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  Tom Proctor '78 Died

Periodic updates from his son Sam

Dad passed away at 3 AM, May 30, 2015.

Rest In Peace my father Tom Proctor. He passed away yesterday morning at 3:00am. I miss him so much and love him so. He is going to get his Cremation soon but don't have a time and date yet. Also I'm doing a service and lunch together. If anyone would like to come I will put some dates up. If anyone would like to make any donations to help with expenses, please send them to me at Sam Proctor, 7405 Floyd Avenue, Springfield, VA  22150. People tell me and I agree with them, he is in a better place. He is feeling no pain, no nothing. Jesus has him. I'm still crying but I got 10 hours of sleep last night.

Earlier Postings: 

Send any cards to me, Sam Proctor at: 7405 Floyd Avenue
Springfield, VA  22150 and I will see that he gets them.

April 8, 2015:

More update on My Dad is off ventilator and feeding tube, no longer critical (for now) and at Fairfax hospital. Also he able to eat but in small bites and drink fluids. Plus he is able to talk.

There is something wrong with his heart but doctors still looking into it. Otherwise he 100% alert but using small words. They are going to amputate his left leg and foot. It's going to prevent further damage.

He will survive the surgery. Doctors are saying this is only way he will survive. He is coughing a little but otherwise that is normal.

He is weighing 160 lbs as of couple days ago. His blood pressure is fine and sugar is good for now. Still no visitors right now please. Still getting his dialysis treatment Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Taking a lot of medicine still to make him feel better.

All is needed is prayers and a miracle.

March 17, 2015:

This is just in, my dad Tom Proctor, is still in icu but the thing is he gotten sick even more. The doctors are watching him really close and next 48hours because his body is really sick still. He is on a breathing machine and has something in his body making him really sick still. I don't want him pass away yet. I'm crying right now. This is all in God's hands now. Hopefully he pulls through this. "PRAYERS PRAYERS" are needed.

He can't receive any visitors at present.

Earlier postings:

My dad tom proctor, Lee alumnus '78 is officially out of ICU following kidney failure.  He is in a regular bed now. He can't come home yet. He is on really strong medicine and will still be for a while. They are draining a lot of fluid out of him. They have been giving him medication for his kidneys.

He has a very bad infection on his leg and they put some medicine on his foot and leg with a bandage around it. He is still really confused as of today. He is eating really little though and taking little fluid orally. His heart, co2 ,po2, oxygen, other stuff is stable for now.

* For those wondering how my dad and I are doing, I can say that I am doing okay and we just need much prayer for us.  

I went to visit him last night, I am officially back home in Virginia for a while from my home in Florida. They are going to do a stress test. I don't know what that means at all; plus yesterday his blood level was low so they had to transfuse him twice, just to get his counts up.

He has a long way to go and but his leg is healing and the swelling is going down slowly.  His kidneys still aren't functioning and he is on dialysis Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Through dialysis they have drained 9 liters of fluid, which the doctor says is a lot.  

* He misses everyone he regularly talks to and I hope some will send prayers and maybe flowers for him.

e has a hospital case manager because he still really weak.  He's on a low sodium diet for now to reduce his fluid retention and will be on low sodium until the doctor says something different.

Take care and please, all and prayers are needed. This Friday February 20, 2015 will be four weeks since he was admitted to the hospital.

* I just wanted to update
everyone on my dad.  They gave him a cardiac stress test and are watching his heart closely.  He had a heart attack on Monday night around 11:30pm, but everything is stable for now. His last weight was really good but he still has a long way to go.

If anyone can do me a huge favor I want someone to hug me and spend time with me soon.  It hurts that he wants to go home and go back to work but he can't yet.

Please, prayers and miracles are needed!!!

He might be going to rehab this month in a different part of the hospital.
If you have any questions or concerns or questions e-mail me at or 

*I visited him last night at his new location. He is still on Dialysis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will be on Dialysis for the rest of his life.  The doctor told me that. he has moved to another hospital as of last Friday night and it was really a surprise.

The doctor says that he
is going to be a diabetic for the rest of life.

His present location is only temporary.  For now, you can call his room at 202-373-5625 you need to mention your name if you call him because he won't remember much.  His room is 217 bed B. The address is 4601 Martin Luther King JR SW Washington D.C.

doctor says that he won't be home anytime soon.  Please continue to pray.  If you want to send a card send it to his house and someone will give it to him. thank you all for all the support and prayers for me and him. the name of the hospital is called Specialty Hospital of Washington