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Robert E. Lee High School  List of 90 Registered

1990   Dawn Sanders 
Maiden Name:   Dawn Norton
Email:  Wild4iwild(at)
Address:  105 River Road
City:  Edgewater
State:   MD 21037
Telephone: (410) 798-0807

Comments or Bio:

I will be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary on June 23rd of this year.   Yes, I got married right after graduation and I haven't regretted it one bit!

I worked at a telecommunications company, in Virginia, as an accounting assistant for 6 years.  We moved to the Annapolis area almost 3 years ago and I became a stay at home mom. 

I spend most of my time volunteering at school in Mikey's class.  He just finished up Kindergarten, I guess I graduated K as well!! ( I might just learn something from school this time around!!)

I won't be at the reunion due to a prior commitment but I would love to hear from you all!!

Have fun and I hope to make it to the next reunion!!

Revised Tue June 13 8:00 2000 PDT

1990  Eric Warren
Email:  KEWARN(at)
Street: 12852 Sage Terrace
State: MD  20874
Telephone: (301) 515-7616

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 1994 with a B.A. in Communications. I met Karen, a Radford girl, my senior year. We were married in May '96 and now have two little girls, Lexi (3 1/2) and Emily (6 months).

Since 1995, I've been working for LexisNexis in Bethesda, Maryland. I'm currently an editorial consultant to a team of software engineers. I guess they figured I understood engineers after my time in Blacksburg.

Karen and I are the leaders of a Bible study and fellowship group, at our church, for families with young children. I'm also serving the church as a trustee.

Sat  Jun 3  9:15 2006 PDT  

1990 - Ursula Burgess
Maiden Name: Ursula Koenig
E-mail:  ursula.burgess(at)
Alexandria, VA  22312


Thu  Mar 12  13 :42 2015 PDT

1990  Paul McPherson
Email:  rpmcpherson
Street:  204B East Braddock Rd
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22301
Class: 1990

TelephoneNo: (703) 519-9911
Comments - Bio: Married 5-23-98 to Rachel Cohen.

Thu Sep 24 19:45 1998 PDT

1990 (Should have been 1991)  Kathy Austen
Email:  Augsten
State: Oregon
Class: 1990/91

Comments - Bio:

I'll keep this short and boring (:)).  I graduated with   B.A. in English with minors in music and (my original major) dance, in May of 1994, then spent the obligitory six months in Europe, mostly just England (and primarily Oxford and London).  My travels have also taken me to *almost* all fifty states.  I now work in radio (yes, I'm a D.J.), sing with a huge semi-professional choir, and dance occasionally.

Thu Sep 24 19:45 1998 PDT

1990 Jenny Fridh
Email:   jenny.fridh
Address: Völundsgatan 10, 113 31
City: 11246 Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Class: 1990

Telephone:  +46(0)86504160

Comments - Bio:

Attending class of 1990s reunion and meeting all my friends from my year as an exchange student was fantastic! Ten years and everyone looked so much better!!! I had a great time at the reunion and only wished it would last longer! There was so much to catch up on!

After 2 weeks in the US my boyfriend Micha and I got back to Stockholm Sweden. During November 2000 we moved together to a beautiful apartment in an old renovated building from the 1920's, in the heart of Stockholm. We enjoy city life, being close to good restaurants and culture.

In January 2001 I'll become the director of information and communication at a new firm, NewSec. NewSec Investment & Financial Services initiate, execute and provide strategic advisory services in all kinds of financial and brokerage matters relating to ownership, company and capital structure in the context of the Scandinavian property market.

Well, friends at Lee and class of 1990, it was wonderful to see you all last summer. I hope to see you all again in 2010! Special hugs to Chad Tragakis and his wife, who we stayed with during the weekend. Love also to me dear girlfriends Lori, Rebecca, Trish and Amy.

Take care!  Jenny

Fri Dec 8 8:25 2000 PDT

1990 Angela Weaver
Email:  aweaver
Street: 4901 Lurgan Place
City: Richmond

State: VA 23228
Class: 1990

Tue Sep 29 19:15 1998 PDT

1990 Jen Fennell
Email:  JCF90LHS

Tue Sep 29 19:15 1998 PDT

1990  Peter Kim
Address:  43087 Barons Street

City:   South Riding
State: VA 20152

Comments or Bio:

Now live in South Riding, VA with wife, Ashleigh, and daughter, Susanna (hoping to be a sister soon). Work? My church community is very important to me and we're quite active developing great relationships through it ( Would love to catch up with you all at the next reunion! Meanwhile, feel free to touch base: transitionpete(at);

IM: transitionpete (AIM, Yahoo!, &

Wed  Oct 19  17:05 2005 PDT

1990  Chris Mahew
  1200 Chickasaw Road
State:   MS  38655
Telephone: (662) 236-6525

Sun  Apr 27  13:52  2008 PDT

1990  Candace  Burke
Maiden Name: Candace R. Jacobs
State:  Florida

Fri  Jul 27   6:55    2007 PDT

1990   Melissa Cabrales
Maiden Name:  Melissa Gilbert
Email:  mcabra
Street:   3618 N. John Marshall Drive
State:   VA  22207
Telephone: (703) 228-4533

Tue Jun 29 14:45 1999 PDT

1990   Peter Unger
Email:  punger12(at)
Street:   7328 Charlotte Street
State:   VA  22150
Telephone: (703) 451-5476

Comments or Bio:

I currently work in Bethesda, MD for Presidential Online Bank as a Marketing and Web Manager.  Just ran my 9th marathon.  I stay busy with my running, various sports leagues, and church related activities.  Worked a few years in sports marketing for the NBA and the 1996 Summer Olympics.  Also worked a year for The University of South Carolina.  I went to Virginia Tech for both undergrad and graduate degrees.  Currently live in Falls Church, VA, but I keep my Mom's address in Springfield.

Fri Oct 26 11:05 2001 PDT

1990   Ericha Drenning
Maiden Name:  Ericha Shelton
Email:  edrenning(at)
Street:   163 Normandy Hill Drive
State:   VA  22304
Telephone: (703) 370-2867

Comments or Bio:

As Pete says, "Life is a curious thing!" I agree with him whole heartedly. I have not finished school yet, but I'm working on it. I just applied to four 4-year schools to finish in Wildlife Science. I am still in the area. I work in Old Town Alexandria developing CBT's. Other then school and work we don't do much exciting. I have done a little traveling. I will spill the beans at our 10 year reunion!! WOW!!

Has anyone heard from Sherry Stafford? I have been thinking about her lately. If you could e-mail me with her address or let her know I am looking for her I would appreciate it.

Talk to you all soon!!

Mon Jul 19 21:25 1999 PDT

1990  Shashana Courtney
Email:  cheydar(at)
Street:   P.O. Box 43
State:   VA  20121
Telephone: 571-220-5860

Sun   Feb 18  16:50  2007 PDT

1990   Kim Shields
Email:  Kims1998(at)
City:   Atlanta
State:   GA
Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Virginia Tech in 1994 with a Business Management degree.  Moved to Northern VA after graduation and worked for several telecommunication companies.   I now work as an Analyst for Delta Air Lines at their corporate headquarters in Atanta, GA and am enjoying the fantastic flight benefits!

I look forward to seeing everyone next year at our 10 year reunion.  How time flies...

Mon Jul 26 17:37 1999 PDT

1990   Amy Hallett
Maiden Name:  Amy McGraw
Email:  amyhallett(at)

Fri Jul 30 10:40 1999 PDT

1990   Whitney Pierce
Maiden Name:  Whitney Strum
City:   Chesapeake
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio:

I have lived in the Hampton Roads area since transferring from the College of Charleston to ODU in 1991. I got married in 1995 to Evan, a musician and real estate appraiser. We have a son (7) and two daughters (11 and 4). I have worked in a pediatric emergency room for 11 years and just started as a school nurse in an intermediate school in Chesapeake (that's 3rd - 5th grade, down here).

Hoping to make it to the 20th reunion in 2010. That makes me feel REALLY old! Would love to hear from anyone from school!

Sat  Sep 13 11:56  2008 PDT

1990   Rebecca Cline
Maiden Name: Rebecca Harrison
Email:  brcline(at)
State:   VA
Comments or Bio:

Attended Virginia Tech and graduated in 1994 with a BA in history.  I started mt Masters also but decided to hold off... At Tech I met my husband and we eloped to Las Vegas in 1996.  I have lived almost everywhere in Virginia except the Beach.  I now have a 16 month old and am a "Hausfrau". I still keep in touch with several people from Lee; Lori Norris and Joe East and Jenny Fridh (I'm sending you pictures!!!) I hope everybody is doing well!

Fri Aug 13 19:20 1999 PDT

1990   Kate Yalowitz
Maiden Name:   Kate Bloomquist
Email:  kate_yalowitz(at)
Address: 298 Harding Court
City:  Loveland
  CO  80538  CO  80538  CO  80538
Telephone:  (970) 622-9428

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from William and Mary in 1994 and went to work for American Mangement Systems that summer. I met my husband, Steve Yalowitz (from Bloomquist to Yalowitz - gotta love that one!), in November of 1995 and was married in May 1997. I followed him to CO where he is getting his PhD and was convinced by my company to telecommute from CO. I work from home 3 weeks a month and come back to Ffx one week a month.

Mon Aug 16 8:30 1999 PDT

1990   Brett Gamble
Email:  BrettGamble(at)
City:  Tucson
  Arizona  Arizona  Arizona

Comments or Bio:

I have left the Springfield Area and relocated to the Southwest border with the US Customs service. I am currently a inspector in Nogales,AZ. I am waiting to here about coming back to the academy as a Special Agent and then who knows where the will send me. Hope all is well with everyone and if you make it out to AZ look me up.

Sun Oct 14  12:30 2001 PDT

1990   Jennifer Moore
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Seward
Email:  jmoore(at)
Address:   47520 Compton Circle
City:  Sterling
  VA  20165  VA  20165  VA  20165
Telephone:  (703) 430-3034

Comments or Bio:

Wow, how strange is this?  I can't believe it's been 10 years, but it's great seeing what everyone is up to!

Let's see, after Lee I went to Old Dominion.  After that, I relocated to Chicago with the company I worked for at the time.  I got married in 1997 and we moved back about a year ago.  I work for a company called CACI (in Arlington) and am in Human Resources

Thu Aug 19  6:55 1999 PDT

1990   Jennifer Ekhilevsky
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Mayer
Address:   21099 Brush Road
City:  Los Gatos
  CA  95030  CA  95030  CA  95030

Wed Aug 25  4:00 1999 PDT

1990   Rick Ridpath
  1836 Duke of Gloucester Street

City:  Colonial Heights
  VA  23834

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Longwood College in 1995. Got married that same year to my wife Tracey. We are still happily married with two daughters - Casey and Camryn. I teach middle school US History. I play guitar and lead worship at our church. I do a lot of fishing. Do a lot of traveling with my wife and family (she's a teacher too), especially in the summer. Still see a Grateful Dead style show or two every year with Gabe Smith. Still talk to him pretty regularly. Take it easy. See you at the 20 year... rick

chuck - there's no money in crabbing anymore. You can't make a living doing it but I have a lot of fun... and a lot of summer being a teacher.

Mon  May 26  7:30 2008 PDT

1990   Jennifer Manning
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Zinkus
Email:  smj2(at)
City:  Chicago
  IL  60618  IL  60618  IL  60618
Telephone: (773) 244-2561

Wed Sep 22  14:55 1999 PDT

1990   Stephen G. Kelsey
Email:  skelsey1(at)
Address:   134 W. 80th Street Apt 2R
City:  New York 
  NY  10024
Telephone:  601-616-9325

Comments or Bio:

I separated from the Navy June 2007 after twelve years of service. I primarily lived in San Diego, CA and Meridian, MS, quite the disparity I can assure you. During my time in, I was deployed during both OEF and OIF and I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve. Having recently been hired by Delta Air Lines, I am currently flying from New York and assimilating myself into what locals refer to as "the center of the universe."  I will be trying to take graduate level courses at whatever NYC school will have me, too. I will be flying into DCA frequently and look forward to make old acquaintances new again. Please drop me an email if you live in the area and would like to meet up.

Tue  Nov 6  6:37 2007 PDT

1990   Mike Cole
Address:   12426 Woodthorpe Lane
City:  Houston
  TX  77024
Telephone:  713-463-5644

Sat  Jun 21  16:46  2008 PDT

1990  Lloyd Wright
Address:   105 Reams Station Court
City:  Stephens City
  VA  22655

Comments or Bio:

To keep it short and simple, I read your bio's and enjoyed getting an update so I'll leave mine.

Graduated Tech in 95' as and Industrial & Systems Engineer.

Love struck & married a gal from Tech - Jen.

Moved out to Moon, PA (near Pittsburgh) doing IT work for plants around the country with Eaton Corp, Cutler-Hammer. In 2004, I moved to Winchester working for Rubbermaid in IT again. Really nice area to raise a family and close to "home".

I have 3 kids - 7, 3, and 1 year old (as of 2005). I spend most of my time hanging out with family. I hope to see you all at the 20th.

Take care out there!

Fri  Mar 24  9:00 2005 PDT

1990  William Robertson (Jim)
Email:  jroberts(at)
Address:   6116 Rockglen Drive
City:  Springfield
  VA  22152  VA  22152  VA  22152

Thu Oct 21  18:20 1999 PDT

1990  Melissa Hinson
Email:  melissa(at)
Address:   Vahtra 20 - 10
City:  Kose, Harjumaa
  Estonia  75101  Estonia  75101  Estonia  75101

Comments or Bio:

Tere, everyone.  In some ways it feels like it's been longer than ten years since we left Lee.  I have been pretty busy since then.  After we graduated, I spent a crazy-fun year going to a German high school and living with a German family.   In 1995 I got my English degree from UVA, and shortly after that I went to South Korea, where I spent 2 1/2 years teaching English, studying Korean, living with Korean families on and off and acting on Korean television.  Until a few months ago, I was working for AOL and living in Arlington; however, my incurable "wanderlust" took control of me again, and I am now living on the other side of the Atlantic.  I am currently a Peace Corps volunteer in Estonia--I live in a village of about 2700 and teach high school here. 

I don't know if I will be able to make it to the reunion, but if anyone feels like writing, please do.  It would be great to hear how everyone else is doing. 

Mon Oct 25  11:28 1999 PDT

1990   Erin Craig-Fischi
Maiden Name:  Erin Craig
Address:   6140 Best View Way
City:  Colorado Springs
  CO  80918  
Telephone: (719) 651-3796

Comments or Bio:

I teach second grade for Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs, CO.
My daughter is a sophomore at Colorado State University.  My son is a high school senior.

Still married to my VA Tech sweetheart after 26 years!

Tues July 28 12:43 2020 

1990   Karen Chantal
Email:  Ne14laughs(at)
Address:   29 Carolyn Drive
City:  Newport News
  VA  23606  VA  23606  VA  23606
Telephone: (757) 249-7977

Comments or Bio:

Moved down to Newport News the week after graduation, and attended Christopher Newport University.  While living on Ft. Eustis I met Michael.  We were married in 1992.  We had a son, Sean Michael in the Spring of 1993. As things didn't seem to be working out, we separated in December of 1996.  I was finally divorced in the Spring of 1999, thus, returning to my maiden name.  Things are going great, can't wait to see everyone in the summer.   

Fri Oct 29  12:25 1999 PDT

1990   Sherrie L. Murray
  1806 Tilletson  Place

City:  Woodbridge
  VA  22191  
Telephone: 703-983-1686

Comments or Bio:

Well let's see what has happened in the last oh what is it now 18 years? Okay that is scary! Anyway I got married in 1992, moved to North Dakota for a year or so, back to VA when my Dad got sick. Decided to stay after he passed. I have been in some form of Recruiting or HR since 1992. I now work for a not- for- profit government contractor that administers three FFRDC's (Federally Funded Research and Development Centers) as a senior Human Resources Generalist. I still live in Woodbridge, where I have been since 1994. However now I am a Ms. vs. a Mrs.! No kids of my own unless you count the furry ones. Still see a few HS buds, but not nearly enough! So feel free to contact me, love to hear from y’all. Hope all is well with everyone and hope to see you at the yearly happy hours!

Thu  Apr 24  14:47 2008 PDT

1990   Joe East
Email:  jeast(at)

Comments or Bio:

I went to VA Tech for undergrad in geology and George Washington University for Grad school in structural geology. Along the way, I got married (4th sign of apocalypse) to an opera singer, so now I can say I'm cultured, and it's not just in a petri dish. I work for the US Geological Survey in Reston, VA doing energy resources research. I teach intro geology at George Mason University as an adjunct professor in my spare time. I also keep busy on the academia lecture circuit - although it's usually a 3rd or 4th grade class in ffx county, and they want to know about dinosaurs. Oh, and I play paintball.

Wed  Aug 17 11:55 2005 PDT

1990   Lara Lynch
Maiden Name:  Lara Townsend

Address:  339 Stocklee Lane

  VT  05201

Comments or Bio:
  Hi everyone,

I wanted to update my information from what I wrote 10 (has it been that long?!?) years ago.

The short and sweet version is: I married my husband, Mike, in October 2004. We moved to Vermont in November 2005, and had our son, Liam, in May 2007. I still have family in Virginia, so we travel back and forth from Vermont periodically.

I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch, so please drop me a line.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion!

Thu  Jul 31   8:59  2008 PDT

1990   Tanya Siwik
  2049 Stargrass Court

Woodbridge Woodbridge Woodbridge
  VA  VA  VA 22192
Telephone: (703) 492-4685

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee High School I earned my undergraduate degree from UVA and my Master's from GMU. I also earned an NBPTS certification. I teach and live in Fairfax County. I have two wonderful daughters.

Sat   May 24  8:09 2008 PDT

1990   Melissa Brower
Email:  mbrower(at)
Address:  3525 1/2 N. Broadway #108
  IL  60657  IL  60657  IL  60657
Telephone: (773) 549-5220

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from the Center for Creative Studies-College of Art And Design in Detroit in '94 with a BFA in art direction. I lived in Detroit Rock City for 8 years where I was an art director, and then moved to Chicago to live in the big city. I'm an art director here now, and love life on Lake Michigan.

It was really nice to see everyone at our 10 year reunion. Everyone looked so happy and successful.

Tue Aug 1 11:45 2000 PDT  

1990   Amy VanDenburg
Maiden Name: Amy Morgan
Email:  avandenburg2(at)
Address:  8513 Washington Ave.
  VA  22309  VA  22309  VA  22309

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from UVA in 1995 with a Masters in Special
Education.  I taught elementary school for three years, and am now teaching eighth graders with learning and emotional disabilities at Sandburg M.S. in Alexandria.

I met my husband, Tom, after graduating from college, and married him in 1997.   No kids yet, but we have a yellow Lab named Jack who thinks he's a human.

We bought a house out near Mt. Vernon last summer and we love it! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!

Fri Jan 21  6:55 2000 PDT  

1990   Jennifer Vandenham
Maiden Name:   Jennifer Loy
Address:  3718 S. Granby Way
  CO  80014
Telephone: (303) 766-1551

Comments or Bio:

OK, some of you have updated recently, so here's mine. I still live in Colorado. Married to Robert (10/23/93) and we have 4 children: Christian (7/95) Caitlyhn (9/96) Chase (12/98) and Conner (8/00). We're a busy home-schooling family, with both parents working outside the home now. I plan to visit VA Christmas 2005 and welcome emails and calls to see who I can meet up with while in town. I'm nostalgic and homesick still after all these years! Drop me a line! *Jenn

Sun  Apr 10  8:05 2005 PDT  

1990   Jennifer Ryan
Maiden Name:   Jennifer Pralle

Comments or Bio:

A few things have changed since our 10 year reunion. I now have 2 beautiful girls. Ashley is 11 and Emily is 8. My husband Dan is still in the Navy and I am still at home with the girls. We have moved 3 times since the 10 year reunion. Right now we have completed our first year living in Naples, Italy. We have 2 more years to go til a new set of orders. I am trying my best to learn Italian, but languages were never my thing. We love traveling Europe. It is such a great adventure. Until our 20 year reunion....Ci Vediamo!!!

Fri  Aug 29  11:35 2008 PDT  

1990   Krissy Mather-Mullins
Maiden Name:   Krissy Mather
Email:  my3boysandme(at)
Address:  3088 Bradshaw Road
City:  Elliston
State:   VA
Telephone: (540) 268-1884

Comments or Bio:

God, you mean it's been ten years already?!

Well, here goes... since leaving Lee I went to Mary Washington for a year then transferred to VA Tech to finish my BS in Psych in '94.  While at Tech, I met the love of my life, Wesley.  Then I started working on my Master's in Family and Child Dev. but decided to put that on hold so we could have a baby. 

Our fist son, Levi, was born in '96.  I stayed at home with him for a year and a half then went back to school in a completely different field-nursing. (My husband calls me a professional student!)  Anyway, during nursing school, we decided to have another baby, and our second son Jacob was born in June of '99.  So now I'm finishing up with nursing school(I graduate in May with my RN) and chasing a 31/2 year old and an 8 month old around.

We live just outside of Blacksburg out in the country and I love it!  I'd love to hear from everyone, and look forward to seeing you all at the reunion!  

Fri Feb 4  8:00 2000 PDT  

1990   B.G. Malamut
Address:  3228 E. Westcott Drive
City:  Phoenix
State:   AZ  85050
Telephone: 602-404-2762

Comments or Bio:

Finished M.Theol at Dallas Theological, 05/02. Married 08/02 to the drop-dead beautiful Julie Winn (not from Lee) and moved to London, UK, for 16 months. In Phoenix, since. Work as a financial planner - handling investments, education planning, small business planning/ benefits, etc. If you're anywhere out her, or plan on visiting, call me!

Thu  May 12  14:30 2005 PDT  

1990   Amanda Walls Heard
Maiden Name:   Amanda Walls
Email:  akheards(at)
  200 N. Brimar Street

City:  Palmer
State:   Alaska  99645
Telephone: 907-715-6197

Comments or Bio:

Just wanted to update my information since it has been eight years! I still live in Alaska (fourteen years later) with my husband Jeff and two little boys Jackson, soon to be five and Bradford, two. Life in Alaska is great; I'm ready for summer already though...midnight sun, camping, shrimping in Prince William Sound, dip-netting red salmon in the Kenai; pulling in the Kings on the Little Su...I am still in nursing but have taken a nice cushy desk job after breaking my back in the hospital (I did my time!) I am in the US Public Health Service as a Commissioned Officer and work with the Indian Health Service, Blah, Blah, Blah (it's a paycheck!)...I hope you all are well! I hope to make it to the twenty year reunion

Mon  Feb 25  2:25 2008 PDT  

1990   Christine Reyno
Maiden Name:  Reyno
Email:  mcardleccr(at)
City: House Springs
State:   Missouri 

Comments or Bio:

After 18 wonderful years in beautiful West Virginia, we moved to St. Louis, Missouri in the fall of 2008. We are definitely missing WV, but we are starting to adjust to St. Louis. I can't believe my oldest is now a teenager...has it been that long? =) Elijah is 13, Seth is 10 and Kaya is 7. All three play ice hockey, so I am pretty busy. Yes, I am a hockey mom! As for the professional side, I am still in pharmaceuticals, now as a senior analyst. I look forward to catching up with everyone, so if you get a chance email me. Hope everyone is doing well! Peace and God Bless!

Thu   Apr 15  7:20 2010 PDT

1990   Elizabeth Cetto
Maiden Name:   Elizabeth Alfaro
Email:  ellie.cetto(at)
  4503  Glendale Road

City:  Dale City
State:   VA  22193
Telephone: (703)  583-1906

Comments or Bio:

Hellooooo my friends, how are you guys?  I'm happily married with three beauitful boys ages 8,6 & 3.  I work for a lobbying organization downtown as an accounting assistant. 

I stay very busy and live in my car on the weekends with the boys in every sport possible.   I'm loving life and in love with my boys. 

can't wait to see you guys - keep in touch Love Ellie

Sat Mar 4 14:15 2000 PDT  

1990   Meg Schatz
Email:  megret412(at)
Address:  8014 Revenna Lane
City:  Springfield
State:   VA  22153
Telephone: (703)  440-6929

Tue Mar 7 6:15 2000 PDT  

1990   Amy Bonzano
Address:  6272 Independence Drive
City:  Columbus 
State:   GA  3190

Tue Apr 6  9:10 2004 PDT  

1990   Kristie McDonald
Maiden Name:   Kristie Styer
Email:  kristie.mcdonald(at)
Address:  21 Dorrell Court
City:  Sterling
State:   VA  20165
Telephone: (703)  430-0565

Comments or Bio:

Its so great to read about how all of you have been doing, and I too can't believe that 10 years goes by so fast!!

After Lee, I spent four fun years at Virginia Tech and graduated in 1994 with a BS in Accounting.  I now work as an Assistant Controller for a software company in Ashburn, VA.  I've been with the company for the past four years and am lucky enough to go to a job every day that I truly enjoy!!

I married my husband, Bill, in November 1997 and we have been happily living in Sterling since.  We recently found out that our first baby is on the way and will be here in early September so we are anxiously beginning to prepare for that event!

I can't wait to see you all in July!!

Thu Mar 30 4:50 2000 PDT  

1990   Patricia Babb
  77321 Krefeld Glen Drive #1205

City:  Charlotte
State:   NC  28227
Telephone: 704-408-3161

Comments or Bio:

I am an elementary music teacher in the Charlotte/ Mecklenburg Schools. I am in my twelfth year teaching (It is hard to believe!!!)I lived in Memphis, TN for 6 years, Detroit, MI for 4 years and I have been in Charlotte, NC since the summer of 2006. I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line! I am still single and fabulous! Definitely give me a shout out if you're in the Charlotte area...I still go to Virginia to visit family and friends...looking forward to seeing everyone in 2010....crazy!! 20 years? Can't believe it!!

Tue  Mar 4  6:50 2008 PDT  

1990   Suzanne Grobbel
Maiden Name:   Suzanne Covert
City:  Round Hill
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from William & Mary in 1994 with a degree in music (highly marketable). Married Bill Grobbel in 1995, widowed in 2000. Married Tom Dawson in 2008. In addition to Tom's grown son (i get to be an Evil Stepmother!), the family consists of six cats, two dogs, a pony, and a mule.

Tue  Jan 15 14:35 2008 PDT  

1990   Amy Harper
Maiden Name:   Amy Myers
Email:  harperamy(at)
State:   VA 

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from JMU I became a special education teacher. I live in Springfield with my two boys Cameron(5) and Graham(2).

Tue  Apr 12  9:55 2005 PDT  

1990   Stephanie Claire Stasik
E-Mail: scs109(at)
Address:  P.O. Box 11
City:  State College
State:   PA   16804
Telephone: (814)  867-0301

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Penn State University in 1994 with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science and am still up here.  I am a Strength Training Assistant for 28 of Penn State's Intercollegiate Athletics teams.  Geez, I needed to do SOMETHING with all of my excess energy, and I seem to have found my niche! 

I was married in 1996 to guy I met up here but was separated and filed for divorce two years later--I left for my own personal safety.  It's been EXTREMELY difficult, and I'm trying to get back on my own two feet.  I'm getting a fresh start by getting out of here and returning to graduate school for a master's degree that combines exercise physiology and sports psychology, something I've wanted to do ever since I got to PSU.   I'll be attending The University of North Carolina at Greensboro so I will be moving right around reunion time.  My lease is up July 28 and I need to be in Greensboro by August 15.  I still hope to make it to the reunion.

It's great to see all the names on this page and read up on everyone.   Take care and God bless!

Tue May 2 18:10 2000 PDT  

1990   Kashka Ashford
E-Mail:   kashford(at)
Address:  1111 Army Navy Drive
City:  Arlington
State:   VA  22202
Telephone: (703)  608-0653

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from GMU, 1994.  Stayed in the area.  Passed CPA exam and joined KPMG in their high technology group.

Tue May 2 18:10 2000 PDT  

1990   Heather Seely
Maiden Name:   Heather Bowman
Email:  bseely1(at)
Address:  590  Enjelica Cove
City:  Collierville
State:   TN  38017-6178
Telephone: (901)  861-0042

Comments or Bio:

After cheering two years at George Mason University, I met and married Bill Seely.   We have three children, two girls and a boy.  Mickenzie(6) Mckenna (5) and Hopper(4) named after his daddy, William Hopping Seely V.  We've been happily married now for seven years and I am currently enjoying all the benefits of being a full-time wife and mother.

Thu May 4 4:30 2000 PDT  

1990   C. Lynn Halbrook
Email:  clynnhalbrook(at)
Address:  10031 SE 258th Place # N202
City:  Kent
State:   WA   98031
Telephone: (253) 859-7837

Comments or Bio:

I Went to Sam Houston State in Huntsville for 1.5 years before transferring to the Univ of Texas in Austin Majored in Business ADmin-Marketing--i'm still 1 class shy of my BBA.  Spent a lot of time traveling, lived in Montana, Idaho and now Seattle.   After some time in radio Advertising, I am now Working in sales for Telecom company here in Seattle.

Thu May 4 19:00 2000 PDT  

1990   Monica Murphy
Address:  692  208th Street
City:  Pasadena
State:   MD 21122
Telephone: 410-718-6944

Comments or Bio:

I am still in Maryland (between Annapolis and Baltimore), but am getting the itch to move elsewhere lately. Only time and the housing market will tell if I'll be able to relocate somewhere! I work for TD Ameritrade as a Senior Manager in Technology, responsible for managing the project portfolio and strategy for our Registered Investment Advisor business segment. I've just become a first-time aunt, which has been a lot of fun. Joanna (Murphy) Wright, class of 1994, had a little boy in mid-April. Other than that, I'm hoping to become "busy" with some R&R/travel sooner than later.

Tue  May 6 7:32 2008 PDT  

1990   Amy Proctor
Maiden Name: Amy Allerding

Email:  mallerding(at)
City:  Centreville
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee I moved to Texas and then moved back to VA. Where I met my husband and I am now a proud mother of 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl). So I have two full times jobs one with the kids and the other in property management.

Thu Oct 29 13:51 2009 PDT  

1990   Teri Howell
Email:  thowell(at)
Address:  7725 Huntsman Blvd.
City:  Springfield
State:   VA  22153

Thu May 11 4:30 2000 PDT  

1990   Bart Posselt
Email:  barticula(at)
City:  Alexandria
State:   VA

Comments or Bio:

A lot's happened in the past 10 years. I'll share a quick overview here in case I don't go to the reunion.

I graduated from Mason in 1994 with a degree in history instead of electrical engineering as I had planned. Guess I just couldn't handle working full time, studying full time, and having a set of full-time friends.

During high school and college I worked at the Springfield KMart. While still in college I became the editorial assistant at the Fairfax Journal and stayed there for a couple years.

After that I became a closed-caption producer for the National Captioning Institute. It was a great job -- I got paid to watch TV! Actually, it was pretty stressful producing closed captions for shows like the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards.

After four years of working in television, I went to work for a government contractor as a technical editor. A lot of the work I did was for the client agency's Web site, and after only 10 months I left for a true Web job in D.C.

Along the way I got married to a girl who went to Lake Braddock named Amy Flanagan. We bought a condo in Kingstowne a couple years ago and now are selling it and getting ready to move somewhere else. I kept growing my hair after high school, finally cutting it after The Man told me to last June -- but they paid a price. It was down to my waist.

No kids, and we don't plan on having any, but we do have three cats.

Thu May 11 13:45 2000 PDT  

1990   Christina Shinn
Telephone: 540-219-4006

Comments or Bio:

Just wanted to update the website with my current e-mail address and cell phone number. I hope to see everyone at the next cocktail mixer or our next major reunion, which is probably our 20th reunion!

Good cheer to all of you! Stay in touch!

Mon  Oct 23 15:40 2006 PDT  

1990   Shaeron King
Email:  shaeron(at)
Address:  12151 Penderview Lane, #2025
City:  Fairfax
State:   VA  22033
Telephone: (703)  293-6309

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from the University of Florida in 1994 with a degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation.  I returned to the area and worked for Asbury Methodist Village as an Activities Coordinator with the elderly for approximately 3 years.  Then I moved on to work for the State of Virginia at Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute in Falls Church as a Recreational Therapist.   I've been there since 1997.  No one ever seems to know exactly what it is I do.  I always want to be an advocate so I will attempt to give you the short version.   A recreational therapist helps those with disabilities develop and maintain as independent a leisure lifestyle as possible.  We do this by helping them to identify benefits, barriers, resources, teach leisure, problem solving and  social skills, and provide experiences.  The population that I work with, the mentally ill, we emphasize utilizing leisure as a coping mechanism (a benefit)  to deal with life in general (anger, stress, depression, etc.).  Okay now that I have bored you let me wrap this up and say, I'm not married but I live with my boyfriend of 8 years and my cat.

Sun May 14 7:00 2000 PDT  

1990   Thomas W.A. Taylor
Address:  5311 Jesmond Street
City:  Alexandria
State:   VA  22135
Telephone: (703)  643-5360

Comments or Bio:

After Working with GSFC (NASA) in 2001 {9/11 actually} I moved to working with the Department of State, Electrical Designs for US Embassy's. Been traveling about 10 trips a year on average, but I still had enough time for baby number 2, Sofia, Born July 1st, 2004. Everything else is pretty much the same.

Fri June 9 20:40 2000 PDT  

1990   Brian Metcalf
Email:  bametcalf(at)
Address:  212 Naples Road
City:  Seaside
State:   CA  93955
Telephone: (831)  899-3352

Comments or Bio:

Great to see so many '90 classmates in the directory!

After high school, I attended the US Naval Academy and graduated in 1994 with a BS in Naval Architecture.

In August 1995, I got married to the former Melanie Barr, of Oakland, MD.  She is a 1989 graduate of Hood College in Frederick, MD, and had just finished her Masters in Physical Therapy at U. of Delaware.

I did tours on USS SAN JACINTO and USS BRISCOE, homeported in Norfolk, VA.  These years took me on two Arabian Gulf cruises, including stops in Spain, Italy, France, Gibraltar, Malta, Greece, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain.

I am currently attending the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, and will complete my masters in Mechanical Engineering in Dec 2000. 

We have one son, Matthew Scott, born 3/22/00.

I will not be attending the reunion, but would love to hear from any classmates.   Best wishes all,  Brian

Tue June 13 8:00 2000 PDT 1990

Monika Prakash
Email:  monikaprakash(at)
City:  Herndon
State:   Virginia

Tue June 9 2:22 2009 PDT  

1990   Scott Byrd
Address:  5037 Warwick Hills Court
City:  Haymarket
State:   VA   20169
Telephone: (703)  753-8073

Wed Jun 1 15:38 2016 PDT  

1990   Robert Redmond
Email:  rbredmond2u(at)
City:  Camp Lejeune
State:   NC  28542
Telephone:  (910) 451-0351

Comments or Bio:

Straight after High School I joined the Marines to fight the distant wars and conflicts that threatened our freedom.  I have dedicated almost a decade of my life to the cause and next year I will join the ranks of the civillian world.  The war they tell me is over, but once a Marine always a Marine.  So I guess it's back to school. 

Tue July 4 19:45 2000 PDT  

1990   Paul Podgorski
Email:  ppodgorski(at)
Address:  18718 Bluff Point Rd
City:  Cornelius
State:   NC  28031
Telephone:  (704) 895-1120

Fri July 7 12:15 2000 PDT  

1990   Dave Henderson
State:   South Carolina
Telephone:  571-251-1075

Comments or Bio:

Since the reunion in 2000, I started teaching at night and on the weekends at various universities in the DC area. In August 2003, I went back to school to get my Ph.D. in Accounting and Information Systems from Virginia Tech and just graduated in September 2007. My wife and I moved to Charleston, SC in November; I have joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor of Accounting and Information Systems at the College of Charleston. It's beautiful here, but surprisingly, sometimes I miss NOVA.

Thu  Feb 21  13:45 2008 PDT

1990  Kevin Osborne
Email:  kosborne(at)
Address:  621 West Nickerson Street, #2
City:  Seattle
State:   WA  98119
Telephone:   (206) 282-5569

Comments or Bio:

Left VA in 88 to move to Seattle.  Finished High School at a small Catholic school in Seattle (talk about a transition...) then went on to Washington State University.  Graduated WSU in 94 and now work as a Sales & Marketing Recruiter for a high tech company in Seattle called Aventail.  I recruit senior level high tech sales people all over the country so if you know someone who's good, drop me a line or send them my direction. 

My brother still lives in VA but I haven't been back since I left.  I'm planning on a trip this year or next.  I'm now in touch with Scott Moore and I recently touched base with Chrissy Redfield as well...  See ya all later....

Wed July 12 17:15 2000 PDT

1990  James Holter
Address:  6114A Essex House Square
City:  Alexandria
State:   VA  22310
Telephone:   (703) 924-5197

Mon July 17 15:25 2000 PDT

1990    Gina Revetta Jano
Maiden Name:   Gina Revetta
Address:  129 Stephens Drive
City:  Stafford
State:   VA 22554
Telephone:   540-720-2014

Comments or Bio:

Last year my husband took a job in Denver and moved us and our two boys, Jacob (5) and Noah (3) out west. However, as I was a Virginia girl and a brief year in Colorado I have moved my family back home to Virginia. My oldest child Jacob is 5 and my youngest Noah is almost 3. I still work in the Real Estate Settlement Business.

Sun  Jan 23   10:25 2005 PDT

1990    Leslie Trexler
Email:   trexler(at)
Address:  7252 Highway 70 South
City:  Nashville
State:   TN  37221
Telephone:   (615) 646-0915

Tue Apr 8 18:30 2003 PDT

1990    Dennis HuPP II
Email:  dennis.hupp(at)
Address:  1815 Crystal Downs Lane
City:  Raleigh
State:   NC  27604
Telephone:   (919) 231-6775

Fri July 28 4:30 2000 PDT

1990    Sherri Abbassi
Maiden Name:  Sherri Mitchell

City:  Gainesville
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from U of Central Florida (in Orlando) in 1994. Lived there a few more years then moved back to Northern VA. Happily married, with a son born in 1998.

Mon  Feb 21 15:25 2005 PDT

1990    Renee' Brodnik
Maiden Name:  Renee Kriz
Email:  mbrodnik(at)
Address:  1940 Sherman Ave. #416
City:  Evanston
State:   IL  60201
Telephone:   (847) 475-7183

Tue Aug 1 4:30 2000 PDT

1990    Joseph LoJacono
Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
105 N. 5th Street

City:  Mankato
State:   MN  56001
Telephone:   507-388-8088

Comments or Bio: 

After many years of trials I was finally ordained a priest for a religious order the Institute of the Incarnate Word, (IVE) in May of 2009. 

I started in Catholic seminary to become a priest soon after graduating from Virginia Tech in 1995 with a B.A. in Philosophy. I completed a Masters of Divinity form Mt. St. Mary's Seminary in 2001 and later a Masters of Arts from there. While in religious formation I completed a Pontifical license from John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family. After ordination to the diaconate in 2008 I worked in a parish in Santa Clara, California and now I am working in a parish in Mankato, Minnesota (Southern Minnesota). 

I am loving every bit and thanking God for his blessings!

Thu Mar 25  15:10 2010 PDT

1990    Vincent Guzman
Email:  vinceg(at) or kguzman(at)
Address:  3818 Paulhill Road
City:  Richmond
State:   VA  23236
Telephone:   (804) 675-4699

Comments or Bio:

After H.S. I became one of Uncle Sams Misguided Children.
 After playing in the sand I got my B.S. Biology/Chemistry.
 Now work as a Chemist for Chemtreat, Inc.  But in the midst
 of hoping from place to place in our great country. (VA, NJ, NY, CA, AZ) I am now happily married to Kathleen Gontkof-Guzman and have a beautiful 2yr old son, Vincent, and another on the way.

Mon Aug 7 20:45 2000 PDT

1990    Scott Moore
Email:  mookieray(at)
Address:  13673-K Legacy Circle
City:  Herndon
State:   VA  20171-4759
Telephone:   (703) 786-7668

Comments or Bio:

Living in Herndon, Va. Working at one of the thousands of telecommunications companies in the area.  No kids, no wife yet (but real close), real friendly cat, and lots of good friends.  I had a great time at the reunion and thought it was great to see so many familiar faces after so many years. If I missed anyone that was looking for me that wanted to say "Hi" or anyone looking for that wanted to say something less cordial, please e-mail me and we can catch up.  Mrs. Borden, if you are out there, you're the best teacher ever--thanks for saving the "American Dream" papers.   They were very enlightening.

And yes, ladies, I still have the blue eyes!!!

Thu Aug 31 4:05 2000 PDT

1990    Laura Short
Email:  LShort(at)
Address:  5853 Edgehill Drive
City:  Alexandria
State:   VA  22303

Comments or Bio: 

I am currently working with an HR Organization in Alexandria as a Program Manager for HR Seminars. My eldest son, Nick is a senior at Lee HS and has been a part of the Lancer Football Team since his freshman year of high school. It was an enjoyable experience to see him work his way up the ranks to a Varsity player. He is well on his way to college with hopes in playing college football. My youngest son, Garrett is a 6th grader at Crestwood Elementary and is currently playing Basketball with a local youth club; in addition, plans to follow in his big brothers footsteps in playing Football, this Fall. I would love to hear from you, please feel free to email me.

Wed  Jan   4  10:45 2006 PDT

1990    Cecilia Shin
Maiden Name:  Cecilia Hong
Email:  viola1_1999(at)
Address:  2515 Ball Road
City:  Anaheim
State:   CA  92806
Telephone: 949-522-3017

Comments or Bio:

I've only gone to Lee first 2 years of high school then moved. I miss some of my friends from there.

Since the graduation after majoring Sociology and music. I got married in April of 94, have 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter, moved to sunny state of California where my husband and I have a business.  I would love to hear especially from 4 of Amy M.....s

Thu Oct 19 4:00 2000 PDT

1990    Christina Shinn
Email:  freznik(at)
Address:  6717 Hackberry Street
City:  Springfield
State:   VA 22150
Telephone: 703-971-6971

Comments or Bio:

After spending three years in Korea, I am finally returning to Springfield to start my internship at a think tank in Washington DC.

I look forward to catching up with all of you, especially everyone who stayed in the area.  

Though I didn't make it to the 2000 reunion, I hope to see everyone at the next one--hopefully, I will still in-country.

Good cheer!  To all who have contacted me, hey, it was great to get back in touch with you again!

Tue Dec 12 5:50 2000 PDT

1990    Ivan Gatewood
Email:  IDisagreed(at)
Address:  1400 South Edgewood Street  #531
City:  Arlington
State:   VA

Comments or Bio:

Good seeing most of you at the reunion!

Fri Jan 19 10:25 2001 PDT

1990    Sean Kiem
Email:  swish72(at)
Address:  3733 N. Goldenrod Road, #312
City:  Winter Park
State:   FL  32792
Telephone:  407-657-7130

Fri Mar 2 13:500 2001 PDT

1990    Colin Gillies
Email:  colingillies(at)
Address:  620 Santa Clara Avenue
City:  Vallejo
State:   CA  94590

Comments or Bio:

Married, No kids, Living in wonderful Northern California working in the software industry.

Wed Jun 27 13:20 2001 PDT

1990    B J Crouch
Email:  bj.crouch(at)
Address:  304 Pennsylvania Avenue
City:  Falls Church
State:   VA  22046
Telephone:  703-362-4047

Sun Aug 26 13:20 2001 PDT

1990    Christie West
Maiden Name:  Christie Drumm
Email:  cddmax72(at)
Address:  91-1079 Ho'Owalea Street
City:  Ewa Beach
State:   HI  96706

Comments or Bio:

Aloha - My hubby, 2 girls and myself are living in Hawai'i (on the island of Oahu). My husband is in the Army and this is his last tour, so if we like it - we are staying. We are having a wonderful house built currently that will be done before the end of the year and I can't wait - it alone is enough to make me want to stay!!! I am a mortgage banker and kept my same job from the Mainland so I telecommute during the week. Due to the time difference and the fact that my clients are on the East coast, I am done by noon allowing me time to spend with my girls...Ashley 6 and Shea 2.5. I would love to catch up with anyone from HS and if any of you make it to Hawai'i for door is open!

Thu Sep 13 14:00 2001 PDT

1990    Kate Fitzpatrick
Email:  kftzp(at)

Comments or Bio:

Hey Class of 90!!!  I'm living in Charlotte, NC.  Had a great time at the reunion.  Still keep in touch with Leslie Egen, Rolisa Loreto, Alki Theodoreou, LaMarsha Hyland, and Trish Babb to name a few.  Hope everybody is well, drop me an email.

Wed Nov 7 14:10 2001 PDT

1990    Dwayne Winstead
Email:  bbpwinstead(at)
Address: 1133 So. California Street
City:  San Gabriel
State:   CA  91776
Telephone:  624-451-0851

Comments or Bio:

After a brief hiatus from Hollywood, I am back in California. Still pursuing acting as well as working in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Look out for me on the big and small screen!

(Mark 9:23) "If you can believe all things are possible to him who believes."

Sat  Jan 12  17:59 2008 PDT

1990    Michael Davidson
Email:  michael.davidson(at)
Address:  8000 Blue Duck Trail
City:  Arlington
State:  TX  76002

Comments or Bio:

Hello, it is warm down here. 

Wed Apr 24 20:00 2002 PDT

1990    Joy Voith
Maiden Name:  Joy Gewalt
Email:  joy_voith(at)
City:  Seattle

Wed Jul 3 3:50 2002 PDT

1990    Charline Magnone
Email:  cmagnone(at)
City:  Charlotte
State:   North Carolina

Comments or Bio:

Having only attended Lee H.S. for part of my Junior year and all of my Senior year. I am soooo grateful for the few good friendships I had while I was there.

After graduation, I was fortunate to have met my soul mate. We were married in 1995 and are still going strong. No kids yet, but plans for them in the future. We moved to Charlotte, North Carolina just after we were married. Love it here! I'm the Finance Director for a very successful company in Charlotte and my husband is an awesome Chef at a popular downtown restaurant. Life is good.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the 10 year reunion, but I would love to see some old friends at the next reunion.

Wed Nov 13 16:30 2002 PDT

1990    Gina Revetta
Email:  gjano(at)
Address:  129 Stevens Drive
City:  Stafford
State:  VA  22556
Telephone: 540-657-8784

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee I went on to George Mason University and graduated in 1995 with a degree in Communications.  I got married in January 1999 to Lonnie Jano.  We had our first son Jacob, in November 1999 and most recently our second son, Noah in March of 2002.  I am home with our boys most of the time and they keep me very busy.  We moved into a new house in Stafford, Virginia in June of 2002 and I work as a Real Estate Settlement Officer in Springfield part time.

Sat Nov 30 6:35 2002 PDT

1990    Richard Faatz
Email:  rfaatz(at)
Address:  9138 Mineola Court
City:  Manassas
State:  VA  20111
Telephone: 703-365-7670

Comments or Bio:

Joined the Army in 1991, Desert Storm, and was injured during training. Received a medical, honorable, discharge in 1992. Took computer classes for a year and met my future wife, Johanna, while working for KMart. We were married in 1996 we have a 3 year old son named Cameron. We'll be married 7 years this coming August. I am currently working as a computer engineer in Falls Church VA. 

Sat Nov 30 6:35 2002 PDT

1990    John (Bert) Weltens
Address:  20721 Sweetair Court
City:  Ashburn
State:  Virginia 20147
Telephone:  703-930-9495

Sun  Feb 27 10:40 2005 PDT

1990    Suzanne Kane
Address:  1032  S. Pennsylvania Street
City:  Denver
State:  CO  80209
Telephone:  303-995-1928

Tue  Sept 23  17:05 2003 PDT

1990    Jason Majesky
Address:  700 S. Washington Street #200

City:  Alexandria
State:  Virginia  22314
Telephone: 703-518-2527

Comments or Bio:

Well, you all know I left Lee and transferred to West Springfield -- better school, what can I say?  After HS, I went on to GMU and completed my BS in BioChem, BA in English, M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction, and now I'm an adjunct at Trinity College in DC, and work full time for TESOL developing k12 standards for higher education, and reviewing university reports for alignment to the TESOL standards.  Unfortunately, I'm still in the NOVA area (for now), and happily married.  Best of luck to everyone. 

Fri  Jun  18  18:30 2004 PDT

1990    Mareika Stevenson
Address:  638 Ridgewood Road

City:  Maplewood
State:  NJ  07040

Comments or Bio:

I'm back in school at William Paterson University for certification in elementary education. I've been teaching preschool for the past 4 years - and I taught for 2 years when I lived in Utah (2/95 - 12/99).

Sat  Jun 18  13:20 2005 PDT

1990    Heather Martz
Maiden Name:  Heather Rickett
Address:  132 Seven Pines Avenue
City:  Sandston
State:   VA  23150-1600
Telephone:  804-328-2091

Comments or Bio:

Should have graduated from Lee on 1990, moved to Mechanicsville, VA in 1988. Graduated from Lee - Davis High school.

Married in 1990, have one son, Zachary (13).

Missed a lot of fun times with a lot of friends.  Hope to hear about the next reunion.

Hope everyone is well. Hope to hear from some old friends, I am interested to know how you are, drop a e-mail !

Thu Aug 4  19:30 2005 PDT

1990    Maureen (Mo) Cadle
Maiden Name:  Mo Frankel
Address:  6644 Carters Run Road
City:  Marshall
State:   VA  20115
Telephone:  540-349-1130

Comments or Bio:

Time sure has flown's hard to believe that it's been 15 years! I get tickled when I hear myself say, "I did this/that 20+ years ago." WOW!!! Well, in February 17, 1996 I married the love of my life, Chris Cadle and later that year in August we birthed our first child, our masonry business. From there we started our family on June 3, 1998 we had our first son, Dylan, then came our second son on April 17, 2000, Clayton, then our third and final son on June 6, 2003, Tyler, then our first and final daughter on April 26, 2004, Madison. God has truly blessed me beyond measure! I'm a stay at home Mom and work the business a little as possible. I am also currently teaching Sunday School to 2's and 3's at an awesome church in Stafford. I hope that EVERYONE from the Class of '90 is doing great! I'd love to hear from you - whether you think I'd remember you or not...I'm sure I will, I can remember high school like it was yesterday!

Thu Aug 11  14:20 2005 PDT

1990    Lance Montgomery
Address:  11521 Glenmont Drive
City:  Tampa
State:   FL  33635
Telephone:  813-806-3451

Comments or Bio:

High School simultaneously seems like 100 years ago and yesterday. Either way life was good then and now. I am truly blessed ! After some bouncing around I ended up at Penn State. I was in PA for 6 years, after which work took me to Oklahoma, back to Texas (where I am from) and now to Sunny Tampa Bay Florida. I'm married to the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the world. I am divisional director\GM at an Accounts Receivable Management firm (14 years now...can I be getting that old) and my wife is in HR for Citi. There are lots of people I would love to talk too. I missed the 10 year reunion, but hope to see you all again some day and reminisce about the old days when we were all young and impetuous.

Thu Aug 11  14:20 2005 PDT

1990    Philip Space
Address:  151 Frasher Drive
City:  Clear Brook
State:   VA 22624
Telephone:  540-662-4077

Sun  Nov 6  14:50 2005 PDT

1990    Jennifer Williams
Maiden Name:  Jennifer James

Address:  9298 Meg Lane
City:  Olive Branch
State:   MS  38654
Telephone:  662-890-9298

Comments or Bio:

Married an entertainer, Jason D Williams, and moved to the Memphis, TN area. One son, Colby, he's 10 years old now and a straight A student since the 1st grade. Certainly not something he got from me.

Looking forward to adding additional members to my family. For those of you who know my mom, I'm lucky to still have her with me and hope to for many more years.

Fri  Dec 30 6:25 2005 PDT

1990    Leslie Maralit
Maiden Name:  Leslie Moran

City:  Springfield
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Hi All! Graduated from GWU 1994, Marymount Univ 2001 (MS Physical Therapy). Working as a PT in DC and enjoy hanging out with my husband (Marlan) and two boys (Roel-3 yrs and Cruz-2 months). Living in Springfield -- I've always loved this area. You will probably find me walking with my kids near Cardinal Forest (where we live), most likely chasing my oldest son out of the street. If you see us,don't be a stranger.

Fri  Dec 30 6:25 2005 PDT

1990    Lara Biendl
Maiden Name:  Lara Jones

Address: 12566 Moray Firth Way
City:  Bristow
State:   VA 20136
Telephone:  703-530-9036

Comments or Bio:

I finally got around to updating my form...

After leaving Lee, I went to VA Tech for my BA in Liberal Arts. I then stayed and finished my master's in Education in 1995. I have been teaching 1st/2nd grade in Springfield for the past 11 years.

In 1997 I married Derek Biendl. We had been together since our junior year at Lee. We have lived in Bristow (out west of Manassas) since then. We have two boys, Cameron (5) and Caden (3) and our lab, Daisy.

I enjoyed reading everyone's bio and would love to catch up with some of you. I'm looking forward to our next reunion!

Sat Dec 31 7:25 2005 PDT

1990    Derek Biendl
Address: 12566 Moray Firth Way
City:  Bristow
State:   VA 20136
Telephone:  703-530-9036

Sat Dec 31 7:25 2005 PDT

1990    Nkeshi Free-King
Maiden Name:  Nkeshi Free

Address: 2409 Green Valley Drive
City:  Suitland 
State:   MD  20746
Telephone:  571-331-2731

Comments or Bio:
Hello everyone!

It was great to see everyone at the reunion and the few events that Jen Fen has put together since then. Here's the 411:

I graduated from Mississippi Valley State University in '97 with a BA in Speech Communication. I then went to the University of Akron in OH. I finished with my MA in Communications and a concentration in PR. My specialty is Entertainment & Sports. I have worked for a minor league baseball team, did an internship/worked part-time with the Washington Caps and a local radio station. I also wrote for an on-line music magazine for 2 years.

I am now married and have 3 children. My oldest daughter (Niambi) is 2 and in September I gave birth to a set of boy/girl fraternal twins (Devin & Nyah). My husband (Devin) is a school teacher and I am currently working for a consulting firm in the Marketing Dept. I still have the bug for the entertainment/sports industry so if you or anyone you know is in field, hit me up (lol)!!

I too have kept up with a decent majority of Lee Alumni, but I want to wish you all well and would love to hear from everyone. I'm still the same energetic, bubbly person that I was in school only now I'm chasing a 2 year old that has inherited my ummm...spirit (lol)!!

Smooches and kisses to you all!

Thu  Jan 5 10:35 2006 PDT

1990    John Catapano
City:  Manassas 
State:   Virginia

Comments or Bio:

I have returned to the IT field, working sales for an IT company in Herndon, Virginia. If you want to say Hey, email me at

Wed Jun 28  19:55 2006 PDT

1990    Virginia (Ginny) Bates
Maiden Name:  Ginny Kiser

Address: 4843 Dunbarton Drive
City:  Orlando 
State:   FL  32817
Telephone:  407-252-7136

Comments or Bio:
Hello everyone!

Graduated in '90 and immediately receive my Hair license and went to work that summer in a salon. Married young and moved to FL in '93 Was single again for several years, then remarried an wonderful man in '99. Still working in the hair business as a very successful stylist. Taught color and cutting for awhile but I am back to strictly concentrating on my customers and doing great hair. Husband and I have a 16 yr old boy from his first and a 13 yr old boy from my first. Life is good and we are back to having a good time and spending grownup time now that they are getting older. Still love heavy rock music and going to live rock shows. Orlando rocks! After 16 years I still LOVE doing hair!!! Thank you Ms. Snair!! (cosmo teacher 88-90) Hope everyone that I was friends with, are all doing well. Don't be afraid to drop me a line.

Sat  Feb 10  7:15 2007 PDT

1990    Brian Briggs
Address:  2164 Percheron Drive

City:  King George 
State:   VA  22485

 Fri Sep 10 15:47 2010 PDT

1990    Charline Magnone
Maiden Name:  Charline Bender

City:  Charlotte 
State: North Carolina
Telephone:  704-426-6055

Comments or Bio:
Hello everyone!

The last time I visited this site was in 2002. A lot has changed since my last Bio. Still in Charlotte, NC. Still very happily married after 12 yrs. I now have a 1 1/2 year old daughter named Kaia. She is so amazing! Plans for one more in the near future. Who knew being a Mom was so awesome! My wonderful husband is no longer a chef. He decided to go to Nursing school & become an RN. He graduated last December & loves his new career. I was the finance director for a company in Charlotte for 10 years up until about a month ago. The birth of my daughter made me realize how truly important family is & that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I was working so much & she was growing up so fast! So...I am now a full time stay at home Mom. No regrets with that decision! Hi to Ginny Kiser! I read your Bio. Happy to hear you are still doing hair. I did it for 10 years then decided on a change in careers. I still do it on the side. I will always have a passion for it! And you're right, Mrs. Snair ROCKED! She was the best.

 Hope this finds everyone doing well.

Wed  Jul 4   17:25 2007 PDT

1990    Dave Herman
Telephone:  804-201-5146

 Fri Jul  6  7:55 2007 PDT

1990    John Gadwill
Address:  1035 Ponderosa Trail
City:  Cameron 
State: NC  28326
Telephone:  919-478-5429

Comments or Bio:

I've spent more than 19yrs in the Air Force. I'm currently stationed at Pope AFB in NC. Although I can retire soon, I plan to spend at least two more years in the Air Force and then settling south, possibly FL. Hope all is well with each of you. Have a blessed day!!!

Thu  Jun 10   14:17 2010 PDT

1990   Marvine Cherilus Panning
Maiden Name:  Marvine Cherilus

City:  Alexandria 
State: Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Greeting to all of my fellow 1990 classmates! I look forward to seeing everyone at the 20 year reunion and getting reacquainted.

Sat  Aug 25   13:10   2007 PDT

1990   Vicki Pocock
Maiden Name:  Vicki Kalletta
Address: 5142 Glenn Dale Woods Court

Glenn Dale
State: MD 20769
Telephone: 301-809-0534

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from VA Tech in 1994, I moved to Austin, Texas to work for my uncle's executive recruiting firm, but soon returned to the DC area to join the FBI. I will shortly celebrate my 12th year in the Bureau and am an Intelligence Analyst combating child internet predators. My only child, Ainsleigh, just turned 3 and my husband, Torrey, and I spoil her as much as possible!

Tue  Sep 25   13:26   2007 PDT

1990   Chuck Meyer
City:  Woodbridge
State: Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Still alive and kickin! It's a hoot seeing all of your postings here! It's too bad that I missed the last happy hour...maybe the next, kinda out of the loop.

Me...hmmm...a leo (still), love the beach (still), love Sundays (still)...In all reality, married on 9/9/99 (still) :), skipped school (shocking), played in the Army (loved it!!!), worked with Blackwater (oops), now continuing the same type of work in the Gov't. (refuse to grow up!) Hope all is safe!

Love to hear from ya...

Oh yea...Rick R., I thought you were gonna be a crab man? Congrats on your lovely daughters!

Thu   Nov 1   14:42   2007 PDT

1990   Myken Smith
Maiden Name:  Myken Godfrey
City:  West Jordan
State: Utah

Comments or Bio:

Can't believe it's been almost 18 years! Gee we're getting old.

Quick bio: Graduated from Taylor University, IN in '93 with Associates in General Studies. Married, divorced, remarried to a wonderful man - Jason in 1996. Finally have our first child, little Emily in June 2007. She is the joy of my life.

Ever out in UT, look me up!

Mon  Feb 25   16:42   2008 PDT

1990   Tanya Loyd
Maiden Name:  Tanya Thielen
City:  Oak Hill
State: VA  20171
Telephone: 703-481-3306

Thu  Jul 31   8:52   2008 PDT

1990   Susan Powers
Maiden Name:  Susan Phan
City:  Ashburn
State: VA  21047

Thu  Feb 19  9:02   2009 PDT

1990   Michael Byrnes
Address: 110 N. Main Street

State: ME  04841

Comments or Bio:

In brief I was in the Marine Reserves, moved to Maine, met my wife, worked many jobs, had a brief encounter with a BS in Computer Science at the University of Maine, worked at a sail loft washing sails, gained experience with industrial sewing and boat canvas and cushion fabrication which led me to the company I am working for now managing the canvas shop.  My wife Sarah and I have a small house in Rockland, ME that we are renovating as we live in it and are about 3 years away from selling and moving up (hopefully). We have one amazing 2 year old daughter named Tessa and hope to have another within the next 2 years.

Wed  Sep 23   14:21   2009 PDT

1990   Chrissy Conner
Maiden Name:  Chrissy Redfield
City:  Great Falls
State: Virginia

Sun  Jan 24   9:47   2010 PDT

1990   James Richmond
Address: 7720 Lemoyne Lane
City:  Springfield

State: VA  22153
: 703-451-4664         

Comments or Bio:

After graduation I joined the army. once I got out I started working for Costco and I work there still. I have two boys that are the love of my life!

Tue  Feb 23   13:51   2010 PDT

1990   Stephani McNamara
Maiden Name:  Stephani Kelley
Address: 7806 Fisher
Avenue SE
State: WA

Comments or Bio:

Living just outside of Seattle in a great little town. We'll be married 13 years August. I have two kids a son Kade (10) and a daughter Kyla (8).

Mon  May 10  12:38   2010 PDT

1990   Robert "Chad" Speight
7804 Dogue Indian Circle
City:  Lorton
State: VA  22079

Comments or Bio:

After graduation I spent some time in the US Army then went to Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL where I met my wife. After school I continued working for the Defense Department and currently support the US Army in Program Management and Logistics. My Wife and I have three children, 8, 4, and 4 weeks hence the reason I wasn't able to get to the 20 year reunion. Hope to see you at the next one.

Tue  Sep 28  18:23   2010 PDT

1990   Amy Kean
Maiden Name:  Amy  McMenamin
City:  Alexandria
State: VA


Mon  April 13  12:18   2015 PDT