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Robert E. Lee High School  List of 91-93 Registered

1991  Bharat Govindani
Address:  8611 McHenry Street
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22180

Sat  Aug 25 13:25 2007 PDT

1991 - Jackie (Vrazel) Henderson
4158 Burma Rd
Mobile, AL 36693 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1991

Sun Jul 26 18:17:33 1998 PDT

1991 - Jonathon Bradley Hamilton (Brad)
8145 Bayonet Way #301
Manassas, VA 20109
703-365-2700 ext. 637
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1991

Mon Jun 29 11:55:01 1998 PDT

1991  Mark Rigsby
City:  San Diego
State:  California 

Tue  Jun  10 14:06 2008 PDT

1991  Samantha Hughes
Address:   1728 N. King Street
City:  Hampton
State:  VA  23669

Comments or Bio:

Moved to Hampton a year ago in March.  Went back to school and changed my profession.  I am now a Medical Assistant, and I really enjoy it.  My daughter Olympia is now 7, soon to be 8 and will be in the 3rd grade next year.  Time goes by so fast.  It was great seeing everyone that was the 10 year reunion.  I hope we have a 5 year reunion, it would be great to see everyone again.  I would love to hear from old friends. 

Fri Apr 11 18:30 2003 PDT

1991- Jennifer Simon
13352 W. Port Au Prince Lane
Surprise, Arizona 85379 USA

Mon  Nov 3  17:10 2003 PDT

1991  John Connell
Address:   8528 Pappas Way
City:  Annandale
State:  VA  22003

Thu  Sep 13 14:39 2007 PDT

1991  Jennifer Fries
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Correll
Address: 6703 Fox Den Court
State:  VA  20112
Telephone: 703-7659-0078

Comments or Bio:

After high school, I attended college and graduated with a BS in Education from Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Va. I've moved around a little and seem to keep coming back to the area, so now I'm here to stay! I'm married and have no children (and don't plan to). My husband and I travel a lot and enjoy riding motorcycles and scuba diving. I have 2 dogs that we love to take camping with us as well. On the job/career front, I am the VP of Operations for an Audio Visual design and build firm in Fairfax. I'm enjoying my work there a lot. Hope to hear that everyone else is loving life and doing well after being a lancer of the 90's.

Sat   Jun 28  15:50  2008 PDT

1991  Laura Linn Noggle
Maiden Name:  Laura Linn
Street:  504 E. 63rd Street, Apt. 11-O
City:  New York
State: NY  10065

Sat  Sep 22  18:15 2007 PDT

1991  Ken Logerwell
Street:  14620 Woodspring Court
City:  Centreville
State:  VA  20120

Comments or Bio:

Contracts manager for CACI.

Mon  Mar 1    15:45  2004 PDT

1991  Gina Askew
Maiden Name:  Gina Godfrey
Street:  10417 Dylan Place
City:  Manassas
State:  VA   20109
Telephone:  571-278-3733

Comments or Bio:

I have 3 beautiful daughters and 1 grandson. After high school I stayed in Nova. Currently I love in Manassas with my 2 younger daughters. I am a Sales Consultant with Lindsay Chrysler Dodge Jeep and ram in Manassas. Thanks to Facebook I have reconnected with a lot of classmates. If we haven't connected yet, please feel free to email, call, or text me.

Sun  Sept  27 6:44  2015 PDT

1991  Bill Harrison
Email:  bill
City:  Round Hill
State:  VA  
Class: 1991

Thu Mar 4 14:00 1999 PDT

1991  Tom Dean
Email:  kromag100
Address: 1199 Dublin Place
City:  Herndon
State:  VA  20170
Telephone: (703) 435-1966
Class: 1991

Tue Mar 16 23:30 1999 PDT

1991  Samantha S. Hughes
Email:  shughs
Address:   7906 Richfield Road
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Class: 1991
Comments or Bio:

Currently working in DC as an Accounting Assistant.  Came back to VA after being in the Air Force for 3 1/2 years.  Lived in Maine and North Carolina.   I now have a 3yr old daughter named Olympia, who is the best thing in my life!   I look forward to hearing from some of the old highschool friends!  

Thu May 6  5:40 1999 PDT

1991  Geoff Van Epps
Address:   300 Silver Oaks Drive
City:  Fayetteville
State:  NC  28311
Class: 1991

Thu Nov 21  16:50 2002 PDT

1991  Bill Butler
Email:  standup24
Address:   174 Conscription Way
City:  Hedgesville
State:  WV  25427
Telephone:  304-268-2841

Comments or Bio:

Living near Martinsburg, WV with my wife Stephanie and our 5-year son Elijah. I am an Associate Broker with RE/MAX in Martinsburg. If anyone is ever coming out this way let me know. I'd love to catch up with old classmates.

Sat  Jun 21 17:02 2008 PDT

1991  Terrill Anderson
Address:   7300 Rotunda Court
City:  Clinton
State:  MD  20735

Thu  Mar 31  14:25  2005 PDT

1991  Janell Bonner
Maiden Name:  Janell Taylor
Email:  janell.taylor
Address:   5879 Dewberry Way
City:  West Palm Beach
State:  FL  33415
Class: 1991
Comments or Bio:

I am happily married and working in the financial industry for the past 4 years.

Sat Oct 16  10:15 1999 PDT

1991  Toni Piunno
Maiden Name:  Toni Clifford
Address:   5  Sunbriar Way
City:  Hampton
State:  VA 23666
Telephone:  757-838-0670

Comments or Bio:

After graduation, I completed my Army Training and moved to Norfolk, VA where I met my husband (and Navy man), Mike. We have been married since Nov 1993 and have 3 beautiful girls (Amanda, Tiffany, and Arianna). I'm currently a SAHM, but am looking forward to the day when Ari starts school and I can re-enter the "working world".

Tue  Sep 20  13:55 2005 PDT

1991  Soo Lim
Email:  slim(at)
Address:   130 E. 29th Street #9
City:  New York
State:  NY  10016

Wed Mar 1 5:32 2000 PDT

1991  Sonja Platzer
Email:  skplatzer(at)
Address:   1023 19th Street, South, Apt. #2
City:  Arlington
State:  VA   22202
Class: 1991

Wed Mar 15 11:10 2000 PDT

1991  Kim Grover
Maiden Name:  Kim Connor
Address:   68 Chelsea Circle
City:  Clementon
State:  NJ  08021
Telephone: (856) 309-8199

Comments or Bio:

After graduation I moved to southern Virginia for a few years, then ended up in New Jersey. Seven years and a divorce later I am still here. I have a beautiful 4 1/2 year old daughter, Victoria who is the light of my life. I celebrated my 1 year anniversary in January to my soul mate, Rich who I met at work. I am currently a store manager for Linen's-n-Things and in the middle of buying my dream home. If anyone ever visits Philadelphia or Atlantic City, look me up... 

Wed  Feb 26  1:10 2004 PDT

1991  Melynda Wieters
Maiden Name:  Melynda Bowman
Address:   6024 Smooth Stone Place
City:  Haymarket
State:  VA 20169

Comments or Bio:

I am happily married to Kevin Wieters (married on 2-4-98)and am a stay at home Mommy of three amazing Kids, Davin (born 1999) Dawson (born 2001) and Elizabeth (born 2002). Kevin and I work with the youth at Old Dominion Baptist Church in Bristow. I also have found my own passion helping Sea Turtles. I volunteer each summer and help them nest and do my best to make it so they will be around in our children's future! During the school year I am a guest speaker to local schools about Sea Turtles and how the kids can help them! It is a blessed life, a simple life and one I love!

Thu May 4  15:30 2000 PDT

1991  Jenn Starnes
Maiden Name:  Jenn Bowling
City:  Honolulu
State:  Hawaii

Comments or Bio:

Living the military life.  Married an awesome guy named Michael, and had a beautiful daughter named Micayla.

Sun July 16  9:20 2000 PDT

1991  Kimberly Heretick
Email:     Kimberly(at)
Address:   1014 Raab Road
City:  Swanton
State:  OH  43558
Telephone: (419) 825-2128
Website: HTTP://

Comments or Bio:

Wow, I can't believe almost 10 years have past!  Well, I left Lee my junior year to move to Toledo, Ohio so that I could graduate a year early and begin college.  Did that.  I have an e-commerce web development firm now, which is currently on hold.  Now, my boyfriend of 4 years and I are opening an indoor paintball field.  We hope to make it a chain one day.  It is a lot of hard work and fun.  I also have twin boys, Corey & Collin, who are terrific. They are from a past relationship.  Life is great and getting better all the time.  My parents are still living in Springfield.  Even though I did not officially graduate from Lee, it is my one and only H.S..  I am really looking forward to our ten year reunion!   Remember Master Bates (little High School humor)!  Feel free to email me.   I'ld love to correspond!

Wed Aug 22  12:45 2000 PDT

1991  Mariam Razeghi
Email:  mariam0673(at)
Address:  P.O. Box 67
City:  Triangle
State:  VA  22172
Telephone: 703-314-4768

Comments or Bio:

I spent 5 years working for Veridian Corp. (formerly Veda Inc.), a defense contractor in Alexandria, 1 year at America Online, and am currently working downtown for APCO Assoc. (public relations/public affairs firm).  Would love to hear from anyone - looking forward to the reunion!!!

Wed Apr 9  16:35 2003 PDT

1991  Amy V. Phillips
Maiden Name: Amy Hildebrandt
Email:  a_v_phillips(at)
City:  Dodd City
State:  Texas

Comments or Bio:

I am currently a secretary at the Bonham PD in Bonham, TX, where I am also a reserve police officer.  I  hope to become a full-time police officer as soon as my son, Eric, is a little older.  I am also currently attending community college to get an associates degree in Criminal Law.  I want to further my education and go into Forensic Sciences at some point.  
Would love to see my classmates at a reunion soon.

Sat  Mar 29  12:50 2003 PDT

1991  Daniel Lee
City:  Tampa
State:  Florida
Telephone:  813-991-0329

Tue Nov 7  8:25 2000 PDT

1991  Jasmine Gaverth
Maiden Name: Jasmine Singh
Email:  jaszyj
Address:  915 Rosedale Avenue
City:  Capitola 
State:  CA  95010

Comments or Bio:

Got married in September 1999 and expecting a baby January 2001.

Tue Nov 21  4:15 2000 PDT

1991 Chad Lewis
City:  Swanton
State:  Ohio

Comments or Bio:

I have been married to Jenny since July of 1995. We have 2 beautiful daughters...Morgan(3) and Megan(1). We are expecting our third baby July 2001.

Mon Dec 4  7:05 2000 PDT

1991 George Aggeletos
Email:  aggeletosg
City:  Miami
State:  Florida

Comments or Bio:   Attorney at Law

Sat Dec 9  20:05 2000 PDT

1991    Justin Besachio
798 North Hills Ave
City:  Glenside
State:  PA  19038

Telephone:  215-887-7686

Comments or Bio:  

Married in 1997 to Mary Eileen and now have two boys Saverio James (Rio)  2 1/2 yrs old. Ryan Anthony 4 months. Hopefully we have a few more!!!!

Give me a shout sometime!

Thu Dec 21  14:50 2000 PDT

1991    Erik Grau
Email:  ErikGrau
Address: 129 E. 3rd. Street
City:  New Castle
State:  DE  19720

Comments or Bio:  

Graduated from William and Mary in 1996 having done the five year plan with a year in Ghana West Africa.   Moved to Florida for two years in Jacksonville, then on to Wilmington, DE where I've been living for three years.

Wed Dec 27  6:20 2000 PDT

1991    Denise A. Lowery
Email:  DeeAmber48
Address: 14723 Basingstoke Loop
City:  Centreville
State:  VA   20120

Out of Sight but never out of Mind

Sun Jan 21 15:05 2001 PDT

1991    Courtney Carson
Maiden Name: Courtney Carter
Address: 257 Greenspring Drive
City:  Stafford
State:  VA  22554

Comments or Bio:  

I have been happily married to my husband Joe since 1994 and we have a beautiful daughter Morgan, who was born in 2003. I am currently a stay at home mom and loving it! We moved to Stafford about a year ago and are enjoying our new home. I would love to hear from anyone from our class!

Wed  Aug 10  6:15 2005 PDT

1991    Lisa Yount
Maiden Name:   Lisa Tyson
Email:   yountrl13
Address:   1236 Blake Lea
City:   Sevierville
State:  TN  37862

Comments or Bio:  

(3-10-01)  Wow!  This web page was so exciting to find!  I love reading about what everyone has done since R. E. Lee H.S.!

I guess it's my turn - I received my Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of South Florida, and am working as a Speech Language Pathologist serving both pediatric and geriatric populations with speech, language, and swallowing disorders.   I work for a private practice and am able to treat clients/patients in hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes, out-patient clinics and also their homes.  I love my job!!  I am married to Ron with no children (yet!) except for three Keeshonds, who keep us very busy!  My husband's business recently (Dec. 2000) moved us from the Tampa, FL area to Sevierville, TN (about 30 minutes east of Knoxville, and next door to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg).  I really enjoy this area, more than I thought I would!   If anyone passes through the area, let me'll drive right by me on the way to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg!

I'm on line quite a bit (banking, research, etc.) so don't hesitate to get in touch and keep in touch!  I'd love to hear from anyone!

Sun Mar 11  17:35 2001 PDT

1991    Shawana Porter
Maiden Name:   Shawana Burns
Email:   porter
City:   Freeport
State:  PA

Comments or Bio:  

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1995. I worked in Human Resources after graduation. I have been happily married since 1998 to Eric Porter. In October 2000 I just had my first baby, Cullen Michael. Now I am lucky enough to be a full time Mom! Wow how time flies. Hope to see you at the reunion.

Sun Mar 11  17:35 2001 PDT

1991    Adina Marchal
Email:   RecklassAngel(at)
City:   Nashville
State:  TN  37214

Telephone: 615-884-1296

Comments or Bio:  

After graduating from lee I went to Japan for a year and a half w/ my mother and stepfather, I then joined the army and became a Military Police woman.  I was in the army for a total of eight years.  I met my husband while stationed in arizona and have currently been married for seven and a half years.  NO KIDS yet.  We now live in nashville and I manage a lounge in the Opryland area.  I'm also in charge of booking entertainment and possibly pursuing a music career myself.  YeeHaw  You can't go wrong if you walk through life, walk on, I'm gonna ride! 

Tue Apr 17  3:40 2001 PDT

1991    Myric Polhemus
Email:   mpolhemus(at)
City:   Kyle
State:  TX  78640

Telephone:   512-619-1080

Comments or Bio:  

Got my degree in psychology from Southwest Texas State u. Now am a store director for HEB where I have worked for the past nine years. If Tom, Aaron or Page are out there give me a call...

Wed Jun 20  14:20 2001 PDT

1991    Alberto Febo
Email:   mmf4(at)
City:   Atlanta
State:  GA 

Comments or Bio:  

After Graduating Grad School at MCV, I've been working at the Centers for Disease Control under the Bioterrorism Prepardness Contract. Moving down to Miami in October to join the DEA Forensic Chemist position.

Wed Aug 15  9:45 2001 PDT

1991    Bobby Choochan
Email:   bchoochan(at)
City:   Springfield
State:  VA  

Comments or Bio:  

Graduated from VCU in 1999 in Chemistry/Biology.  I now work for a small telecom software company called NightFire Software.  I got married September 29, 2001 to my now wife, Peachy.  It's her nickname.  We have a Siberian Husky named Nikolai, two fish named Tyrone and Bubba.  I keep in touch with Dan Veloce and Big Jim once in a while.  Drop me a line sometime.  I would love to catch up. 

Wed Feb 6 15:45 2002 PDT

1991    Tanner Kelleter
Email:   tannerk(at)
Address:  14 Middle Street
City:   Orono
State:  Maine  04473
Telephone: 207-866-3853

Tue Jul 2 6:45 2002 PDT

1991    Earl Mills
Address:   15 Prairie Trail
City:   Greensboro
State:  NC  27410

Comments or Bio:  

I am currently an engineer at The Color Works Inc. I have three wonderful children (Adrian 10,Aaron 4,Alissa 2). I have been married for 6 years now.

Tue Nov 12  6:15 2002 PDT

1991    Todd Sands
Address:   15819 Fescue Court
City:   Apple Valley
State:  MN  55124

Mon Dec 9  8:15 2002 PDT

1991    Bhavna Sharma
Email:   bsharma
City:   Herndon
State:  VA  20171
Telephone: 703-867-3528

Mon Dec 9  8:15 2002 PDT

1991    Carolyn Moore
Email:   cjmoore
Address:  9589 Clocktower Lane
City:   Columbia
State:  MD  21046
Telephone: 240-568-0720

Mon Dec 9  8:15 2002 PDT

1991    Adam P. Cassidy
Email:   apcassidy
Address:  543 Bay Hawk Court
City:   Orange Park
State:  FL  32073

Mon Dec 9  8:15 2002 PDT

1991    Derrick Jerry
Email:   Derrick(at)
Address:  615 Howitzer Terrace
City:   Leesburg
State:  VA  20176

Mon Dec 9  8:15 2002 PDT

1991 Kate McAloon
City:   Alexandria
State:  Virginia

Mon  Mar 22  14:25 2004 PDT

1991    Justin Besachio
Address:   798 North Hills Avenue
City:   Glenside
State:  PA  19038
Telephone: 215-887-7686

Comments or Bio:  

Things have gone well for me since graduation.  I competed in Track at James Madison cracking the top ten all time indoor high jump list.  I am now a computer programmer for Keane Inc. I have been married for 5 1/2 years and have two wonderful (crazy) boys 4 and 2 years old.  Just heard about Jim Adamouski....  my heart goes out to his family and close friends.

Wed Apr 9  16:25 2003 PDT

1991    Jasmine Singh
Email:    jaszyj(at)
Address:   7612 Aspenpark Road
City:   Lorton
State:  VA  

Comments or Bio:  

Hello All! I got married in September 1999 and also have a very active 2 year old son (jonah). Hope everyone is doing well!!

Mon Apr 28  17:10 2003 PDT

1991    Hayne Steen
City:   Atlanta
State:  GA   
Telephone: 404-307-5465

Comments or Bio:  

I attended Lee for only one year. After Lee High School, I attended Flagler College on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida. I met my amazing wife, Ruth Ann, while serving as a volunteer Young Life leader at Flagler. We have both been on staff with Young Life for 8 years and are moving to Gainesville, Florida this fall to work with college Young Life leaders at the University of Florida. We have a 4 month old son, Samuel Addison and a spoiled husky, Pheobe.

 Mon Jun 23  9:35 2003 PDT

1991    Kristyn Lower
Email:    KristynML7(at)
Address:  8301-102 Amber Lantern Street
City:   Raleigh
State:  NC   27613 
Telephone: 919-791-0493

Fri Jul 18  13:17 2003 PDT

1991    Amy Troiano
Maiden Name:  Amy McGuire
City:   Simpsonville
State:  SC  29680   

Comments or Bio:  

I went to Clemson and met my husband Tony (from Maryland).  After school, we moved to Annapolis and had our first son Michael (now 5).  Then packed up and moved to Greenville, South Carolina in 1999.  Since being here we have really enjoyed the quality of life and had our second son, Scott (now 2). I am working at Embassy Suites planning meetings, weddings and such.  Would love to hear from you!

 Thu  Aug 14  9:45 2003 PDT

1991    Virginia (Jenny) Reynolds
Address:  17 John Street
City:   New York
State:  NY  10038  

Comments or Bio:  

Hello all!  I moved from the No. VA area and have been living in Manhattan for the past 3 years now, working in the software development industry. I am currently employed at The College Board.  Hope everyone is doing well!  Would love to hear from some old friends!

 Sun  Nov 9  3:40 2003 PDT

1991    Brian M. Davis
City:   Silver Spring
State:  Maryland  

Comments or Bio:  

Graduated from Purdue in 1995 w/ a BS in Engineering and worked for Caterpillar, Inc. from 1995-2001.  Currently attending The Uniformed Services University Medical School in Bethesda, MD as a 2nd Lt in the USAF and hope to graduate in 2007.  Good to be back in the DC area after being away for 12 years and would love to hear from fellow 1991 Lee grads! 

Mon  Nov 10  19:20 2003 PDT

1991    Robert E. Rhode III
Address:  708 Scarburgh Way
City:   Alexandria
State:  VA  22310
Telephone: 703 898 5415

 Mon  Apr 19  6:05  2004 PDT

1991    Teresa Brown
Maiden Name:  Kenealy
Email:    ostanter(at)
Address:  5811 Norham Drive
City:   Alexandria
State:  VA  22315   
Telephone:  703-822-0456

Comments or Bio:  

Hello Everyone!! After graduating from Lee in 1991 I went to James Madison University and got my B.S. in Sociology with a minor in Music.  I was blessed with two people in my life; my wonderful husband and my beautiful daughter Olivia who was born on the day of our 10 year reunion (August 10th 2001).  I am presently working for Computer Sciences Corporation as the PEO Ships Program Administrator but plan to teach at my daughter's pre-school in the fall.  I hope everyone is doing well :)

Fri  Jun 25  18:05 2004 PDT

1991    Jennifer Gryder
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Spitz
Address:  615 Newington Place
City:   Leesburg
State:  VA  20176 

Comments or Bio:  

Married to Dave Gryder 3 girls, Taylor(6) Mackenzie(4)Alexis(9months)

Thu  Jun 14     9:40 2007 PDT

1991    Thomas Scott King
Address:  301 Blair Road
City:   Paducah
State: KY  42003 
Telephone: 1-270-898-3163

Comments or Bio:  

Will submit later. Stay Tuned

Mon  Aug 16  17:20 2004 PDT

1991   Sarah Baker
Address:  10947 Bloomfield Street  Apt 107
City:   Studio City
State: CA   91062 

Thu Mar 31  7:00  2005  PDT

1991    Eric Germain
Address:  8572  Gwynedd Way
City:   Springfield
State: VA  22153 
Telephone: 703-866-4136

Comments or Bio:  

Credentialed as a minister in the Assemblies of God, presently working with teenagers at Word of Life Church in Springfield, giving them the help and love that I would have liked to have had in high school. Also working as IT Manager at Miller's Office Products in Springfield where I've been for 12 years.

Mon  Apr 4  14:20 2005 PDT

1991    Simmy Yau
City:   Lorton
State: Virginia 

Wed  Jun 22  13:31 2005 PDT

1991    Derek Mohler
Address: 7816 Marconi Court
City:   Springfield
State: VA  22153
Telephone:  703-866-6305 

Fri  Nov 18  15:50 2005 PDT

1991    Dana Mayfield
Maiden Name:  Dana Neese
City:   Fort Worth
State: Texas

Comments or Bio:

Currently living in Fort Worth, TX while my husband attends law school. I have two wonderful sons, Anthony 7 and Corey 2. Send me an email - I'd love to hear from Heidi Jesser and Jen Spitz.

Sat  Feb 25  19:35 2006 PDT

1991    Kevin Weltens
City:   Sterling
State: Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Living in Sterling, VA. Graduated from Longwood in 1995.

Thu  Mar 30  3:00 2006 PDT

1991    Amy Scurria
City:   Richmond
State: Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Hello! It has been so much fun reading about so many old classmates! I received my music composition degree from Rice University and then went on to earn my masters degree from Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD (also in music composition). I lived in Philly for 6 years where I worked as a self-employed professional composer. I had a "practice marriage"; (6 months) and then met my current husband of 2 years. We live now in Richmond, VA where I continue to work in the music industry. Please visit my website (you can listen to the music I compose) and send me a message!

Sat  Oct 21  14:33 2006 PDT

1991    Danial Zamani
Address:  18722 Racquet Sports Way
City:   Humble
State: TX  77446 
Telephone: 832-445-9210

Comments or Bio:  

After graduating from Lee I went to George Mason University and transferred to James Madison University and graduated in 1995. I moved to Philadelphia for a year. Then I moved and lived in Long Island for 9 Years. I graduated from Dowling College in 2003 with an MBA. I was married on May 2, 1999 and have a daughter named Grace born on September 2, 2003. She is now 3 years old. I moved to Houston Texas in 2004 and live here with my wife and daughter. Anyone who wants to email me I would love to hear from you.

Sat  Feb 3  5:20 2007 PDT

1991    Alex Karlsen
Address:  9414 Fairleigh Court
City:   Burke
State: VA  22015 
Telephone: 703-764-2124

Comments or Bio:  

After R.E. Lee went on to GMU for undergrad and graduate work in geology and environmental science. I have been working since 1995 as a geologist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Reston, VA. I have a wonderful wife and two boys ages 3 and 5. I hope everyone is doing well. It would be great to hear from some of you.

Sat  Feb 10   7:10 2007 PDT

1991    Arch Moberly
Address: 1650 Sullivan Drive
City:   Blue Bell
State: PA 19422 

Comments or Bio:  

After graduating from Lee, I attended Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburg. I got a BS in Math/Computer Science with an additional major in Social History. I liked it there so much that I stayed for a Masters in Software Engineering (finished in 1996).

I have been working in software engineering since I graduated, spending time at Lockheed Martin, Reuters, The Vanguard Group, and Penn Mutual Life Insurance. I'm focusing on configuration management and software process improvement at the moment.

My wife Tracy and I have been married for 11 years and we have 2 girls: Emily (7) and Heather (2). I still try to make it back to Kentucky a few times a year to visit my extended family.

I'd love to hear from other Lee grads! Drop me an email.

Thu  Sep 13  13:56 2007 PDT

1991    Sean Swindell
Address:  13446 Point Pleasant Drive
City:   Chantilly 
State: VA  20151 

Sat  Aug 25  13:00 2007 PDT

1991    Matthew Beckner
Address: 361 North Taylor Avenue
City:   Indiana
State: PA 15701
Telephone: 724-465-5343 

Comments or Bio:  

Attended Lee 88-90. Moved to South FL. Repeated 10th grade and graduated in 92. Earned an BHS from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. Then an MBA.

I was hoping to reconnect with lost friends.

Thu  Nov 29  8:06 2007 PDT

1991    Inga La Puma
Maiden Name: Inga Parker 
Address: 2150 Amwell Road
City:   Somerset
State: NJ  08873

Comments or Bio:  

I am pursuing a PhD in Ecology at Rutgers University and living with my husband and dog in New Jersey. I am expecting my first child in October 2008 and can't wait to be a Mom!

Sat   Aug 23   5:23 2008 PDT

1991    Scott Easterwood
Address: 1420 Decoy Court
City:   Woodbridge
State: VA 22191
Telephone:  703-283-0194

Comments or Bio:  

After Lee, I wasted the next two years in the Northern Virginia area before getting married and joining the Army in 93. Spent 8 years in the Army and since then have been working as a systems engineer in the Northern Virginia Area. I got divorced, remarried and have three great boys who are growing up faster than I could have imagined. I'd love to hear from old classmate's if anybody's still checking this site!

Sat   Aug 30  7:06 2008 PDT

1991    Kenny Wolfrey
City:   Stafford
State: Virginia
Telephone:  504-318-9081

Sat   Dec 10  9:16 2011 PDT

1992  Amy Hoyes
Maiden Name:   Amy Logerwell

147 Whetstone Drive
City:  Angier
State:  NC  27501
Telephone:  (919) 331-8063

Comments or Bio:

After college in 1996, I lived in Atlanta working in print and television journalism. I moved to NC in 2000 to work for a magazine, got married in 2002, had a daughter in 2003. I have had the luxury of being a stay at home working mom and do public relations for a county children's organization.

Sat  Dec 1  10:25 2007 PDT

1992  Sid Govindani
Email:  sidgovindani
Address:  8611 McHenry Street
City:  Vienna
State:  VA 
Class: 1992

Telephone No: (703) 280-1100

Sun Sep 13 18:45 1998 PDT

1992  Laura R. Ray
Maiden Name:  Laura Felker
Address:  20426 Cool Fern Square
City:  Ashburn
State:  VA  20147 
Class: 1992

Telephone No: (703) 858-5251

Comments or Bio: 

I graduated from Radford University in 1997 with a degree in Managerial Economics.  I've been working as a paralegal for a sole practitioner immigration attorney since November 1999 and I really love my job.

I got married in July 1999 to Shourya Ray.  We don't have any children yet, but we do have two wonderful cats, Bijou and Milla.

Sat Aug 17 14:00 2002 PDT

1992  Marlene Hall
Email:  mh5597
Class: 1996 UVA

Fri Aug 31 7:20 2001 PDT

1992  Shawana Jackson
Address:  2848 Sweet Gum Court
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22192

Telephone: (703) 605-1013

Thu Jun 3 17:55 1999 PDT

1992  Rachel Lamb
Address:  4658 Excalibur Court

  Colorado Springs
State: CO  80917
Class: 1992

Comments or Bio: 

After high school, I went to George Mason studying Communications.   After a couple of turbulent years, I have finally found 'home' here in Colorado.   I am looking forward to our reunion!!

Fri Jul 27 3:40 2001 PDT

1992  Shawn Hackney
14417 Sallsbury Plain Court
City:  Centreville
State: VA  20120

Mon Dec 9 7:40 2002 PDT

1992  Christy Schwarzmann
Email:  ingags
City:  Myrtle Beach 

State: South Carolina
Class: 1992                 Died April 8, 2008

Comments or Bio: 

I have been living in Myrtle Beach since graduation. I am teaching third grade and live with my boyfriend of four years. Hopefully we will be moving to Charlotte to live near Ellen and Kim!        

Wed July 12 19:15 1998 PDT

1992   Kim Thompson
Maiden Name:  Kim Bisson
Email:  kithompson
Address: 6249 Bells Mill Drive
City:  Charlotte

State:  North Carolina
Class: 1992

Comments or Bio: 

I graduated from Clemson in 1995.  I married a Clemson guy in 1996.  I am a tax consultant with Deloitte & Touche.  I live down the street from Ellen (Baily) Bertanzetti!

Sat Jun 19 13:55 1998 PDT

1992   Tammy Garcia
Maiden Name:  Tammy Ritter
Email:  txtam101
Address:    306 Squall Court
City:  Crosby

State:  TX  77532

Comments or Bio:

Have been living in the Houston, TX area for 1 1/2 years now. After my husband got out of the navy he was accepted in the Officer program for the air force and will be graduating in a week. From there we will be moving to San Angelo (West Texas) for one year. My three boys ages 8, 6 and soon to be 3 yr old keep me BUSY!!. I plan on going back to school or start I should say once we get settled again. Look forward to next years reunion!

Sun Nov 11 20:05 2001 PDT

1992   Courtney Strum
Email:  csbrown14(at)
City:  Springfield
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Since graduating from Lee, I received my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and am now enjoying teaching second grade in Fairfax County.  In May, 2000 I will be getting married.

Mon Sep 27 16:45 1999 PDT

1992   Jamila Anique Ashford
Email:  calmsunflower(at)

Comments or Bio:

I am currently a Graphic Designer / Web Developer for a company in Alexandria, VA for 10 years. I worked for an Advertising Firm in Old Town Alexandria, VA for 2 years previously, as a Graphic Designer. I did modeling throughout and after college but wanted a career in what I went to school for. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1996 with my degree in Communication Arts&Design. I am a founding member of the VCU Women's Soccer Team in 1995 and scored the 1st goal in VCU women's soccer history! Upon graduation I played on a couple of local leagues here in VA. I live with my fiancée in Vienna, VA.

Thu  Apr 24  14:57  2008  PDT

1992   Suzanne Rath
Email:  srath(at)
Address:   1462 S. Greenmount Dr.
City:  Alexandria
State:  VA  22311
Telephone: (703) 845-4909

Thu Apr 13 8:10 2000 PDT

1992   Sheri Sipes
Email:  sheri_sipes(at)
Address:   2414 Clover Field Circle
City:  Herndon
State:  Virginia

Mon  May 12   2:24 2008 PDT

1992   Portia Mitchum
Address:   3494 W El Cabrio Drive 
City:  West Valley City
State:  UT  84119

Thu  Jul 31 10:32 2008 PDT

1992   Brian Perry
Email:  rbperry16(at)
Address: 5692 Underwood Avenue
City:  Charlotte
State:  NC  28212

Comments or Bio:

Had fraternal twin daughters in 2002 and moved out to Charlotte NC. I am now working at an advertising agency with Pizza Hut as my client.

I hope to make it to our next reunion!

See you all then!

Tue Nov 28 15:55 2000 PDT

1992   Rebecca Byrd
Maiden Name:  Rebecca DeVan
Email:  rebecca_byrd(at)
Address: 146 McCartha Road
City:  Lexington
State:  SC  29073
Telephone: 803-996-3066

Comments or Bio:

I've moved around a bit since high school. Worked as a bar manager at Tracks nightclub in DC for many years until I decided to get a real job as a mother. I am now married with a beautiful daughter (Shae Alyssa) and living in South Carolina. I work for Michelin Tire Corp. as a metrologist and quality specialist. Send email!!!:)

Sun Jan 28 10:00 2001 PDT

1992   Andrea Praktish
Maiden Name:  Andrea Shelton
Email:  apraktish(at)
Address:  P.O. Box 290
City:  Leonardtown
State:  MD  20650

Tue Apr 17 3:50 2001 PDT

1992     Dena Boyd
Maiden Name:  Dena Baker
Email:  jimboyd1(at)
Address:   6007 Hanover
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22150
Telephone: 703-569-7693

Comments or Bio:

I am currently a stay home mom with three daughters. We had twins in April '97, and our most recent addition this May. I have been married for almost five years.  My husband's name is Jim.  Since graduating I have continued to be involved with horses.   I have kept riding and have even worked as an instructor and horse trainer.  I hope to continue in this field when the girls are a little older and as time permits.

Mon Dec 9 6:30 2002 PDT

1992     Kelly Gibian
Maiden Name:  Kelly Brownmiller

Address:   300 Twinleaf Court
City:  Jacksonville
State:  FL  32259

Comments or Bio:

Hello, sorry I missed you all at the reunion last year.  Has it been eleven years???  I just got married this year, live in South Florida, and-get this-teach high school English!  I have a whole new respect for Mrs. Andreen!  Great to read about you all.  I still keep in touch with my old crew...see you at the 15-yr reunion?

Fri  Aug 1  15:25 2003 PDT

1992     Dawn Rumsey
Email:   jdcbrower(at)
Address: 1817 N. Dobson Road #1062
City:  Chandler
State:  AZ  85224
Telephone:   480-699-8267

Comments or Bio:

We recently moved to Arizona after living in Colorado for the past five years.

I am a stay at home mom with my two wonderful children Cortland and Ellie.

Fri Jul 27  8:55 2001 PDT

1992     Lea Anne Daughrity
Maiden Name: Lea Anne Kaigler
Email:   ladaughrity(at)
Address:   310 Old Angleton Road
City:  Lake Jackson
State:  TX 77566
Telephone:   979.266.2792

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee, I attended The University of Alabama. I received my BA in Advertising and Marketing and my Masters in Advertising and Public Relations. My fist job was as a PR Coordinator for a Houston area Hospital. I then became the Director of Marketing, during which time I met my future husband. He lived next to cute. Anyway! Shortly after we married we moved to Dallas and I took a short-lived job as a Marketing Director at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. We later moved to Greenville, SC where I had my son Ethan, Born 1-23-01. We now, thank Goodness, are back in Texas living in Lake Jackson, south of Houston. I am currently a great Mommy and I stay at home with Ethan. Little boys rule! Please feel free to e-mail me. I would love to hear from you!

Fri Sep 28  14:15 2001 PDT

1992     Jay C. Fisher
Email:   JayCFisher09(at)
Address:   656 Burnside Terrace S.E.
City:  Leesburg
State:  VA  20175

Comments or Bio: 

Still in the NOVA area for now. On Sept. 9, 2000 I married my girlfriend of 5 1/2 years. Our first child was born on Sept. 28, 2002, his name is Jordan. We are expecting our second child in November of 2004. Hope all is well out there...

Tue  Aug 24   5:45 2004 PDT

1992    Maricon Corpuz
Email:   mycorpuz(at)
Address:   14001B Franklin Fox Drive
City:  Centreville
State:  VA  20121
Telephone:   703-830-4691

Comments or Bio:

Since HS...there's been tons of highs and lows...I am currently employed with WorldCom in Ashburn as an Internet Fraud Investigator.  My son Jonathan is now 10 and is in the 5th grade.  I'm hoping to tie the knot in the next couple of years to a wonderful man who actually graduated from JEB Stuart.  I still keep in touch with Arlene from LEE...that is pretty much it!  I can't wait to see all of you next year!!!  Hope all is well.

Tue Nov 13 10:25 2001 PDT

1992    Mona Cumberland
Email:   mcumber1(at)
Address:   5616 Schoolfield Court
City:  Centreville
State:  VA  20120
Telephone:   703-395-3772

Sat  May 24 8:07 2008 PDT

1992   Lynda (Millikin) Prymula
Maiden Name:
Lynda Millikin
Email:   lyndaprymula(at)
Address:   8713 Susquehanna Street
City:  Lorton
State:  VA  22079
Telephone:   703-629-8163

Comments or Bio:

The past 10 years since graduating Robert E. Lee High School:

--1993 Graduated Washington Business School

--1993-1996 Worked Full-Time as a Secretary for INNOLOG in Tyson, VA, and took college classes at night

--1996-1999 Graduated from George Mason University with a BS in Accounting

--2004 Married a wonderful man and having our first child of 2 this year

--Presently work in Alexandria, VA

--Live in my townhouse with my two dogs and two roommates in Lorton, VA, 0.3 mile away from my twin and not 5 miles away from my best friends from High School, Julie (Young) and Brien Mayer

Fri  Jun 18 14:05 2004 PDT

1992    Kaylene Millikin
Email:   millikink(at)

Comments or Bio:

Hi everyone! I graduated from GMU with a BA in HR in 1996. I've earned my Software Quality Engineer certificate through American Society for Quality and am working full-time in the metro area as a Senior QA Specialist. Can't wait to see everyone!

Mon Nov 25 3:45 2002 PDT

1992    Danny Morey 
Email:   tundratrd4x42000(at)
Address:   13514 Lockloop
City:  Woodbridge
State:  VA  22192
Telephone:   703-670-8752

Sat Apr 6 7:05 2002 PDT

1992    Michelle Coffey-Carr,R.T.(R)
Maiden Name:  Michelle Coffey

Address: 7202 Galgate Drive
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153

Telephone:   703-866-3928

Comments or Bio:

 I'm living in West Springfield, working two days a week at Arlington Hospital in Radiology. Other days are spent with my two sweet baby girls Bailey Nicole born in July 2000 and Rebecca Claire born in July 2004. Daddy owns a small drywall company Wesley E.Carr Drywall and Plastering, and is a R.E. Lee grad of 1985. If anyone needs work done, feel free to call anytime or just to say hi. My brother Troy lives in Fredericksburg and is the father of three boys. Life is good these days. We would love to hear from you and hope you are all doing very well.

Sun  Apr 3  8:35 2005 PDT

1992    Kali Pellegrino
Maiden Name:  Kali Smith

Email:   Kali22150(at)
City:  Springfield
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Married mommy living the dream!

Fri  Jul 27   19:55   2007 PDT

1992    Cynthia Diehl
Maiden Name:  Cynthia Hancher

Email:   cindy_diehl(at)
Address:   5117 Mantle Court
City:  Glen Allen
State:  VA  23060

Comments or Bio:

Since graduating from Lee, I received my BA from JMU in 1996. I went on to work as a television news producer and assignment editor for WHSV-TV in Harrisonburg and WTVR-TV in Richmond. I then accepted a position with the Embassy of Australia as a Public Affairs Officer, and worked there through 2003. I married David Diehl in 2001. We currently live near Richmond and have two children, Caroline & Nathan.

Tue  May 5   16:05 2007 PDT

1992    August McNeal
Maiden Name:  August Garrison

Email:   almcneal(at)
Address:   204  Parnell Road
City:  Hubert
State:  NC  28539

Telephone: 910-326-2226

Comments or Bio:

I am currently living in North Carolina with my husband of almost 7 years, and my 5 year old son. North Carolina certainly was not my first choice, but unfortunately, we go where the Marine Corps sends us. My husband & I just purchased our first home, and also welcomed a new addition to our family in December, her name is Cindy, and she is an adorable Sharpei puppy.

It's great to hear how everyone's doing, and maybe I'll see some of you at the reunion. We're getting old, aren't we?!

Wed May 15  6:00 2002 PDT

1992    Lynn Dunn
Maiden Name:  Lynn Mickler

Email:   mlpdunn(at)
City:  Ruckersville
State:  VA

Comments or Bio:

After graduation I went to work for the state of VA for six years, then went into telecommunications for three years. I am now a stay at home mom to my wonderful sons, ages 5 & 7 months. I have been happliy married for 8 years. Unfortunately I haven't been in contact with anyone from school so I am really looking forward to our upcoming reunion. See you all there! 

Mon May 20  4:45 2002 PDT

1992    Lanida Wright
Email:   deree145(at)
City:  Tacoma
State:  WA  98445

Comments or Bio:

After leaving Lee I drove cross country with my family to live in Washington State.  I attended the University of Puget Sound, studying Sociology.  But, the "real world" got the better of me and I began working in the hotel and restaurant industry, which I truly enjoy.  I hope all of you are well.  I am looking forward to the reunion. 

Sun May 26  13:25 2002 PDT

1992    Kimberly Warren
Maiden Name:  Kimberly Gates

City:  Charlotte
State:  North Carolina

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Virginia Tech and NC State. I am currently a professor at UNC Charlotte, have been married five years, and have two awesome dogs (no kids yet). I live in the same neighborhood as Kim Bisson, Ellen Bailey, and Christy Schwarzmann, which is great. I hope everyone else is doing well!

Sat  Oct 28  5:45 2006 PDT

1992    Thuy Dinh
Email:   tdinh(at)
Address:   2817 9th Street South Apt. 92-B
City:  Arlington
State:  VA  22204

Thu Sep 19  13:20 2002 PDT

1992    David Besachio
Email:   davieb_99(at)
Address:   250 Michelle Lane
City:  Groton
State:  CT  06340

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from JMU in 1996, taught in Public Schools for one year before going to medical school in Chicago.  I was married in September 2000 and my wife and I had our first child this past June as I was finishing my internship at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center.  The Navy sent me to dive school which I recently completed and will be moving out to my new duty station in California this upcoming January.

Currently finishing up some extra training in Groton, CT. 

Fri Oct 18  4:30 2002 PDT

1992    Jennifer Shipp
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Stewart
Email:   mypbandj(at)
City:  Topeka
State:  Kansas

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Radford University with a BA in Social Work. A year later, my husband and I moved to Kansas so he could attend Law School. We are now in Topeka with our two children, Brennen(5) and Maeve(2) and and also our weenie dog, Jericho. We love Topeka and all the new friends we have made here. Topeka is the perfect city to raise a family in.
My husband, Paul is an attorney for a law firm in Topeka and I am a stay at home mom. Some of the other things I do are teaching classes to couples in natural childbirth, attend and support couples during labor (a doula) and I am also a breastfeeding educator.

Mon Nov 4  3:55 2002 PDT

1992    Tristan Juszczak
Email:   tristanmedic(at)
City:  Sterling
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from JMU in '96 with a BS in Biology. What you do with that in the real world, I have no idea.  Now I am a paramedic in Sterling (yes, that's me driving the ambulance so MOVE TO THE RIGHT).

I am a tech at Fair Oaks Hospital in the ER. Careful, I start IVs.  In my spare time I am attending nursing school, since we all know nurses are the ones who really take care of the patients.  Although my crew calls me Lieutenant you can just call me ma'am.  Looking forward to seeing familiar faces at the reunion.

Tue Nov 19  7:15 2002 PDT

1992    Ellen Bertanzetti
Maiden Name:  Ellen Baily
Email:   bertan_e(at)
Address:  7731 Dunoon Lane
City:  Charlotte
State:  NC  28269

Comments or Bio:

I am sad I missed the reunion and it reminded me to update this...I graduated from Clemson in 1996.  I moved to Colorado for a year and met my hubby, Pete.  We got married in 1998 and moved to Charlotte.  I just finished grad school and I'm a School Counselor in an Elementary school now.  My most fun news is that I'm having a baby any day now!

Thu Dec 5  13:45 2002 PDT

1992    Andrew (Drew) Pinfold
  723 Dovercourt Road

City:  Toronto
  Ontario Canada M6H 2W7
Telephone:  416-999-4975

Thu  Jul 31 9:20 2008 PDT

1992    Jeffrey T Wellentiny
Email:   jt_wallen(at)
Address:  404 Hideaway Loop Apt. J
City:  Glen Burnie
State:  MD  21061
Telephone:  410-533-6288
301-459-8111 X 261

Mon  Dec 9 7:45 2002 PDT

1992    Jay Fellers
Email:   jfellers(at)

1992    Mark Douglas
Email:   markdouglas73(at)
Address:  354  21st Street Apt 2A
City:  Brooklyn
State:  NY  11215
Telephone:  718-499-2702

Mon  Dec 9 7:45 2002 PDT

1992    Garrick Isert
Email:   g-isert2005(at)
Address:  333 E. Ontario Street #2709B
City:  Chicago
State:  IL  60611
Telephone:  312-335-9010

Mon  Dec 9 7:45 2002 PDT

1992    Amy Seibel
Maiden Name: Amy Lemon
25885 Spring Farm Circle

City:  Chantilly
State:  VA  20152

Tue  Jun 17 18:17 2008 PDT

1992    Laurie Byrd
Maiden Name:  Laurie Wiley
Email:   stevebyrd(at)
Address:  8014 Sleepy View Lane
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22153

Mon  Dec 9 7:45 2002 PDT

1992    Ed Solis
Email:   edwardjs74(at)
City:  Fredericksburg
State:  VA  22407
Telephone: 703.395.2727

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Radford University in Sports Medicine.  I got married to my wife in July 2002.  My wife's name is  Adrienne who is 1st grade teacher in Stafford County.  We now live in Fredericksburg, VA.  I am Help Desk Analyst at the American Bankers Association in Washington DC. 

Sat Dec 14  5:45 2002 PDT

1992    Reda Ouchna
City:  Baltimore
State:  MD

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Radford University in 96, I worked for Enterprise for 4 years and moved to Baltimore, Md.  I got married in May 2002 to a beautiful woman named Alison whom I met at work.  I'm sorry I missed the 10 year reunion.. I found out about it the day of.  I hope everyone is doing well.

Thu Apr 17 16:45 2003 PDT

1992    Nicole Frese
City:  Annapolis
State:  Maryland
Telephone: 410-991-8628

Comments or Bio:

I have been living in Annapolis, MD for the past nine years and love life on the Bay.

I’ve been in the music business for the past ten years learning, meeting, and doing all kinds of work. I currently run an office of 20 people and handle A/R and advertising.

I am going back to school at the University of Maryland where I am studying Criminal Justice and have already received my certificate in Homeland Security.

Fri  Jul 22 7:05 2005 PDT

1992    Jennifer Burnfield
  14732 Truitt Farm Drive
City:  Centreville
State:  VA

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from JMU in 1996 (B.S.) and 1998 (M.A.).

I worked for a few years as a research scientist at a human resources consulting firm, which allowed me to travel quite a bit.

Now I am in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, specializing in occupational stress & health.

I hope everyone is well.

Tue  Sep 2 15:55 2007 PDT

1992    Julie Mayer
Maiden Name:  Julie Young
  8524 Greeley Blvd.
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22152
Telephone: (703) 644-2921

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee High School in '92, I attended George Mason University and received my BA in Psychology with a minor in American History.  I married in  Sept. 97, to Brien, after dating him for 10 years.  We upgraded to a house in 2000 and had our 1st child (Jayde Elizabeth) on Sept 11th, 2002.  I'm currently a Probation Officer for Fairfax Co. Juvenile Court and have been with the County since 1995.  My husband is a Network Engineer working for a gov't contractor in McLean.  We are just enjoying life!!!        

Thu  Jul 24   18:35 2003 PDT

1992    Brad Suchy
  12 Rosebay Court
City:  Germantown
State:  MD  20874
Telephone: 301-223-0017

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelors in mechanical engineering in '97.  Married in 2002 and still living in the DC area.  Currently working towards an MBA at American University at night, while working as a consultant to the USPS, designing the trucks that deliver your mail every day.  Wish I could have made it to the latest reunion--hopefully I'll be able to make it to the next one.

Mon  Nov  24   12:15 2003 PDT

1992    Tanya Cottingham
Maiden Name:  Tanya Holloway
City:  Lake Ridge
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio:

Currently working at LUINA in Washington, DC as an Assistant Benefit Manager.  I am FINALLY finishing up my B.S. in HR Development from Indiana State University this fall.  I got married in August 2001 to the love of my life, John.  We met on a blind date after he graduated from U of Florida (Go Gators!) back in 1996.  He's currently a law student at Catholic and working full time at the US Patent you guessed it, no children yet however we do have two Pomeranians, Bear and Simba.  

Wed  Apr 21   18:35 2004 PDT

1992    Sandy Rim
City:  Herndon
State:  Virginia
Telephone: 571-643-2444

Comments or Bio:

Wow, reading all this gave me goose bumps! Anyway, I live in Herndon, VA and just bought a condo in Germantown, MD. I will be moving on April 7, 2005. WOOHOO!! I have two dogs (Mickey and Casey) who are crazy, but I can't live without. I work as a Legal Practice Technologies Coordinator for DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP at Dupont Circle in DC. If anyone wants to meet up for lunch, Email me!!! I currently keep in touch with Cindy Fox and her puppy Bailey...(he's so cute). Other than that...I've been spending most of my fall (and will be in the Spring) playing kickball with my kickball team.

Sun Mar 6   12:15 2005 PDT

1992    Bob Rubin
Email:   bob.rubin(at)

Comments or Bio:

As I write this I realize we graduated 13 years ago, amazing. In any event, I live in Jersey and work in NYC. Enjoying life, hope everyone is well. Would always love to catch up.

Fri  Mar 24  9:00 2005 PDT

1992    Mark Walker
Address:  6909 Little River Turnpike
City:  Annandale
State:  VA  22003
Telephone: 703-220-3605

Fri  Jun 3  5:35 2005 PDT

1992    Theresa Williams
Address: 8501 Radford Avenue

State:  VA  22309
Telephone:  703-799-4299

Comments or Bio:

I am married with three great children. Two boys and one girl. I work as a accountant for a major firm in Washington DC.

Sat  Aug 20  8:20 2005 PDT

1992    Kimberly Malbrough
Maiden Name:  Kim Smart
City:  Lewisville
State:  Texas

Comments or Bio:

Wow, I just love reading all these bios and hearing how well everyone has turned out. Guess that "whole permanent record" thing our parents told us was a bunch of BS after all.

So what have I been doing lately? Let's see, moved to TX in '93 and attended UNT for sociology, now I'm a personal trainer and fitness instructor...go figure. Things are great, I get paid to workout and have tons of flexibility to take care of all my little rascals. Oh, did I say little rascals? I meant my wonderful, sweet, handsome hubby Victor and our beautiful kids, Myeles born in Aug. of 2002, and Mary born in July of 2004.

Sure hate I missed our 10 year reunion, hopefully we'll meet again at the 15 year mark.

Take care all.

Fri  Sep 2    22:00 2005 PDT

1992    Derrick Rivers
Address: 2256 Old Sewell Road

State:  GA  30068
Telephone:  770-565-9078


Thu  Jul 31  10:08 2008 PDT

1992    Eric Bennett
City:  Germantown
State:  Maryland

Wed  Sep 8     15:48 2010 PDT

1992    David Kopp
Address: 615 S. El Molino Avenue  #10
City:  Pasadena
State:  CA  91106
Telephone:  626-222-7373

Comments or Bio:

Woah. I got nostalgic tonight and here I am. Got accepted kicked out of Purchase Acting Conservatory for lack of acting skill - worked in NYC for 3 years, went to LA, did some acting, went to Europe (3 months), went to Israel (3 weeks), ended up as a songwriter and music producer! I'm currently living in Pasadena (Los Angeles), California. I LOVE what I do now. Reconnected with my buds John Resendez and Erik Orton! I'm still nuts. Evidence:

Wed  Oct 4  16:05 2006 PDT

1992    Jacqueline Crisci
Address: 8316 Carrleigh Parkway
City:  Springfield
State:  VA  22152
Telephone:  626-222-7373
Telephone: 703-861-3218

Tue  Jun 19  14:21 2007 PDT

1992    Pamela Gamlin
Maiden Name:  Pamela Nameth
Email:   pnklephnt(at)
Address:  2102 Buckingham Avenue


State:  VA  23228
Telephone:  804-308-8250

Comments or Bio:

Moved here to go to VCU and after graduating with degrees in Physical ed. and Dance and Choreography stayed here. I now work as a personal trainer and dance for a non-profit modern dance co. I'm married and have a 2 and 1/2 year old son, Emerson.

Sat  Jun 21   17:10 2008 PDT

1992    Jackie Lynn 
Maiden Name:  Jackie Parsons
  2507 9th Street North


State:  VA  22201
Telephone:  703-403-6165

Thu   Jul  31    9:45 2008 PDT

1992    Anne Cook
Maiden Name:  Anne Mason
  12309 Melcroft Place

  Glen Allen

State:  VA  23059
Telephone:  804-467-7000

Comments or Bio:

I've been in Richmond for the last 10 years with my husband and our 4 year old son, Maddox. I have been a manager at SunCom Wireless (soon to become T-Mobile) for the last 9 years. I missed the 15th reunion but looking forward to the 20th!

Fri   Jun 27   6:052008 PDT

1992    Toma Vailikit
  9304 Kenerson Court


State:  VA  22032

Thu   Jul 31  9:23  2008 PDT

1992    Laury Brownsberger
  5950 Berkshire Court


State:  VA  22303
Telephone:  703-960-6655

Comments or Bio:

Since leaving Lee High School, I attended George Mason University for a degree in Psychology and then on to VCU for my masters in Social Work. I have remained in northern Virginia practicing social work in community mental health services. After Sept 11th, I worked with the Community Resilience Project in Arlington. In 2009, I shifted to substance abuse services at Arlington County Jail. My life's journey has not included marriage or children, but I have three wonderful cats and great friends.

Thu  Aug 12  10:48  2010 PDT

1992   Sasha-Vanessa Brenes
City:  Arlington
State:  Virginia

Comments or Bio:

I currently live in Arlington, VA. Have worked for the Fed Govt in Information Technology for over 12 years. Will be getting married this summer. I would love to stay in touch with my fellow LEE H.S. Alumni.

Sun  May 15  7:42  2012 PDT

1992    John D. Cornell
Street: 13121 Englishwood Lane
City:   Fairfax
State: Virginia

Fri  Nov 6   15:01 2015 PDT

1992   Ajoy Kumar
State:  West Coat Florida

Comments or Bio:

After HS, took part and starting a frat at GMU (haha, who would’ve thunk it), completed my BA in Psychology, worked in sports television production, then completed medical school, completed fellowship in Faculty Development, completed fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine, followed by being Assistant Director of Family Medicine Residency. Worked in ICU, ED, Inpatient, Urgent Care, private practice (fee-for-service and managed Medicare), delivered babies, and provided end-of-life care. Then went on to being Physician Executive at trauma center, Chief Medical Officer at trauma Center, Director of Quality, and Medical Director. Chair of the Institutional Review Board at trauma center. Also was Chief Medical Officer for FL3-Disaster Medical Assistance Team in which I assisted on numerous Federal National Security Special Events. Ran County Exercise Committee for Disaster Management. Became President of Southern Medical Association (17 States) and Board Chair as well as President of the Florida Academy of Family Physicians. Completed MBA and now Division Medical Director of Utilization Management. In between all that I somehow managed to get and stay married to a wonderful and incredibly supportive woman and have a loving young lad who are now my total focus.

Sun  Apr  24  7:42  2022 PDT

1993 - Angela Newman
1126 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107 USA
Telephone: 215-546-0438
E-Mail: anewman(at)
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1993

After attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia and receiving a degree in Specialized Business, I went on to work in many aspects of the music industry.

I worked for an outdoor concert venue where I got to meet a lot of really great people and had the chance to meet and work with a lot of my musical idols. I have also worked for a popular radio station here in Philly, I've attended many music conferences around the country and have learned a lot...which brings me to where I am today. I work at the largest online Music Retailer ... CDNOW. I am an Associate Merchandiser and I absolutely love my job. The future is full of possibilty....

Wed Aug 4 4:35 1999 PDT

1993 - Brian Kershner
Kaneohe, Hawaii 

Back in Hawaii. Married. Baby on the way. Email me.

*If anyone knows how to get a hold of Amy Oneil (c/o 1993), shoot me an email.

Thu   Nov 24   14:42 2005 PDT

1993 - Jamie Rose
7922 Journey Lane
Springfield, VA 22153 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1993

Tue Jul 28 18:08:10 1998 PDT

1993  Sarah Yeager 
Street:  4682 Judge Place
City:  Concord
State:  NC  28027

Telephone:  704-807-1563

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Virginia Intermont back in '98. I've been working as a teacher in North Carolina for the past 8 years. I'm getting my Master's in School Administration at UNCC and plan to work as an Assistant Principal in my Internship next year.

Got married in '95. Got divorced ten years later. I have two BEAUTIFUL girls. Hannah is 9 and Madison is 7. Love to hear from some of my fellow classmates. Take care.

Fri  Apr 20  8:25 2007 PDT

1993  Susan Jackson
Maiden Name:  Susan Clingerman
Street:  121 Benjamin Circle
City:  Copperas Cove
State:  TX  76522

Telephone:  254-368-4725

Comments or Bio:

Hello Fellow classmates.

It was nice to see everyone at the reunion. I haven't been in the area in a long time.

I attended the University of Alabama. I met my husband Mark there. He joined the Army and we went to Germany for our first assignment. While there for 4 years we had two children Abigail 5 and Matthew 4. From there we moved to Ft Hood, Texas. We are currently here still. Mark left for Iraq in 2003 for a year. I learned in that year how hard single parenting was.

He returned safely and so did the rest of his unit. Mark just left for Warrant school for 4 months so I am being tested again for my parenting skills! After school he has orders to Korea. The kids and I are still awaiting ours. If we do get it then off to Korea we all go for three years.

I hope everyone is doing well and hopefully I will see you all at the next reunion. Take care!!!

Wed   Mar 16   7:15 2005 PDT

1993 - Tait Goodwin
Paynes Church Drive
Fairfax, VA 22032
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: 1993

Tue Jul 28 18:10:31 1998 PDT

1993 - Jason (Jay) Mulzer
2006 Militia Ct
Odenton, MD 21113 USA
Home or Favorite Web Page:
Class of / Additional info: Class of 1993

Sun Aug 23 19:10:17 1998 PDT

1993  Gavin S. Huckabee
1110 Sotogrande Blvd. Apt# 120-S
City:  Euless
State:  Texas  76040
Class: 1993

Telephone:  (817) 358-5580

Comments or Bio:

Recently relocated (again), to Euless, Texas a suburb of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area.  I believe that I have finally found a place to settle for awhile though.  Since moving here my life has changed 120%, due to finding the Lord in a way like never before, and for once I am around many members of my family.  God Bless and hope to see you at the next reunion.

Wed  May 5   5:45 2004 PDT

1993  Ruth Lynch
Maiden Name:  Ruth Jones
Email:  rlynch24
City:  Cleveland
State:  TN  37323
Class: 1993

Comments or Bio:

After graduating Lee, I attended Lee University for 1 year, a Christian Liberal ArtsUniversity just north of Chattanooga.  After my freshman year I met and married a wonderful man and am currently working to support us while he finishes up his 4th year of medical school. I plan to return to school within the next two years. I am looking forward to the future with great optimisism, to see where God will take us next. The journey thus far has been tough, but worth it.

We are currently living in Cleveland, TN, 30 miles north of Chattanooga.  We have been married 3 years, and do not have any children.  I would love to hear from former classmates and teachers.  Please e-mail me at the above address.

Tue Sep 28 10:15 1999 PDT

1993  Greg Zimmerman
Address:  Yolosuka Japan
Telephone: Not available

Comments or Bio:

Graduated Radford 1997.  Retired from US Navy after 20 years as a helicopter aviator and flight instructor in 2017.  Married to a Navy JAG with 2 boys.  Planning to move to Vermont when my wife retires and we’ll start a small business.

Tue  Aug 2  19:10 2022 PDT

1993  Tori Smith
Maiden Name: Tori Stoops

Email:  toristoops(at)
Address:  1113 Frances Street
City:  Johnstown
State:  PA  15904
Telephone: 814-262-9788

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1997, I moved back to the Northern VA area and lived in Tysons Corner for 3 years with fellow grad Allyson Bannon.  I started working for AOL in early 2000 and married my best friend, Matt Smith, in Sept. 2001.  We now live in Pennsylvania and just adopted a beautiful yellow lab puppy named Reilly.  Good training for kids...someday!

Mon Apr 8  15:15 2002 PDT

1993  Kennesha Williams
Email:  kennesha(at)
Address:  5501 University Club Blvd. #335
City:  Jacksonville
State:  Florida   32277
  (904) 744-1665

Mon June 5  4:35 2000 PDT

1993  Michael G. Haynes
Address:  1880 Colonial Village Way Apt 4
City:  Waterford 
State:  MI  48328

Telephone:  248-618-0309

Comments or Bio:

I first went off to Virginia Tech to study Computer Science; however, due to a variety of factors, I decided that school wasn't for me after three semesters. Also, I had met my future wife on the Internet by that time so I decided to pack up my belongings and move to Michigan. I graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering. I married Nikol Reed (also of Michigan) in June of 2000 in the gorgeous botanical gardens of Sydney, Australia. Currently, we are living in Waterford, Michigan. I spent 3 years working for Oakland University school of engineering as a system administrator, 3 years working for EDS as a system administrator, and I'm on my second year now working for Diamond Financial Products, a pre-paid MasterCard company, as a senior network administrator.

Fri July 14  19:45 2005 PDT

1993  Mark Fisher
712 Ball Street  Apt 109
City:  Galveston
State:  TX  77550
Telephone:  617-283-9541

Comments or Bio:

Well, many things have happened since 1993. I'm married (Yuki), and have 2 kids: Kenji (6yo boy) and Mary (2yo). We live down in Galveston, Texas where I am training in surgery. Take care, everybody.


Sun  Jun 15  4:43 2008 PDT

1993  Katherine M. Egen
Email:  anthony_cella(at)
Address:  10841 Fairchester Drive
City:  Fairfax
State:  VA 
Class: 1993

Telephone:  (703) 218-3897

Comments or Bio:

Hi everyone!! I took a long break but I am currently enrolled at GMU. I still live and work in the area!! I hope everyone is well! I'm sure I'll run into some of you sooner or later!!! have fun and God bless! 


Tue Nov 14 3:55 2000 PDT

1993  JoAnn Stemetzki
Email:  jsequine(at)
Address:  13849 Braddock Springs Road, Apt. I (i)
City:  Centreville
State:  VA  20121
Class: 1993

Telephone:  (703) 815-5744

Comments or Bio:

Graduated George Washington with a degree in Business Finance, but could never give up the horsey habit.  Now, I'm a full-time riding instructor and trainer.

Sun Aug 19  5:05 2001 PDT

1993  Jennifer Schmiel
Email:  jenn_schmiel(at)
Address:  199 14th St. NE, # 502
City:  Atlanta
State:  GA  30309
Class: 1993

Telephone:  404-668-0879

Comments or Bio:

I have recently gotten engaged and am moving to Atlanta to join my fiance, who has lived down there for two years. We are getting married May 3, 2003 in Springfield and DC, and are very excited!! Hopefully I will have a job down there soon, keep your fingers crossed! :)

Sat Oct 5 8:15 2002 PDT

1993  Amy E. Sievers
Maiden Name: Amy Leeds
Email:  amy.sievers(at)
City:  Germantown
State:  MD  20874
Class: 1993

Telephone:  301-447-1139

Comments or Bio:

Hi all!  I have been out of touch with most of my friends from the class of 93 and would love to hear from you!  To make it quick and simple:   Married, live in Germantown, have three boys, a stepdaughter, and one on the way.   Current job: Training Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.   Very happy!  Hope all is well with all of you.  Take care.

Mon Oct 22 18:15 2001 PDT

1993  Ryan Dunn
Email:  apachef4(at)
City:  Ft. Polk
State:  LA  71459

Mon Oct 22 18:15 2001 PDT

1993  Kiersten Elliott
Email:   KElliott(at)
Address: 14143 Leicester Lane

City:  Orlando
State:  FL  32828
Class: 1993

Telephone:  407-823-3001

Comments or Bio:

After graduating in 1992 I went to Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!!!) and graduated in 1996 with a double major in Marketing and Psychology.

I then went directly into the PhD program at Duke University.  I am ABD (which means that I've done everything except defend my dissertation- which should happen in May 2002).

Once I defend my dissertation I'll be able to attach those all important letters to the end of my name... PhD.

I'm currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida, in Orlando.  It's awesome here.  Not to mention that I happened to buy a house right next door to Mr. Right!!

That's all for now.

Wed Feb 20 11:00 2002 PDT

1993  Erica Van Epps
Maiden Name: Erica Hoffmann

City:  Ft. Leavenworth
State:  Kansas

Comments or Bio:

I graduated from Virginia Tech, got married and now have 3 wonderful children. Jackson and Ryan (twins) were born in June 2004 and our daughter Addison was born in December 2006. My husband, Geoff (class of 91) is in the Army and we just returned back to the states from Barcelona, Spain this past summer. We are now stationed in Ft. Leavenworth, KS. We will move again this summer, but don't know where yet! Life is great! We are very busy with 3 small children, but we are loving every minute of it!! CHEERS!

Fri  Dec 21 13:50 2007 PDT

1993  Mia Eaton
Email:  mia(at)
Address: 11235 Oak Leaf Dr. #409
  Silver Spring
  MD  20901
Class: 1993

Telephone:  301-681-6796

Comments or Bio:

Hi! I've been working for National Geographic for about 4 years now. I'm a programmer for their web site. It's a fun challenge.

Fri Jun 14 14:15 2002 PDT

1993  Paul Droubay
Email:  pdroubay(at)
Address: 12014 Skipjack Court
  VA  22192
Class: 1993

Telephone:  703-221-7917

Comments or Bio:

After graduation, I attended Roanoke College for four years, earning degrees in Economics and Political Science.  At RC, I met Leigh Anne, who is now my lovely wife.  Together, we have a 3 year old son, Andrew, and a new baby daughter, Danielle.
After pursuing actuarial study, I am currently working in Alexandria, VA, as Director of Employee Benefits for IIAA, an insurance trade association.  Feel free to drop an email.

Tue Sep 3 19:35 2002 PDT

1993  Shannon Sayre
Email:  slsayre(at)
Address: 7200 Lackawanna Drive
  VA  22150-4415
Class: 1993

Telephone:  703-451-7636

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from Ferrum College in '97, majored in Agriculture & Equine Science. Played soccer all four years I was there. Now a Veterinary Technician & have the most handsome dog in the whole world named Bearin!!

Tue Oct 8 13:35 2002 PDT

1993  Anh Nguyen-Ko
Maiden Name:  Phuong-Anh H. Nguyen

Email:  remyzeus(at)
City:  Bristow
  VA  20136

Thu Jan 9 4:50 2003 PDT

1993  Renetha Addo
Maiden Name: Renetha Copeland

Email:   Childinc2(at)
Address: 5703 La Vista Drive

City:  Alexandria
VA  22310
Telephone: 703-924-3867

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee, I got married to Eric in Dec. 1995.  We have 1 son Jonathan and 2 daughters Muriel and Olivia. 
I work in at A Child's Place, Inc. in the corporate office, handling human resources for 4 local preschools.  I love my job, but in the future will be leaving to start nursing school to become a pediatric nurse.

It has been great reading all the bios!  Good luck to everyone and God Bless!

Thu Jan 23  13:50 2003 PDT

1993  Renetha Addo
Maiden Name: Renetha Copeland

Email:   Childinc2(at)
Address: 5703 La Vista Drive

City:  Alexandria
VA  22310
Telephone: 703-924-3867

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee, I got married to Eric in Dec. 1995.  We have 1 son Jonathan and 2 daughters Muriel and Olivia. 
I work in at A Child's Place, Inc. in the corporate office, handling human resources for 4 local preschools.  I love my job, but in the future will be leaving to start nursing school to become a pediatric nurse.

It has been great reading all the bios!  Good luck to everyone and God Bless!

Thu Jan 23  13:50 2003 PDT

1993  Renetha Addo
Maiden Name: Renetha Copeland

Email:   Childinc2(at)
Address: 5703 La Vista Drive

City:  Alexandria
VA  22310
Telephone: 703-924-3867

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee, I got married to Eric in Dec. 1995.  We have 1 son Jonathan and 2 daughters Muriel and Olivia. 
I work in at A Child's Place, Inc. in the corporate office, handling human resources for 4 local preschools.  I love my job, but in the future will be leaving to start nursing school to become a pediatric nurse.

It has been great reading all the bios!  Good luck to everyone and God Bless!

Thu Jan 23  13:50 2003 PDT

1993  Christy L. Simpson
Email:  simpsonchristy(at)
Address: 3541 South New Haven Ave

City:  Tulsa
OK  74135
Telephone: 918-809-2376

Sat Feb 15  7:15 2003 PDT

1993  Gabe Durand
Email:   fedranger(at)
Address: 8100 St. David Court

City:  Springfield
VA  22153
Telephone: 703-929-6383

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from George Mason in 1997 with a Psychology degree, I spent a couple years in Florida, then moved back to DC.  I'm currently working for the Department of the Interior, and am engaged to be married in May 2004!

Fri Feb 28 3:50 2003 PDT

1993  Kelley L. Harry
Maiden Name: Kelley Galvin
Address: 6667 Ordsall Street
City:  Alexandria
Virginia  22315
Telephone: 703-922-9007

Wed  Aug 10   5:15 2005 PDT

1993  Kent Bailey
Email:   home(at)
City:  Tampa

Comments or Bio:

After high school I got an Associates in computer information systems at Strayer University and started working as a computer programmer.  That got boring so I went to George Mason to get a bachelors in English.  Then on to Law School at the University of San Diego school of law.  (Great weather there!)  
During law school I met Cristina and married her in September of 2001.
We recently moved from Northern Virginia to Tampa, Florida where I spend my time working for an investment company and enjoying the sunshine.  We are expecting our first child (a girl!) in April of 2003. 

Thu Mar 6   12:30 2003 PDT

1993  Shelley Loy
Maiden Name:  Shelley Gittinger
Email:  ShelleyMLoy(at)
Address:  13885 Langstone Drive

VA  22193

Tue Apr 8   14:45 2003 PDT

1993  Gillian Bainbridge
Address:  27 The Croft, Sherburn Hill

Country:  England  DH6 1QL

Fri  Jul 18    13:30 2003 PDT

1993  Jennifer Mills
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Smith
Email:   jhsmith7(at)
City:  South Riding

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Radford in 1997 I moved back to Northern Virginia. I have been teaching second grade for several years now.  I married my husband Brian in August 2000.  Our daughter Abagail was born on May 29, 2003.  We have just recently moved to South Riding.  I hope everyone is doing well.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. 

Tue  Sept 23 17:20 2003 PDT

1993  Holly Catt
Maiden Name:  Holly Jinright
Address:  5923 Hobson Lane Lot 1
City:  Pensacola
State:  FL
Telephone: 850-458-9862 

Comments or Bio:

Since graduation I moved to Pensacola FL. and have been married for the last 7 years. I am now in school to become
a paralegal, and my husband is a construction contractor.
I would love to hear from any old classmates.

Wed  Oct 15 9:25 2003 PDT

1993  Jennifer Farley
Maiden Name:  Jennifer Rippy
City:  Kingsland

Comments or Bio:

Wow!  I can't believe I just found this site.  I have moved around a lot since high school.  I met my husband in DC in 1997 and we married in Aug of 1997.  He is navy so we were transferred to WA State.  We lived there for 4 years and now we are in GA (just north of Jacksonville).  We have a wild 3 year old little boy (Hunter) and are working on our second one.  I work in accounting at a medical company here.  Sorry I missed the 10 year.  Hopefully I will make it to the next one.  I hope everyone is doing good.  Tracey Lower if you are out there you better get in touch with me. 

Wed  Oct 29 5:05 2003 PDT

1993  Eddie Wildman
Address:  21208 Tiger Lily Place
City:  Ashburn
VA  20147
Telephone:  571-223-2411

Sat  Jan 12 18:05 2008 PDT

1993  Vira Chanthaphanij
Maiden Name: 
Viraphone Somchanmavong
City:  Springfield
VA  22150
Telephone:  703-731-8546

Comments or Bio:

Hi everyone! I am currently living in Springfield with my husband of 2 1/2 years and our Hurricane baby (born on Sept. 18, 2003), Landen. I am contracting for the government with the U.S. Patent Offices in Crystal City. 

Fri  Jun 18  13:55 2004 PDT

1993  Suzanne Caballero
Maiden Name:  Suzanne Conner

City:  San Antonio

Comments or Bio:

My how time flies....

Greetings long lost friends and classmates! I hope all who read this are healthy and happy...

After graduation, I spent a not-so-successful academic year at WVU. Instead of returning my sophomore year, I enlisted in the US Air Force, where I spent 8 years active duty, living briefly overseas on the island of Guam and then settling in Texas. Finally finished school - discovered teaching is my niche.

I stayed in San Antonio after the AF and am now working as an instructor/curriculum developer for a manufacturing company that makes automotive seatbelts. I travel quite often for work to our production facilities in Mexico...I guess paying attention in Senor Pompei's Spanish class paid off. HA!

I am happily married to a native Texan, Paul, who is serving in the US Navy aboard the USS Saipan. Together, we have two dogs (Weimaraners) that are our "kids."

That's about it -- life is good!

I regret missing the reunion....from the pictures, I can see it was a good time! I saw many fond, familiar faces...I would love to hear from you!

Warm regards and cold margaritas,


Mon  Sep 13  13:15 2004 PDT

1993  Ben Armstrong
Address: 1764 N. Leverette Ave. #226
City:  Fayetteville
AR  72703

Comments or Bio:

Wow!! I can't believe I just found this site. A LOT has changed since leaving Lee. I've gotten married to my beautiful wife Rachael. I've been DJ'ing all over the country and now am also starting a record label focused on deep house music and downtempo. I also work at the University of Arkansas... middle management... blah. Man, thinking about this, I sure have changed over the years. Anyhoo, I'd love to hear from any of you guys and see how things are with ya. Cheers!!

Mon  Sep 13  13:15 2004 PDT

1993  Kenyon Spann
Address: 5123-D Travis Edward Way
City:  Centreville
VA  20120

Comments or Bio:

Hey guys how are you doing? There is so much that has happen since I left Lee. Believe it or not after I graduated from George Mason with an education degree, I became a physical education teacher for a elementary school in chantilly VA. Yep that is right I became a teacher. Now I have my own nutrient company, which is doing really well. Check my site out if you want. The Password it, “Team”.

I would love to here from some of you guys, and if anyone seen Tyrone Smith, tell that boy to call me!!

Wed   Sep 22  6:40 2004 PDT

1993  Ryan Chisholm
Address: 2199-J Lake Park Drive
City:  Smyrna
GA  30080
Telephone: (678) 230-4136

Comments or Bio:

Hello everyone! I just released a full-length CD (Genre: Rock/Pop) which you can listen to or purchase on my website ( It was great seeing everyone at the reunion! Hope everyone is doing well.

Sat  Jan  22  12:00 2005 PDT

1993  Sean Strain

Comments or Bio:

Graduated VT 1993. Married Shari 1996. Moved to London 1998. Had two girls, Caroline & Sophie, 2004. Moved back to US 2005.

Thu  Apr 7  8:15 2005 PDT

1993  Adam Martin
Address: 4795 S. Park Court
City:  Dale City
VA  22193

Comments or Bio:

I am currently working as a Network Engineer for the Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Center in Alexandria, Va.

I got married Feb. 9th, 2000 and now have a 4 year old son and 6 month old daughter (as of April 2005).

Fri  May 4  10:54 2007 PDT

1993  Debby Nofal
Maiden Name:  Debby Evans

Address: 401 West View Terrace
City:  Lithopolis

Sun  Sept 18  6:59 2005 PDT

1993  Maggie Foederer
Maiden Name:  Maggie Gailliot

Address: 8530 Devon Street
City:  Norfolk
VA  23503

Fri  Oct 14  15:40 2005 PDT

1993  Cheryl Malone
Maiden Name: Cheryl Miller

Address: 4 Mintwood Drive
City:  Fredericksburg
VA  22405
Telephone:  703-727-7258

Comments or Bio:

After graduating Radford University in 1997, I started my career in Human Resources. I currently work for a Furniture company as the District Human Resources Manager. My husband, Bill, and I moved to Fredericksburg and married in 2004 on the beach in the Virgin Islands. No kids yet, but I do still have my 15 year old cat, Nike. All is good here. Would love to hear from some of you!

Sat  Jan 7  10:30 2006 PDT

1993  Dani Seltzer
Email:  daniseltzer(at)
Address: 2808 John Marshall Drive
City:  Arlington
VA  22207
Telephone:  703-532-3480

Comments or Bio:

Well... I attended the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, got married in May of 1997 had two beautiful children Michael (born in 1998) and Meghan (born in 2000). Later got divorced - Worked in IT as a program manager for several years before moving into recruiting and eventually starting my own firm. Turned 30 and decided to change everything and went back to school to study Interior Design - which is what i am doing currently and loving it. I own a home in Arlington VA with my boyfriend (and love of my life) of 5 years Pierre. Michael is going into 3rd grade and Meghan is going into 1st.

I still volunteer/coach Cheerleading with my Mom Eileen at Lee.

I hope life is as good for all of you as it is for me

All the best,



Thu  Jul  27  19:57 2006 PDT

1993  Heather Summers
Maiden Name: Heather Cavin

City:  Johannesburg
South Africa

Comments or Bio:

After graduating from Lee, I went to college at USL in Lafayette, Louisiana. While there I met my husband, Brad Summers. Graduated in '97 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design. After graduation, we got married and moved out to South Africa where my husband is from and have lived here in sunny S.A. ever since! My son, Ryan, was born in July 2005 - just over a year old now! In July this year I decided to leave my job as Divisional Buying Manager for a retail chain here in S.A. in order to be a stay-at-home Mom! Am loving every minute of it!

Tue  Sep 26  6:55 2006 PDT

1993  Jason Weishaupt
Email:  jason.weishaupt(at)
Address:  15145 Georgia Road
City:  Woodbridge
State: VA  22191
Telephone:  703-497-2201

Comments or Bio:

Graduated from GMU with a degree in Administration of Justice in 1999 with an American Government minor. Went to work as a Deputy Sheriff 1999-2000. Job sucked so I went to work for U.S. General Services Administration where I am currently employed as a 0343 Management Analyst. I am married, have a dog and cat and currently live in Woodbridge, VA. E-mail me any time.

Thu  Dec 21  15:15 2006 PDT

1993  Sanjar Hakimi
Email:  sandshakimi(at)
City:  Burke
State: Virginia
Telephone:  703-901-7680

Comments or Bio:

Residing in Northern Virginia, engaged in web technologies as a Web Developer.

Wed  Jun 6  14:24 2007 PDT

1993  Kimberly Boots
City:  San Diego
State: California 

Comments or Bio:

After graduating in '93 I attended NOVA for a couple years then went on to earn a Business Administration degree from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, VA. Worked as a staff accountant for a while in Annandale, then got a position in the accounting department of a law firm in Georgetown. I worked there for five years before moving to South Lake Tahoe, CA in August, 2006. In January '07 I moved to San Diego which is where I am now, and I love it here. The weather really is perfect. I work at a car dealership in Poway and I'm having a blast!

I'd love to get back in touch with old friends/ acquaintances so please send me an e-mail if you'd like to say hi! I'm also on MySpace--just type in my name.

Wed  Jun 13  6:55 2007 PDT

1993  Dave Heatherly
Email:  dheatherly(at)
Address:  1935 10th Avenue #101
City:  Oakland
State: CA  94606
Telephone:  510-534-9713

Comments or Bio:

Well I *think* I was in the class of 1993! Seems so long ago now but I do recognize some of my classmates names. I graduated from St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM in 1997 and since then I've been living in Oakland California. Drop me a line -- GOATS WILL RULE THE WORLD!

Sat  Jan 26  9:45 2008 PDT

1993  Alex Gregor-Smith
Email:  mail(at)
City: London
Country: United Kingdom  KT2

Comments or Bio:

Moved back to England in 2001 after ten years in Northern VA. Now living in London and working for Vodafone.

Sat  Jan 26  9:45 2008 PDT

1993  Dennis Hammons
Email:  dcougarh1ok(at)
City:  Muskogee
StateOK  74403

Comments or Bio:

Marines from '93-'97. Married with 2 kids. Feel free to holler at me!

Sun  May 25  12:16 2008 PDT

1993  Paula D, Cooke
Maiden Name: Paula Donohoe

Address:  26137 Wendell Street
State: VA  20152

Telephone:  703-327-6506

Thu  Jun 19  8:35 2008 PDT

1993  Claudia Chirinos
Email:  cchir21(at)
Address:  16969 Point Pleasant Lane
City:  Dumfries
StateVA  22026
Telephone:  703-593-1540

Comments or Bio:

Hey alum

Our 15yr was great. Thanks to Dannie (sorry if misspelled) and her husband for offering up the restaurant. And thanks to Ahn for planning it.

Thu  Jul 31  10:23 2008 PDT

1993  Sharon (Kneeling) McCallister
Email:  trisemimom(at)
Currently living in Texas

Tue Aug 2 20:45 2022 PDT