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Robert E. Lee High School  List of 81-82 Registered

1981  Ann Charron
Email:  amc4of9(at)
City:  Centreville
State:  Virginia
Class: 1981

Comments or Bio:

Too much has taken place since graduating those many years ago.

I'm currently working for a small IT company located in Alexandria and am having a wonderful time.  I've been supporting the Department of the Navy since around 1996, and luckily they have been a reliable customer.

Oh, and my 8 brothers and sisters are fine, thank you!

Mon Sept 22 10:10 2003 PDT

1981  Margret McGann
Email:  MargretMc(at)

Mon Apr 25 7:30 2005 PDT

1981 - Stu Werner
5639 N. Kenmore Ave., Unit 3
Chicago, IL
Telephone: 773-561-3572

Still in the news biz, currently at the Chicago Tribune.

Sat  Feb 5 13:55 2005 PDT

1981  Sherri Gordon
Address: 5 Arbor Club Drive, Apt. 210

City:  Ponte Vedra Beach
State:  Fl
Class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

I still enjoy singing, playing the piano, reading, movies and crafts.  By day I am an analyst for Blue Cross Blue Shield in the Asset Management Department and by evening and weekends I take advantage of my close proximity to the ocean by walking on the beach.

Mon Aug 24 15:45 1998 PDT

1981  Bunny Carroll Waugh
Maiden Name: Bunny Carroll
Email:  bwaugh(at)

Address: 6445 Old Chesterbrook Rd
City:  McLean
State:  VA
Class: 1981

Tue Sep 8 15:45 1998 PDT

1981  Mike Spurlock
Email:  mikespur(at)
Address: McDonald Avenue

City:  Missoula
State:  MT
Class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

Worked in television broadcasting for 12 years before attending University of Montana. Worked in documentaries off and on.
1996 University of Montana journalism graduate.
Currently working on second novel.

Sun Sep 13 21:10 1998 PDT

1981  Therese Burruss
Maiden Name: Therese Breidenbach
Address: 9519 Saint Charles Place

City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22032
Class: 1981

Sun Sep 13 21:45 1998 PDT

1981  Dale Butler
Address: 2944 Paddock Wood Court

City:  Oakton
State:  VA 22124
Class: 1981
Telephone: (703) 568-3584

Tue Sept 5 4:10 2000 PDT

1981  Don Noll
Email:  don(at)
Address: 3279 Columus Court

City:  Ann Arbor
State:  MI
Telephone: (734) 944-9419
Class: 1981

Comments or Bio:   Computer Consultant living in Michigan

Thu Sep 13 5:45 2001 PDT

1981    Gail Spelman
Maiden Name:   Gail Patton
Email:  spelman(at)
Address: 13115 Willow Edge Court

City:  Clifton
State:  VA  20124
Telephone: (703) 266-0728
Class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

Teacher at Lake Braddock Secondary School for Fairfax County
Public Schools.  Currently working towards Master's Degree
in School Administration.  Married in 1989 to a 1981 graduate
of Fairfax High School - Rod.

Sat Oct 17 11:50 1998 PDT

1981    Lori Baker
Maiden Name:   Lori Neal
Email:  BakerLoja(at)
Address: 1410 Kurtz Road

City:  McLean
State:  VA  22101
Telephone: 703-761-9652
Class: 1981

Fri Nov 13 16:20 1998 PDT

1981    Dale R. Freed
Email:  drfreed(at)
Address: 55 Edmondson Ridge Road

City:  Catonsville
State:  MD  21228
Telephone: (410) 455-5375
Class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

Sat Nov 14 5:05 1998 PDT

1981    Donna Lang
Maiden Name: Donna Ragan

Email:  langgang(at)
Address: 8425 Impalla Drive

City:  Manassas
State:  VA  220110
Telephone: (703) 330-5195

Class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

Presently I am teaching Chemistry at Emmanuel Christian School as well as managing a website dealing with pesticide related issues.  My wonderful husband is from the great state of Texas and we have four terrific kids.

Fri Jan 8 13:05 1999 PDT

1981   Cathy Lewis
Maiden Name: Cathy Pamplin

Email:  ravyne(at)
Address: 4038 Church Road

City:  Callahan
State:  Florida  32011
Telephone: (904) 879-5308 
Class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

Just celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary, have 2 great girls that I have taught at home for the last 6 years,a dog,a lamb, and a bunch of chickens too. Who would've thought...! Still into music as well. Hope to see some folks I used to know....

Sun May 2 19:05 1999 PDT

1981   JD Williams
Email:  Jaynd3(at)
Address: 109 Baynard Court

City:  Columbia
State:  SC  29223
Telephone: (803) 736-6423
Would have been class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

I attended Lee for only two years, but I do remember a lot of people. On occasion I wonder where are you all now?  I would not mind hearing from one and all.  See ya!

Thu Sep 9 11:55 1999 PDT

1981   Rodrick M. Graft
Email:  rmgraft(at)
Address: 8120 Hi Vu Drive

City:  Indianapolis
State:  IN  46227-2617
Telephone: (317) 888-0031
Class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

After attending Purdue University and a short stint as an Army Officer in Germany, I've settled down as an Electronics Technician for the US Postal Service.

Thu Sep 23 8:45 1999 PDT

1981   Joyce Krolicki
Maiden Name: Joyce Rollandini
Email:  krolicki(at)
Address: 15213 Sovereign Place

City:  Chantilly
State:  VA  20151
Telephone: (703) 817-1156
Class: 1981
Comments or Bio:

At last year's 40th Anniversary Celebration, the Class of 1981 had the most Alumni present... more than any of Lee's other 40 graduating classes!  The Class of 1981 continues to have the heart and spirit that it did almost 20 years ago!   Oh yes!  Our reunion is right around the corner and preparations have begun.   Contact Joyce Rollandini Krolicki at krolicki(at) or Karen Pearsall Lewis at kmplewis(at)  We hope to hear from you soon!

WED OCT 6 12:05 1999 PDT

1981   Kathy Anderson
Email:  kla1963(at)

Tue Feb 26  16:48 2002 PDT

1981  Devin Scillian
Address:  1034 Devonshire
Grosse Pointe Park
  MI, 48230
Class:  1981

Telephone:  (313) 222-0407

Comments or Bio: 

I guess I'm a 50% Lee alum.  We moved to Kansas just before the start of junior year.  These days, I anchor the news at the NBC affiliate in Detroit.

Thu Jan 27 7:45 2000 PDT

1981  Lisa Lynch
Maiden Name:  Lisa Wooten

Address:  4910 Oakshire Drive
  FL  33625
Class:  1981

Sun Mar 26 16:00 2000 PDT

1981  C. Kim Lemieux
Maiden Name:   Kim Bros
Address:  104 New Bingham Court
  (919) 460-0736

Comments or Bio: 

Graduated in 81; Left in 81; to: Seattle-greatest city on earth; Salt Lake City-best skiing on earth;  ending up in Raleigh, NC (ok, Cary) 5 hours from where I started <sigh>.
I am a music director at a local Catholic church, have 3 awesome sons (9, 11, 13) and a husband who likes to burn things (see website).

I would love to hear from the choir folks from Lee.

(I sang with Tim Springfield's mom here for 2 years w/o even knowing the connection!)

Fri Apr 28 7:45 2000 PDT

1981   Maria "Crissy" Sharp
Maiden Name:  Maria Arnett
Address:  355 Sunset Drive
City:  Pittsburgh
State:  PA  15228
Telephone:  412 341-1433

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from George Mason University and later attended University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Pittsburgh for 6 years. I now work for United States Steel Corporation as in-house counsel. I have two sons, both are in their 'teens.

Wed Mar 4 6:31 2009 PDT

1981   Susan Jenkins
Maiden Name:  Susan Filipowicz
Email:   jsue2luvbw(at)
Address:  7194 Surry Court
City:  Warrenton
State:  VA  20187

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Old Dominion University in 1987 with a BS in Sports Medicine, I worked in my field for about seven years.  I then met and married John and we moved out to the country in Fauquier County where we are raising our daughter, Bailey, born February 1998.  We are expecting our second child in October 2000.   I am now working full time as mom, and part-time as an accounting assistant close to home!  My husband works for United Airlines at Dulles.  Would love to hear from anyone!  I see some of the soccer gang on the field on Saturdays still!   Somehow, we keep going back for more!

Fri May 19 11:55 2000 PDT

1981   Michael Burt
Email:   mburt314(at)
Address:  39 Ibiza Aisle
City:  Irvine
State:  California  92614
Telephone:   (949) 263-0385

Sun May 28  18:45 2000 PDT

1981   David Barron
Email:   dkbva1(at)
Address:  7824-C Harrowgate Cir
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22152

Wed June 7  6:35 2000 PDT

1981   Lance Tucker
Email:  tuckerln(at)
Address:  98 Bonita Lane
City:  Swansboro
State:  NC   28584
Telephone:  (910) 326-7342

Comments or Bio:

Since Leaving Lee High in 81, I have spent the last 19 years living in North Carolina.  After graduating from North Carolina State in 85 in Engineering I have worked for the Navy in Cherry Point NC.

I have been married for 11 years and have three daughters (Holly 7, Julianna  5 and Lacey 2).  Boy am I going to have my hands full.  I would love to hear from anyone in our class and am looking forward to our 20 year reunion next year.

Mon June 19  6:10 2000 PDT

1981   Sharon Olmstead
Maiden Name:  Sharon Nagle
Email:  sharon.olmstead(at)
Address:  9522 Bridgewater Court East
City:  Frederick
State:  MD  21701
Telephone:  (301) 682-7818

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Old Dominion University with a BS in Biology, I began a career in pharmaceutical research and development.  Over the past 10 years, I have worked for the FDA and now for Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

I have been married since 1987 with two boys, Chris (8) and Kyle (5).  I moved to Maryland to avoid the commute across the American Legion Bridge (aka, Cabin John Bridge).   My family still considers me a trader for moving across the river to Maryland!  

I can't wait to see everyone next year at our 20th reunion - how did we get to be so old!

Sat June 24  17:45 2000 PDT

1981   Greg Pruden
Email:  gjpruden(at)
Address:  18 Exeter Lane
City:  Stafford
State:  VA  22554

Sat July 15  15:15 2000 PDT

1981   Cathi Laine
Maiden Name:  Cathi Giordano
Email:  cathilaine(at)
Address:  4881 A South 28th Street
City:  Arlington
State:  VA  22206
Telephone:  (703) 671-0525

Comments or Bio:

Played Monica Seles and lost 6-0, 6-0 (she was only 13)_and quickly realized a career as a tennis pro was not to be. Married to a wonderful man who puts up with me. Kids are in the plan-God Bless All!

Sun Sept 17  18:05 2000 PDT

1981   Cindy Matejka
Maiden Name:  Cindy Laws
Email:  scmatejka(at)
Address:  9034 Cambridge Road
City:  Woodbury
State:  MN  55125
Telephone:  (651) 731-8285

Mon  Aug 4   8:40 2003 PDT

1981   Scott Truax
Email:  struax(at)
Address:  2359 Cedar Lane
City:  Vienna
State:  VA  22182

Comments or Bio:

After graduation bummed around and all of a sudden I had graduated from Radfod university in 86.  Continued to bum around awhile longer.  Ended up in Pa for awhile and Texas for awhile and than settled in Va.

Married in 98 and have one darling little daughter and a great wife.
It would be great to hear from ya'all.

Thu Sept 21   10:35 2000 PDT

1981   David Barrick
Email:  dbarr07387(at)
Address:  14822 Bishopstone Court
City:  Huntersville
State:  NC  28078
Telephone:  704-992-1420

Fri Nov 14  18:35 2003 PDT

1981   Jon Wallace
  103 Stafford Court

City:  Southern Pines
State:  NC  28387
Telephone:  910-692-4154

Comments or Bio:

I am now the pastor of the Bethesda Presbyterian Church near Southern Pines, NC. Still enjoying life with my wife, Kim, and our three children. Daughters Erin and Taylor are 16 and 13 respectively, and my son Andrew is 10.

Mon Aug 11  19:25 2008 PDT

1981   Helen Renninger Hughes
Email:  Hrrhwdfh(at)
Address:  1918 Portersmill Road
City:  Midlothian
State:  VA  23113
Telephone:  804-379-8902

Comments or Bio:

Wow!  It has been a long time.  I look back on Lee fondly. I am currently living in Midlothian, Va.  I married Bill Hughes {Class of 82} in 1987.  We have 2 daughters, Rebecca {9} and Rachel {4}.  I am a Kindergarten teacher for Chesterfield County Schools.  I would love to hear from anyone out there.

Tue Oct 17  7:55 2000 PDT

1981   Doug McDaniel
Email:  dmcd(at)
Address:  16026 Macedonia Drive
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22191
Telephone:  703-680-5559

Comments or Bio:

I've been with the Alexandria Fire Dept. since 1982 (currently as Captain), and also work as a sub with the PW County Schools (who'd of thunk!)

Married since 1985 (Donna graduated from Lake Braddock in 1979).  We have a son (12) who's a much better baseball player already than I ever was!

Hope to see some of you at the 20 year reunion. 

Thu Oct 19  11:35 2000 PDT

1981   Stephen B. Ridgley
Email:  steve.ridgley(at)
Address:  540 Carillon Parkway #3107
City:  St. Petersburg
State:  FL  33716
Telephone: 727-556-1434

Thu Oct 26  12:05 2000 PDT

1981   Bill Helton
Email:  williamhelton(at)

Mon Oct 27  1:05 2000 PDT

1981   Doug Osborn
Email:  osborn.douglas(at)
Address:  4951 Brenman Park Driive #416
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22304
Telephone:  703-200-0543

Comments or Bio:

Just transferred back to the area after two years stationed in Louisiana, and an all-expense paid trip to Iraq.

Sun  Oct 17 11:00 2004 PDT

1981   Michael J. Fuller
Email:  mikefuller(at)
Address:  610 Riviera Dunes Way  #305
City:  Palmetto
State:  FL  34221
Telephone:  941-448-8880

Comments or Bio:

Completed my BBA at the University of Georgia and relocated to Southwest Florida, just south of Tampa. I'm working in the banking and financial planning fields and have a beautiful wife, Anne, and two wonderful boys, ages 6 and 4.

Thu Mar 30  3:25 2006 PDT

1981   Tina Ferguson
Email:  TinaFergus(at)
City:  Centreville
State:  |VA

Comments or Bio:

After leaving Lee I attended Virginia Tech and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in '87.  I am currently working as an Engineer in Chantilly, Virginia designing and implementing large corporate messaging systems.

My home is in Centreville, Virginia where I am raising my three sons and three dogs.   Two of my sons who will be graduating from Centreville High in 2002.  I moved around for several years and have lost touch with everybody from Lee. I hope to hear from others and I am looking forward to the reunion.

Mon  Dec 11  15:25 2000 PDT

1981    Donna Madison
Maiden Name:   Donna Barker
Email:  nmadison(at)
City:  Williamsburg
State:  VA

Comments or Bio:

I have been married since l985 to a wonderful fellow NOVA-ite!  We have two terrific sons who attend my school!  I am teaching first grade and last year received my master's in education.

Fri  Dec 29  4:50 2000 PDT

1981    Dianne Chatelain
Maiden Name:   Dianne Hardester
Email:  SMSJSMOM(at)
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22315
Telephone:  703-550-0766

Comments or Bio:

Hi everyone !I can't wait til our 20th reunion. I missed our 10th but I will be at the 20th! I have been married now for 17 years and I have 4 beautiful children, Savannah 15, Michael 12, Summer 5 and Justin 3 ! am I crazy! yeah but it's fun I would love to here from you. please e-mail me anytime!  see everyone soon!

Sat Jan 6  13:40 2001 PDT

1981    Jimmy Kane
Email:  jkane(at)
  13519 Langford Drive

City:  Midlothian
State:  VA  23113
Telephone:  804-677-9279

Fri Jun 6  6:27 2008 PDT

1981    Angela Hensley-Lay
Maiden Name:   Angela Hensley
Email:  ange(at)
Address:  111 Channel Cove
City:  Stafford
State:  VA  22554
Telephone:  540-657-8756

Wed  Jan 17  14:40 2001 PDT

1981    Cynthia Jean Marchlewski
Email:  cj_marchlewski(at)
Address:  P.O. Box 539
City:  Dona Ana
State:  NM  88032-0539
Telephone:   505-527-4606

Wed  Jan 17  14:40 2001 PDT

1981    Donna M. Garris
Maiden Name:   Donna M. Aicholtz
Email:  dmgarris1988(at)
Address:  109 Lakeview Drive
City:  Williamston
State:  SC  29697

Comments or Bio:

Never left the area. Married the 2nd time to a wonderful man. Two dogs and a nice home in Manassas with land. My husband is a car collector and we enjoy many outdoor activities. Look forward to seeing everyone at the 25th. Wow.

Fri  Mar 24  15:55 2006 PDT

1981    Don Monell
Email:   pra2da(at)
Address:  126 Quaker Meeting House Road
City:  Williamsburg
State:  VA  23188
Telephone:  757-258-1137

Comments or Bio:

Great to see so many people still trying to keep in touch.  Since leaving Lee, I graduated from Purdue University in '86, and settled in Fort Worth, Texas, where I married a beautiful southern belle, Patti, from Mississippi.  We were in Texas for four years, working for General Dynamics, before we returned to Virginia.   I have been working for NASA since 1990 in a variety of engineering and management positions.  Went back to school (thru long-distance learning) and received an MS from Virginia Tech in 1996.  Patti built up an impressive Cake Decorating business over the last seven years before deciding to venture back into the computer field.

Patti and I have three very exciting kids, 2 duaghters and a son.  We live in beautiful Williamsburg, and our door is always open to guests.  Our lives revolve around our church activities, soccer, softball, and Tiger Cubs.  We love camping and canoeing throughout the Virginia/North Carolina wilderness.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone and getting together at the reunion this summer.

Thu Feb 22  16:10 2001 PDT

1981    Terry Stone
Maiden Name: Terry Martin
Email:  tstone(at)
Address:  12525 Purcell Road
City:  Manassas
State:  VA  20112
Telephone:  703-791-6023

Comments or Bio:

It seems like only yesterday . . . after Lee, I went on to complete a BA degree in English/Journalism/PR at Averett in Danville, VA. Married my husband Dave in '85 and we have two children. my girl was born in '88 and my boy made his debut in 2001. Yes, there is 14 years between them, but they are amazingly close. I worked for the Journal Newspapers for a while and hated it, so I moved on to sales &amp; marketing for Gray Line tours in DC. Loved It!! Was promoted to Sales Director, then my son came. He was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, so I re-directed my career path to working for a specialty pharmacy that serves the hemophilia community. I work with patient families living with chronic illnesses. It's huge to help others just as others have helped us. I encourage us all to re-kindle old friendships and stay in touch!!

Tue  Jan 23  9:26 2007 PDT

1981    Paul Martin
Email:  ty:  Alexandria
State:  VA  20150

Fri July 2 23:44  2021 PDT

1981    Susan Himes-Powers
Maiden Name:  Susan  Himes
Email:  Himes1962(at)
Address:  1563 45th Avenue
City:  San Francisco
State:  CA  94122

Mon Mar 12  9:20 2001 PDT

1981    James Spaith
Email:  spaithboy(at)
Address:  819 21st Street South
City:  Arlington
State:  VA  22202
Telephone:  703-521-5319

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Loudoun Valley HS in 1981, JMU in 1985 with a
BA in Psychology.  Have been working at the Washington Post
as an Oracle programmer, then DBA, then Manager of DBAs for
the last 6 years.  No kids, two cats, one boyfriend/husband
living together in Addison Heights (neighborhood of houses
near Crystal City in Arlington).

Mon Mar 19  4:05 2001 PDT

1981    Henry Sheard
Email:  henry_sheard(at)
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22030

Tue Mar 27  8:40 2001 PDT

1981    Vince Alexander
Email:  valexand(at)
Address:  1932 Winterport Cluster
City:  Reston
State:  VA  20171

Wed Apr 4  14:15 2001 PDT

1981    Ted Dively
Email:  ted(at)
Address:  1753 Hayes Street
City:  San Francisco
State:  CA  94117

Comments or Bio:

Living in San Francisco since '91, and still loving it. Susan Himes lives across town, but amazingly, we haven't run into each other in more than 10 years. Hmmm...Anyone up for some good muddy cyclocross racing?

Thu Nov 11  14:30 2004 PDT

1981    Jenny Odenthal
Maiden Name:  Jenny Wheeler
Email:  Mariedchk(at)
Address:  5212 Dresden Lane
City:  Roanoke
State:  VA  24012
Telephone:  540-977-2212

Comments or Bio:

Married in 1984 to Al, have 3 children, Andy 13, Twins,  Courtney & Lindsay, 8 yrs old.I have lived in Roanoke for 17 yrs.Al is the UPS Air Manager. I am a stay at home Mom and keep very busy with school, sports and local twins club. Would love to hear from other parents of multiples!

Thu Apr 5  7:30 2001 PDT

1981    Bill Oehrlein
Address:  449 R Street NW PH 300
City:  Washington, DC 20001
Telephone:  703-201-9892

Comments or Bio:

Happily retired science teacher/school principal

Tue Oct 4  7:35 2022 PDT

1981    Cindy McDaniel
Maiden Name:  Cindy Dalton
Email:  mcindymc(at)
Address:  10259 Shiloh Drive
City:  King George
State:  VA  22485
Telephone:  540-775-4590

Comments or Bio:

Hello to all. I can't wait to see all. I have 2 children Jeanette (12) and Dale (9).

Wed Apr 18  18:05 2001 PDT

1981    Lisa Lannes
Maiden Name:  Lisa Schuetz
Email:  Lannlive(at)
Address:  11708 Tumbrel Court
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA  22030

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from nursing school at East Carolina Univ in 1985 and have been working at Fairfax Hospital since then.  Presently, I am working very part-time in neonatal intensive care and love that.  I also am busy getting an internet business developed and that is going very well. I have been married to Mark for 13 years and have 3 children 2 boys and a girl aged 9,7,and 2.  To say the least, life is busy and very happy.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!!

Mon Apr 23  15:40 2001 PDT

1981    Claire McCollough
Maiden Name:  Claire Rodgers
Email:  cmccollough(at)
Address:  121 Foxtail Drive
City:  St. Charles
State:  MO  63303

Fri Apr 27 11:35 2001 PDT

1981    Lauren Mayer
Maiden Name:  Lori  Paulson
Email:   blmayer2(at)
Address:  6295 Cardinal Lane
City:  Columbia
State:  MD  21044
Telephone: (410) 740-0014

Comments or Bio:

I finished a BSN(nursing) in 85 at George Mason and married Karl Pohler(79)in 1985.  I then finished my graduate degree in midwifery at Georgetown in 89. Have been working in a great practice in Columbia Maryland since 82.  Keeping very busy delivering babies and had two of my own, Michael 11 and Sarah 8.  Karl and I divorced and life is great! Would love to hear from fellow Lancers. I just might remember a few pom routines.  

Tue   May 15  3:35 2001 PDT

1981    Linda Hanna
Email:   onestitch(at)
Address:  2535 Stuart Place
City:  Falls Church
State:  VA  22046

Comments or Bio:

Summing up 20 years in a few sentences is tough, but I received one degree from UVA and then have continued going to school off and on for the rest of the time in a variety of topics.  Married in 1999 to a great guy - New Englander with a positive outlook on life.  We're fixing up the fixer upper, and enjoying life as it comes.   I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion - I'm always surprised at how little I run into people from Lee since so many are still in the area!

Tue  Jun 12  9:05 2001 PDT

1981    Steve Lazarus
Email:   laz263(at)
City:  Duluth
State: GA  30096
Telephone: (770) 232-9197

Comments or Bio:

One year at East Tennessee State after graduation, joined the Air Force in 1983.  Finished up school, stayed in the A.F. as a military police officer until 1996 when I left to take a job as a Special Agent with the FBI.  Hit the jackpot and got stationed in the Atlanta field office--closest I've been to home since graduation.

Have a beautiful wife of eighteen years (that's how long we've been married, not her age), three daughters 9-13, a dog, and a mortgage--in short, the American dream.  Glad I stumbled on this web site; would love to hear from any of you.

Mon Jul 23  4:25 2001 PDT

1981    Tricia Baker Cribb
Maiden Name:  Tricia Baker
Email:   TCribb5(at)
Address: 8022 Bowwood Lane
City:  Norfolk
State: VA  23518

Wed  Dec 6  10:00 2006 PDT

1981    Susan Martin
Maiden Name:  Susan Johnson
Email:   sjejtj151(at)
Address: 5322 Allerton road
City:  Fairfax
State: VA 

Mon Aug 6  19:35 2001 PDT

1981    Julie Campbell
Maiden Name:  Julie Ryan
Email:   ST1248Camp(at)
Address:   1819 Lottie Fowler road
City:  Prince Frederick
State: MD  20678
Telephone:  410-414-4973

Thu Aug 9  3:45 2001 PDT

1981   Kirk Maskalenko
Email:   kmaskalenko(at)
Address:   20945 Rubles Mill Court
City:  Ashburn
State:   VA  20147

Thu Aug 9  18:25 2001 PDT

1981   Susan Johnson
Maiden Name:  Susan Martin
Email:  sjejtj151(at)
City:  Fairfax
State:   VA  22032

Sun Aug 12 6:10 2001 PDT

1981    Bruce Pinsky
Email:   bep(at)
Address: 1550 McDaniel Avenue
City:  San Jose
State:   CA  95126
Telephone: (408) 971-1923

Comments or Bio:

Attended Rutgers University from 1981 through 1983 before heading west and finishing up my degree at Cal State University, Hayward.

I am currently VP of Engineering and CTO of Proficient Networks, a company I co-founded with some colleagues from another company called Digital Island.  From 1997 to 2000, I was CIO and VP of Solutions Engineering at Digital Island, Inc. in San Francisco, CA.   From 1992 to 1997, I was part of the Technical Support team at cisco Systems in San Jose, CA.  Prior to that, I worked at a number of companies doing various computer and network jobs.

I've lived in the Silicon Valley now since 1984 and have been married to my wife Paula since 1991.  We have two boys, Eric (4) and Kyle (2).  Visit us at

Sun Aug 26  18:45 2001 PDT

1981    Laura L. Guthrie
Email:   cruzdir(at)
Address:   236 Carrollton Avenue
City:  Shreveport
State:   LA  71105
Telephone: 318-868-4099

Mon  Sept 27  7:00 2010 PDT

1981    Conrad Ailstock
Email:  cailstock(at)
Address:   12304 Equine Lane
City:  Wellington
State:   FL  33414
Telephone: 561-790-6447

Tue Aug 19  12:32 2008 PDT

1981    Claire Janssen
Maiden Name: Claire Chapman
Email:  clairejanssen(at)
Address: 20 E Orangewood Avenue
City:  Phoenix
State:   AZ  85020

Comments or Bio:

In 2005, after 15 years in suburban Atlanta, I moved my family to Phoenix, Arizona to take a position with Opus West, a real estate developer.  It must have been a mid-life crisis as I still can’t believe I did it!    As a CPA, I generally stay out of the limelight, but my move and headhunter experience actually landed me on the August 2007 cover of National Real Estate Investor magazine!

Fri  Jan 25  6:40 2008 PDT

1981    Juli Cohen
Maiden Name: Juli McCammon
Email:   COHENLM(at)
Address:   111 Little John Lane
City:  Warner Robins
State:   GA  31088

Comments or Bio:

Since graduating, I've gone to school alot more, spent 10 years in the Air Force, and am currently in servitude, working for my two children, Rachel (7) and David (2), my 16 year-old stepson Joe, and my husband, Len (he asked me not to post his age).   My life has been and continues to be normal, yet rewarding and fun.  I hope all of you are fortunate enough to have similar situations (unless you yearn for excitement, in which case a "normal" life might be a real drag...)

Mon Oct 1 17:35 2001 PDT

1981    Mark Heinonen
Email:   heinonmb(at)
Address:   247 Selby Ranch Road Apt #4
City:  Sacramento
State:   CA  95864

Comments or Bio:

After our graduation I went to Michigan State to try and wrestle, dropped out, then spent two years at NOVA, graduated from University of Virginia 1986, graduated from medical school at George Washington University 1991, spent 7 years in the Air Force working as an F-15 Flight Surgeon and Emergency Medicine physician.  I'm now finishing up residency in Anesthesiology at UC Davis, California and just accepted a job with a group in Las Vegas, NV.  I start 1 August 2002.  I've been married for two years (Melissa) have a son Jake age 15 months with another on the way.  I also have a 7 year old son (Grant) from a woman that I met while working in Italy (never married).  He currently lives in La Jolla, California.  I would love to here from any of the classes to include anyone that knew my brothers Kurt (1970), and Eric (1972) Heinonen.  Drop me a line or E-Mail.

Sun Apr7 8:35 2002 PDT

1981    Bill Falconer
Email:   bfalconer(at)
Address:   2812 Normandy Drive
City:  Atlanta
State:   GA  30305

Comments or Bio:

Though I attended Lee for my freshman year only, I developed a lot of strong friendships and memories 7th thru 9th grade in Springfield.  I moved to Athens GA, from there graduate from GA Tech, the Northwestern in Chicago, I now live in the Buckhead area of Atlanta with my wife and 4 kids.  I'm a Partner in a Management Consulting firm.

Mon Jul 1 10:05 2002 PDT

1981    Tom Dussault
Email:   tdussault(at)
100 Lake Cook Drive
City:  Alexandria
State:   VA  22304
Telephone:  703/863-2476

Comments or Bio:

After high school I graduated from George Mason Univ and worked at NASA for 17 years in contracting.  During my time at NASA I received my MBA from Florida Tech.  I now own my own consulting company instructing small companies on how to do business with the federal government. I currently reside in Alexandria, VA.   

Tue  Sept 30 12:15 2003 PDT

1981    Edmond J. Collier, II
Email:    legalcounsel(at), CollierLaw(at)
Address:   P.O. Box 42751
City:  Philadelphia
State:   PA 19101
Telephone:  267-334-2091

Comments or Bio:

Finished Wesleyan U. in 1985, Government/Int'l Politics, studied in Bremen and Goettingen, Germany for a year, returned to my birthplace, Nashville, and finished Vanderbilt U. Law in 1989.  Did time as an Air Force JAG in MI and started my own practice in Philadelphia, which is attracting attention from some large firms.  I should make a move by late 2003.  My time is usually tied up with the Prince Hall Masons of PA, for which I am the Grand Internal Auditor and Director of Economic Development, various professional organizations and political campaigns.  I travel to Europe fairly often, frequent NYC (anybody there?), and took up cycling about seven years ago.  Would like to hear from folks and will try to be at the Lee Reunion in Nov 03.

Sun  Sept 5 7:35 2003 PDT

1981    Kimberly Ernst
Email:   kaernst5(at)
City:  Washington
State:   DC 

Tue  Jul 27 19:15 2004 PDT

1981    Mary Beth White
Maiden Name:  Mary Beth Compton

Email:   sandmb97(at)
Address:   112 Stuart Drive
City:  Winchester
State:   VA  22602

Comments or Bio:

Enjoyed our 20th, everyone looks the same!

Sat  May 28  17:53 2005 PDT

1981    Paula Cook
Maiden Name:  Paula Houser

Email:   paulicook(at)
Address:   Via Italia, Torre Alamar 5B
City:  Panama City
Country: Panama

Telephone:  507-215-3534

Comments or Bio:

Hi. I graduated from George Mason University in 1986. Went to France in 1989-90. Came back. Went to Italy in 1994 and got a job with UN World Food Programme. In 2004 moved to Panama with the Programme.

Am married to an English writer and have 2 lovely daughters, aged 3 and 2.

Nice to remember so many classmates. Drop me a line if you want. ciao

Thu  Dec 15  12:10 2005 PDT

1981    Patty West Bernado
Maiden Name:  Patty West

Email:   pawebe(at)
City:  Bristow
Country: Virginia 

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Mason in 1996 with an English Degree. Met my husband while in college and got married in 1997. Currently have no kids, just two great dogs (Bruno and Bailey). Working at CACI as a Senior Consultant. Would love to hear from you!!!!

Wed  Feb 1  13:50 2006 PDT

1981    Anne Newell Richie
Maiden Name:  Anne Newell

Email:   akrichie(at)
Address:  10429 Birch Tree Lane

City:  Windermere
FL 34786
Telephone:  407-234-3936

Comments or Bio:

After testing a few colleges, Marymount University, University of Florida (Go Gators) I graduated with my BS in Elementary Education. In 1987 I married a wonderful man, Ken, from Memphis, TN. We have two great boys ages 14 and 11. We have lived in the Orlando area for 16 years now. I have been Room Parent Liaison for there school, fundraiser chairman for the Windermere Little League and chief volunteer in this area. I recently accepted a position as the coordinator of member events at the Windermere Country Club. Yes I do golf and have seen Tiger Woods here in Windermere.

I love to travel back to the Springfield/DC area every Summer. Please look me up when you are headed to Disney World. I'm sorry I have missed the last two reunions. Hoping to catch up in October.

Tue  May 9  3:40 2006 PDT

1981    Peter Bizic 
Email:   pbiz3(at)
Address:  43680 Primanti Street

City:  Chantilly
VA  20152
Telephone:  703-542-6687

Comments or Bio:

Recently moved back to Northern Virginia with my wife. Currently work as a project manager for HITT Contracting in Fairfax.

Wed  Oct 10 7:26 2007 PDT

1981    Stacie Zercher
Maiden Name:  Stacie Booth

Email:   szercher(at)
Address:  588 S. Guenther

City:  New Braunfles
TX  78130
Telephone:  830-221-4266

Comments or Bio:

Life has been good to me. I am a Battalion Chief with New Braunfels Fire Department where I have worked for 20 years.

I married my best friend and have two wonderful kids. Two wonderful step kids and five really fun Grandkids. I would love to hear from some of you.

Thu  Nov 8  14:25 2007 PDT

1981    Joe Batchelor
Email:   Joe(at)
1308 Wakefield Place

City: Greensboro
NC  27410
Telephone:  336-297-4717

Sun  Jun 8  15:07 2008 PDT

1981    Tina Ferguson
Maiden Name:  Tina Schatz

Email:   slk32(at)
City: Fairfax
State: Virginia

Tue  Apr 5 14:12 2011 PDT

1981   Denise Oliveri
Email:   Doliveri0(at)
City: Woodbridge
State: Virginia

Tue  Jun 21 10:48 2011 PDT

1981    Heidi Harrison
Maiden Name:  Heidi Milstead

Email:   heidi.harrison(at)
Address:  9213 Haines Drive

City: Lorton
State: Virginia  22079


Fri  Aug 17  12:19 2012 PDT

1982 - Jennifer (Davenport) Mitchell
5616 Castlebury Ct.
Burke, VA 22015 USA
(703) 323-8994
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1982

Sat Jul 25 14:51:26 1998 PDT

1982  Steve Payne
37599 Snickersville Turnpike

VA 20132

Tue  Feb 14  14:15 2006 PDT

1982  Beth Mabry
Email:  jbmabry(at)
Class: 1982

Tue Sep 15 20:00 1998 PDT

1982  Steve Bennie
8117 Parkdale Court  
State:  VA 22153
Class: 1982
  (703) 451-6256

Mon Dec 17 16:00 2001 PDT

1982  Larry Hunt
Email:  huntlarry(at)
or lhunt(at)
Address: 11244 Ashland Mill Rd

City:  King George
State:  VA 22485
Class: 1982
  (540) 775-9167
Favorite Website:
Comments or Bio:

82-90 USAF Metrology (calibration) tech, 90-98 Cal. Tech/ Manager, Colorado, 98- Cal. manager, Dahlgren NSWC, VA

Married 10 yrs, two girls 8 and 6

Wed Oct 7 19:45 1998 PDT

1982   Ray C Wolfe Jr
5 Maple Street
ME  04530


Comments or Bio:

Graduated in 1982. USMC from January 1983 til March 31 2003. Married to Deanna, who hails from Darwin, Australia. Our children: Taresa, Erik, Dariyin, Logan, Casey, and Mikayla. We are the Mighty Wolfepak!!

Sat  Jan 3 10:45 2009  PDT

1982   Mike Green
Email:  mgreen(at)
Address: 1102 Hollins Rd
City:  Richmond
State:  VA  23229
Class: 1982

Wed Oct 14 18:00 1998 PDT

1982   Gwen Denecke
Maiden Name: 
Gwen Satterwhite
15449 Foxvale Way
VA  23112
   (804) 639-6661

Sat Jan 13 4:55 2007 PDT

1982   Tim Niehoff
57-A Little River Road
North Berwick
ME  03906

Comments or Bio:

I am a Police Officer and Public Safety Dispatcher, Youth Basketball Director, Youth Baseball President, and the best of all, father of 3 boys, Josh (16), Brady (14), and Dustin (11).  During my spare time, I enjoy going to baseball games X 3, basketball games X 3, band concerts X 3.  Most of all, I enjoy working Police details at my oldest sons' dances.....I'm sure they enjoy it too!

Thu  Jan 22 18:25 2004 PDT

1982   Pam ( Reece) Steckman
Maiden Name:  Pam Reece
  971 E 5th
KS  67665

Comments or Bio:

After high school I went to work for the Air Force for 8 yrs until I was married in Aug of 91.  Now I am a full time mom with 3 kids 2 boys and 1 girl ( or should I say tomboy) LOL.  My brother Russell (class of 82) now lives in Belmont NC.  He is married and has 1 boy.

Fri Apr 2 9:00 1999 PDT

1982   Elizabeth  A. Vermilyea
Maiden Name:  Elizabeth A. Ford
  HCR 1  Box303
NY  12463

Telephone:  (518) 678-3412

Sun May 9 12:00 1999 PDT

1982   Danny Brown
Email:  dbrown(at)
  4917 Ridgewood Road
VA  22312

Telephone:  (703) 658-3582

Comments or Bio:

I Still think 1982 was yesterday.

Fri Apr 2 9:00 1999 PDT

1982  Elizabeth Vermilyea
Maiden Name:  Elizabeth Ford
Email:   e.vermilyea(at)
Address:   33 Hickory Hollow Drive

City:    Palenville
State:  NY  12463
Class: 1982

Telephone: (518) 678-3412

Comments or Bio:

For the past 10 years I have been teaching special education in New York State.   I received my masters in
updating already exsisting entry-

special education 2 years ago.  I have been married for 5 years and have two wonderful children (a girl and a boy- 4 and 2 years of age.  Would love to hear from any long lost friends!  Looking forward to the next BIG reunion!

Tue Sep 28 10 20:25 1999 PDT

1982  Chris Spruill
Email:   cspruill(at)
Address:   25 East Second Street

City:    Frederick
State:  MD  21702

Comments or Bio:

I have been the Associate Pastor at Grace UCC for three years - still married and now the father of a teenage girl - now I have to learn to fight off all the boys...

Thu May 3 8:35 2007 PDT

1982  John Pelkey
Email:   pelkman19(at)
Address:   29 Magnolia Street

City:    Ocoee
State:  FL   34761
Telephone:  407-616-5426

Mon Jan 26 12:50 2004 PDT

1982  Sandy Gonnella
Email:   LittleLambMax(at)
Address:   13563 Ruddy Duck Road

City:    Clifton
State:  VA  20124

Telephone:  703-266-3982

Mon July 31 11:05 2000 PDT

1982  Thomas W. Barnes
Email:   tbarnes4304(at)
Address:   13114 Forest Hills drive

City:    Tampa
State:  FL  33612

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Virginia Tech 1986 Building Construction in the School of Architecture.  I worked for a few years in NO.VA, then started moving around to Maryland, Tennessee, Maryland again, Capitol Hill, Atlanta, and now Tampa, Florida.  I was married for 6 years, but divorced last year.

I enjoyed the 10-year reunion and am looking forward to the 20th.  My parents are in the Washington area, and I plan to return to NO.VA or Tennessee in a few years.  No mountains in Florida!

In 2004 I married Patricia and we have a daughter, Josilyn, born in 2009 and a son, Nolan, born in 2010. Still in Florida, but I sure do miss the maroon and burnt orange mountains.

Sat Jan 22   6:45 2011 PDT

1982    Karen Hyde
Maiden Name:   Karen Martini
Email:   karendenise03(at)
 14322 Rabson Court

City:    Woodbridge
State:  VA  22193

Telephone: 703-338-7584

Comments or Bio:

Hello everyone. I am married to a wonderful Man. I have 3 girls, 1 cat, 2 dogs. I work full time and I have to say it has it's days. I've only gone to 1 reunion, I know...that's terrible and I had so much fun seeing old friends and hearing what they've been up too. It's nice to have these type of sites where we all can re-capture old and fond memories. Hope to hear from you. Take care.

Thu  Oct 9 14:50 2008 PDT

1982    Larry Hunt
Email:   huntjl(at)
Address:  8113 Indiantown Road

City:    King George
State:  VA  22485

Telephone:  540-775-9167

Comments or Bio:

1982-1991 USAF Metrology Technician (electronics)

1991-1998 Calibration Technician and Manager, Denver/Broomfield, CO

1998- present Calibration Lab Quality Manager, NSWC Dahlgren, VA

Married 1988, two girls (90, 92), two dogs, two cats, two cars, two computers

Sun  Nov 19 3:00 2000 PDT

1982    Lorraine (Lori) Woellert
Email:   lorraine_woellert(at)
Address:  401 Holland Land

City:    Alexandria
State:  VA 
Telephone:  202-383-2221

Comments or Bio:

After a few detours, I finally finished college at GMU, where my subversive friends and I started an underground campus newspaper. Hooked on journalism ever since. Now a reporter at Business Week covering politics. Also plugging away at my master's degree at VA Tech in Northern VA. Living right on the edge of Old Town, which is really fun. Was married; not anymore. Can't imagine having kids. How do you guys find the time? Drop an email!

Sat Aug 17  15:20 2002 PDT

1982    Tim Niehoff
Email:    hoffer8(at)
Address:  57-A Little River Road

City:    North Berwick
State:  ME  03906

Telephone:  207-457-1503

Comments or Bio:

Can't believe I have a son going to High School next year.  Damn, I feel old!   With 3 boys, life is nothing but sports......gotta love it!  Have to go shovel more snow, nothing like spring in Maine!

Sat Mar 24 8:05 2001 PDT

1982    Cliff Borden
Email:    CLBorden2(at)
Address:  681 Terrace Drive

City:    Redding
State:  CA  96022

Telephone:  530-222-6257

Sat Jul 26 8:25 2003 PDT

1982    Darshan Mehta
Email:    dmehta(at)
Address:  2010 Hillyer Place, NW

City:    Wasington
State:  DC  20009-1006

Telephone:  202-299-0810

Comments or Bio:

After graduating, I went to George Washington University and finished my undergraduate and MBA.  I got married in 1991 and started a market research firm with my wife.  We have been fortunate to combine our work with travel and have traveled extensively all over the world.  We currently split our time between Washington DC and the Oregon coast.  I am starting to coordinate plans for a 20 year reunion.   Please contact me if you are interested in attending or helping with the planning at dmehta(at)

Sat Mar 24 8:05 2001 PDT

1981    Carlos Caceres
Email:   charliedaniels(at)
City:  Guatemala City
Country: Guatemala, Central America

Comments or Bio:

Hi, I am writing from Guatemala city, in Central America. I studied at Robert E. Lee High from 1980 to 1981. Only one year but let me tell you, it was one of the most wonderful times of my life. I have many great memories.

My math teacher was Mr. Fargas.  My brother Cesar was there too. We made a lot of wonderful friends.

               Go, Go, Go LANCERS!!!!!

Wed Jun 20  14:05 2001 PDT

1981    Alina Arias-Miller
Maiden Name:  Alina Arias

Email:   docksandaltars(at)
Address:  20925 Sandian Terrace
  Potomac Falls
State: VA  20165

Wed Jun 25  14:57 2008 PDT

1981    Ramy M. Sidarous
Email:   rsidarous(at)
Address:  22220 Fairlawn Drive
State: VA  20148
Telephone: 314-558-0709

Thu   Oct 28  15:20 2010 PDT

1982    Myra Freund
Email:    beenthereyes(at)
Address:  109 W. French 105D

City:    San Antonio
State:  Texas  78212

Telephone:  210-342-7757

Fri Aug 3  17:35 2001 PDT

1982    Niki Lachica
Maiden Name:   Niki Labovites
Email:   nlachica(at)
Address:   6434 Meriwether Lane

City:    Springfield
State:  VA  22150

Telephone: 703-719-0926

Comments or Bio:

After graduation, I started at UVA and finished at Mason after marrying Gary in Dec. 1983.  We have 2 kids, Jason who is starting his senior year at Lee (doesn't seem possible!!), and Jessica, starting 4th grade this year.  I have been teaching in FCPS for 12 years.  I am currently at Poe Middle School in charge of Special Ed.  I still am playing soccer (indoors and outdoors) and see quite a few  Lee grads on the field--we all keep hobbling along!!  Obviously, haven't moved far (just around the corner from my folks).  I am looking forward to the 20th, though it doesn't seem possible. 

Tue Aug 7  20:40 2001 PDT

1982    Chris Baker
Email:   fishbaker1(at)
Address:   9588 Bronte Drive

City:    Burke
State:  VA  22015

Telephone:   703-505-0999

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from VA Tech in 1987  were I met my wife, Susie.  We have two kids, Noelle (3) and Joshua (10 months).  Recently moved from Alexandria (about 5 minutes from Lee) to Burke.  I have worked for the same financial services corporation, ICMA Retirement Corporation, for the past 12 years.

I play on a flag football team with a couple of younger Lancers, Class of 84, but otherwise do not seem to run into Lee grads as much as I used to.  Hope to see some of you around the NOVA area.

Thu Oct 11  15:00 2001 PDT

1982    Bill Hughes
Email:   hrrhwdfh(at)
1918 Portersmill Road
City:    Midlothian
State:  VA  23114

Telephone:   804-379-8902

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee in 82, I graduated from Longwood College with a BS in Business (86). I moved to Richmond (87) to attend Virginia Commonwealth University and pursue my MBA. Shortly after I married Helen Renninger and began working with Sovran Bank (now Bank of America). I remain with B of A working in downtown Richmond as a Business Lending Officer. Helen & I live a happy life in Midlothian, VA with our two girls, Rebecca 10 & Rachel 5.

We visit Springfield occasionally to see our parents, it sure has changed.

In April 2002, I left Bank of America and joined Benchmark Mortgage as a mortgage loan originator serving Northern and Central Virginia.

Sun Aug 25  19:20 2002 PDT

1982    John Byerly
Email:   jbyerly(at)
2497 Auburn Lane
City:    Odenton
State:  MD  21113

Telephone:   410-695-0694

Comments or Bio:

I've been married eight years, no kids. Doing a number of Carribean vacations, golf, umbrella drinks. I look forward to the 20th reunion since I missed the 10th. My wife says I look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yes, all the blonde locks are gone, and I shave my head. Still sexy though!!!

Sat Dec 1  7:00 2001 PDT

1982    James "Jay" A. Streat III
Email:   jayave(at)
7210 Riverwood Boulevard
City:    Tampa
State:  Florida

Comments or Bio:

Hello all!!! "Short Biography"...hhhmmmmm. Well, I'm a grad of Montana State University, Class of 1988. I've worked in broadcast television since 1987. I now work for the ABC affiliate here in Tampa. I shoot commercials & locally produced shows that air on our station. I've not married yet and have no kids...yet. :-) This website is great! I'm glad that I can now reconnect with old friends! Best wishes,

Jay Streat

Fri Dec 21  3:45 2001 PDT

1982    Kevin Riordan
Email:   KevinR1264(at)
16109 Sumney Drive
City:    Haymarket
State:  VA  20169

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Radford in 1987.   I've been a Fireman with Arlington County for 7 years now.  Drop me a line sometime, it would be great to hear from you.

Wed Feb 27  16:45 2002 PDT

1982    Tim Trayers
Email:   ttrayboy(at)
906 Prince St #204
City:    Alexandria
State:  VA  22314

Sat Mar 2  11:45 2002 PDT

1982    Patricia Z. Greek
Maiden Name:  Patricia Ziegler

Email:   pzgreek(at)
8720 Arley Drive
City:    Springfield
State:  VA  22153

Comments or Bio:

Graduated Mary Washington College with a Geology degree in 1987.  Married Mitch (Class of 1978) in 1990, two kids Victoria (1993) and Brian (1995).  Worked in the environmental consulting world for about eight years, but was tired of being sent all over the country on less than a week's notice, and not around to watch my kids grow up. Been working for the State since 1997 at the Department of Environmental Quality's Woodbridge office, and a Tupperware consultant on the side. 

Sun Apr 21 13:15 2002 PDT

1982    Kathy Sue Gann
Maiden Name:  Kathy Sue Barnes

Email:   bsjbgann(at)
3208 Taylors Ridge Rd.
City:    Wake Forest
State:  NC  27587

Comments or Bio:

After trying the college scene and not fitting in.  I worked until I found a gorgeous guy to marry and settle down with in North Carolina.  Andy Griffith country.  We have two healthy athletic boys that keep us hopping.  Looking forward to the 20 year reunion.  Please contact me Darshen.  I'll help if I can.  Thanks!  Sue

Sun May 26 15:55 2002 PDT

1982    Ray C Wolfe Jr
Email:   Wolferc(at)
1070 Viking Drive
City:    Warminster
State:  PA  18974
Telephone: 215-293-9062

Comments or Bio:

Hey All Fellow Lancers!!  I am currently stationed here at Willow Grove, PA.  I have only 2 months til I retire from the United States Marine Corps!!!  My bride and I have 5 beautiful youngens, Taresa 16, Erik 15, Dariyin 4, Logan 2 and Casey 8 months with hopes of another daughter next year. I look forward to seein from ya!!!

Tue Nov 19 18:05 2002 PDT

1982    Susan B. Douglas
Email:   sbdouglas(at)
9701 Deborah Ridge Place
City:    Richmond
State:  VA  23233
Telephone: 804-741-4762

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from JMU where I met and married Mark.  We are living in Richmond with our 4 girls and watching life fly past!  We went to the 20th reunion and had a blast seeing everyone from Lee.  Would love to hear from you!

Tue Jun 17 14:05 2003 PDT

1982    John Babel
5340 Holmes Run Pkwy  #1614
City:    Alexandria
State:  VA  22304
Telephone: 703-371-8583

Comments or Bio:

Attended GMU in 1982 and started a contracting company (Babel Assoc. Inc.) during the same year. I had a great run untill 1988 when I was replaced by a computer. Moved to Richmond and attended VCU and finally wrapped up at Marymount. Worked for EDS and CSC during the nineties. Started contracting again in 2001 in the power washing industry. I own Washmasters and clean the world a little at a time. Met the world's most beautiful woman in 1997, and after three years of begging, Marie finally said yes. We share a blessed life. Still hang with Steve (guitar wizard) Crawford and Danny (computer wizard) Brown although I think they plan on having me deported. My dear father passed on Oct. 28th 2004. I miss you dad, I love so much. I pray to God for one last touch. I feel fortunate to have graduated with such a wonderful class of people and hope to see you soon. My best to all. Love John

Fri  Nov 19 17:50 2004 PDT

1982    David Ringle
1304 W. 42nd Street
City:    Richmond
State:  VA  23225
Telephone: 804-230-6599

Comments or Bio:

I am married and have 3 children, twin girls and a boy. I play trombone in the US Army Band and have been stationed all over the United States. Currently serving one year in Korea with the 2ID Band. I miss the days with the Lee High School Band. I would match the Wind Ensemble we had at Lee during 80-81 with any band in the country. If anyone is ever in the Richmond area please feel free to contact me.

Thu  Dec 30  20:09 2004 PDT

1982    Jim Walker
121 Choptank Road
City:    Stafford 
State:  VA  22556
Telephone: 450-720-6087  Cell 301-440-4989

Comments or Bio:

I am married with 3 kids, all grown up and moved away one in the air force.  I am an architectural sheet metal mechanic.  I finally bought and restored the car I wanted since high school, A '68 Shelby Mustang GT 350.  I look forward to hearing from old friends.

Tue  Dec 12  9:09 2006 PDT

1982    Kathy Sheehan Crawley
Maiden Name:  Kathy Sheehan

Email:   kathy.cawley(at)
103 Tellingwood Drive
City:    Morrisville
State:  NC  27560

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from UVA in 1986 with a BA in Economics, and received my MBA shortly after that. I've been with MCI/Worldcom/Verizon Business (we keep getting bought) for 18+ years. I'm a Director in Finance and still enjoy it. I'm married to TJ, my college sweetheart, and we have 3 beautiful kids -- Katie is 10, Shannon is 4 and Ryan is 17 months. We live in the Raleigh/Cary, NC area...great place to raise a family. I'd love to hear from you all. Are we having a 25 yr reunion? I had a great time at the 10 year, but unfortunately I had to miss the 20 year.

Thu  Jun 21 17:35 2007 PDT

1982    Karen Hyde
Maiden Name:  Karen Martini

Email:   karendenise03(at)
6110 Clearbrook Drive
City:    Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Telephone:  571-338-7584

Comments or Bio:

I'm married, I have 3 daughters, 22, 17 and 14. We have 5 cats and 2 dogs and a lizard, 3 of those cats and the lizard belong to my 17 year old :-) I love animals though :-) I am currently a Program Control Specialist with the company I've been with for almost 8 years now. I'm currently back in school for my Associates degree in Criminal Justice and last but not least, I have my own business. I'm a Personal Consultant for Slumber Parties..."Adults only".  Hope to hear from you and hope to see you at the reunion.

Wed  Oct 10  7:30 2007 PDT

1982    Robert Oehrlein
Email:   Bob(at)
9113 Silver Pointe Way
City:   Fairfax Station
State:  VA  22039
Telephone:  703-690-6969

Comments or Bio:

After much to much parting at Longwood College I got my real estate license in Va. then in Ocean City MD where I sold Timesharing. I started a construction company to build decks, gazebos, fences and staircases. That was too much work so I upgraded to a VA.Class A Builder License to build houses. Hated it, too much stress. Then became a stockbroker and sold mostly penny stocks. The the market crashed in 87 and ended that. I started buying and selling junk land which I loved. One house was on the news because it had 140 cats in it. Smelled awful but was quite profitable. Real estate sucks right now so I'm building aerospace parts out of carbon fiber.

Thu  Jun 19  8:59 2008 PDT

1982    Dave Bergh
Email:   dbergh(at)
8906 Judson Court
City:   Burke
State:  VA  22015
Telephone:  703-402-7764

Thu  Oct 9  14:54 2008 PDT

1982    Jacqueline (Jackie) Sullivan
Email:   jwujek(at)
Address: 440 N Maple Street

City:    Zionsville
State:  Indiana 
Telephone:  317-873-9257  Cell 317-702-7604

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Married since 1986. Phd in Chemistry from Duke in 1987. Three children: Robert 20, Christopher 17 and Emily 14

Wed  Jun 2 14:04 2010 PDT

1982    Vikki J. Myers
Maiden Name:  Vikki Barrett

Email:   vikki.myers(at)
1723 Roosa Lane
City:    Elk Grove Village
State:  IL  60007
Telephone:  847-534-0523

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Hi All! I headed to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, graduating in 1986 with a BA in Communication Studies. I've led a double life since then, producing educational video for Pearson Education and singing and acting first in professional regional theatre and ultimately in a drama-music ministry I started with my husband of 17 years back in 1996. I just released my first music CD in August of this year (2010)! Mike and I have one 12 year old and are bearing down for the ride of raising a teen.

Mon  Aug 30  9:38 2010 PDT

1982    Mike Finn
Email:   budbigfish(at)
Address: 13658 43rd Road North

City:    West Palm Beach
State:  FL   33411 
Telephone:  561-793-4317

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I moved to Florida my junior year. I have been married to the first girl I dated after moving here 27 years ago. We have 2 children, Danielle 23, Dustin 19. I am still selling Budweiser for the 25th year.

Mon   May 23 13:24 2011 PDT