Telephone:  508-509-5379

Comments or Bio:

Thirty years has quickly gone by! Now you can find me living the farm life in Massachusetts! Remarried a great guy, Rich, who teaches, builds furniture, coaches basketball and runs our farm stand/greenhouse business from May until November.I am still teaching Special Ed./Job Coach at Amesbury High School and am enjoying life. My son, Sam, is a sophomore at Westfield State College and headed for the US Marshalls Service or Enviromental Police Officer. He loves old Chevy's, surfing and Jimmy Buffet! My Juli is a sophomore at Amesbury High. She's playing basketball, softball and keeps begging for a BIG truck to take into the woods. Even she admits she's a redneck! If John Deere made a prom dress she'd be all set! My parents are retired in NH and Wilmington, NC. Diane and Chuck are both happy and happily married. Diane has two children and lives in NH and Chuck lives in NC. Chuck works for Pure Fishing, the perfect job! Sorry to have missed our reunion, life is so hectic. I still make annual trips to the Springfield area and look up old friends. I think of all of you often and send hugs.

Always, Ann

Sun  Dec 3 8:40 2006 PDT

1976  Thomas Houseknecht
Address:   4479 Dale Boulevard
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22193
Telephone:  571-722-9072

Comments or Bio:

Been a long time, I'm still in Va. Dale City, retired from the Ceramic Business, now in the commercial Cabinet & counter business, my partner & I started a new business 2 years ago doing great, Family mostly still alive. we lost dad Dec 98, Mom lives in Pa. Jimmy live just north of her in Ohio, Jack got a new VP job in New York and dear sis just remarried and lives in Richmond, my only son lives in Oregon doing well, ex wife? who cares!! Love to touch base. w/b/s

Thu  Mar 30  3:05 2006 PDT

1976  Sue Siebel
Address:   1511 Medinah Lane
City:  Murrells Inlet
State:  SC  29576
Class: 1976

Telephone:  (843) 450-1511

Comments or Bio:

I am now living about 3 miles south of Myrtle Beach SC.  My so called marriage ended in divorce after almost 7 years.  I have a wonderful son, Patrick, who will be turning 16 in March of 2004.

He is now a 10th grade student at St. James High School. Patrick in convinced he will become the next great punk guitar player (after college I hope).

I work for Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina from my home (which is so convenient).  Any time away from SC is spent in Florida, where I hope to move someday.  I would love to hear from anyone since I have never made it to a reunion as of yet.

Mon Mar 5 14:15 2001 PDT

1976  Rick Estes
Address: 1426 U.S. Highway 45
City:  Enfield
State:  IL  62835

Comments or Bio:

Hello anyone, I am living in Illinois now.  I'm the General Manager for Trelleborg Automotive Carmi Illinois Divisions. Trelleborg is a worldwide manufacturer of automotive parts. Finally did finish college, Industrial Engineering. Married with three kids. Life is good!

Sun  Jun 18   5:49 2006 PDT

1976  David Laws
Address:   2075 Cottage Lane
City:  Atlanta
State:  GA  30318

Comments or Bio:

P.S. 30 years really is not that long, is it?

Still a positive, marriage statistic, Blessed with three wonderful children, and great thoughts and memories of the many meaningful crossroads to the lasting relationships made at R.E. Lee.

Tue  Nov 29   13:35 2005 PDT

1976  Donna Cleveland
Maiden Name: Donna Austin
Email:  Donna_Cleveland(at)
Address:   5727 Murietta Avenue
City:  Valley Glen
State:  CA  91401
Class: 1976

Telephone:  (213) 630-1313

Comments or Bio:

After college and moving around a bit, I settled in Southern California.  I have been in the L.A. area since March '82.  I am married and have 16 year old son.

I am an Insurance Broker for the Construction Industry and my husband manages an Art Prop House (He rents all those things you see on the walls of the sets in movies and TV to the studios.)

I would love to hear from old friends.  A lot has happened over the past 20+ years.

Tue May 29 3:45 2001 PDT

1976  David Darmstadter
Address:   5185 Sandy Branch Road
City:  Barboursville
State:  VA  22923
Telephone:  434-973-7157

Comments or Bio:

We are back in Virginia after an 11 year hiatus. We are living near Charlottesville and getting used to things like winter again. Who would have thought time would go by this fast.

Tue  Jan 3   4:45 2006 PDT

1976  Sally Iannacito
Maiden Name: Sally Wood
Email:  siannacito(at)
Address:  58 Lupine Way
City:  Golden
State:  CO  80401
Class: 1976

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder and have lived in Colorado since then. I worked in Bank Management until my first child was born in 1988.  I have been at home with my two children for many years.  I volunteer at their schools and do other volunteer work.

Thu Aug 9  18:50 2001 PDT

1976  Paul Bulley
 10722 E. Adams Circle
City:  Villa Park
State:  CA  92861

Telephone: 714-348-1747

Comments or Bio:

Hi Everyone. I'm been living in southern California since 1984. I'm pretty well known for my hobby of breeding tortoises. I've always had an interest in exotic animals and am finally doing something that I've always wanted to do. I live on a large property (we call it Tortuga Villa) where I raise about 13 different breeds of tortoises and am one of only two breeders in the world to produce the "Ivory" (albino) Sulcata (the largest tortoise in Africa). We also have pond turtles, penguin ducks, rabbits, parrots, iguanas, chameleons and a couple of I really have my hands full. For you animal lovers, take a look at my web-site

My wife, Rosilee and I also operate non-profit community health clinics where we provide healthcare to over 40,000 patients visits each year...primarily to the indigent and uninsured. I just completed the build-out of our third medical facility here in Orange County. Things are going pretty well in my life right now and I hope things are going well for all of you too. I would enjoy hearing from any of you with time to write. Take care, Paul (Limey)

Wed  Jun 18  5:38 2008 PDT

1976  Kathy O'Neil
Maiden Name: Kathy Rapee
Address:  12720 Wimbley Lane
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22192
Class: 1976

Telephone: 703-878-4577

Comments or Bio:

30 Years later.....

In 2004, I re-married for a second and hopefully last time to Patrick "Kelly" O'Neil. We bought our retirement home in 2005 on the eastern shore of Virginia and look forward to retiring there soon. I am still employed with Verizon - 28 years and work in Procurement, managing and enforcing 37 contracts for outside plant products. I have 2 daughters, Amanda-26 and Audrey 23 and a granddaughter Mia who will be 4.

 Fri  Mar 24  15:45 2006 PDT

1976  Annette Lundmark
Maiden Name: Annette LaRocque
Email:  spotsy2(at)
Address:  226 Hampton Drive
City:  Spotsylvania
State:  VA  22553
Class: 1976

Telephone: (540)582-6545

Comments or Bio:

Divorced my first husband after 14 years of marriage.  Got 2 great boys out of it though - Jeremiah, 17, and Joshua, 15 (who by the way finished his elementary years at Robert E. Lee Elementary here in Spotsylvania - cool!).

I've remarried to the best man in the world and I'm living life to the fullest now!

Moved around a lot with my first marriage (geesh, thought we were in the military!) but now I'm finally settled down.  I stopped working after our first move and started a family.  I'm working part-time now doing secretarial work and I love it.  I get to be home when my boys come home from school and it's great.  I also have a step-son who got married last year to a terrific girl and I also have a 12-yr old step-daughter.

My sister told me about this website - Linda LaRocque, Class of '75.  I'll pass this on to my other sister and two brothers since we're all Lee Hi alumni! Looking forward to our next reunion.  Anybody know when that'll be?  Go Lancers!

Tue Jun 11 10:35 2002PDT

1976  Suzanne Campbell
Email:  suzanne.campbell(at)
Address:  208 Choptank Road
City:  Stafford
State:  VA  22556

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from R.E. Lee, I went to work for the Federal government.  I have spent the last 25 years working for the Department of Veterans Affairs (currently a Management Analyst).  I doubt many people will remember me (I was overweight and extremely shy.)  Even though I was teased badly by some of my own classmates, I remember R.E. Lee High School with much fondness.

Fri Jun 5 14:15 2002PDT

1976  Anne Flowers
Maiden Name: Anne Matthews

Email:  canalh2o(at)
Address:  4119 Holly Street
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22030

Comments or Bio:

It only seems like a long time when I drive through Springfield and get lost.  Been married 4-ever, to the most fabulous guy.  We have one daughter and two of the dearest grandkids anyone could ask for.  I've been working at FEMA since graduation and am looking forward to retiring.  (God, that sounds awful!)

Tue Jul 30 14:45 2002PDT

1976  Glen Fulker
Email:  FulkerG(at)
City:  Naples
State:  Florida

Sun may 4  17:35 2003PDT

1976  Melissa Armak
Maiden Name:  Melissa Fraley

Email: john_and_melissa_1(at)
Address:  222 East Olive Street
City:  Long Beach
State:  NY  11561
Website: Facebook
Melissa Armak

Comments or Bio:

Since High School I have traveled a long winding and fascinating road. 

I married Wayne Eubanks and we have two sons, Jason (22), and Phillip(20).  We were divorced when they were young, but we have remained friends. He lives in Virginia. Both sons are in college.

I remarried John Armak and had three more sons, Jonathan (11), Ethan (7), and Tyler (1). I have attended college and will be returning to pursue a graduate degree in Historic Preservation this fall. We live on Long Beach Island, just off the south shore of Long Island, three blocks from the beach.

I travel through Virginia at least twice every year and I will be visiting D.C. in July.  When my son Phillip told me that he had decided to become a teacher, I thought of some of the truly fine teachers that we had in high school.  Mrs. Hechlinger particularly instilled in me a love for learning that I hope to have passed on to my children. Hope to hear from some of you, and that you are all well and happy.

Tue  Nov 3 15:53 2015PDT

1976  Donna Wilson
Maiden Name:  Donna Lewis

Address:  9100  Petros Court
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22031
Telephone:  703-764-2175

Comments or Bio:

Upon graduation I went to VCU in Richmond and earned a
degree in fashion design. I Worked in NY for a year, missed Virginia terribly, and came home to Springfield. Once back, I earned a second degree in Communication Arts. I have been a graphic designer for the past 22 years.

In 1986 I married a great guy, my best bud, Bob Wilson (class of 74'). In 1990 we had our daughter Lauren, who is now going
into 8th grade. She's a great kid and a major prankster (where did
she get that from?).

We have one dog a wacky black lab that seems to have a tennis ball growing out of her mouth(?). I no longer ride motorcycles, but still day dream about moving to the beach (someday).

Would love to hear from the old gang. I must say life is good and
truly it has been a long, winding, interesting road with a few stops
at South of the Border. Oh, I never opened the T-shirt shop at the
beach guys!

Wed  Jul 30 7:55 2003PDT

1976  Sean McLernon
Address:  6373 Ranch Lane
City:  San Angelo
State:  TX  76904

Comments or Bio:

Ended up joining the United States Air Force a few years after graduating from Lee.  I will be retired from active duty on 1 Sep 2003.  Hard to believe, it seems like just yesterday that I was running around that track.  

Sat  Aug  23  18:45 2003PDT

1976  Karin Heinzelmann
Maiden Name:  Karin Brown

Address:  625 Regatta Road
City:  Columbia
State:  SC  29212

Comments or Bio:

After high school I attended the University of Alabama, where I earned a B.A. and a Masters degree.  I met Eric, a Wisconsin native, at the U of A.  While Eric went to medical school, I worked in New Orleans and traveled a lot.  We got married (at age 30!)and moved to Lake Murray, outside of Columbia, South Carolina.  I am a stay-at-home mom, enjoying our two daughters, Morgan and Corrie.  We enjoy the lake life and travel as often as we can. 

I'd love to hear from you!  

Tue  Jun 17   18:13 2008PDT

1976  Chuck Lindquist
Address:  8661 Bruton Parrish Circle Apt. 103
City:  Manassas
State:  VA 20110
Telephone:  703-361-6170

Thu  Nov 6  8:00 2003PDT

1976  David M. Crosby
crosby(at) or crosby(at)
Address:  2602 Davis Avenue
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22302-2815
Telephone:  703-548-7076

Comments or Bio:

Married to Chrissie since January 2, 1981, no kids, two dogs. Employed by Visa U.S.A., Inc. since August 1979 at Inovant LLC, a processing subsidiary. Living in Alexandria, VA and loving it. Very active at our church, still love the Washington Redskins (aka SUPR FAN), and have taken up playing golf. Soccer still gives me kicks, and I've been known to pick up my trumpet from time to time. Hoping all my classmates are good and well. Cheers! 

Sun  Nov 9    15:45 2003PDT

1976  Barbara Glakas
Address:  935 Barton Oaks Place
City:  Herndon
State:  VA  20170

Sat  Dec  13     12:45 2003PDT

1976  Catherine Hinken
Maiden Name:  Catherine Mahoney
Address:  208 Three Cedars Lane
City:  Fredericksburg
State:  VA  22407
Telephone:  540-898-7275

Comments or Bio:

Hello everyone.  This is a wonderful website.  Since leaving Lee High School, I was married in 1978 and divorced in 1983.  I have a lovely daughter who is now 24 years old.  I have been living in Fredericksburg, Virginia since 1978.  I worked for the Federal Government for about 18 years.  I am now attending college and pursuing another career.  I hope everyone out there is doing great.  God Bless

Mon  Jul 19     14:25 2004  PDT

1976  Philip Hester
Email:  philip68(at)
 8646 Bannerwood Drive
City:  Manassas
State:  VA  20109
Telephone:  703-330-2228

Comments or Bio:

Wow, has it been almost 33years. I have a wonderful wife and 15 year old daughter that always sets me straight . Would like to here from some of you all. I really didn't know to many people but I still have fond memories of Lee High. I haven't set the world on fire but I like to think that we all touch people lives that we come in contact with .

Thu  Jul 31    12:06  2008  PDT

1976  Jeff Lucas
Address:  18828 Preston Road
City:  Hagerstown
State:  MD  21742

Sat  Mar 12    16:10  2005  PDT

1976  Jeff Lawson
Address:  613 Woodis Avenue
City:  Norfolk

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee I went to Penn State and graduated in meteorology. I Stayed in State College, PA for a year and worked for Accu-Weather before heading to Ithaca, NY for a 2 year stint at another private weather service.

I moved back to Virginia in '83 and got into TV at channel 12 in Richmond. In '87 I headed back to northern VA to live in Shirlington while working at WTTG in Washington. While there I broke up with my girlfriend of 10 years but luckily met my lovely wife Denise who convinced me to move south to the Tidewater area of Virginia.

I have been here at the ABC affiliate in Norfolk as the chief since 1990. I live in Virginia Beach with my wife of 15 years and we have 3 incredible children. Our oldest son is almost 13, and my two daughters are 11 and 8.

I enjoyed seeing some of you at our 20th reunion and wish we had put together a 25th. Lee's 40th at Wakefield Park was also a great time and it was nice to see old friends from other classes as well. I would love to see our 30th be combined with the class of '77.

Last year I was on a cruise in Bermuda and looked up to see John Kerr (another '76 grad) sitting at the next table. It was great catching up and I can't wait to see everyone at the 30th next summer.

Fri  Mar 18     7:10  2005  PDT

1976  Bill Ogletree
Address:  9702 Braided Mane Court
City:  Fairfax Station
VA  22039 
Telephone:  703-690-8189 

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee H.S. I graduated from George Mason University with a business degree and an MBA from Mary Mount University. I worked in public accounting for several years, passed the CPA exam and went to work in the private sector for a Company doing work for the federal Government. I have worked for several Companies over the past 24 years in accounting and finance and I am currently the Exec. VP/CFO for Dynamac International in Rockville, MD. I have a fun commute every day! You all know how enjoyable traffic is in the northern VA area. I have been married 25 years and have three children 18,20 & 22. I still keep in touch with many folks in the area. I volunteer with Special Olympics year round and I am on the area Council and I am always looking for volunteers. I have co-chaired a golf tournament the past five years with a business group and raised funds for Special Olympics. Our family tries to make frequent trips to Myrtle Beach for fun and sun and golf!!

I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Tue  Dec 13    14:10  2005  PDT

1976  Douglas Martin
Address:  316 Crosman Court
City:  Purcallville
VA  20132 
Telephone:  540-338-5456 

Comments or Bio:

Wow, was it really 30 years ago that we were walking the halls of Robert E. Lee High School? I have a degree in education from JMU and a masters from GMU. Currently I have the joy of serving as an elementary school principal in Loudoun County VA.

Tue  Feb 21   14:10  2006  PDT

1976  Gary Weaver
Address:  3316 Park Overlook Drive
City:  Durham
NC  27712 
Telephone:  919-309-9646 

Comments or Bio:

After Lee attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Met my wife Tami at UNC and have 3 kids (now grown but still kids to me). I get back to VA a few times a year to visit family and friends. Looking forward to an early retirement with Tami.

Tue  Feb 28   7:15  2006  PDT

1976  Rebecca Harley
Maiden Name:  Rebecca Smith
Address:  11006 Sunswept Place
City:  Tampa
State: FL  33624 
Telephone:  813-968-2093 

Comments or Bio:

My husband Tom and I have lived in Florida since 1992. We moved as a transfer with my job at Xerox. We have 4 beautiful cats (LOL, you thought I was going to say children, didn't you?) We both miss living in Virginia!

Wed  Mar 15  15:15  2006  PDT

1976  Rick Kuspis
Address:  2743 N. Cabot Circle
City:  Mesa
State: AZ   85207-2542
Telephone:  480-225-8905 

Thu  Apr 13  17:05  2006  PDT

1976  Charles Willis
Address:  36585 Vineyard View Place
City:  Purcellville
State: VA  20132 
Telephone:  540-668-9814 

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee HS I attended the University of Maryland for 18 months, then went to work for Madison National Bank, in the District of Columbia, as an internal auditor. I was there from 1978 until 1988. During that time I met my wife, Jane and we have a daughter Emily who will graduate from Loudoun Valley HS (Purcellville, VA) in 2007. While working at MNB I graduated from the University of Maryland (1988)and received an graduate certificate in Audit from the School for Bank Administration from the University of Wisconsin (1987). I then worked for First American Bank as the IT Audit Manager and then became the General Auditor for Hallmark Bank & Trust in Springfield, VA. I got out of banking in 1992 when the directors decided to sell the bank and went to work for Montgomery County Public Schools as the IT Audit Manager. In 1994 I left to start my own business consulting and training service company (Caledonian Associates Inc.) providing services to banker's and small/medium enterprise (SMEs) personnel from Eastern Europe, Russia, and Africa. Making several trips to Eastern Europe, Russia, and Africa between 1994-1998. In 1998, we sold CAI to a venture capital firm that wanted a training subsidiary. I left and started Willis Associates, providing internal audit regulatory compliance and loan review outsourcing services to community banks, which I continue to operate today. In addition I continue to provide consulting services to organizations in third world countries. Most recently, I spent 8 weeks in Egypt, provided consulting services in establishing the internal audit department for the Cairo Stock Exchange

My wife's an exceptional woman maintaining her own career in banking, supporting me in my entrepernial endeavors, and has done a marvelous job raising our daughter, throughout my travels over the past 18 years. Currently we live between Hillsboro, VA and Harper's Ferry, WVA on 6 acres. We have a 2 horses (1 perchron draft and 1 Morgan/Thoroughbred Cross), 4 dogs (1 cocker spaniel, 1 German Sheppard, and 2 jack russels) and 2 cats. My parents still live in Springfield, both are retired now and enjoying life.

I think a lot about my friends from HS and wish I had kept in contact with some of you. We'd would love to here from any of you if your ever in our area.

Wed  Apr 19  3:07  2006  PDT

1976  Dana Shelley
Address:  1615 Meadowlake Drive
City:  Southside
State: AL  35907 
Telephone:  256-413-0080 

Comments or Bio:

Since graduation in 1976, I graduated from Emory and Henry College in Emory, Va. in 1980, then moved to Alabama, where I've lived my entire adult life. I'm married to the former Gloria Smith from Pittsburgh, PA and have 4 children; Scott-23 (a senior at Middle Tennessee State University), Amanda-18 (a freshman at Auburn University), Anne-15 (sophomore in high school), and Julia-12 (6th grade). I have spent my entire career in the hospital laboratory business and am currently the Laboratory Director at a 320-bed facility in Gadsden, Alabama. I noticed on this site that Karin Brown (who used to swim with me on Lee's swim team) is a Univ. of Alabama graduate. Just wanted to give her a big Auburn WAAAAAAR EAGLE (you see, college football is a religion here in Alabama)!!! Hope to make it back to the Springfield area in the not too distant future.

Thu  Oct 18  6:57  2007  PDT

1976  Cathy (Welch) Kurtz
Maiden Name:  Cathy Welch
 362 Milestone Drive
City:  Tallahassee
State: FL 32312 

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from W&M in 1980; married college classmate in 1981 which ended in divorce 1994. I have four great children: Matthew (25), Caitlin (23), Megan (21), Amanda (20). Two have graduated from the University of Florida and two are currently students there (Go Gators!). I telecommute from home to a company up in Northern Virginia (programmer/analyst). Six of my siblings still live in the Springfield area (all Lee graduates), so I get up there occasionally. I just went to an Elton John concert--what a blast from the past! Would love to hear from classmates.

Thu  Apr 24 15:01  2008  PDT

1976  Michael Elias
 6060 N 20th Street
City:  Arlington
State: VA  22205
Telephone:  703-532-3799 

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee I lived and worked in the area. I was an Accountant at Capital Bank in DC for a while. Hated the 9 to 5 thing so I left and worked in retail for some time. I got married and had a great daughter Megan who is now 21. That marriage didn't last. But no hard feelings.. then at bowling I know some of you still do it. I met my now wife Kathy. we have been together for 16 years. No kids, but had dogs. She is now retired from Chrysler, and is now making me dinner every night. I always did the cooking.. We own a condo in Myrtle Beach, and rent it out. So if any of you would like to rent it let me know. Hope to see some of you in the future.

Fri  Apr 25  17:15  2008  PDT

1976  Jess A. Dishner
 3142 Seven Lakes West
City:  Seven Lakes
State: NC  27376
Telephone:  910-528-1568

Thu  Aug 14   14:10  2008  PDT


1976  Michael Elias
 6060 N 20th Street
City:  Arlington
State: VA  22205
Telephone:  703-532-3799 

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee I lived and worked in the area. I was an Accountant at Capital Bank in DC for a while. Hated the 9 to 5 thing so I left and worked in retail for some time. I got married and had a great daughter Megan who is now 21. That marriage didn't last. But no hard feelings.. then at bowling I know some of you still do it. I met my now wife Kathy. we have been together for 16 years. No kids, but had dogs. She is now retired from Chrysler, and is now making me dinner every night. I always did the cooking.. We own a condo in Myrtle Beach, and rent it out. So if any of you would like to rent it let me know. Hope to see some of you in the future.

Fri  Apr 25  17:15  2008  PDT

1976 Sally Campbell Cook
Maiden Name:  Sally Campbell

E-Mail: Sally7of11(at)
City:  South Riding
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Living in South Riding, VA, with my husband and 16 year old son.  Sisters Beth, Marie, Chrissie and Brother Larry are all doing well.  Don’t see many Lee alumni, but hoping to catch up with some of you at the 50th Anniversary Weekend.  

Thu  Oct 9  14:52  2008  PDT

1976 Tim Duncan
E-Mail: timduncan(at)
Address:  227 Oakwind Pointe
State:  GA  30101

Mon  Dec 14  15:58  2009  PDT

1976  Joanne Rhees
Maiden Name:  Joanne Bednarek
 823 SW 14th Court
City:  Ft. Lauderdale
State: FL 33315 

Comments or Bio:

I have been in Ft Lauderdale since 1988. Married to a great guy, Rip Rhees (he is a boat captain) and we have one daughter, Barbra. 

Those who know my family may remember my sister Barbara, who passed away from breast cancer while I was pregnant with Barb. 

I graduated from Radford University with a BS in Finance. I worked for Alamo Rent A Car in their Corporate office for 16 years. My position was outsourced to India as the company moved to Tulsa OK (no boating out there)...So I changed paths, went back to school and graduated Dec 09 with my Masters in Library and Information Science. I was in Broward County's Graduate Intern program until Sept 09 when the economy tanked and the County cut the program. 

While I still work for Broward County in Purchasing, I hope to find a position in a public library - preferably in the Children's area. I actually have an interview this week on the west coast of Florida!! Our daughter Barbra is a sophomore at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago - she loves it there! Hope to touch base with some of my old friends from Lee!

Wed  Sep 1  8:20  2010  PDT

1976  Pamela S. Kam
Maiden Name:  Pamela Stutzman
State: Virginia 

Comments or Bio:

My name is now Pamela S. Kam and I have been married for 33 years to Ed Kam who graduated in 1972 from Osborne High School in Manassas, VA.  We have two children Edward Jonathan (E.J.) 33 and Jenna Rose 26.  No children's in-laws and no grandchildren.  I worked for 35-40 years in the Human Resources Field and Automotive Industry with my spouse and father-in-law.

Sat  Sep 8  11:44  2012  PDT